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WARNING! These are not spoilers, they are my opinions. Furthermore, I am entitled to have an opinion and if you disagree with me that is fine, just don't send me hate mail about it. If you feel like you're someone who is easily angered by others opinions, simply do not read this page! For the most part, this is all in fun!

 Dustin will still be posting his thoughts from time to time.
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March 16 -

Theresa called home this week and yes of course, the call was blocked by the DEA agent. The DEA agent continued his same lectures to Theresa over and over this week about how she had to stay dead, how she couldn't go home. Fed up with her not wanting to agree, he locked her in the room and left. Of course behind the cabinet was an unlocked window! Are you kidding me? How ridiculous! Though at least Theresa is on her way home and not stuck in that room with that jerk anymore. I was tired of his lines. Of course now she's back to square one, trying to get away from Juanita and out of Mexico!


Gwen's celebration with Ethan was disrupted when Little Ethan and a nightmare. Then even more so by Ethan deciding he wanted to adopt Little Ethan. Pilar of course gave her blessing and later gave Gwen hell. I loved Pilar telling her that Little Ethan being around would always make sure Theresa was in Ethan's heart and Gwen would be reminded that she killed that little boys mother. As much as I loved her speech, she forgot one ting . . . Gwen doesn't care! She doesn't care that Theresa is dead, she doesn't care Little Ethan's without his mother. This is what she's always wanted, Theresa gone. Gwen must be punished somehow . . . someday . . . before this show ends!

Down on the docks, thanks to Pretty, Fancy once again lost it. Sheridan showed up though and stopped her from using the remote to kill Paloma. For once Sheridan did something good? I was shocked! Although she couldn't bring herself to tell Luis and Fancy what Pretty was doing, she did also throw the remote into the river, which had even bigger consequences.


While Sheridan and Pretty fought over the control, Fancy got down and all fours and barked like a dog! She quickly passed out and Luis' "love" saved her and brought her back. This not only served to bring Luis and Fancy back together, but Paloma realized maybe Noah wasn't lying and Fancy was really acting nuts. LEt's just hope they stay together, as I can't take their same conversation over and over again anymore either.

When Sheridan threw the remote in the river, well it made Fancy have a coughing fit and she coughed the implant right out of her nose. Again, are you kidding me? I mean if that is all it took, she should have sneezed or blew it out ages ago. Whatever, I'm just glad it's gone and we don't have to deal with robot Fancy anymore. Though I would have liked Pretty to get caught for what she's done!

While Pilar learned the news that Paloma and Noah worked things out and she was busy convincing them all to go on with the double wedding, Tabitha was once again worrying about that blasted demon elf. I wish he'd stay gone honestly! In her worrying, she blurt out they were under elf attack, which got Pilar wondering. Pilar started questioning the gossip she had heard about Tabitha, how everyone has always known her, how she's lived her so long, how she never ages. Pilar told Kay she believes the rumors are true and Tabitha is a witch. Wow, it took 8 years to figure that out? I mean we've been told Sam knew Tabitha as a little boy, you'd think he'd have also put two and two together. Then again he can't manage to catch any criminals in town either.

Speaking of criminals, it seems once again Spike has dropped off the radar and Jessica and her new baby are nowhere to be found. They were back one day and now gone again. What's up with that? I hope to see that story resolved before this show ends too.


March 9 -
So everyone came home this week from Mexico. Sam arranged for an impromptu memorial at the mansion for Theresa. Even at the memorial Gwen continued to blackmail Pilar not only into keeping quiet, but also to not let anyone learn the truth about Little Ethan. I had forgotten that Theresa told Luis the truth long ago. Seriously, how does Gwen expect to keep this from coming out? I mean even Little Ethan knows the truth. When he finally accepts that his mother is gone (which of course she's not), he is going to tell Ethan the truth and Gwen won't be able to stop it. I don't think she thought this plan over that well, or she's just delusional enough to think it will work out for her.


Little Ethan unfortunately thought his mom was still alive, thanks to the tasteless Rebecca wearing a wig that looked like Theresa's hair and trying on her clothes. Why on earth they didn't throw her out of that mansion I don't even know. I did love her comment to Luis when he said if she was a man that he and Miguel would take her outside and lash her. She asked tag team or together? Personally I don't understand why Gwen and Rebecca are still living in the mansion at all. They need to be given the boot and find their own places to live.

Throughout the memorial Gwen pushed Ethan to basically get over Theresa and be with him, for the children's sake if for no other reason. Ethan told her over and over that he couldn't discuss this, wait until at least the service was over. She did, a whole ten minutes! Then she brought it up again. Somehow, through what seemed to be like another whole ten minutes of contemplation and thought, Ethan agreed that he had to move on with his life and he's be a family with her and the kids. WHAT! I hope when Theresa comes back she tells Ethan to jump off a bridge. I mean he must have really loved Theresa a whole lot to have gotten over her so quickly! He can stay with Gwen and knowing Theresa alive and no longer wants him. Seriously Ethan, what is wrong with you?


The troubles between Luis and Fancy, thanks to Pretty and in part Sheridan, have just gotten more and more ridiculous. Pretty told Fancy that Luis didn't want her to come down for the service. She also told Luis that Fancy went out partying and couldn't come down. They'd figure out what Pretty has done if they could take two minutes to TALK to each other. This has actually reminded me a lot of the old Sami coming between Austin and Carrie on "Days" years ago. Yeah guess who was writing that story too! I remember back then thinking "Can these people just talk and figure out what is going on?"

Esme came up with the idea, which she has awhile ago actually, to not only marry Julian . .  but this time to send Viki off to a fancy boarding school. Uh oh! This isn't what Viki wanted to hear. However she seemed okay with it, as long as she got to come home and visit for all the holidays and the summer. Esme then went to talk to Julian about her idea, but he seemed to think that Viki would be better off traveling abroad during those times rather than coming home to Harmony. Viki didn't like this and once again seems determined to kill Julian if she has to. What I didn't get was Julian just seemed to be okay with Esme's whole idea, including the part about them getting married. What happened to wanting to work things out with Eve? I hope they catch Viki soon as this story has gotten just far too silly. Though maybe Esme needs to run into Vincent and find him hot, then Viki could kill him off for good.


Finally somewhere in Mexico, Theresa woke up in a morgue. Yes she's alive, and has been taken in by the US DEA, supposedly. I had a hard time believing that because the man was insistent she had to stay dead, otherwise Juanita would find her and then go kill her family. I didn't get the logic in how Theresa calling home to her family would put them in danger, given Juanita doesn't know where they are. Seems like Theresa wasn't getting the logic much either. By the end of the week she called home to Pilar, but you can see where this one is going. Pilar picked up the phone saying "Hello? Is anyone there?" Yup, Pilar isn't going to hear it's Theresa on the other end! Too much static I'm sure.

March 2 -

The Vincent debacle was back this week. I can't believe "Passions" hasn't ended it yet. I do believe it's the single most offensive storyline I've ever seen on a soap, and I've seen a lot. I think it is just offensive to anyone and everyone, no matter what your race, religion or sexual orientation may be. Is there anyone out there who is enjoying it? I will say the only thing I have enjoyed in this storyline is Eve and her comments. I loved this week how she borrowed Endora's talkie-bubbles and was wishing for booze as Vincent was going on and on about his man package hurting from doing Lamaze.

Gwen helped Juanita escape at the beginning of the week, and then bragged about it to Pilar! Gwen is just sick at this point. I have to agree with many of the comments left, she's far out-trumped anything Theresa has ever done at this point. Gwen doesn't get to play the Sarah card anymore as far as I'm concerned. I never thought she should be playing it in the first place, given she never wanted to accept her own part in what happened.

Juanita meanwhile stole Marty, but later returned him. Pilar got the hint, this was a warning that Juanita was out there and still coming for her family. Gwen threatened Pilar to keep quiet about what she did, or she'd tell Juanita just where to find Pilar and her family. Okay this is where I just got angry because of the way it's all playing out for Gwen yet again. I mean come on! Pilar needed to expose Gwen right then and there in front of everyone. What's Gwen going to do, go tell Juanita after all to spite Pilar? Ethan would only hate her even more! If she did then she'd only end up with more years on her prison sentence for already helping a fugitive escape and being an accessory to murder. Lock Gwen up in a Mexican prison and just leave her there please!

It seems Sheridan, and even Marty, aren't as dumb as I thought they originally were. They both noticed the connection between Pretty's remote and Fancy's behavior. The problem of course is Sheridan is keeping this to herself, as she knows if it's exposed then Luis will marry Fancy. I hate what's happened to Sheridan. She's been ruined for me and I do not want to see her end up with Luis at the end of this show. Honestly, at this point I could see Alistair dying and her taking over his empire as the new evil Crane. She'd probably have to fight Pretty for it all though.

Finally back in Harmony, Tabitha had enough of the demon elf and blasted him away, or tried to. Just when she thought it was safe to go back in her kitchen . . . he's back! The demon elf was resurrected by the dark side it seems and given all new evil powers. Gone is his silly red suit, now he's sporting some black matrix-like outfit. Tabitha made the comment that she wasn't sure which mortals would survive the hell on earth about to be unleashed in Harmony. That got me thinking, I wouldn't put it past "Passions" to end the show with a bang and just have the entire town of Harmony blown right off the map, or sucked down into hell. 

February 25 -

So Kay and Tabitha watched Noah falling on the scaffolding and Paloma struggling to save him. Kay finally decided to use magic to save him, but then changed her mind! Noah made this passionate speech of love to her, saying he'd rather die than live without her. Kay decided Miguel was right, if she used magic to save them then they'd be back to fighting. Also she wanted to honor Noah's wishes. Tabitha had one of the best lines of the week when she told her to look up the word hyperbole. I've really had it up to hear with Kay and her desire not to use magic. Miguel is not right Kay, which I'm sure he's realizing now that his sister is "dead." I can't believe Kay was seriously going to let her brother die because he claimed he couldn't live without Paloma. That's romantic, but they aren't Romeo and Juliet. Paloma meanwhile saved Noah, but nothing changes between them. Guess it didn't matter that Kay didn't use magic or not!

Marty found Pretty's remote control, and mistook it for a videogame controller. Okay first, I don't know any videogame controller that looks like that. It looks more like a PDA. Second, I love that the sounds from his hi-tech game were none other than pac-man! But seriously, Fancy found her arms and legs being controlled and she didn't know why. She was chasing Sheridan and running into the walls, all while saying she can't control herself. Sheridan sat there watching. As funny as it was, we've now entered stupid-land. Sheridan should be figuring out at this point this is more than Fancy having mood swings, something is really wrong. She seems to have a hunch, telling this to Marty. However she still doesn't seem to have it figured out.. How they couldn't connect it to the remote is beyond me! It's going to take Luis, super detective and his sleuthing skills to figure this one out probably. 

So the revelation of Gwen's deeds and the reunion of Theresa was in fact a dream, too good to be true. Theresa was still passed out on the docks, so it seems. Later though when she found everyone apparently believing she was dead and morning her, she found they couldn't see her and she was passing through everyone. It took her two days to realize she might be dead! I couldn't take watching Theresa sit there wondering what was wrong with her. Was she not listening to everything everyone was saying? I think she was drinking from the Ethan-juice.

Is Theresa dead? Heck no! I believe she was having an out of body experience. She's been picked up by a ship or something. Would we have many more months for the story to drag out, I'd even expect her to have amnesia after this, which normally would drag on for a year or so. At this point we don't have that time I don't think. Plus they already did this with Sheridan a few years back. 

Finally Gwen and Juanita striking up a deal was just horrible. Gwen should realize at this point letting Juanita go means a death sentence for Pilar's family. Clearly she cares more about keeping her secrets and Ethan! Gwen is also being naive if she thinks Juanita won't kill her as well honestly. I also can't help but wonder why nobody just took Juanita out when they had the chance. I know, Pilar is a good woman and just wouldn't do that. Sorry but in reality I have a feeling Pilar would have pushed her off those docks and into the water!

February 16 -

So that Q@%#$@% demon elf is back, thanks to Kay, and is once again causing trouble. You know if I wasn't already tired of hearing Kay complain how she can't use magic because of her promise to Miguel before, I really am now! Zap that little evil #$%#@%$$ off this show now! Tabitha put it best, Kay may love Miguel, but she'll never give up being able to do magic for him. Miguel better come back from this whole Mexico experience a changed man about doing magic. This whole "you have to change to be with me" storyline is so old fashion!


Noah and Paloma's drama continued, and it was the same-ole same-ole this week. He continued to beg her forgiveness, she said nope! The demon elf stepped in with a spell, which actually was somewhat humorous. He had Noah tell Paloma he loved her, even if Fancy was a better kisser, and he was telling her so she could improve and not make him bored for life! At least we got some what of a laugh if we have to keep watching this same scene over and over again. Later Noah continued to follow Paloma around, even climbing up to some window washing scaffolding outside the police station. Yup we could all see where this was headed . . . accident! By the end of Wednesday's show, Noah was plummeting to the ground. Now I thought the police station only had one floor? Okay maybe it has two floors, but something tells me it's not in a high rise!


At the mansion this week, Sam, Esme and Julian tried to set their trap for the killer, but it seems like Viki remains one step ahead of them at all times. Sam was seduced by Ivy, while on duty no less! This is why he probably doesn't ever solve any crimes. Meanwhile Rebecca tried to flee with her big trunk of sex toys, in probably the one hilarious scene this week. Sam caught her, and was stunned to look through her gadgets. What the heck was the light up blue thing! It looked like some puzzle toy from the 80s. When Esme saw she was leaving, Rebecca said she was in a hurry, but did have time for a quick make out session! Too funny. I've been wondering who Becs and Esme will end up with this show ends, and I'm thinking maybe each other. Though actually I'd prefer to see Rebecca and Gwen end up with each other, in a big ole jail cell.


Now we get to Mexico. What to say here? I have a lot to say, but it's not nice so I can't put it on the page. Ethan was rescued, and Gwen gave him CPR to save him. Theresa meanwhile was lost at sea, but later seemed to make it to shore. While she was trying to get back to her family, Juanita was telling Gwen she better run for it, as one way or another, her life with Ethan is over. Can't Juanita just kill Gwen? Later Pilar arrived and slapped both Gwen and Juanita, giving them hell. Yes! Loved that Pilar stood up to them and told Juanita she wasn't going to be afraid of her anymore. Steal Luis gun and just shoot her!


Meanwhile as all this was going on, Theresa was making it back to shore. Sorry, can't get excited, it's got to be  fake! The minute I saw Theresa go down on those docks and later get back up, I knew that's when her dream sequence was beginning. I was shocked they didn't end Wednesday's show revealing this was some kind of fantasy. It looks like they are drawing it out for a few days. Curse on Passions for doing this!


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