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August 05, 2008
Show me the Proof

While Eve and Julian scream in fear over the lava shooting out of the magic bowl, Tabby and Endora try to come up with a plan to stop Mt Harmony from erupting in their living room. "It's all about love, mummy, so maybe we just need more of it," Endora suggests and brings in another couple who shares "true love". "I need the truest lovers in Harmony, now," Endora cries as light shoots out her hands. Tabby wonders which couple it is: it turns out to be newlyweds Edna and Norma, who are playing out an Ashton and Demi fantasy. They scream at realizing their back at Tabby's. "We've been Punked," Norma quips, but Tabby and Endora quickly catches up the two on the action and why they need the strength of their love. Norma is moved to tears and after an emotional soliloquy about their love, she and Edna get in the love circle with Julian, Eve, Tabby and Endora. "Feel the love," Endora instructs and Edna is blown away by the love she feels. Julian says he can feel it and even Tabby has to admit she feels "a smidgen," but they need more. Everyone tells everyone how much they love each other and a great ball of power grows, but the lava doesn't stop. Endora's still not strong enough and says she needs Kay's power. Tabby worries about Kay's lack of control, but Endora insists it's worth the risk and calls her and Migs from the church. Migs gets mad at Kay for using her magic, but she assumes it's Tabby. Julian tells them to focus and Kay sees the volcano. With an explosion, the ground starts shaking and Tabby fears the volcano is going to erupt in the living room. She orders Endora to get them out of the house, but then thinks it's too late. She says goodbye to her daughter, embracing her, but the shaking stops. The bowl is wrapped in tinfoil, but filling with lava like a popcorn popper. Tabby tells Kay to combine powers with Endora and Migs gives his permission. The girls clasp hands as the foil prepares to blow and their sparkly light turns pure. Everyone disappears around the glowing witches and then the bowl bursts and they disappear too.

In the church basement, Ethan puts the defused bomb aside, but his life has been destroyed despite his heroism and Theresa's return from the dead, because he's now married to Gwen. Luis tells his sister everything will be okay, but she says, "All my dreams have just died." Pilar reminds her daughter at least they're free of Juanita, but the hand-cuffed nutter still insists Pilar is not safe from her. Gwen is all smiles, so her best girlfriend, Sheridan, suggests she not rub Theresa's face in her victory. Antonio wonders if getting Ethan is worth it if it makes him miserable, but Gwen says to stay out of it. He goes on, noting it's obvious Ethan loves Theresa and suggesting that if Gwen really loved him, she'd give him up. Gwen insists he loves her too and turns to her hubby for confirmation. "I married you," is all he can say. Then he looks back at Theresa, both of their hearts clearly breaking. When Juanita calls them ridiculous, Pilar loses her patience and charges her. Sam interceded, holding Pilar back while Juanita admits she's sorry she didn't get to kill them, but is loving the drama. "It is delicious to know Theresa will be kept forever away from the man she loves. I couldn't have dreamt up a better torture myself," she cackles.

When first round of shaking hits, Theresa suggests it's God's way of showing he disapproves. When the shaking stops, she doesn't, going on to praise him for being a man of his word, but wondering how he can turn his back on true love. She challenges him to say he can live this lie forever. Gwen counters by going on about the holy sacrament, so Theresa says they can have the wedding annulled. After Gwen reminds her it was just a vow renewal ceremony, Ethan steps in. "Enough," he says. Then he takes Theresa's hands and tells her it's his duty to stay with Gwen. Gwen suggests she leave, but Theresa's sibs tell Gwen to back off and give Theresa some support. Fancy thinks it's not fair, but Sheridan tells her Gwen had Ethan first, recounting how Theresa schemed to steal him. "That's funny coming from you," she snorts, noting after all Sheridan's attempts to get Luis, she finally looks happy with Antonio. "Finding your true love has brought you peace," she says, and Ivy agrees.

Theresa steps forward, ready to make one more attempt, insisting Ethan can't marry Gwen after all she's done and recounting how Gwen exposed his paternity to tabloids, ruining his life. "Then show me the proof," Gwen smiles. They've been through this before. Ethan isn't going to listen to it again, but Theresa is sure there's proof somewhere. When Juanita makes another crack, Sam and Luis finally decide to take her away, but Theresa realizes Juanita is the proof she needs and reveals Gwen was threatening to tell Juanita where her family was. Ethan says it's impossible and of course, Juanita won't back her up. Theresa begs and then tells Juanita all the mean things Gwen and Beccs have said about her. "Did you know they don't like Mexicans?" she tattles. Juanita gets mad, but then insists she won't be tricked. The LP clan suggests cooperating may help her case, but Juanita answers, "The only way I will get out of jail is if I bribe my way out." When Sam gives her one more chance, Gwen asks why they would trust "a crazed murderer" like Juanita anyway, which leads an offended Juanita to admit she spoke to Gwen. Ethan asks Gwen if she exposed the LP clan, while Theresa insists Gwen's lies and secrets invalidate her vows. Then Juanita backtracks, saying she only talked to Gwen in her nun's habit. She's still screaming for Pilar's blood as Sam takes her away.

With Juanita gone, Pilar tells Ethan to believe his daughter and Theresa recounts how Gwen blackmailed her into keeping a secret. Gwen tries to interrupt, but Ethan wants Theresa to finish. "It's the truth about Little Ethan," she says, explaining she kept it since she learned it herself in Rome. Gwen says it's going to be another lie and even Ethan balks when she tells him Little E is his son, but Theresa convinces him and Pilar backs her up. Ethan can't believe Theresa kept the truth from him, let alone that all the LP clan knew about it. Gwen plays it off as if she didn't know, while Theresa apologizes, begging for his forgiveness and ready for his anger, but Ethan only embraces her. "You just gave me the best news of my life," he says. When Luis pulls Gwen aside and he and Pilar tell her to give it up, Gwen goes on a tirade about Theresa's lies and plots. Theresa counters that Gwen's lies are far worse. "Show me the proof," she challenges before launching into a monologue about being the only one who loves and respects Ethan enough to be honest and put his needs ahead of her.

Upstairs, Beccs fights to get the proof Theresa needs (aka the camcorder) from Little E. "Is that a new wrinkle on your face?" Little E asks, making Rebecca's hands shoot to her face in horror and allowing him to make a getaway. He insists he's taking the recording to his mom, so she chases after him. "Ethan can never, ever find out what we did," a voice says from the camera, so Little E demands an explanation. Beccs drops to a pew and starts crying dramatically, because all her sins are going to come out. He thinks she's referring to playing dress up with the gardeners, but she says it's more serious and he's too smart for her. "I'm just going to have to face the music," she hiccups. Finally convinced she's not faking, he leans in to comfort her. She grabs the camera from his hands, so he hits it out of her hands and it falls to the floor. Thanks to another quake, however, Ethan gets it back and runs downstairs, where Gwen is demanding Theresa show proof. "Everybody, you have to see what's on this camera," he cries as he runs in, adding that whatever's on it is good enough that Beccs beat him up to stop him from finding out. She says she was just "playing keep away" and then whispers a warning to Gwen. Gwen tries to get Ethan to leave for their honeymoon, but no luck, so when Little E runs to embrace his mother, Beccs grabs the camera from him.

Meanwhile, the magic lands Tabby's crew upstairs and they soon realize Endora and Kay are still MIA. Tabby fears they've been caught by The Darkside, while Edna and Norma try to decide whether to run. As Norma wonders if these locals are their friends, the ground starts shaking again, so they take off. Then, to everyone else's relief, Endora and Kay rematerialize. "We've been to heaven," Endora reveals. "Timmy told us how to save Harmony!"

Back in the basement, Ethan uses the new quake to grab the camera back from Beccs. Once the shaking stops, Sam reveals "Something bad is going on: the phones, the internet are down and there's a strange light coming from the top of Mt. Harmony." Gwen doesn't care. She just wants to start her honeymoon. Ethan kneels before Little E and says, "Son, I need to know what's on this tape." Little E doesn't miss the label and is thrilled to get to call Ethan "Dad." They embrace and Ethan marvels over how he always felt Little E was his. As Theresa joins the hug, Gwen and Beccs try to slip out. After Little E then meets his Uncle Antonio, his dad asks again after the tape. Little E reveals it has Gwen saying, "Ethan can never know the horrible things I've done." Theresa is psyched, sure Sam's camera has the evidence she needs, especially after Sam and Ivy recount how Beccs fought them for it. Spotting Gwen and Beccs moving toward the door, Ethan demands, "No one's going anywhere till I find out what's on this tape!"

On the Next Passions

"What did Timmy say I have to do to save Harmony?" Tabby asks. She's horrified when Kay answers, "You have to get baptized."

"You two witches are getting exactly what you deserve," Theresa tells Gwen and Beccs, who know they're finished if the truth gets out.


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