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Soap Opera Fan invites readers to peruse this section from time to time in order to see what's new on Soap Opera Fan and what plans are in the works for the site in the future!

new! March 17, 2009: Soap Blog up and running!
Soap Opera Fan invites you to find much more updated soap news, teasers, casting notes & interviews at our NEW BLOG, which is up and running! We'll keep posting those summaries and linking you to the big news here at SOF, but you can also go straight to the blog from now on. And for even more soap opera information, check our sister site, Soaps.com!

September 3, 2008: We're working on a new project!
We've been busy creating a new blog to update for all you readers! Check out our new soap opera fan blog for even more news, sweepstakes and updates and visit our revamped soap opera fan forums! We now cover Bold and The Beautiful, in addition to Days Of Our Lives, General Hospital and Young and The Restless! If you can't find what you want there, visit our sister site for more!

We invite you all to check the blog out becaues we plan on eventually updating the blog only! It is easier to maintain, it does not have these pesky issues that plague us with updating it and it has loads of comments areas for you to enjoy! We think you will enjoy it... it's not yet complete, so stay tuned for more changes.

We will continue to post DAYS daily updates here, and will let you know when any other changes are made!

Update below... in red.

Monday June 2, 2008
Happy Monday!

Hope all you SOF'ers had a great weekend! Our staff agrees it was a great end to May and we're thirsty for summer! As you may already be aware, I run both SoapOperaFan.com and Soaps.com. Recently, I was reassigned from another one of our sites in order to focus my days to bringing you more soap news, here! This is fantastic news for us and I'm thrilled we (myself and my Assistant Editor, Amy Mistretta) will be able to play more of a hands on role in offering you more soap news that you deserve!

At some point down the road, you'll see new pages crop up with brief soaps news items listed, and I'd like to share a little secret… we're not only keeping up with Days Of Our Lives on Soap Opera Fan, but we're also discussing bringing you more scoop for a few other soaps such as The Young and The Restless, General Hospital and Bold and The Beautiful, once our dearly beloved show, Passions goes off the air Friday September, 7. We're still in the planning stages for all of this, but we'd love to hear your ideas of what else you'd like to see on SOF and if you approve of adding a few more soaps! Feel free to use our contact link that you see to the left, to voice your opinion about this and let us know what you'd like to see!

Incidentally, we realize that the game D.O.O.L.I.M.A is currently under construction. The game, though a great way to pass the time, has some issues that we will be working on. They're not easy to fix, so we thank you for your patience!

Christine Fix
Senior Producer/Editor-in-Chief



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