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The Astrological Signs


March 21 - April 20

Colors: Shades of red

Stones: Diamond (enhances self-confidence), Ruby (raises fighting spirit), Emerald (helps communication), Amethyst (relieves headaches)

Attractions: Gemini, Leo, Libra, Scorpio

About the Sign: The ram symbolizes the beginning of all things and the ego and the will in the purist. forms. Ruled by Mars, Aries is energetic and forceful. Aries does not not like being misunderstood or mistaken for something it is not. Aries likes to be nurtured by those around him and also demands attention. Aries tends to be spontaneous, frank, and open. Aries often displays leadership qualities and is a person of action, not words. Negative aspects of Aries is that he tends to be self-centered and willful.


April 21 - May 21

Colors: Shades of blue, deep green

Stones: Rose Quartz (soothing; inspires imagination), Emerald (promotes learning; enhances self-confidence), Lapis lazuli (deepens activities on the material plane)

Attractions: Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn

About the Sign: The Bull symbolizes growth and development. Taurus represents the nurturing aspects of the ego - caring, managing, maintaining. Ruled by Venus, Taurus seeks harmony and is concerned with making his surroundings beautiful. Taurus is deeply involved in the material world, possessions and security are important to him. Taurus is also stubborn and confrontative, but can be surprisingly flexible. Taurus is possessive and likes to control his environment, he likes to care for his possessions and put them to use. Taurus is interested in matters that have to do with the physical body, anything from sex to food to sports. Taurus also likes to start projects, but he also sit back and observe as well. Unfortunately Taurus also tends to procrastinate and lose interest in things he starts. Taurus works well as a member of a team, but can also be stubborn and selfish.


May 22 - June 21

Colors: Yellow, light green

Stones: Citrine (lends sunniness to communication), Amber (grounds high-flying imagination), Tourmaline (helps concentration)

Attractions: Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius

About the Sign: The Twins symbolizes quickness of thought and facile communication. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is concerned with the close connection between thought and verbal expression. Gemini is a very adaptive person but also is prone to sudden reversals of direction. Gemini needs partners and are always on the search for another if currently alone. Gemini is very outspoken and values his personal freedom above all else. Gemini is attracted to excitement and change and bores easily if he doesn't get the excitement the require. Gemini often enjoys going out and causing trouble, for trouble is exciting to Gemini. Gemini enjoys being part of a group but he doesn't like getting attached to someone or something for long periods of time. Gemini can also be superficial and fickle.


June 22 - July 22

Colors: Pale colors, cream, white

Stones: Moonstone (balances moodiness, relieves stomach aches), Pearl (soothes sadness and depression, lessens loneliness, strengthens bones) Peridot (bolsters optimism, lends inner strength, resists emotional instability)

Attractions: Pisces, Scorpio, Aquarius

About the Sign: The Crab symbolizes deep feelings, protectiveness, and the home. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is associated with highly personal emotions and the life of the subconscious. Dreams are an important part of a Cancer and he is a very sensitive person. Cancer is a very private and protective person. Though he can be aggressive, Cancer prefers not to make demands, instead he expects others to understand his needs, sensitivities, and moods. Friendships are very important to Cancer and he finds it hard to work with others who don't share his views. Cancer is an unusual person and is aware that he differs from others. If Cancer doesn't get enough food, sleep, and sex he grows irritable and nervous.



July 23 - August 23

Colors: Ocher, golden hues

Stones: Yellow Topaz (restores inner calm, eases stress), Tiger's Eye (grants vitality), Ruby (strengthens heart energies), Milky yellow Amber (grounds visions)

Attractions: Scorpio, Capricorn, other Leos

About the Sign: The Lion symbolizes radiant creative forces within the individual. Ambition, power, and self-confidence are hallmarks of Leo. Ruled by the sun, Leo likes to lead and expects others to follow him. Sharing and warmth are characteristics of this sign, but Leo will not hesitate to do battle to the forces of injustice, oppression, darkness, or with anyone that poses a threat to Leo's family or friends. Leo is a big hearted person, he likes to give a lot to others, but receiving gifts is sometimes a problem for him. Leo is an honorable person and always repays what he owes to others. Leo also love to be admired by others, and doesn't object to being placed upon a pedestal.


August 24 - September 22

Colors: Silver, indigo, dark violet

Stones: Amethyst (grants freedom from everyday concerns), Carnelian (alleviates worry, stomach aches, and bad dreams), Pyrite (strengthens self- confidence and vitality)

Attractions: Gemini, Pisces, Taurus

About the Sign: The Virgin symbolizes the need of all life for a systematic approach to the concerns of existence. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo is analytical, careful, and orderly. Virgos are particular in regard to what they conceal and reveal and when and how they do it. The future is very important to Virgo, he tends to plan well in advance and work toward set goals. Virgos make excellent family members and co-workers, they contribute greatly to the group effort. Virgos tend to take things literally, so if they are promised something they expect the promise to be upheld. Virgo is also a very modest person.


September 23 - October 22

Colors: Primary colors, shocking pink, night blue

Stones: Opal (frees up energy, enhances judgment), Jade (helps kidney functions, bolsters courage to make compassionate decisions)

Attractions: Aquarius, Aries, Taurus

About the Sign: The Scales symbolize the need of the human being to take his/her place in world. Ruled by Venus, Libra emphasizes the need for balance in life. Libra attempts to treat everyone fairly but tends to be over-judgmental. Aspects of Libra that are appreciated by others are sensuality, charm, grace, and a good sense of humor. Although generous, Libra can sometimes be blind to the wishes of others and proceed on their own way. Libras are also capable of procrastinating and refuse to rush to a decision. Being attractive is important to Libras, but they must be careful not to become obsessed with their physical appearances.


October 23 - November 21

Colors: Black, blood red, charcoal grey

Stones: Ruby (supports inner faith and courage), Garnet (balances sex drive), Carnelian (keeps one's feet on the ground), Black pearl (grants calm and solace in troubled times)

Attractions: Capricorn, Leo, Pisces

About the Sign: The Scorpion symbolizes the ability to direct and control life around it. Scorpio has the capacity to shun human contact and deal with serious matters in a purposeful fashion. Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio has a volcanic sexual energy and an insight into the mysteries of metamorphosis and transformation. Scorpios are serious people, but they don't confront others and only attack to defend themselves. Scorpio's personality seems to undergo transformations and metamorphosis. Scorpios must avoid tendencies toward self destructive and overly controlling behavior, addiction; and an inability to relinquish attachments to people, things, or ideas.



November 22 - December 21

Colors: Denim blue, beige, bronze

Stones: Turquoise (protects against catastrophe), Amethyst (promotes mildness and understanding), Citrine (acts as an agent between lower and higher selves)

Attractions: Gemini, Aries, Taurus, Virgo

About the Sign: The Archer symbolizes the growing philosophical outlook on the human spirit, it's expansiveness optimism, and refusal to be bogged down with details. Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is a philosopher who urges us not to succumb to pettiness or base actions. Sagittarius encourages himself and others to see the best side of things, but tends to be a bit excessive. Sagittarius is optimistic, honesty, holds strong beliefs. Sagittarians generally have a positive outlook on life, but often get caught up in disputes due to their idealistic opinions. Those born under the sign are constantly seeking to know more about the world and have a deep interest in animals and nature. Many Sagittarians reject many of society's values, but must be careful not to overly condemn those who don't share their beliefs. Sagittarians rarely become bored and are always seeking new ways in which they can express themselves.


December 22 - January 20

Colors: All shades brown, orange

Stones: Diamond (raises self confidence, enhances ambition), Falcon's eye (augments visionary power, sparks intuition), White sapphire combines discipline with friendliness)

Attractions: Taurus, Scorpio, Leo

About the Sign: The goat symbolizes the serious outlook of maturity, but also the awareness of how the individual spirit relates to the universe. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn refuses to waste anything and takes a careful approach to everything. Some characteristics of Capricorn are ambition, drive, a strive to succeed, and the ability to get to the top and stay there. Capricorn often have a serious feeling of responsibility and a desire to limit rather than expand. A Capricorn tends to be conservative and believes in working and reworking their materials slowly and carefully, and rarely give up. Capricorn are also suspicious and must beware dictatorial behavior. Some Capricorn tell others what to do and some tell them how to do it. A Capricorn rarely admits when he's wrong.


January 21 - February 19

Colors: Electric blue, silver gray, fluorescent colors

Stones: Amazonite (opens up inspirational faculties), Aquamarine (release emotions, combats depression), Hematite (helps ground uranian influences, Amber (calms restlessness)

Attractions: Aries, Gemini, Libra

About the Sign: The Water Bearer symbolizes advanced thought which takes us out of our physical state and allows us to view the infinite in all things. Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius represents acceptance of all points of view and shows the universal wisdom inherent in thoughts and action. Aquarius usually have a reputation for all sorts of idiosyncratic behavior and they have an eccentric and erratic personality. Aquarius need as much latitude as possible in order to exercise their imaginative powers and should be placed under as few restrictions as possible. Aquarius approach life with an open attitude and are often baffled and bewildered by rejection. If confronted with a conflict or stressful demands, Aquarius can fly off the handle and either attack with lightening speed or disappear. Aquarians are promoters of high ideals. Aquarians are also often attracted to the profound and darker aspects of others.



February 20 - March 20

Colors: Mauve, purple, aquamarine

Stones: White opal (enhances awareness of illusion), Jade (balances kidney function, allays fears), Pearl (offers soothing consolation), Amethyst (protects against addictive influences)

Attractions: Aquarius, Cancer, Scorpio

About the Sign: The Fish symbolizes the merging of the human soul with the cosmos and a deep belief in the highest powers in the universe. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces personality is dreamy, spiritual, and deeply emotional. Those born under this sign are often categorized as dreamers. Pisces easily share their material possessions and enjoy friendships and close partnerships more than others. On the other hand, Pisces also need to have their time alone and run the risk of becoming escapists or loners who isolate themselves from the world. Pisces can be vulnerable to depression and self pity, escape from this pain through addictions is very dangerous for them. Pisces often have excellent memories, tend to be devotional, and are true believers. Pisces are highly empathic and sensitive to the difficulties of others and respond with compassion, but must be careful not to impose on them or take advantage of their acquiescence.


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