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January 4, 2007 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with Summer looking at her engagement ring. Taylor talks to Summer about her New Years resolutions. She is going to stop mooching off others and get a job. She says she needs to start taking calcium supplements too. Summer says how about also helping her plan the wedding to Seth. Summer shows her the ring. Summer admits shes having a bit of cold feet, but she cant break it off. She says Seth was never so sincere, he really meant this proposal. Taylor says still, she has to tell him how she feels. Summer says nothing, so Taylor says she has always wanted to plan a wedding.

Ryan shows up at Seth's room to see Seth. Ryan asks why hes still in bed? Is he sick? Seth says sick of being engaged. They head downstairs, Seth admits he regrets this. Ryan knows how you can act impulsively when your girl friend is possibly pregnant. Ryan thinks he needs to tell Summer, but Seth says he cant do that.

Summer and Seth hang out with one another, its awkward. Ryan and Taylor talk and compare notes, Seth and Summer are both worried and having doubts. They think they'll talk and it will be off. Seth and Summer approach them. Summer says they had a long talk. Seth asks Ryan to be his best man, Summer asks Taylor to be her maid of honor. They accept. Taylor and Summer head off to talk wedding stuff. Seth tells Ryan he feels good about this. Ryan says this is bad? Seth says so bad . . . 

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Sandy is at the pier and meets with Frank. Sandy says so he is Ryans father. Frank says he was just going to say the same to him. Frank knows he has a lot of explaining to do. He says he would like to see Ryan, but doesnt think he wants to see him. Sandy wonders why Frank is reaching out now after so long? Frank says he knows its up to him to prove himself, he hopes to do that with Sandys blessing and help.

Kristen and Julie are at work. Julie says she needs to talk to her about Frank. She explains that Frank and Bullet became friends when they were both in jail. She says Frank found out that Bullit was in Newport doing work and he came here. He also knew Ryan was here. Julie says Frank got his anger under control, went to AA, got his GED. Frank only got out of jail six weeks ago. Julie says his whole family hated him, he didn't have any contact with them for so long. Julie thinks he has changed, he is better.

Ryan and Seth are at the mall talking about the wedding. Ryan wants Seth to tell Summer that he doesnt want to be engaged. Seth doesnt think he can do that. Ryan thinks Summer will get over it, but Seth doesnt think so. Ryan tells him that according to Taylor that Summer is having doubts too. Seth says if Summer doesnt want to marry him then she should say it. Ryan says if hes too chicken to tell Summer then smoke her out, make her tell him.

At Harbor, Will, a new student, gives an oral report in English. Kaitlin is next. She says they are supposed to talk about the book "The Call Of The Wild.". Kaitlin says the character is a dog, so she thinks he would says Ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff. Class ends and Kaitlin is scolded for her presentation. Shes told shes failing English and if she doesn't watch it she'll be held back. The teacher asks Will to tutor Kaitlin and help her with a revised presentation. The teacher says this is Kaitlins last shot, she will go again tomorrow.

Sandy comes to see Ryan at his job. Sandy and Ryan have a seat, Sandy fills Ryan in on his dad. Ryan says he always knew one day hed be out. Ryan says it is weird. He says he knows hes supposed to have a lot of questions, but he doesnt. Sandy tells Ryan if that is how he wants to keep it then it is fine. Ryan says no speech about the importance of family. Sandy says Ryan is his family, he is important to him. Ryan says he doesnt want to see him, maybe later but not now. Sandy says that is what hell tell him. Ryan asks how he seemed? Sandy says he seemed good. Ryan says okay.

Sandy calls Frank and says he spoke to Ryan. Sandy says Ryan doesnt want to see him. Frank says not even a half hour for coffee? Sandy says no and hes sorry. Sandy tells him best of luck.

Frank is with Julie when he gets the call from Sandy. Julie asks Frank what hell do?

Seth brings Summer a present, a cookbook and tickets to some cooking classes. She doesnt like cooking. He says she better like it, he likes a nice meal prepared for him every night. He also talks about how she will have to convert to Judaism and learn Hebrew.

Summer tells Taylor how Seth is trying to smoke her out and get her to call this off. Shes not happy, she wishes she came up with the idea first. She decides to pull a bridezilla on his ass.

Sandy heads to Kirstens work to see her. Frank is there, he was saying goodbye. Sandy doesnt like finding Frank here. Kirsten looks sad, she tells Sandy that they have to talk about something, things have changed. Frank says there is something else he hasnt mentioned, he didn't intend to but it just slipped out. Julie says Frank is dying.

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At the Cohens, Sandy is shaving as Kirsten talks to him about Frank. Sandy says Ryan doesnt want to see him and he suggests Frank could be lying. Kirsten says he smoked 2 packs a day since he was 14, it wouldn't be normal if he he didn't have lung cancer. Sandy wont let Frank hurt Ryan again. Kirsten says what if hes not lying? What if Ryan learns the truth and that they didnt tell him. Kirsten asks to just talk to him.

Summer brings Seth a present, a book on diamond buying. Seth meets her challenge, saying she's worth what she wants. She also wants Seth to take care of the bunny, which he says he will. Summers tricks dont seem to work on him. He talks about how hes been thinking about using Yates for his vows, his words are moving. Summer claims shes going with Dr. Suess and Shell Silverstien. 

At Harbor Kaitlin shows up to see Will, who is at band practice. Kaitlin wants Will to just write her presentation for her. He says hes not like the others here, he doesn't play water polo and he wont do what she says. Kaitlin reminds him if she fails then he fails. She gives him a notebook and says shell see him later.

Sandy finds Kirsten at his office with food. He knows there is more than a picnic as to why shes here. Kirsten doesnt want to fight with him. She says they both love Ryan and both want what is best for him. Sandy says he called the prison and asked for Franks records. 

Ryan is at work when Taylor shows up to meet him for a date. Ryan says he has to stop by Kirsten's office, she wants to see him. Taylor says about his father? Ryan hopes not. Taylor supports him in his choice, though she says if her dad wanted to see her that she would want to see him . . if only to tell him hes an ass and never wants to see him again. Ryan says it would feel good. Taylor says her dad lives in San Diego with his new family, he comes to town once a year to check on his car dealership. She says it is easy to ignore your kids, the hard part is trying to have a relationship. Ryan says she doesnt know his dad. She tells Ryan that neither does he.

Summer is trying to cook some of the meals Seth wanted, but she burns it. Julie wonders what is going on. Summer says she and Seth are engaged. Julie says that is great, she thinks. Julie asks if she is . . . Summer says no, but they thought she might be. She reveals shes worried about calling it off because hell get the upper hand. Julie thinks she should have come to her earlier, she knows how to manipulate the other sex.

Kirsten meets with Frank on the pier.. Kirsten says someone wants to meet him. She takes him to see Ryan. Ryan suggests they go grab some coffee.

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Ryan and Seth talk about Ryan and his meeting with his dad. Seth wonders what they talked about? Ryan says they just talked. Ryan says he thought all about what he wanted to say to him, but he didnt say any of it. Ryan says hes coming for dinner tonight if he wants to meet him. Seth says he and Summer have some date tonight. He says he cant lose her. Ryan says he means lose to her. Seth says exactly. 

At Harbor, Kaitlin meets with Will. He apparently did her homework for her. Kaitlin doesnt look at her speech, she just takes it from him. She stands up to hive it, all hes written is Woof woof woof woof woof. Kaitlin has to wing her report on her own. She says Bucks story in Call of the Wild is a metaphor for being a teenager, the more crap he goes through the more he wants to be alone. Everyone seems impressed, the Wards say they never knew she was so deep.

Taylor and Kirsten are preparing the dinner. Taylor is freaking out over every little thing. Kirsten asks what is going on? Taylor says this is her first real Ryan situation, its the first test  aside from her French ex and sluty aliens. Sandy shows up and asks what is going on. He learns Ryan talked to Frank and invited him over for dinner. Sandy isnt pleased. Sandy and Kirsten talk in their room, she asks if he heard back from the prison doctor. Sandy says not yet. Kirsten says theyll make the best of it. Sandy says they always do, theyve been very open to Ryans family. Kirsten says until now? Sandy says Ryan has been through hell this year and there is something about this guy. Kirsten gets it, they imagined Ryans dad would be a monster, but he shows up and hes smart, funny and nice. Kirsten says nothing will change his relationship with Ryan. Sandy says he knows this is important to Ryan. He says hell put a smile on his face and conjure up some embarrassing stories.

Julie meets Frank at a bar. She says he called acting like it was an emergency. Frank says it is. Hes nervous, he's not sure what to wear tonight. She says relax, be himself, everyone will love him. She assures him that hell be fine, it will all be fine. Julie wishes him luck and says call her and let her know how it goes. Frank thanks Julie. 

Summer shows up at the comic book store to meet Seth. Seth has the bunny, he suggests they talk about the wedding. Summer says shes changed her mind, she doesnt want a big wedding, she wants something smaller. She wants to elope Vegas style. He says okay theyll pick a time. She says how about now? He says he can find a flight and hotel. She says they should go now, they can drive. He says fine a road trip. He says he has to stop at home and change his underpants. Seth says she knows how he is aboutthat. She says its their honeymoon, go commando.

At the Cohens everyone is at the dinner. Ryan talks about going to Berkley next year. Kirsten says she and Sandy met there. Frank tells a story about how their family tried to go to San Francisco once but they never made it. He says Trey got carsick, they got two flat tires too. Frank has a photo of the trip. Taylor goes gaga over the baby pictures. Ryan says this is his cue to get the desert. Sandy goes and helps Ryan with the desert. Sandy says he didnt start off a fan of his fathers but he is winning him over. Sandy says people do change. Ryan says too bad all it took was a terminal illness. Sandys phone begins ringing. He talks to the doctor in the prison. Sandy says I see. He thanks him for the news he gets. 

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Summer and Seth are in the car driving. They arent saying too much. Seth asks if shes hungry or thirsty, but she says no. Seth pulls over and says he cant do this. He says as much as he loves her, it doesnt feel right getting married without asking her dad for her hand. Summer says that is such a hold over from when women were treated like cattle. Seth says he loves that man and cant do this without his blessing. Summer says fine, they should head home and make it official.

Frank is talking with Ryan. He tells Ryan how he likes his girl. Taylor likes hearing this. Sandy returns and says hes sorry for his absence he has a call. He asks to speak with Frank for a minute. They head off. Frank thanks Sandy for everything, this has been a great evening. Sandy lets Frank know that he knows Frank is lying about his cancer. Frank cant believe Sandy checked up on his story. Sandy says a cab is coming to get him, he wants Frank to tell Ryan the truth or he will. Frank says even though he cleaned up his life Ryan still wouldnt see him. Sandy says tell Ryan or he will. Ryan and Kirsten show up, Frank wont say anything. Frank also wont leave, he says Ryan is his son. Sandy says not anymore. Sandy goes to show him the door, but Frank says dont touch him. Frank tells Sandy that he doesnt want to hit him! Sandy says he does and decks him. Frank says that was a mistake. Frank almost attacks Sandy, but Ryan breaks it up. Sandy tells Ryan that his father has something to tell him. Ryan and Frank head outside. Kristen asks what is going on? Sandy says the good news is that Frank will outlive them all. He says the bad news is that his hand is killing him. Taylor says she'll get him some ice.

Kaitlin goes to see Will at school after a band meet and talk to him. She tells him that he may be a geek, but he got her good. She says she respects that. He says her speech was good, he respects that. He wonders if she has anything else to say. She says no. He says well shes still standing here. He asks if she wants to do something. She says with him, she doesnt think so. Will says good, he doesnt either, he was just asking. Kaitlin thinks if he asks everyone that maybe he can ask the guy over there.

Frank is telling Ryan that it was just one lie. Ryan says a big one. Frank says he needed to buy some time. Frank wanted Ryan to get to know him and forgive him for the past. He says this doesnt even make the top ten of all the bad things hes done. The cab shows up. Ryan says go, its too soon. Frank says hes worked so hard. Ryan tells him to go for him. Frank says okay. They hug each other and Frank says hes sorry about what happened. Frank then gets in the cab. Ryan says hell call him. The cab takes off.

Ryan talks with Taylor. He says her first dinner with the family was impressive. Taylor calls it their first milestone, now hes prepared for dinner with her mom. He says no family is perfect. She says his is close. She says shell call him tomorrow.

Sandy is icing his hand. Ryan asks him if hes okay. Sandy says hes sorry he lost his cool. Ryan says he asked for it. Sandy says hes sorry things didnt work out with his dad. Ryan says his dad is right here and he could show him a mean right hook. They laugh and joke.

Frank talks with Julie. She understands why he did what he did. Julie asks where hell go now? Frank says hell take one of Bullits opportunities, which are all over. He then gives Julie some cooked books to hide everything from him. Julie says shes quitting the prostitution thing. He says it is a nice little operation, she could be financially independent in no time. Frank thanks her for everything, they share a hot kiss goodbye!

Seth talks with Sandy, Ryan and Kirsten about how shes going to see Dr. Roberts in Seattle soon. They say okay. He finds out how their dinner went. They end up all sitting on the sofa and having family time in front of the TV.

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