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January 6th, 2005 Episode Of The O.C.

This has not been proofed for errors! I am behind in a lot of things so i'm posting it as is!

The show opens with Ryan studying in the kitchen. Seth asks him to punch someone for old times sake, please! Seth is looking through a family album and finds old photos of his mom trying to see a resemblance to Lindsay. He shows one to Ryan, and Ryan asks Seth if he is trying to make this more awkward for him? Seth says it isnt like its incest, they arent even related. Seth says they wont get arrested, and they wont have chromosomally challenged children. Ryan says Kirsten is like his mom, and Lindsay is her sister. Ryan says Kristen also doesnt know they are dating. Seth thinks they did a story like this on The Valley once. Seth says he just has to ask himself is she his girlfriend or his aunt? Sandy walks in and says Ah yes, the age old question! Seth says Boy meets girl, boy likes girl, boy learns girl is surrogate mothers long lost half-sister. Sandy says he guesses it is to early to joke about this stuff. Ryan says he just doesnt know what to do. Sandy says if he has talked to her yet? Ryan says no, and he wanted to give her space over winter break. Sandy says that is all he can do, and if she wants to come and be a part of this family then that is her decision. He says if they want to date, then theyll have to move to the south. Sandy asks Ryan if Kirsten knows they are dating? Ryan says she thinks they are just friends. Sandy says good, and its best that the misses doesnt find out. Kirsten walks out and thinks Sandy is trying to keep from him what she knows, that Renees testimony is today and her father will go free. Kirsten says she cant forgive her father for what he did to that poor girl. Kristen thinks they need to do something to welcome Lindsay into the family. Seth says that is if she wants them. Ryan says she wants them, he means she wants you guys. Kirsten tells Ryan he is as much of this family is any of them, so if Lindsay is her sister then she is his aunt. Sandy thanks her for clearing that up for them. Kirsten says actually because shes so young shes more like Ryans sister. Seth says he always wanted a sister, how about you Ryan!

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At school, Marissa and Summer discuss DJ meeting her dad. Marissa says her dad is the only sane one in her family, and she really wants him to meet DJ.

Meanwhile, Zack asks Seth if he got his Christmas card? Seth says he did, and he appreciates the apology. Zack asks if they are friends again? Seth says they are men, occasionally they will brawl. Zack has to admit something to Seth, and he needs help. He says when he was away for the holidays he ran into an old girlfriend, and they kinda kissed. Seth asks if Zack has feelings for this old flame. Zack says he really likes her kids. Seth is stunned. Zack says she is older then him, she was his math tutor when he was fourteen. Zack cant believe this and says holy 80s teen drama plot! Zack says she is in the middle of the divorce, she had had a lot of tequila, and it was a quick kiss. Seth says if it was anyone else hed tell him to keep it to himself. Zack says he cant, and Seth says he knows because he has a conscious. Seth suggests he tell Summer but say it was a mistake and just made him realize how much it made him realize he likes her. Seth says also dont mention the kids or divorces. Seth promises he wont tell anyone.

Ryan runs into Lindsay, and they share a hug. They ask they have been. Ryan says he wanted to call her, but Lindsay says she hasnt been in a frame of mind to talk about it. They discuss where they can hang out together without being found out. Ryan wants to be clear who everyone is to who. He asks about the Cohens, and Lindsay says they are her friends. He asks about the two of them, and she says they are more than friends and NOT related. She says she doesnt want this to be like kissing his sister. Ryan says the through never crossed his mind.

Sandy and Caleb are driving around. Caleb tells Sandford that he is one hell of a lawyer, all the charges have been dropped and the secrets have been sealed by the courts. Caleb says he is a free man. Sandy says and a smug one. He asks if he failed to notice Calebs absence at the hearing. Caleb says he knows he has work to do on his relationship with his daughter. Sandy asks which one? Caleb says hell make it up to Kirsten, once hes back to work he can lighten her load. Sandy says back to work? Caleb says once the scandal has died down there will be no reason for him to distance himself from the Newport group. Sandy says the woman running the company hates him! Caleb asks which woman they are talking about?

On Jimmys boat, Julie talks to Kirsten on the phone about Caleb getting off. Julie hopes he isnt expecting a company party. Jimmy brings her a drink, and isnt sure he made them strong enough for her. Julie says she needs to get back to the office, back to her life. They share a short kiss, and she turns away. Julie says what if it wasnt her life, what if she could walk away from it. Jimmy says that depends on what she is walking to. They kiss, and Julie thinks maybe they needed this time apart to realize what they had. Jimmy asks what if they cant have it again. Julie is willing to try and find out.

At school, Kirsten shows up to pick up Lindsay and give her a ride home. Lindsay says she has a car. Kirsten says there is no easy way to do this, and she knows Lindsay isnt on the market for new relatives. Kirsten asks how about a friend, they could go grab a friendly cup of coffee. Lindsay says that would be great.

Marissa brings DJ to the boat to meet her dad. She tells him not to be nervous, hell be great. As they show up, from the docks, they see Julie leaving. Jimmy runs out and gives her a hot kiss. Marissa cant believe this, and she and DJ run off.

Seth shows up at Alexs place to welcome her back. Some guy with long scruffy hair and a tattoo on his chest answers the door. Seth says she really changed over break. The guy asks who Seth is? Seth says he probably has the wrong apartment. Alex shows up and asks what hes doing here? Seth says he wanted to see how her family vacation went. She says she bailed on them and came back early to catch up with old friends. Seth is hurt that she didnt call him. She says she is been catching up with old friends. Seth is a bit jealous, and she says she is too hung over to deal with this. He offers to get her some food. More punky looking people leave Alexs place, and they say they are going to get some more smokes and beer. Seth has a few questions as hes trying to do the math in his head. She says shell answer his questions tonight at the Modest Mouse concert. She says it was nice of him to stop by, and nice to see him.

Seth returns home and tells Sandy and Ryan how she kept using the word nice to describe him. Seth thinks maybe he needs to be more edgy. Sandy tells Seth to just shuck the corn because he wants dinner for when his mom gets home. Seth says hey, maybe I dont feel like shucking these! Seth tells Sandy to shuck them himself. Sandy laughs at Seth and says that was good, he had him shacking in his book. Seth says when Bruce Banner gets mad he turns into the hulk, whereas Seth turns into a 75 year old yenta. Kristen walks in and says this is a nice surprise. She has a surprise for them, Lindsay is joining them. Lindsay hopes they dont mind, and Seth says no it will be really nice!

Later, Marissa returns to the boat to see her dad. Jimmy asks why she canceled on him today? Marissa says it wasnt a good time, she had homework, he was tired, and Jimmy was busy making out with mom. Jimmy realizes he is busted. Marissa asks how he could get back together with her, has he forgotten how she ruined their lives? Jimmy says things were different. Marissa says she thought he was going to start over, there is no explaining. She tells her dad for once to grow up and be like a real dad. 

Commerical Break

At the pool house, Ryan finds Seth going through his things. Seth is wearing one of Ryans wife beaters. Ryan asks why he is wearing that? Seth says Alex called him nice, so hes trying to cultivate more of a bad boy image. Ryan thinks that isnt going to work. Seth asks Ryan why he is being so brutish. Ryan says nothing, it is just that if Lindsay wants to hang out with her sister he cant stand in the way. Ryan says he also cant make it all about him. Seth says no, that is something he would do. Seth thinks that is perfect since Ryan is becoming more like him, which means Seth can now be the brooding bad boy. Ryan says they are screwed. Seth says Dude, Im wearing a wife beater!

At the Modest Mouse concert, Seth shows up to see Alex. He is not wearing the wife beater, but he does have a flash with him. He says it is his good friend John. She says who is that? He says he meant Jack, or Jim, they are all his friends. He takes a swig, and makes a horrible face. Seth says if she needs him hell be over by the speaker drinking. 

Jimmy goes to talk to Sandy and Kirsten. He tells them that he has terrible news, hes fallen in love with his ex-wife. Sandy says he was married before Julie? Kirsten says hes fallen in love with Julie? Sandy doesnt believe that, but Kirsten says she does. Kirsten asks after everything she did to him? Jimmy says that is what Marissa said. Jimmy says Marissa caught them. Jimmy says he cant be here and be with Julie, but he cant be here and not be with Julie. Jimmy says he made some calls and has a job offer in Maui. Kirsten asks if he is leaving? Jimmy says yes, hes leaving before he does anymore damage to others. Jimmy says he loves this place, but it is no good for him right now. Jimmy recaps everything he has done and been through, and says he cant be here anymore. Jimmy says hes leaving in a few days.

Back at the Bait Shop, Lindsay thinks she and Ryan need to talk and drags him outside. She tells him that he has been weird all night. Ryan asks about her and Kirsten. She says hanging out with her was cool. Ryan says if she wants to hang out with them then that is cool. However, Ryan says the Cohens are really his family, which makes her his family. Lindsay says so kissing her is like kissing her sister. 

Zack tells Summer too bad Coop couldnt make it. Summer says it is only cool when she calls Marissa that name. Summer says shed be freaking out if she was Marissa too. Zack says they havent had a chance to talk about their breaks yet. Drunk Seth shows up, and Summer realizes he is drunk because he smells like Marissa! Seth thinks Zack has told Summer and she was cool with the tutor thing. Zack says thanks, and Seth says your welcomed!

Alex goes outside and tells Ryan to take Seth home right now as he is wasted and leaving a path of destruction. Summer storms out of the club, and is followed by Zack. Summer is furious with Zack, and furious he told Cohen. Alex says he also puked on the merchandise table, which she now has to mop up! 

Ryan drives Seth back home, and he is incredibly noisy. Ryan tells him to be quiet. Seth says he hasnt been this wasted since his first night in Newport. Sandy shows up and asks what is going on, and he sees his son is wasted.

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Jimmy and Marissa meet on the boat. Jimmy tells Marissa she was right about what she said to him. He says he is ending it, and he needs a fresh perspective. He says he is leaving town. He tells her that hes moving to Maui. She says this is his idea of being a real dad, abandoning her to go to Hawaii? He says its not forever, maybe for six months. He says she can come visit. She tells him good luck and gets ready to leave. He tells her about the goodbye party at the Cohens and asks if she is okay. She says totally. MArisaa tells her dad that he was the last thing keeping her sane, so when he leaves it should be interesting to see how things go. Marissa says shell see him tonight.

At the Cohens, Seth shows up at the pool house to say hes dying, and he thanks him for his friendship. He also apologizes for whatever happened. Ryan tells him not to apologize to him. Ryan tells him what he did to Zack and to Alex last night. Ryan says he wanted to be a bad boy, he did bad. 

Seth goes into the main house where Kirsten is setting up for the party. She says hello to her son the wineo. Seth asks why they are having a party this time? Kirsten says its for Jimmy Cooper, hes leaving. Seth needs to run an errand, but Sandy says hes not going anywhere. Seth gets that he is grounded, but he needs to go see a girl. He asks if this is the one he tried to impressed by getting drunk? Seth says yes. Kirsten tells him to go upstairs and get dressed. Seth says if he is grounded then maybe he shouldnt go to the party. They look at him, and he says hell go get dressed. 

Zack shows up at Summers place. HE has a gift for her, the serialization of the Valley season one. She says she has the hard cover signed by the author. She says she has to go, and tries to close the door on his face. Zack says that is why he is here, he wanted to give her a ride. She says no, shes going solo. She tells Zack hooking up with his tutor wasnt cool in the 80s, she could have at least been a hooker and helped him get into Princeton! 

Caleb shows up at the party at Kirstens place, and is ignored by her. Meanwhile, Seth tells Ryan he is going to sneak out to see Alex and asks Ryan to cover for him. Ryan doesnt think this is a good idea. Seth says he calls himself a badboy? Seth then sneaks out. 

Out back, Sandy tells jimmy he is sorry he couldnt get a better turn out for him. The party is packed! Sandy tells Jimmy that hell miss him. Julie shows up, and Sandy asks how she took the news? Jimmy says he hasnt told her yet. Julie walks up to Jimmy, and Sandy walks off. Julie asks if he was just going to send her a postcard? Julie says she wouldnt have known he was leaving unless Kirsten invited her to his going away party! Jimmy suggests they talk about it somewhere more private.

Lindsay shows up, and Kirsten tells Ryan look who showed up. Ryan waves and says hi! Kirsten tells them to have fun and walks off. Lindsay says so now they are waving at one another? Ryan says he thought they agreed Kirsten couldnt find out. Caleb soon bumps into them, and she waves at him! Caleb says he didnt mean to interrupt, and hell find Julie himself. Caleb walks off, and she says bye dad! Ryan says yeah, this wont be weird at all.

Julie and Jimmy talk in a private room. She was under the impression this meant something. He says it did, it does. Jimmy asks if it really thought it would last? She asks if he thought shed leave him again? He says history isnt in her favor, and she deserves to be happy with Caleb. Julie says yeah, that is a storybook romance with their illegitimate children and their tapped phone lines. Jimmy says at least it is real. Julie begins crying, and Jimmy comforts her. Julie asks if he has to go so soon? Jimmy says it is best he goes before anyone knows why he is going. Kirsten walks in on them, and she says she is sorry. Julie says they were just saying their goodbyes. Julie says See you James. He says So long Jules. Julie then walks out.

Lindsay, Ryan and Summer meet up. Ryan asks where Zack is? Summer says he couldnt make it. She asks where Cohen is? Ryan says hurting from last night. Summer says shed like to hurt him too for last night. Marissa and DJ soon show up, and Ryan thinks this boring party is about to get exiting. Marissa is smashed, walks up to her mom, and says If it isnt the wicked witch of the west coast! Julie asks if she is drunk? She looks at DJ and says let her guess, Tequila? DJ says she was like this when he picked her up. Marissa tells DJ that he doesnt have to defend himself to her. Julie says but she does! Marissa suggests they leave before she tries to sleep with DJ next. Julie asks what she just said? Marissa yells You heard me you whore! Jimmy shows up and tells them not here! Marissa says no, lets do it here. Marissa thinks they should tell everyone why Jimmy is really leaving. Marissa tells everyone Hello everyone! Julie grabs Marissa to stop her, and she tells Jimmy he is leaving her with their screwed up daughter, does he see how screwed up she is! Marissa says of course shes screwed up, she is the daughter of a thief and a slut! Marissa says she hates them both so much, and she walks off. DJ runs after her. 

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After the party ends, Kirsten talks to Jimmy. Jimmy is upset over the way Marissa took things. Kirsten says it will be hard for all of them. Jimmy asks Kirsten if she can check up on Marissa from time to time. Kirsten says her father lives there. Jimmy says he knows, that is why he needs her to go there and see that someone watches over her. She says for her oldest friend, anything. She gives him a hug, and she says she cant believe this. She says if they had gotten married then shed be moving to Hawaii. Jimmy says no, if he married her then he wouldnt have left.

Caleb and Julie are standing out front waiting for the valets to bring the car around. They tell Caleb there is a problem with his car, its been stolen. 

Seth has taken Calebs car to impress Alex. She asks whose it is. He says mine, I stole it. She asks if he is trying to impress her? She says she has been with a lot of bad boys, and he is not one of them. He says right, so hell make a bund cake and put on some tea. Alex says he is a good guy and that is why she likes him. Suddenly the police show up to arrest Seth for stealing Calebs car! 

Summer returns home and finds Zack still in her bedroom. He says her step-mom blocked his car. He says he tried to wake her up, is she even alive? Summer says just heavily medicated. HE asks how the party was. Summer says shell hire him a tutor and she can catch him up. Zack says he has been thinking about this, and this is their first fight not about Cohen. He says this fight is theirs. Summer says still, he told Cohen and not her. He says he will tell her everything from now on. They end up making up. 

Lindsay and Ryan end up in the pool house. She thinks they need to find out if kissing would be weird. He says okay, and they kiss. They soon end up out, and are almost caufht by Kirsten! She wants to know if they have seen Seth. They say no, so she leaves. They say that was close, and decide to keep this to themselves for now. They then begin going at it hot and heavy.

Seth is brought home by the cops, and Sandy is not pleased. 

DJ finds Marissa at the watchtower at the beach. Jimmy soon shows up, and DJ admits he told her dad where she would be. Jimmy thanks DJ. Jimmy sits with Marissa to talk. Jimmy says life doesnt always turn out the way you think it would. Jimmy tells Marissa that hes so sorry he let her down, hes sorry that he couldnt give her the life that she deserved. She cries for him not to go. Jimmy says he has to go. Jimmy says anytime she wants to come see him that hell send a boat or a plane or whatever. Marissa asks if they can just sit here for awhile. Jimmy says hell sit with her all night.

The next morning Marissa shows up at the Cohens after seeing Jimmy off this morning. Sandy invites her in as she has brought bagels. They head to the kitchen, and Sandy teaches her the art of schmearing. Kirsten says Sandy is an artist with cream cheese. Everyone helps Marissa cope with Jimmy leaving. 

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