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January 11, 2007 Episode Of The O.C.

Ryan and Taylor meet at the mall. Taylor has a very very early present for Ryan for Valentines Day. She says its the perfect present and she cant wait to give it to him. Shes made a scrapbook of their time together. She has their bracelets from the hospital in it among other things. Shes taken all these camera phone photos he had no idea about and put them in there too. Taylor sees a book in the window of the bookstore and is worried, but tells Ryan shes just shocked to see a new bookstore. She goes over and sees a book Seasons for Peaches which is written by her ex.

She goes in and asks about the book. The guy working there tells her the synopsis of the book. Its a best seller in France and just made it here. He describes it as Bridges of Madison County meets The Notebook meets Porn. Taylor realizes she is Peaches.

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At the Cohens, Ryan talks with Seth. Seth is going to Seattle to get permission from Neil to marry Summer. Ryan doesnt understand as Seth doesnt want to get married but he wont tell her. Ryan cant believe theyll walk down the aisle instead of telling one another they dont want to. Seth says that is where Dr. Roberts comes in, hell say no. Ryan asks if hes sure, he thought they bonded and all. Seth says deep down Dr. Roberts still sees him as the skinny 16 year old trying to seduce his daughter. Ryan wishes him luck at getting rejected, Seth says he excels at it.

Taylor shows up to talk to Ryan. Shes telling him about the book and talking a mile a minute about it. She shows him the book. Ryan is shocked that her ex wrote this about her. She says she doesnt want this silly erotic novel to change how well things are going between them. She begs Ryan not to read it. He says hes never read a romance novel before and wont start now. She says good then they need not talk about it ever again. He says until he movie comes out. She says yeah right, it would go to DVD and be sold at the adult video store. She says bye and gives him a peck. 

At NewMatch, Julie is talking to Spencer about their business arrangement, which seems to still be going on. Kirsten shows up with coffee so Julie tells him that he needs to go. Kirsten says hello to Spencer and asks about his dad. Spencer says hes good and takes off. Kirsten watches as Julie locks up a book. Kirsten wonders what hes doing here? She says nothing much. Kirsten offers to help Julie with some books, but Julie says no needs. She quickly grabs them.

Taylor talks with Summer. Summer says Seth is on her way to ask her dad for her hand in marriage. Summer says it looks like here comes the bride! Taylor cant believe she would consider entering a doomed marriage. Summer says she would probably marry Seth someday so why wait? Taylor thinks her divorce has taught her nothing. Summer thinks her marriage to the Frenchmen is very different. Taylor says fine, Holly from high school got married last summer, she should call her to get an idea about married life. Summer then sees Taylor has the book. Summer says this book is dirty. Taylor says the girl just has a healthy sex drive. Summer says yeah for a hooker. Taylor grabs the book and says shes young and confused.

At work Sandy comes to see Ryan. The guy next to Sandy is reading the book. Sandy says Kirsten is reading that book and there is one part . . . the guy says page 47! Sandy says it was so hot, and in public. Sandy thought Peaches would be arrested. Ryan has heard enough and says they know Peaches. Sandy says what is he talking about, its about a girl from California who . . . . Ryan says yeah! Sandy asks if he read it? Ryan says no and hes not going to.

Kaitlin is at school with Will. They are studying for a history test. Kaitlin asks Will what hes doing tomorrow night. He asks if hes asking her out? She says hes invited to hang out at her hourse with him. He accepts and heads off. The Wards show up and start telling Kaitlin that hes a dork. She says he isnt, but they say he is. They ask if she likes him? She says shut up before she vomits on them.

Summer meets with Holly to talk about being married. Holly says Summer will love it, there is a group of them that just shop and hang out all day. Holly says they call themselves the Newpsieweds. Holly also says Summer has to come meet them all tomorrow. Summer says it would be nice to have a bunch of friends again.

Ryan is heading home from work. He sees the book in the window of the bookstore. He heads in and starts looking at it. He also learns the author of the book is there doing a book signing. Henri comes over and suggests he make it out to his girlfriend, what is her name? Ryan says Taylor. Henri looks at him, Ryan nods.

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Taylor shows up at the pool house to see Ryan. She tried calling him but she says he must have been tired as he never answered. She sees the book on the bed. She asks if he read it? He says he met her ex at a book signing. She asks how he knows it was him? He says hairy and smells like cigars and brie? Taylor says that is him. Taylor asks if he read every page and even . . . Ryan says yes, including page 47. Taylor mentions something about the Chunnel and what happened and how she'd never . . . She  asks where this leaves them as he cant look her in the eyes. Ryan doesnt know. He says he has to shower and head to work. Taylor hits the book after Ryan leaves.

Seth meets Neil at the hospital in Seattle. Seth has something to talk to Dr. Roberts about. Neil thought he came here to play golf.  Neil invites him in the office. Seth says he would like to marry Summer. Neil asks why on earth would he like to do that? Seth says the medium age of married couples is getting higher, he decided to buck the trend. Neil says not a good enough reason. He asks if Seth loves his daughter. Seth says shes pretty, easy on the eyes and cool. Neil thinks shes pregnant. Seth says no, they dodged that bullet. Neil has to go deal with a patient but says this conversation will continue tomorrow.

Taylor heads to a hotel room to see Henri-Michele. He is painting something. He is glad to see her and kisses her. She is turned off by his smell, she says these hotel rooms have bathtubs. He calls them for the bourgeoisies. She thinks its bad enough that he wrote a book about her, did he have to come to her home town. He says he doesnt want to be here. Taylor assures him that coming here wont make her go back with him. He says he knows that ship has sailed. Taylor says she is with someone now. She also says because of his stupid book she may have lost him. He says if her boy got to know him then he would see hes not that bad and has no intention of stealing back his peaches. Taylor says so what is he saying ,the three of them should go on a date? He wants to mend the rift between her and her farm boy. He then tells her to sit and begins to sketch her.

Julie is on the phone with a client saying shes sorry, this next one will have his back waxed. Kirsten catches her on the phone. Kirsten says they need to talk. Kirsten says since Bullets New Years Eve party shes been jumpy. Julie says she just loves her job. Kirsten knows she does, which is why she doesnt want her to jeopardize it. Julie gets a call and Kirsten steals her cell from her purse. Julie runs off to meet her lunch date. 

Summer meets Holly and the other Newpsieweds at a restaurant. They all toast to her. She ends up enlisting them to help her with her wedding as she gets drunk on champagne. She wonders where the waiter is. She sees him standing behind her, smacks his butt and says Mama needs more bubbly. The waiter turns around and it is Che! However she only imagined it was Che, its not. She freaks over this. 

Ryan is working as some guy at the bar is reading the book out loud. Ryan sees Taylor pacing outside talking to herself. He walks up to her as shes trying to give her a pep talk. Ryan tells Taylor that its fine, hell get over it. Taylor has an idea to speed up the healing process. 

Kaitlin and Will are hanging out. Kaitlin is watching Cops, which she loves. Will isn't a fan and thinks the show is dumb. Julie shows up and meets Will. Julie wishes she could stay and talk but she has to go to the office. She says they are cute, enjoy their date. Kaitlin says its not a date. Julie heads off and Will wonders why she said its not a date. She says well it's not like they went to dinner and a movie. He wonders how shes going to act at school about this . She says they should just watch the show. She offers Will some drugs to smoke up, he decides hes going to go. He says he thought how she acted at school was an act, he guesses he was wrong.

Taylor, Ryan and Henri have dinner at the Yacht Club. Henri says he has once more commitment before he heads home. He says hes going to be on her favorite show Je Ponce. Its a French literary talk show. Henri says they are coming here to see the place that gave birth to Peaches. He asks her to be on it, shes been on the show before. Ryan is feeling left out as its obvious Henri and Taylor have a lot in common that he doesnt have in common with her. He gets Taylor to start reciting some poem she likes, which she does. Ryan can see it seems something is going on between them. Ryan says hes exhausted and asks Henri to give Taylor a ride home. Ryan leaves, Taylor follows him out asks what is wrong? She thought he was okay with all this. Ryan says he guesses hes not. He says sorry and drives off.

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At the Cohens, Ryan talks with Sandy. Sandy sees hes reading the book on Taylor. Ryan says he read it. Sandy thinks hes freaked out. Ryan says he wasn't but last night he met the ex. Ryan says hes all art and philosophy and the part in the book where she went out to dinner with Jacque Ciraque, well it was true. Sandy says so Ryan is thinking how can this kid from Chino be hanging out with her? Sandy says he knows Taylor and he knows that she thinks Ryan is terrific. He suggests Ryan talk to her. Ryan says he will. Sandy also reminds Ryan that Jerry Lewis is a Frenchmen. He walks off saying "Hey Lady!"

Julie asks Kaitlin about her date. Kaitlin calls him a dork. Julie knows Kaitlin likes him. She teases her saying she thinks hes dorkalisious. She says she wants his big dorky arms wrapped around her while he gives her dorky kisses. Kaitlin says even if she did like him, which she doesnt, it doesnt matter as she screwed up and he doesn't like her. Julie is tearing the kitchen up looking for her cell which she thinks she has lost.

Kirsten goes through Julies cell phone. She calls some numbers to confirm dates. She basically learns what is going on. She tells one woman that she's afraid she's going to have to cancel her date for tonight.

Ryan knocks on Taylors door. She says dont come in, shes reenacting page 112. Ryan says the sex didnt freak him out, he felt like he was out of his league. Taylor lets him in. They talk. Taylor tells Ryan he is as smart as Henri-Michele and she doesnt want him to be anyone he isnt. She wishes she hadnt agreed to go on the show tonight. He wants her to be who she is. He says in fact hell come see her. 

In Seattle, Seth and Neil are having lunch. Seth wonders if hes going to bless their sacred union. Neil says he cant, he doesnt think Seth appreciates Summer. Seth says there are a lot of grounds to to object to this marriage, but not on the grounds that he doesnt appreciate his daughter. Neil says he made it clear yesterday when he called her kind of cool and easy on the eyes. Neil says he has to do better than that. Seth starts listing everything he loves about Summer. Neil says so he really wants to spend his life with her? Seth says he does. Neil says come talk to him after he finishes college and can support her. Neil has to go, he tells him to have a safe flight back.

The Newpsieweds are hanging out with Summer. Che keeps popping up, she thinks hes her conscious. Che asks if this is what she really wants? Holly thinks Summer is talking to herself again. She has an idea, she has Summer try on her wedding dress. Holly says it might not fit Summer though, she was anorexic when she got the dress.

Ryan watches Taylor on the show, everyone is speaking French. Ryan gets a translation from a camera man as to what is going on. They are talking major philosophical topics that are over Ryan's head.

Summer tries on the dress. Che is still there talking to her about how the only thing that can save her from this is herself. Later Summer catches Holly about to dye her bunny pancakes pink in order to match the bridesmaid dresses. Summer wont have it and saves him from the dye. 

Ryan is impressed by Taylor, who has everyone applauding at what shes saying. She goes over to see him after the show ends. She hugs him. Later Henri then says hello to Ryan. Henri wants to pick Ryans brain on David Hume. Ryan learns that Taylor apparently talked Ryan up to Henri saying he had written articles on existentialism and traveled all over Germany

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Ryan confronts Taylor about her lies to Henri. Taylor says she didnt know what to do, Henri asked if he was on medication. Ryan says so he cares about his opinion? Taylor says yes. Taylor says she hated seeing Henri sitting there judging him, she just wanted Henri to know how smart he was. She says it was wrong and the story just spun out of control. Ryan says he gets she lied to make him look good, but he thinks part of her wishes it was true. Ryan says theyve known from the beginning they are different. She says so what, differences make everyone beautiful. She asks how she can make this better? Ryan thinks he should go and walks off.

Kirsten heads to the hotel room of an appointment she canceled. She goes to meet the date that has been set up.

Julie gets a call from Spencer. Spencer has been leaving her messages, but Julie didnt get it as her cell phone is gone. Julie learns Kirsten has found out what is going on and cancelled a date tonight.

Kirsten meets with Ken and poses as a client. She learns Julie has been running an escort service as the guy tells her how the deal will go down. Kirsten says she left toys in her car and will be right back.

Will is working at a clothing drive for the homeless. Kaitlin shows up to see Will. She tells Will that she does like him and she wanted him to know that. She thinks he doesnt like her back, but he does. They are about to kiss but dont, Kaitlin thinks its because of the clothing drive. Will says she may not know it but there are homeless people who live in Newport. Kaitlin says really? She then waves to Daryl and Bill, who say high back to her. Will is puzzled. He says hell give her a call when he leaves. 

Julie finds Kirsten waiting at the office. Julie says she can explain. Kirsten says that shes running a prostitution ring through their business? Julie says it just happened and shes sorry. Kirsten says this is breaking the law. Julie says if they quit now they can act like it never happened. Kirsten says she wishes she could. She tells Julie to get out of here by Monday. Kirsten says shell do her one more favor, she wont tell Sandy or call the police, but shes on her own.

Che calls Summer. He says hes been doing some out of body work and had a vision of her, she was in a white dress surrounded by owls. He says she was crying out for him. Summer says shes okay now, though she kinda got engaged. Che says that is amazing. Summer says shes confused, she doesnt know what she wants. Che decides to sing her a song to help her. She begins laughing and smiling.

Sandy has a chat with Ryan by the pool, Ryan doesnt know what is going on with him and Taylor. Ryan thinks they are too different. Sandy says thats not a bad thing. Sandy says look at him and Kirsten. Ryan asks Sandy how he knew it would work out for them? Sandy says at the end of the day you either focus on what separates you or holds you together.

Seth shows up at Summers. Summer asks how Seattle was, how was her dad? Seth says they dont have permission to get married for the next few years. Seth tells Summer that he went out knowing her dad would say no and he could get out of this. However he realizes he does want to be with her forever. He suggests they stay engaged, they dont have to marry today but maybe someday. Summer realized something too. Summer says shes realized that she has no idea who she is. Summer says she cant be with someone until she can be with herself. She says she has to figure this out, so her answer no. Summer says she will see him tomorrow though. She gives him back his ring and says he may need it some day. Seth heads out. 

Ryan looks at the scrap book Taylor made of them. He grabs his keys and drives over to see Taylor, who is still at the tv studio with Henri.

Henri is trying to tell Taylor not to be sad. Ryan shows up, grabs Taylor and pulls her into a kiss. He tells Taylor that he . . . . as it turns out Ryan imagined it all. He closes the scrap book and turns off the light. Meanwhile Taylor was imagining Ryan coming to rescue her as well. Henri asks Peaches to stay with him a little longer, she says okay.

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