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January 12, 2006 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with Summer sipping a drink at the Bait shop as Seth, Marissa and Ryan watch her. Its the night before their last semester of their last year of high school, Summer is a bit bummed. Summer says they have to make this last. Marissa says this has been a fun winter break, just the four of them hanging out like old times. Summer wishes they could Tivo it and play it back over and over again. Marissa feels bummed that she has to go back to New Port Union. Marissa goes to pee, and Summer talks about how they need to get Marissa back into Harbor. Ryan doesnt know, but Summer thinks it would be great to finish their senior year together. She says the senior photo is coming up and she has to be in it. Seth is up for it, so Ryan says hes in. He says but they dont tell Marissa until they have a plan. Seth wonders what the plan is, anyone have an idea?

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At Harbor High, Summer talks with Seth about helping out with the Free Marissa campaign. Seth asks what they are freeing her from. She says the mediocrity of Newport Union. Ryan goes to see Dr. Kim. Summer asks what hell say, and he says hes going to come out and just ask her. Summer thinks she and Seth should get the grass roots thing started up. They can set up an information booth and maybe even a protest rally.

Ryan meets with Dr. Kim and asks if she will consider reinstating Marissa. Dr. Kim says only the board of trustees has the power to admit an expelled student. He asks if they can meet with them. Dr. Kim says they are meeting on Thursday to discuss the new semester, its a little late to put this on the schedule. She says shell try and get the case put on the docket. She says its an uphill battle, and theyll need a parent advocate as students cant speak at board meetings. Ryan says he knows someone right for the job. She also tells him to check the library for transcripts of old meetings, and she suggests the fall semester of 96. 

At New Port Union, Marissa meets with Johnny. She asks how his break was. Johnny had the operation and has been starting physical therapy. Johnny invites her to a thing. She asks what kind of thing. He says a party, its a function thrown by the surf team Pack West. He says he got an alternate spot on the team after someone failed a drug test, hes going to do his rehab on the road with them. He says they can only bring one guest though, so what does she say. She thinks he should take his mom or Chili, but he wants her to go. She agrees to go with him. 

Kristen and Julie meet at the club to go through their dating applicants for their new dating service business. Kristen didnt know there were so many divorced people. Dr. Roberts walks in and Julie says speaking of which . . . Kristen had no idea. Julie decides to go say hi to him as hes been so nice to MArissa. Julie says hi and thanks him for having her over to Christmas dinner. Neither of them have told their daughters their secrets yet.

At Harbor High, Summer and Seth decide to bring Taylor into their plan for Marissa. Taylor is glad to hear they need her help and says she there for them 110 percent. Summer says they are launching a campaign to get Marissa back into Harbor. Taylor says wow that is aggressive, are they serious? Summer thinks Taylor is the best one to win over the hearts and minds of the student body. She agrees to help them. Summer and Seth thank her and say theyll talk later. Some of the other girls tell Taylor that Marissa is her number one rival, if she comes back then shell socially crush her. Taylor says that is so last semester. The other girl says her mom is the head of the parents association and started the petition to get Marissa kicked out. Taylor says she is so over it by now, but the other girls doubt it. Taylor looks worried.

Ryan meets with Sandy about getting Marissa back into school. In 1996 the school allowed an expelled student back in, and he threatened another student with a knife. However no charges were filed against the student, so thats how he was let back in. Sandy says this doesnt guarantee anything. Ryan says if hes concerned about him and Marissa going to the same school again, things are different now. Sandy says they have a shot, but its a long shot. Ryan asks if he will be their parent advocate, and Sandy agrees. He asks who the chairmen is. Ryan says a guy named Mercer. Sandy says hes a judge, and hes a hard ass. Sandy says theyll have to present a good case.

Ryan breaks the news to Marissa that they are trying to get her back into Harbor. She is stunned, but wonders if it could really happen. Ryan says maybe, but if shes happy at Union he wont mess that up. Marissa says shed love to finish high school with them. However the meeting is for Thursday, the same night of Johnnys party. She doesnt tell him about Johnnys thing.

Marissa talks with Summer. She says she appreciates what shes doing, but does anyone want her back? Summer says yes, including her three best friends. Marissa tells Summer about already agreeing to go to a party with Johnny. Summer says shell have to cancel. Marissa goes to call but doesnt make the call to Johnny.

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At the Cohens, in kitchen, the boys show up with poster boards and paint. Kristen makes an awwww sound and Sandy says he loves student activism. Sandy says the judge isnt in town, but another board member says they will be given a fair shot at presenting Marissas case. The boys leave, and Kristen asks if this is the same Judge Mercer that through him in jail for contempt. Sandy says yep, because he didnt like his closing argument. Sandy says he still never found out what he said to anger him. Kristen says the judge hates him with a passion, but maybe he wont remember. Sandy says doubtful, hes in town, hes just ignoring him.

At Newport Union, Marissa asks Johnny if they can talk for a second. Johnny asks what is up. Marissa says she cant make it to his party on Thursday. She says there is a board meeting at her old school and she has to be there, they are going to decide if she can reapply there. Johnny tells her that is great. She thought he might be upset. He says hes happy for her, and Chili will go with him. Johnny says she can go to the next one. When Marissa leaves, Johnny doesnt look happy at all.

At Harbor, Taylor has the whole Free Marissa campaign thing in swing. Taylors mom shows up and asks Taylor if she knows there is a motion to reinstate Marissa Cooper? She then sees the signs and posters Taylor has. Seth hands her a flier. Taylors mom pulls her off to have a word with her. Seth thinks this cant be good. Summer says she can read lips. Taylors mom lectures her, she had Marissa removed because Taylor has no friends. Taylor comes over to them after her mom lectures her and says she cant help them anymore, shes sorry. 

At the Newport Group, Matt talks with Sandy about a new bid they should make. Matt has a private investigator that got them this scoop on a new project for them. Sandy wishes he could find something on Judge Mercer, so Matt says hell have a background check done on him. 

During lunch Ryan meets up with Marissa at Newport. He gives her a Free Marissa T-shirt and an update. He asks where Johnny is, doesnt he normally eat lunch with her? She says he had to go to the doctors, and the surf team is giving him a second chance. Marissa gets a call from Chili, hes not feeling well and she has to bring him a book or something. Marissa says shell see them later at the diner and she runs off. 

Summer hangs up the Free Marissa posters at Harbor. Ryan asks Summer what is up with Marissa, she took off when she got a call from Chili. Summer says Marissa feels guilty, like shes abandoning Johnny. However she does want to come back to Harbor and told Johnny as much.

Julie goes to the Roberts home and Neil is there. She was hoping to see Marissa and didnt expect Neil to be home. He says the girls are at schools and he was packing and sending his ex-wife-to-be her things. He was going to have the talk with Summer today. Julie says because Marissa could go back to Harbor, the money she saved up for a new place will go to tuition. Julie says it forces her to tell Marissa the truth. Neil thinks Marissa will be grateful that shes making these sacrifices for her future. Neil says they should be home at any minute, they were up all night working on the petition. Julie says and here they are going to ruin everything for them. Neil says its kind of sad to do this to them now. They decide to wait a few days before telling the girls the truth and instead go for a drink.

Marissa arrives at Johnnys place. Chili sits in Johnnys room, which has been trashed. The Pack West Surf Teams doctors wouldnt sign off on Johnnys knee, they said they couldnt tell if hed be back 100 percent. Chili says hes never seen him like this. He says Johnnys future is trashed, hes lost everything. He doesnt think Johnny will make it back from this. 

Seth, Summer and Ryan meet at the diner. They only have thirteen signatures. Seth says Taylor is connected, when she dropped out nobody would sign the petition. Marissa shows up, so Summer tells them to act positive. Marissa shows up and says she cant go back to Harbor. She then walks off. 

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Marissa drops by the pool house to see Ryan. Marissa says she owes him an explanation, its Johnny. Ryan figured that. She says Johnny freaked out, he isnt being put back on the team after all. Ryan says this isnt her problem and she cant give up her chance to come back because Johnny needs someone to hang with. Ryan says they are meeting at the pool house before going to school tonight, just so she knows. 

At the Newport Group, Matt tells Sandy his guy came through on the judge, he doesnt have to use this if he doesnt want to, but its interesting and not irrelevant. The judge has a son Nick with a drug problem, he got kicked out of military school and nobody has seen him since. Sandy realizes the case he defended was a kid like that, thats why the judge got so angry. Matt says now he has ammunition. Sandy says to do what, exploit his familys tragedy? Sandy says this will be tricky.

At Harbor, Seth and Summer set up a petition table for Marissa, but nobody wants to sign it. Seth doesnt know why this has happening. Summer says the school just doesnt care, they need someone who can inspire and instill fear. Seth says someone like Taylor. Summer tells Seth to do what it takes to get Taylor back on board, pretend they are in Indecent Proposal. Seth says trade sex for signatures? He feels so dirty. 

Ryan shows up at Johnnys to see him. He knows about the tour, and hes sorry. Johnny thinks Marissa sent him to check up on him. Ryan says she doesnt know hes here, but she is the reason she came. He says Marissa wants to stay at Newport for him. Johnny says he didnt ask her to do anything, and its her choice. Ryan says he wants to make sure Marissa is free to make that choice. Ryan storms off. 

Kristen drops by the office to see Sandy. She brought him lunch. She asks if hes having a bad day. He says he has an ethical dilemma. He tells her what hes learned about Judge Mercer. Kristen says and he thinks he can use this to shame him into helping Marissa. He says it crossed his mind. She tells him to think what hed do if he was a public defender and Marissa was his client.

Seth talks with Taylor and says Summer gave him permission to offer sexual favors in return for help. Taylor says if it was anyone else but Marissa then hes be involved in a candle wax and tube sox scene. . . unfortunately she cant. Seth says he is appealing to her heart, but she says she cant help. She says her mom has threatened to take away her car and not pay for college. She says she just cant. Seth says fine, but at least dont grow up to be like her mom. He hands her the petition and walks away. 

Dr. Roberts shows up at Julies trailer. He says so this is what one of these looks like on the inside. He came to give her a ride to the hearing. Julie says she wasnt going to go, Marissa might be better of without her. Neil says nonsense, hes in there corner and every girl needs her mom. She says shell go put something on. 

At the pool house, Seth hasnt heard from Taylor and Ryan hasnt heard from Marissa. They think it is over. Summer doesnt want to give up just yet. 

At Newport, Chili asks Marissa why shes not at Harbor. She says shes not, and where is Johnny? Chili says the surgeon they hooked him up with got Johnny back on the team, he was an old school mate of a guy at Park West. He says they both leave next month, Chilis going with Johnny and will get their GEDs on the road. Marissa tells Chili to congratulate Johnny, and Marissa runs off. After she leaves Johnny comes out from hiding, it was all a lie to get Marissa to go back to Harbor. 

At the pool house, Seth tells Summer that shes not coming. Ryan thinks hell tell Sandy. Marissa shows up and says Sandys waiting in the car for them.

At the school board meeting everyone gathers and waits for the meeting to start. Judge Mercer tells Sandy it will be a cold day in hell and hes looking forward to this. Kristen tells Sandy to bury him. Matt shows up and tells Sandy he has news for him. Sandy goes to talk to Matt. Meanwhile, Taylor has been dragged by her mom to the meeting. Taylor doesnt want to have to face her friends. Taylors mom says shes either with her or against her. Taylor says she has to go to the bathroom and runs off. Meanwhile, Matt says his guy kept digging on Judge Mercer. Sandy reads the report and says tell him everything. Taylor is hiding in the bathroom when Seth and Summer call her on her cell in hopes shell show up, but she says no. They say theyll let her know how things go. Taylors mom then walks into the meeting. She says hello to Neil and then tells Julie that Marissa is such a chip off the old block. Neil takes Marissas side and says he agrees, shes beautiful and intelligent like her mother and has great fashion sense. Taylors mom isnt pleased. 

The school board meeting starts, and they decide to get to Marissa Coopers case first. Taylors mom speaks on the behalf of the parents association against Marissa Cooper. She says this is not what the parents want and it isnt what the Harbor students want. Taylor walks in and says yes it is. Taylors mom says children are not allowed to address the board. Summer says they can address each other, and she asks Taylor what she has. Taylor hands over the petition with over three hundred signatures, basically the entire student body. Taylor joins her friends. The judge says still the students dont make the decisions. Julie speaks on behalf of her daughter, she says Marissa has shown maturity and dignity through this entire ordeal. Taylors mom says she is her mother, of course shell say that. Neil then stands up and speaks on behalf of Marissa who has been living at his house. Judge Mercer still doesnt think they can allow Marissa back in, this school has never readmitted a student expelled for violence. Ryan says not true! Kim says Ryan is right. Ryan gives them the evidence, and one of the other board members tells the students to respect the meeting rules and shut up! The judge says this young man is right, but he doesnt have to reinstate Marissa still. Sandy walks in and suggests he does because sometimes a good kid goes through a rough time. Sandy says by closing a door on them to teach them a lesson, they are showing the kid that they arent there for them when times get tough. He says nobody here thinks Marissa is a threat, she is a model student. He suggests they stop proving a point and right a wrong, its so rare anyone gets a second chance. Johnny shows up and listens in as the board agrees to let Marissa return to Harbor. Everyone claps, and Taylors mother is furious. Taylor asks if they can give her a ride home. Summer says hell no, shes sleeping over tonight. Later Sandy talks to the judge. He thanks him for letting Marissa back in. The judge knows what he was doing and he appreciates that Sandy kept this info between them. Sandy says he knows where his son is, hes safe and is at a shelter in LA. He wants to see his dad. Sandy hands him a number and address. Judge Mercer thanks Sandy. Meanwhile, Marissa thanks her mom for being here. Julie finally tells her the truth about the trailer. Marissa says shell be happy to come home anytime. Meanwhile, Neil tells Summer the truth about her step-mom, that they are getting divorced. Summer says he didnt have to be so scared to tell her, they will be okay. The kids head off to the diner, and Julie and Neil go off for more drinks. Ryan asks Marissa what changed her mind about coming back? She says Johnny and Chili are leaving on tour after all so it seemed stupid to stay at Newport by herself. 

Ryan goes off and finds Johnny to thank him for what he did for Marissa. He knows the truth, he called his place and his mom told him. Johnny says she deserves to be happy. 

Ryan, Marissa, Summer and Seth head to Harbor for the Senior Class Photo. Everyone hugs Marissa, and Taylor joins the group for the photo. 

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