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January 19th, 2006 Episode Of The O.C.

This Summary is by Jenn

The show opens with Ryan and Seth talking about how things are too good. Seth says that when that happens doom comes a knocking. The doorbell rings. Ryan answers it to a girl at the door. She is talking about the new people living at her house. Ryan and Seth recognize her as Kaitlin Cooper (MiniCoop). Seth says she has grown and she says boobs? I know. She walks into the house. Seth says its a knocking.


Ryan,, Seth, Kirsten and Sandy talk about how Julie doesnt want their living conditions known. Summer Marissa and Julie come in. Followed shortly by Kaitlin who hugs Julie and Marissa. Julie questions why she is in town. Everyone else makes excuses to leave the kitchen.

Julie takes Kaitlin and shows her the trailer and talks about the good points. She explains it is only temporary as she and Kirsten are starting a business.

Julie decides to call Kirsten and cancel their meeting. At the same time Caitlins phone rings it is a guy wondering why she left town. 

Ryan and Marissa talk about how she and Kaitlin are not close. How Kaitlin is more like their mother. Seth and Summer come in. Followed by Taylor who hugs everyone. They thank her for the help in getting Marissa back into Harbour. She brings up friendships which reminds Marissa about Johnny. Marissa leaves and Ryan goes after her. Taylor talks to Seth and Summer about how hard it must be for Marissa to readjust.

Ryan catches up to Marissa and she talks about how she hasnt talked to Johnny. That she has left messages but he hasnt returned them.

Johnny and Chilly talk about how he is avoiding Marissas calls. The phone rings it is Marissa. Johnny ends up talking to her about how busy he is . She says she wants him to meet her sister and overcomes all of his objections.

Veronica (Taylors Mom) goes to Kiersten wanting her to set up a date for her with Summers Dad- Dr. Roberts. She threatens that if she doesnt get a date with him she will make sure Marissa cannot participate in the extracurricular activities.

Kiersten goes to Sandys office and explains about Veronicas threat. She wants his help to persuade Dr. Roberts to go on the date.

Marissa and Kaitlin walk along the pier talking about losing touch and how Kaitlin has grown up. They meet up with Johnny and Chilly. They go to the deli and talk about when Johnny is due to leave for the tour. Johnny leaves and Kaitlin follows him. She asks him how long he has been in love with Marissa but lets him know Marissa is not available but she is.

Chilly tells Marissa that there is no tour. He lied to she would return to Harbour. 

A guy comes to the house he asks Ryan about Kaitlin. Ryan says he hasnt seen her. The guy ends up leaving his telephone number in case she comes by.


Kaitlin is painting her nails when Ryan comes onto the deck looking for Marissa. He tells Kaitlin about the guy. She knows right off that it is Justin a guy from school. She says she got him into trouble for stalking her. He is upset with her because she ruined his chance of getting into Princeton. Ryan agrees not to tell Marissa.

Marissa goes to Johnny and tells him she knows about the big lie. She thanks him for it saying he is amazing. She asks what he is going to do and offers to help him get into college. He turns her down . Says she is back where she belongs. He tells her he didnt do it for her and he wants her out of his life. She leaves.

Sandy calls Dr Neil Roberts and explains the situation and asks him to go out on date with Veronica tonight. Sandy offers to pay. Neil agrees to go for Marissas sake.

Ryan meets with Justin and tells him to leave town. He says Kaitlin stole $1500 from his brother. He explains that they were dating for about a month and she stole the money at a party and that there are witnesses. He says he is trying to protect Kaitlin. Ryan mentions that She is only 14 but Justin thought she was 16.

Summer and Seth talk about Taylor calling too much. That she has abused puppy syndrome. And she is going to be around them forever now. Taylor comes in screaming cause her mom and summers dad are going out on a date. She runs out to pick out her room in the house if their parents end up getting married. Summer says she is going back to the pound.

At the date Neil and Veronica are talking about her job as a sports agent. Julie and Kaitlin come in and see them they leave. Julie is upset as she has feelings for Neil.

Ryan comes in while Marissa is looking for her jacket. She explains about what happened with Johnny. Marissa finds her jacket in Caitlins bag. Ryan notices the bag Justin described as holding the money when she stole it.


Ryan in kitchen when Seth comes in. Ryan explains about the Justin and Kaitlin situation. Kaitlin and Marissa come in and invite the guys to breakfast. Seth takes Marissa out saying he needs help on a gift for Summers birthday but it is months away. Ryan asks Kaitlin about the money. She tries to deny it but admits she stole it. She says the guy she stole it from got her friend pregnant and she used the money for an abortion. Ryan wants her to tell Marissa. Seth and Marissa come back in and Kaitlin says she is no longer hungry and wants to be dropped off.

Summer asks her dad about the date. He is going out with her again which Summer hates. Neil explains that Veronica is just misunderstood.

There is a knock at the trailer door. Kaitlin answers and it is Johnny looking for Marissa. Kaitlin invites him to the party tonight. He agrees to stop by so he can apologize to Marissa.

Ryan and Marissa walking along the pier. She realized something is up with kaitlin . He ends up telling her all about it and tells her to talk with Kaitlin. She agrees that would be a good idea.

Julie and Kiersten are setting up for the party. Julie admits she has feelings for Neil and she is upset about the date he was on with Veronica.

Summer and Seth are talking about how to break up Veronica and Neil. Sandy comes in and Summer explains that there is going to be a second date. Kiersten comes in and agrees they need to come up with a plan to break them up but it has to be in a way that Veronica does the dumping so she wont take it out on Marissa.

Ryan and Marissa talk about how they cant believe what Kaitlin has done. The door bell rings and it is Justin with a bunch of friends looking for Kaitlin. She ends up coming into the room but Ryan tells her to go. Ryan wants to call the cops. Marissa goes looking for Kaitlin but she is gone.


Ryan And Marissa go looking for Kaitlin. She is at the trailer packing her things. They fight about the stolen money. Marissa wants to help her out but Kaitlin doesnt believe her. She feels abandoned. She explains that she knew all along about the living conditions and everyone at school as well. She stole the money to come home. Kaitlin gives the rest of the money to Ryan. She borrows something of Marissas to wear to the party.

At the party Summer and Seth are waiting for Taylor. Kiersten and Julie make a welcome to the party and talk about the start of the new dating service they will be providing. Sandy says plan is in motion.

When Taylor gets there Seth asks her how serious her mother is with Neil. She says mom wants Dr. Roberts and that she always gets what she wants. She says Mom gets what she wants be it her dad, the house etc. He whispers something in her ear.

Ryan takes the money to Justin. He asks about Kaitlin. He was hoping to see her. He wanted to know is Kaitlin mentioned him. He warns Ryan to be careful.

Kaitlin and Marissa arrive at the party.

Summer and Seth watch Taylor go up to her mom (who was making plans with Neil to go someplace more private). Taylor whispers in her moms ear and Veronica makes an excuse to leave. I guess the secret was a lie about genital warts but the story was supposed to be about how he voted.

Sandy goes to Neil who is about to leave but Sandy tells him there is someone there (pointing to Julie) who wants him to stay.

Johnny shows up and bumps into Kaitlin. As he walks away form her to go find Marissa, she bumps into him again.

Neil goes to Julie and asks her on a date which she accepts.

Johnny and Marissa talk and he apologizes for what he said to her. He says it is all untrue and he misses her. She tells him not to be a stranger. She asks him to drive Kaitlin home.

Summer and Seth are in the kitchen putting ice on his face (apparently Summer accidentally hit him). Taylor comes in saying sorry things didnt work out with their parents but that she still wants to be sisters. Summer aggress.

Ryan comes in and explains to Marissa about how Justin wants Kaitlin. He asks where she is and she and Marissa tells him Johnny took her home and she is probably in bed by now.

Kaitlin and Johnny are in the car and she is talking about how nothing has changed while she was away at school. She tells him to pull over which he does. She says she feels like a swim and takes her clothes off as she runs toward the water. The show ends with him picking up her clothes calling her name.

Looks like Kaitlin and Johnny are seeing each other which makes Marissa jealous. The kids are stressed out about college. Seth may smoke weed with Kaitlin. Julie makes a play for Dr. Roberts.


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