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January 20th, 2005 Episode Of The O.C.

This summary was written by Jenn (Dustin is on vacation)

The show starts with Kirsten ordering Chinese food. Sandy, Seth & Ryan come in and add what they want to the order. Kirsten says they have ordered enough for a small army so Sandy suggests the boys invite their girlfriends. Ryan says Lindsay is at family counseling with her mom. Seth goes and invites Alex but she says no because her Ex is there. She admits they are not technically X, that they have unfinished business. She says she really wants to go but has to wait and see what is happening with the EX. Seth asks if he can still come around but Alex figures it would be awkward. Seth asks how long the EX would be there but Alex has no answer. Seth leaves and Alexs EX comes out. Guess whatIts a girl!

Commercial break.

Lindsay, Ryan and Seth are at school and Seth is trying to figure out what Alexs Ex is like. Seth guesses maybe the EX is covered in tattoos or has been in jail. Seth walks away. Marissa comes up and Lindsay says she likes her clothes and shoes. Marissa says she likes Lindsays backpack and asks where she got it. Marissa suggests hanging out together this weekend and walks away. Lindsay points out that Ryan and Marissa spend a lot of time together. Lindsay also points out that Marissa looks like she could be on the cover of a fashion magazine and calls her CosmoGirl.

Kirsten is giving Sandy a massage because she wants a favor. The Newport Group needs a makeover as they want to improve the companys image. She asks Sandy for help with this. He mentions he is working on Newport housing for low income. That would be a do-good project for the Newport Group that would make it look good. Kirsten says he has earned more than a massage.

Zach comes up behind Summer and covers her eyes. He gives her a cupcake with a candle. It is their six month anniversary. He wants to take her out for a romantic dinner.

Summer tells Marissa about the whole anniversary thing and says she said no about the romantic date. She says she never dated anyone that long and it makes her feel old. They talk about how when they were little the girls stuck together and the boys had cooties. They agree they need a girls night out.

Kirsten goes into Julies office to find a large picture of Julie. Julie wants to makeover the Newport Group into a magazine about Sex/Gossip/Restaurants/Events. Kirsten tells her about Sandys idea for low-income housing. Julie says it is not the right target audience. The people who have an interest in the Newport Group are people like her and she doesnt care about low-income housing.

Ryan and Lindsay are walking to the lunch area. He has to go to an emergency comic book meeting for Seth. He suggests Lindsay eat with Marissa and Summer and that they make friends. Summer and Marissa are eating fast food burgers and Lindsay asks how they can eat that, that they must do a lot of exercise to work it off which makes them laugh. Marissa asks what Lindsays is having. She is kinda embarrassed and says it is a low carb dinner.

Seth is looking for advice about Alex at the emergency meeting. One young guy suggests he offer to give Alex space. Seth likes this idea and wants to call her. Philip asks when they are gonna talk comics so Seth kicks him out for not being there for him. He tries to call Alex but Ryan comes along and takes the phone. Seth says he is going down there but Ryan says he will go down instead and check it out for him. Seth apologizes to Philip. 

Sandy comes into the kitchen saying everyone at the housing commission is excited about the project. He sees the big picture of Julie. He is certain the magazine idea will be shut down.

Ryan goes into the Bait Shop and realizes the girl he is talking to (Jodi) is the EX.


Seth questions Ryan about the EX. Ryan says he saw no guys there. Seth wants to know everything that happened in detail. Ryan is saved from this by Zach coming in. He is concerned he may have freaked Summer out. Seth wants to crash the girls night out because it is going to be at the Bait Shop. Ryan talks them into a boys night out instead.

Caleb walks in and says to Sandy he hates the magazine idea. He wants Sandy and Kirsten to put up a united front with him to tell Julie her magazine is a terrible idea and they think it will embarrass her.

Ryan is driving Lindsay to Marissas and she is asking him how he and Marissa met. He is reluctant but does tell her about it. It makes her feel uncomfortable. When they get to Marissa she is waiting for them. He yells out the window for Marissa to take care of Lindsay. She says yes DAD. Marissa tells Lindsay as they are going inside that Ryan can be very protective as she will soon see. They are waiting for Summer with uncomfortable silence. Marissa suggests an icebreaker and breaks out the vodka. Lindsay says no. She doesnt drink. The door bell rings and Marissa goes to get it. Lindsay notices all the pictures of Ryan and Marissa. She asks herself what she is doing there.

Over to the boys night. They are throwing around ideas of what to do. Ryan mentions a few things including Tijuana. Seth points out that Tijuana did not go too well last time. Ryan points out that they probably just want to stay in and play video games. Seth suggests guys night in with TV and comics. 

The girls go out. Summer wants to walk around to see if any guys check them out. Marissa says no boys. Summer still wants to talk about their men but that makes Lindsay and Marissa uncomfortable and Lindsay suggests they start drinking. Lindsay has a drink but chokes. Marissa goes to get tonic and lots of ice.

Alex is fighting with Jodi. Marissa interrupts them to give Alex an out.

The boys decide to go to the Bait Shop. Ryan admits to meeting the EX and that it is a girl.


Summer goes for coffee saying someones gotta drive. Marissa and Lindsay are pretty drunk. Lindsay tells Marissa how insecure she is about her and Ryan. Marissa tells her she has nothing to worry about. Ryan really likes her.

A guy (Matt) walks up to Summer and wishes her a happy anniversary. He apparently has talked to Zach in the locker room. They cant see the band so they go upstairs.

The boys are driving to the Bait Shop. Seth is obsessing about Jodi saying he needs to see her. Seth is really freaked out saying this puts Alex more out of his league.

Kirsten & Sandy and Caleb & Julie are having a business dinner. Julie asks Caleb his opinion about the magazine but he puts it off on Sandy and Kirsten. Sandy says it is a lousy idea. She says she is not taking business advice from someone who is so ignorant he is working for free. Kirsten admits to liking the idea. Sandy gets mad and leaves saying the bill are on Caleb.

The boys get to the Bait Shop and divide up to find the girls. Seth walks up to the bar and asks Alex where the girlfriend is. She is not willing to have a fight about it right then because she is too busy.

Summer it talking to Matt when Zach comes in. They fight.

Ryan finds Marissa and Lindsay drunk. He takes Lindsay out for fresh air.

Julie took out from the restaurant as well. Caleb and Kirsten talk about supporting their spouses more. She says she is going to support the housing idea at the board meeting and that he should support Julies idea.

Lindsay wants to go swimming. She is trying to take Ryans clothes off and they fall down. He asks her how much she has had to drink. She says about as much as Marissa. So Ryan says A LOT. He goes for coffee and fries.

Seth and Alex have it out in the office. He accuses her of lying to him. Saying how everything she did ( the cool thing) playing hard to get and stuff was all an act. Alex asks what he is gonna do. Seth says maybe hell find a new girl to walk all over him or maybe ever a girl who will be cool to him. He leaves.

Ryan comes back to Lindsay with fries and coffee but she is not there. Her clothes are on the beach. He is screaming her name and running into the water.


Seth hears Ryan calling for Lindsay and he looks over the wharf to see Ryan in the water. Ryan tells Seth to get help. Seth says he just saw Lindsay in Alexs office. 

Ryan and Seth go into the office where Lindsay is passed out. Marissa asks what happened to him but he doesnt answer. Ryan asks if Lindsay is ok. He says he should get her home but Marissa says she will so it. Ryan tells her she has done enough. Marissa says ok so you blame me. Ryan says oh well I guess it was Lindsays idea to drink straight vodka and accuses her of enjoying seeing someone else screw up. Marissa says actually it was Lindsays idea but admits it got a little out of hand. Ryan says it always does with her. That she spent all last year trying to bring him down with her and now she is doing it to Lindsay. He tells her that if she wants to make a big mess out of her own life that is fine. Then he says she is already doing a pretty good job of it already if you ask him. Alex jumps in saying no one asks him. Alex tells him to leave and she will take care of Lindsay. Seth tells Ryan they should go. Seth asks Alex to call him and let them know how Lindsay is doing. They leave. Alex and Marissa work on getting Lindsay outta there.

Summer is at a restaurant and she orders a milkshake.She notices Zach is already there and goes over to him. She says she is sorry for being ULTRA BITCH 2000. She explains how this is her longest relationship. Zach says if they are still together at one year he will just blow off the anniversary. She says that is very romantic of him. He pulls out another straw and puts it into his milkshake and they share it.

Seth tells Ryan that Alex called and Lindsay is home. Ryan asks if she is ok but Seth says he doesnt know. Alex hung up on him. He says he figures he blew it with her. Ryan says he was probably too hard on Marissa but it just brought back so many memories of last year with Marissa and memories of his mother. Seth says he doesnt think Lindsay is like that, that she probably just wanted to let loose. Ryan wonders if Marissa pressured her to drink but Seth lets him know that it was Ryan himself who pressured Lindsay. He explains that the girlfriend and the ex as friends goes against nature. Seth says he should apologize to Alex but his pride is in the way. Ryan says what pride so they head out to make their apologies.

Sandy is watching TV when Kirsten comes in. she says he has every right to be angry with her but he isnt. Kirsten says she still wants to make the housing idea work but Sandy says no. He explains that the magazine is probably the better idea from a business aspect. He also says it is not a good idea for them to work together (Sandy and Kirsten) because Caleb would probably ambush them everytime they try to have a date.

Ryan and Seth show up at Alexs to apologize. Ryan heads in to find Marissa while Seth and Alex stay outside.

Ryan explains to Marissa he was hoping it would be easy for them to stay friends and to have Lindsay be friends with them too. Marissa says she knows it feels like a million years since they broke up but it was in fact recent. She says that maybe it didnt feel like much to him but it did to her. She says he meant a lot to her and still does. Ryan admits that Marissa and Lindsay as friends was probably not the best idea but Marissa says why not. She likes Lindsay and they are technically step sisters. She says it is going to be strange for a while. They each say they are sorry to each other and then Ryan leaves.

Seth asks Alex if she and Jodi are getting back together. She says she doubts it, as Jodi is a real pain in the ass but maybe that is her style (referring to Seth being a pain in the ass too). Seth asks if they can go back to the way they were before but she doesnt answer. He says he can wait adult style. Ryan comes out and asks Seth if he is ready to go. Seth says I guess so. Alex thanks him for coming and says she is sorry too. She kisses him on the cheek.

Alex goes inside. Marissa says Jodi is sleeping. They sit down to watch a horror movie. Alex asks Marissa if she is cold and they cover up with a blanket. You can see an attraction between the two girls. Marissa is thinking about it.

Show ends.


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