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January 26, 2006 Episode Of The O.C.

Summary by Jenn (Dustin on Vacation)

The show starts with Sandy asking Kiersten where his lucky tie is. She had it cleaned. He talks about presentation of a new project (a hospital). Seth comes in looking tired. He has an interview with Brown University. He hasnt asked Summer yet if she has an interview as well. Seth questions if he really wants to leave Newport.

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Summer runs to Seth telling him she has an interview with Brown too. He asks if she is feeling anxiety about leaving Newport. She says no that she welcomes change.

Sandy presents his project to investors. They advise him there is some competition. Sandy says he is not going to wine and dine them. He wants to get the project on its own merit.

Marissa and Summer look through pictures and Ryan comes up. Summer leaves to get coffee. Marissa sees a picture of her and Kaitlin and questions the changes in her.

Kaitlin and Johnny are walking along the pier talking about her past birthdays. He asks if Marissa knows they are hanging out which she doesnt. Kaitlin says she respects Johnny because he hasnt tried to take advantage of her.

Neil meets Julie for lunch. She admits she is starting to have feeling for him. She has to go and pick up Marissa. He asks her for another date and they agree on Sunday evening.

Seth tells Sandy of his fears of leaving Newport. Sand encourages him he is doing the right thing. Sandys cell phone rings so Seth goes for a walk. Sandy comes into the kitchen and tells Kiersten he didnt get the project.

Marissa comes home looking for Kaitlin. Julie and Kaitlin come in at the same time. Julie tells them she has a business meeting on Sunday and they will have to make plans for themselves. Marissa subtly reminds her that Sunday is Kaitlins birthday. Julie says she will reschedule her meeting. Kaitlin says she is not hungry and leaves.

Kaitlin is on the pier smoking pot when Seth comes up. She offers him some but he turns it down. She realizes she was forgotten. She says it was hard growing up in Marissas shadow. Marissa comes up wanting to talk with Kaitlin so they end up leaving of home together.

Commercial Break

Marissa is reading a magazine when Kaitlins phone rings. She answers and it is Johnny. She asks whey he is calling on Kaitlins phone. He says he was trying to reach her but couldnt get her on her phone so called Kaitlins. Kaitlin comes out of the shower and asks who was on the phone but Marissa explains it was for her. Marissa invites Kaitlin to go out with her that evening but she says she already has plans. Kaitlin calls Johnny and asks him if he wants to go to the Bait Shop.

Julie goes to Neil asking to change plans. He offers to let them have the party at his house and he gives her the keys.

Seth, Summer and Ryan practice their interviews.

At the Bait Shop Marissa is surprised to see Kaitlin and Johnny together. She is upset about being lied to. Kaitlin asks Johnny to drive her home. Kaitlin says Marissa was jealous and Johnny disagrees with her. He explains he just wants to be friends with her because she is only 14 and he is 17. she explains she is going to be 15 tomorrow. He decides he wants to hang out with her even though it will make Marissa mad. When Kaitlin is walking in Seth comes out of the dark which scares Kaitlin. She says she had a feeling he would be around.

Commercial Break

Seth is staring at the joints trying to decide if he should smoke them. Sandy knocks and comes in. (Seth had time to hide the joints) Sandy just wanted to give him a pep talk before his interview. After Sandy leaves Seth stuffs a towel under the door and opens the window and lights a joint.

Marissa says happy birthday to Kaitlin. She explains she is not mad about Johnny she is just concerned because he is too old for her. Julie comes in and explains about the party at Dr Robertss house. Kaitlin doesnt want to go but agrees if she can bring a friend. Julie asks Marissa to help set up.

Kaitlin goes to Ryan and asks if he thinks Marissa would mind if she invites Johnny to her party. Ryan suggests she talk to Marissa instead of trying to stir things up.

Julie and Kiersten are setting up for the party. Kiersten says it is a good sign he offered the use of his house for the party but that Julie shouldnt read too much into it.

Sandy meets with the investor again but he doesnt want to talk about the hospital project. Sandy has decided he needs to take the investor out for dinner and try to turn him around.

Kaitlin is in the pool when Marissa and Julie come in. Dr. Roberts also comes in and Kaitlin thanks him for the party. Johnny comes in which makes Marissa uncomfortable. So she leaves the group.

Seth is smoking pot when Ryan is trying to get in. Ryan notices Seth is acting weird. He asks if Seth is HI. But he denies it. Ryan finds the ashtray.

Commercial Break

Ryan calls Summer and asks her to stall at her interview. Ryan gives Seth some coffee to try and sober him up. Seth goes into the interview.

At the party Kaitlin and Johnny are hanging out. Julie and Dr. Roberts are off sitting by themselves. Marissa is glad to finally see Summer and Ryan.

Kaitlin takes Johnny up to a bedroom. He is still insisting he is too old for her. She talks him into a birthday kiss. Marissa looks for Kaitlin with Ryan following. Seth comes in and Kaitlin comes downstairs. Marissa asks her where she was and she says she just got her present from Johnny.

The investor approves the hospital deal and tells Sandy he reminds him of Caleb and that he would be proud.

Kaitlin and Johnny are leaving. Marissa follows and asks Johnny if she can speak with Kaitlin privately. Kaitlin says Marissa wants Johnny which Marissa denies. Marissa is upset to find out that they kissed. Kaitlin drives off with Johnny.

Marissa goes in and tells Julie that Kaitlin has left. Julie blames Marissa for this. Marissa decides to take a walk alone. Ryan leaves as well. Julie and Neil are left alone. He says things are too complicated to get into a relationship. He asks her to leave the key when she leaves.

Seth comes into Summers room. She asks how his interview went. He says it went great so they look through the curriculum book.

Sandy tells Kiersten he got the deal. She is proud he has stuck to his guns. She goes up to bed and Sandy has a drink.

Ryan looks at a picture of him and Marissa.

Marissa is on the beach by herself.

Johnny drops off Kaitlin. She sits on the stairs by herself.

Julie leaves the key at Dr. Robertss house as she leaves to go home.

Summer goes through stuff on Brown.

Seth smokes more pot.


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