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January 27th, 2005 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with Seth, Ryan and Zack walking on the pier. Seth wants to go over to Alexs apartment and wants to ask if they are in a relationship or not. Zack tells him to do it, but Ryan says no. Seth says he needs to know if Alex is over her lesbian ex, or if not if they are open to a mnage-a-trios like in the film Summer Lovers. (This is a nod to Peter Gallegher) Ryan says that probably wont happy. They all head to the diner, and Ryan is now talking about Lindsay. Ryan said he never had a doubt in his mind about Lindsay, okay maybe one or two. Zack asks what he did? Seth says Ryan went to her doorstep and wouldnt go anywhere till she gave him a shot. Zack thinks that is what Seth should do with Alex. However, instead of asking her what she wants, tell her what you want. Seth asks if that is how it works with him and Summer? Zack says or he could focus on the good things he has in his life. Summer soon joins them and says she is so hungry because the step-monster keeps raiding her breakfast. Lindsay shows up to have breakfast with Ryan, and Seth decides to head out and get what he wants as he feels like a third wheel.

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At the Cohens, Sandy is reading the personals. He finds a guest house for rent, but Kirsten says he needs an office not a guest house. She has found an office space for Sandy to rent right next to his old law firm. She says at least his old clients will know where to find him. Sandy says hes not taking his corporate clients with him. Sandy says he wants to go back into the public interest stuff. She says he can do that in the private sector. Sandy likes the guest house hes found and decides to go meet his realtor. Kirsten thinks she should go with him, but Sandy says hell be fine. She insists on going with him.

At Calebs place, Marissa is in her room rocking out and boozing it up. Caleb knocks on the door, and when she doesnt answer he opens up the door. She asks what hes doing here? He says he heard the music, she should be in school. She thinks he should be at work. He says hes running late without her mother here. Marissa says he should have gone with her, he seems like could use a vacation. Caleb says shes doing research for the magazine. Marissa says in Europe, she's doing a magazine on Orange County. Caleb asks if she is going to school? She says no, shes not feeling well. He thinks he should send a doctor over, but she says no. He says hell call and check up on her. She says she may not pick up, she may be sleeping.

Over at Alexs place, Alex gets a call from Marissa about their day plans. Alex asks if she doesnt have school? Marissa says her mom is out of town and her step-dad is clueless. Alex thought Marissa would be sick of her as theyve hung out every day this week. Marissa says shes not and she asks if Alex is sick of her. Alex says no, but the thing is Jodi is still here. Marissa says she thought she was going back to LA? Alex says she was, but they got into a huge fight. Marissa says and then they spent the rest of the night making up? Alex gets a knock at her door, and she wonders if it is Marissa. She opens the door and it is Seth! Alex tells Marissa that shell call her back, hangs up, and wonders if anyone doesnt go to school anymore. Seth hears the water running, and Alex says it is Jodi. Seth needs to know where they stand. Alex says she told him that she doesnt do relationships. Seth says she did Jodi, and Alex says look how well that turned out. Jodie shows up and asks what that means? Jodi and Seth finally meet. Alex says she is sorry to both of them, and she leaves to go back to bed. Seth tells Jodi they could go get breakfast, but Jodi ends up slamming the door on Seth.

At school, Lindsay asks Ryan if Kirsten and Sandy will care that Seth skipped first period. Ryan says they wont be too excited about it, but they are easy going, at least Sandy is. Lindsay says so Kirsten is more like her dad. Lindsay questions Ryan about Caleb. Ryan says aside from the fact that Caleb thinks hes after their money, hes great. Ryan suggests Lindsay call him, but she doesnt think so. Ryan suggests she have Kirsten talk to him for her. Lindsay says no, and thinks hell call her sooner or later.

Kirsten, Sandy and the realtor look at the guest house, which is a dump. Sandy, for some reason, likes it. Kirsten says he just likes having an office near the beach to surf between clients. She says this is a surf shack not a law office. Sandy says that is why he likes it. Sandy then gets a call from an old professor from law school. He tells the realtor that hell take it, and then he talks to his professor. Sandy says theyll talk more when he gets here. He gives him the address of his new office.

Back at school, Seth is moping in the lounge as Summer and Zack watch. Summer asks what is wrong with Cohen, and Zack says it must not have gone well with Alex. Summer thinks she dumped him, and tells Zack to find out and report back to her. Zack approaches Seth and asks how it went? Seth says the good news is she told Jodi to get the hell out too. Zack suggests Seth get back to his life, but Seth says he doesnt have one. Zack suggests he gets one then. Zack looks at the drawings Seth is working on and he and suggests Seth start his own comic. Summer shows up with coffees for them all, and Zack tells Summer about how Seth is going to start his own comic. The two guys head off to study hall to work on the comic leaving Summer in the dust.

Marissa shows up at Alexs place and asks Alex about her relationships. Alex says she and Seth are friends, hopefully. She also says she and Jodi are finished. Alex looks through her things and finds Jodie stole the necklace they bought one another. Alex says they bought each other heart shaped necklaces a year ago, and Jodi was using the fact that she still wore hers as a sign that she wasnt over her. She says she was over her, but she loved the necklace. Marissa suggests they go to LA and get it. Alex says she has work today, so Marissa suggests they go tomorrow. Alex asks what about school? Marissa says please, her mom will still be spa hoping in Europe.

At the Newport group, Caleb calls home to check on Marissa and only gets the answering machine. Ryan shows up to see Caleb about Lindsay. Ryan says Lindsay is asking questions about him, she wants to get to know him. Caleb thinks Ryan is being nosey and he says if he wanted a relationship with Lindsay then he would have one. Ryan says that is what she said. He says smart girl. Ryan says he has no idea. Caleb asks Ryan how his relationship with his father is, is he still in jail? Ryan says Caleb would be too if it werent for Sandy. Ryan says he and Lindsay are both better off, and he leaves. 

Sandy is unpacking files in his new office when his old friend shows up. Max says he thought Sandy had become a successful lawyer. Sandy gives him a hug and welcomes him. Sandy asks Max what hes been up to. Max says he is now retired. Sandy asks what brings him here? Max says he needs help finding Rebecca. Sandy asks why now after all this time? Max says he has had a few strokes, and has been told to get his affairs in order. Max says he just wants to see her once again. Sandy says he hasnt heard a thing since she ran away to Canada 22 years ago. Max says they havent been on speaking terms since before the accident, and he thought if she got in touch with anyone it would be Sandy. He says Sandy was the love of her life. Sandy says that was a long time ago, they were kids. Max says she loved him, and he asks Sandy to help him find her. Sandy says hell see what he can do. Max thanks him and he hates to stir up things. Sandy says his wife will understand. Max asks will she?

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At the Cohens, Sandy tells Kirsten he has to go to a prison to talk to a political activist about a missing person. Kirsten asks who is missing? Sandy says Rebecca. Kirsten asks as in Rebecca Bloom the love of his life? Sandy says she is not the love of my life. Kirsten says they were engaged to be married until she burned down a nuclear lab and fled the country. Sandy says her dad is dying and he wants him to help find her. Kirsten asks what hell do if he finds her? Sandy says hell try and convince her to turn herself in and face the court. 

At Calebs place, Caleb walks in on Marissa and says he called several times to check on her, and she wasnt here last night. The horn honks and she says she has to go. Caleb asks where? She says the doctor. He tells her to get back here, but she says hes not her father. Marissa suggests if he wants to play parent then he should go over to Lindsays house and ruin her life. Marissa says oh thats right, you already have!

At school, Seth and Zack discuss the comic book they are working on with Ryan. Zack suggests they make it autobiographical. They decide to make it about a Jewish boy, with powers, growing up in Orange County. Summer shows up and they all go hush. Summers wonder what Seth has done to her boyfriend because he just sounded really lame. Seth tells her that if she isnt nice she wont be in the comic. Summer says she is shaking in her boots. Summer tells Zack that shell meet him after school, but Zack says they are working. Summer tells Seth that if by the time the sun goes down if brainstorming boy hasnt turned back into her boyfriend . . . . Seth thinks that is a good idea for a character, and they get to work.

At the Newport group, Caleb is a bit distracted. He talks to Kirsten about how she takes good care of him even though he wasnt the best father. He asks about Lindsay. Kirsten says if he wants to hear from Lindsay then he has to call her.

At the high school, Lindsay tells Ryan that he was right about Caleb, he is not a good guy. Ryan asks what happened. Lindsay says she researched him and he is pretty much what is wrong with Western Civilization. Her phone rings and it says Newport Group. Ryan says it is probably Kirsten, but it is Caleb. Caleb thinks it is time they sat down to talk. Later Lindsay asks Ryan to go with her to dinner with her and Caleb. Ryan says that is not a good idea. Lindsay says she wont go without him, and she forces him to go with her. 

Marissa and Alex drive to LA in Alex's jeep, and Marissa asks her about her tattoo. Alex says she was drunk when she got it, and she had just got emancipated from her parents. Marissa asks her about emancipation, and how she wishes she could do it. Alex says just piss her parents off enough. Marissa says she has tried. Alex says then they really love her. Marissa asks if she misses her parents? Alex says sometimes, but her friends are her family now.

Sandy goes to meet with someone in prison. The guy hopes Sandy can help him out or get him an appeal. Sandy says the guy confessed. The man says to an act of civil disobedience, not manslaughter. Sandy says they set the place on fire and a man died. He says it was an accident, the custodian wasnt supposed to be there. The guy asks what Sandy wants. Sandy says he is looking for Rebecca. Sandy says this isnt about the two of them, but the guy says when it comes to Rebecca it has always been about them. Sandy says her father is sick and is looking for her. The guys says hell never find her because Rebecca is dead. 

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Sandy has dinner with Kirsten and tells her that Rebecca is dead. Kirsten says she is sorry and she cant believe it. Sandy says neither can he. He calls a friend in Vancouver to find out if there is a death certificate or something. Sandy refuses to believe if she was sick she wouldnt contact her dad. Kirsten says or you . . . 

Marissa and Alex show up at Jodis place, and Alex is nervous. She tells Marissa not to let Jodi intimidate her, and not to let her talk her into staying the night. Marissa says she cant, she has to take her home. Alex rings the doorbell, and Jodi says she had a feeling shed show up. Jodi then sees Marissa and looks less then pleased. Marissa says they are here to get Alexs stuff, and they arent saying. Jodi says if they say so, and lets them in.

Seth is working on his comic in his room. Ryan shows up and Seth talks about his character, Ryan Gatwood, Shino Boy with Fists of Fury. Seth asks why hes so over dressed, he thought they were working. Ryan says Lindsay asked him to have dinner with her and Caleb. Seth says but Grandpa hates him. Ryan says he told her that. Ryan looks through Seths sketches and he finds a lot of sketches of Summer. Ryan tells him not to show these to Zack, and Seth agrees. 

Back at Jodis place, Alex cant find her necklace, but she does find a bunch of other things, including her fat jeans. Jodi claims she has nothing else of hers here. Alex keeps looking, and Marissa says breakups huh. Jodi says get ready because your next. Marissa says no shes not, and Jodi says sure your not. Marissa ends up excusing herself when Alex and Jodi get into a fight. Marissa sneaks into Jodi's room and looks through her jewelry box. Meanwhile Alex asks Jodi what she wants. Jodi says she wants her to stay, she wants them to talk about what is going on. Marissa returns, and Jodi tells her to take Alexs jeep home, shell bring Alex back later. Marissa says she wont leave her girlfriend with her overnight. Jodi says she thought she wasnt her girlfriend. Marissa says think again. Marissa and Alex leave, and Alex says that was awesome. Marissa asks if Jodi bought it? Alex says she thought they were sleeping together since last week. Alex tells Marissa not to worry, she defended her honor. Marissa says thank you. They get into Alex's jeep. Marissa ended up getting Alex her necklace back, and she even stole Jodi's as well. Alex gives the other one to Marissa, and puts it around her neck. Alex suggests they get her home, but Marissa says no.

Zack shows up at the Cohen's to work with Seth on the comic book. Summer eventually shows up and says she is pulling the plug on this, he was supposed to pick her up an hour ago. Summer ends up seeing Seths sketchbook, and she sees everyone in it but her, and shes hurt. Seth says shes not finished yet, hes trying to get the attitude right. They head downstairs, and Summer realizes she forgot her purse. She runs upstairs and ends up finding Seths secret sketchbook with the drawings of her in it. Zack calls up to her, so she steals the sketchbook! 

Lindsay and Caleb are at a fancy restaurant, and Lindsay thanks him for calling and suggesting this. Ryan eventually shows up, and Caleb looks disappointed. He says he should have assumed Ryan would make himself a part of this. Lindsay says she asked him to come. Ryan says he can leave. Kirsten thinks this is about Ryan scamming his way into another one of his daughters lives. Caleb says Ryan set this whole thing up. Lindsay learns Ryan went to Calebs office to see him. Ryan said he wanted to help her. Caleb wants to know what they want, a new car, an Ivy league education? He tells them goodnight and walks out on them.

Back at the Cohens, Sandy has still got no confirmation that Rebecca is dead. Kirsten says she is still gone, so what will it take for him to let her go. Sandy asks what she is talking about? Kirsten says Rebecca was the woman he was supposed to marry before he ended up with her, and she thinks Sandy is still in love with her. Sandy says that is not true. Kirsten tells him to come to bed then. The phone rings, and Sandy answers it. It is his friend in Vancouver, and he confirms she is dead. 

Commercial Break. 

Kirsten asks Sandy what he will do? Sandy says he has to call the professor. Kirsten says she is sorry, and it was a long time ago. Kirsten says maybe she needs to let go of her to. Sandy leaves the room to make the call.

Summer returns to her room and looks through Seths drawings of her.

Lindsay drives Ryan home, and she says she is sorry. Ryan asks why she is sorry? She says because she made him come to dinner. Ryan admits what he did was a mistake. Lindsay says she didnt want anything from Caleb, just to ask him some questions. Lindsay says maybe she doesnt need a dad. Ryan says he could ask Kirsten to talk to him. Lindsay says no,Ryan said it before, hes just not a good guy. Ryan and Lindsay kiss, and Ryan heads inside. 

Marissa and Alex head to her room. Marissa wants to change her shirt because its sticking to her. She asks takes her shirt off and asks if she is bleeding. Alex says no. Marissa turns around and we see she has a tattoo on her lower back! Caleb walks in at that moment and asks what has she done! Marissa tells him to get out. He says this is his house. Marissa says then they will leave. He says no she wont. She asks if he will stop her? Caleb says nothing. She says that is what she thought, and they leave.

Summer returns to Seths to return his sketch book. Seth says he knows it is creepy, and he did them over the summer. He says he will destroy them, but she says no. She says she thinks they are good except for the boobs being a little big. She also isnt sure about the mask. He shows her another one hes done of her, and she likes it. She asks if she can have one of them, and he says she can have them all. However he suggests she not tell Zack, and she says she was thinking the same thing. Summer says shell let him get back to work because she expects her own action figure by Christmukah. 

Sandy makes a call on a cell phone to Professor Bloom. He asks him to meet him at his office. 

At the pool house, Ryan is playing videogames. Seth shows up and asks how dinner was, did he punch him in the face? Ryan says no, and he just made thinks worse for trying to help. Seth tells Ryan about Summer seeing his sketches and she liked them. Seth thinks he and Summer are taking a step forward. Ryan fears he and Lindsay are taking a step back. Seth says great, they are back where they began.

Professor Bloom shows up at Sandys office. The professor has something to show Sandy. Rebecca walks in the door, and Sandy is stunned! 

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Seth sketches Summer as she poses in a sexy outfit.
Seth tells Summer that they have a history and working late night in close quarters could get weird.
Caleb, Ryan ,Lindsay and Kirsten are having dinner, and Caleb tells Ryan hes had enough out of him. Ryan says too bad because hes just getting started. Caleb stands up and says if hes looking for a fight. Caleb then winces and falls over! 

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