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February 2, 2006 Episode Of The O.C.

Sandy comes into the pool house and wakes up Ryan. Sandy says Seth is gone, his bed is empty, yet his alarm is going off. Ryan says there is a big calc exam, he probably went to school to cram. Sandy says hell go to school to check it out, but Ryan says hell do it. Sandy says if there was anything going on with Seth, hed tell him right? Ryan says yeah and hell call Sandy. 

Ryan finds Seth on the pier. Ryan says Sandy saw he was gone and was worried. Seth says he wanted to be alone. Ryan tells Seth to tell him what is going on. Seth says his Brown interview didnt go well, in fact he blew it off and then lied to Summer. Ryan says talk to her. Seth says Summer was over pot in the tenth grade, and hes smoked the stuff twice now. Ryan says level with him and asks if he came down here to buy a bag? Seth says fine, he wasnt going to smoke it anymore anyways.

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At the trailer, Kaitlin is trying to pick out a bathing suit. She tells Marissa that Johnnys taking her for a surf lesson. She tells Marissa that she knows shes mad about her and Johnny, but Marissa says shes not mad. Kaitlin says she can tell when shes mad, but Marissa says shes not. Kailtin tells Marissa if she can honestly tell her that she has no feelings for him? Marissa says nothing, and Kaitlin says that is what she thought. Johnny shows up, and Marissa tells them to enjoy the beach.

Kirsten and Julie are overlooking applications for their dating service, but Julie isnt into it given her situation with Dr. Roberts. Kirsten says she should call him, but Julie says she cant look like shes pursuing him. Kristen says so go over their under the pretense of setting him up with the dating service, then it wont look like shes pursuing him. Julie likes that idea. Kirsten says and when he dates the Newpsies hell realize the woman he wants is her. Julie is impressed, shes sneakier than she thought. Kirsten says being around her all these years has rubbed off on her.

At Harbor, Seth tries to talk to Summer about the Harbor Interview. Summer is writing her thank you note to the interviewer Shelly. She wants to know how Seths interview really went. Seth says he knocked it out of the park, the ladies love the Cohen charm. She says Shelly is a guy. Seth says he got a gay vibe from him though. Seth says hell talk to her later and takes off.

Ryan meets with Marissa at the java bar at school, they discuss Seth lying to Summer about the pot. Marissa is still stewing over what Kaitlin has done, and Ryan thinks they arent talking about Seth anymore. Marissa says its just sister stuff, and she heads off to class.

On the beach, Johnny is giving Kaitlin her first lesson on sand. She thought theyd be in the water, so if they arent getting in then maybe they could get food or a movie. She says hello, are you listening? Johnny says hes distracted, and she says by Marissa. Johnny begins talking about Marissa, and he says its just complicated. She says then do something about it, but Johnny says he cant. She says if hes too lame to do something then she will find someone who will. She walks off.

At the Newport Group, Matt tells Sandy that while they have the contract, the board of directors at the hospital has to approve too. Sandy says they need to find a new angle to get the hospital on their side. Matt says he happens to know the board of directors daughter Maya. Sandy says so he wants to use her to manipulate her father? Sandy says no, and he suggests they find a strategy that doesnt involve liquor or sexual favors. 

Julie drops by Dr. Roberts place. She thanks him for hosting Kaitlins party, and she brings her matchmaker book along to show her appreciation. She was expecting him to say no and of course be interested in her, but he wants to look at her book. Every woman he comments on, Julie finds something wrong with. Neil says these women look fantastic and it will take him awhile, but hell get back to her.

At the pool house, Ryan returns to find Kaitlin waiting for him. He wonders if she shouldnt be going back to school soon. She says shes on break, and it is a long break. She says she wants to talk to him about this Johnny drama they are caught in. She says she likes Johnny, but he thinks he has a chance with Marissa. Ryan says that wont happen. Kaitlin says she asked Marissa if she had feelings for Johnny and she wouldnt deny it. Ryan says he and Marissa can handle this themselves. Kaitlin tells Ryan to do something about it, he throws punches and set fires. He says hes grown up. She says so talk to Marissa, find out where he stands with her. 

Ryan meets with Marissa at the diner. He tells her that he needs to know how she feels about Johnny. She thinks Kaitlin paid him a visit. He says this was an issue before she showed up. Ryan says maybe she feels sorry for him, or maybe sometimes she felt she couldnt talk to him (Ryan), or maybe shes in love with him. Ryan says she has to figure it out, and until then he doesnt want to see her. He then walks off.

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Ryan runs into Seth in the kitchen. Seth asks what is the matter, let him guess Marissa, Johnny and Kaitlin. Ryan says he and Marissa are on thin ice, she needs to figure out her relationship with Johnny pronto. Ryan changes the subject to Seths problem. Seth says he chickened out of telling Summer and hes going to reschedule the Brown interview. Ryan asks if theyll let him take it again? Seth says well he had an epileptic fit and there was a three car pileup on the freeway. Seth says okay hell work on the excuse.

At the trailer, Marissa tells Kaitlin she has no right to talk to Ryan about Johnny. Marissa wonders what she ever did to Kaitlin to deserve this? What did she ever do to her? Marissa says she was glad she came home, she thought theyd be friends. Marissa says now she cant wait for her to leave. 

At Harbor, Summer sees Seth leaving the college counselors office. She goes to talk to the counselor, who says the interviewer from Brown really liked her. Summer asks how Seth did? The counselor says Seth missed his interview. Summer calls him a little bitch and leaves. 

At the mansion, Julie tells Kirsten her little plan didnt work, Dr. Roberts picked a woman from the match book. Julie decides to not let Kirsten do anymore scheming. Julie says from now of they do things her way, shes going to spy on this girl hes interested in and see what shes up against.

Chili talks with Johnny about being in love with Marissa. He tells her that he needs to either go cold turkey and block her out of his life or take a shot and tell her how he feels. Johnny decides to tell her how she feels.

Sandy and Kirsten go out to dinner, she tells him its okay if he has a drink as he had a tough day. Sandy sees Matt show up, he thinks Matt came to drown his sorrows too. Suddenly they see a woman friend show up, and Kirsten recognizes her as Maya Griffen. Sandy knows this is the girl that Matt spoke about earlier, and hes using her to get the Hospital contract. Kirsten suggests they go elsewhere, maybe the crab shack. They take off.

Marissa and Johnny meet on the pier to discuss things between them. Johnny tells Marissa that he loves her and thinks she loves him too. He says there is something real between them. He says she doesnt have to say anything right now, just think about it. Johnny then leaves. 

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In the Cohen Kitchen, Seth and Ryan meet up with Sandy and Kirsten. Sandy asks how Seth is doing with all the stress hes been under. He says its under control. Summer shows up to talk to Seth upstairs and in private. They leave, and Summer slaps him for lying about the interview. She tells him that hes in a deceit spiral and could turn into a creepy old man who hides money in the attic. Seth says that sounds awesome. He tells her that he got scared and he was embarrassed. He says she has a natural confidence, shes small and people like her. He says hes a social outcast, and if they go to college everyone will see him as her nerdy boyfriend. She says and shell be the one that cant keep up with the intellectual talk. She says if there is anything else he has to tell her to put it out on the table. He says no, there is nothing, so she forgives him. 

In the office, Matt shows up to see Sandy. Its the weekend. Sandy knows Matt met Maya at the Yacht Club last night. Matt says Maya asked him out to dinner after learning about their pitch. Sandy doesnt like this, he doesnt like that hes comfortable using this girl. Matt says if they want to win the game then they have to bed the rules. Sandy tells him to be in the office on Monday with a real game plan.

Ryan shows up at the pool house to see Ryan. Johnny says Ryans always been a good guy to him. Johnny admits hes in love with Marissa and he told her. He says he wanted to just live with the feelings and do nothing, but he cant do that anymore. Ryan asks what he wants, his blessing? Johnny says to say hes sorry. Ryan says its too late for that and he should leave. Johnny does.

Neil meets with his date as Julie sits at an adjoining table and spies on them. Shells all disguised in a head scarf and talking on the phone to Kristen about how sweet this woman is, its making her ill. Unfortunately a woman shows up and recognizes Julie. She then pulls Julie over to the table where Neil is because she knows the woman, Taran, that Neil is out with. Julie claims it is all a coincidence she happened to be here, but Neil wonders if Julie is spying on her. Julie becomes embarrassed and runs out of the restaurant.

Marissa and Kaitlin sit on the pier. Kaitlin thinks Marissa is still mad at her. Kaitlin says shes trying to do her a favor. Marissa says so far its been a blast. Kaitlin talks about how dad used to take them to Baskin Robbins and how Marissa never could decide what flavor she liked. Kaitlin tells her that she needs to learn to trust her instincts, make a decision and stick with it. 

At Johnnys place, Johnnys mom tells him that he just missed Marissa while he was in the shower. She hands him something that she left for him.

Marissa goes to the pool house and tells Ryan that shes sorry. He thinks shes picked Johnny. She says no shes sorry she made him wonder. She says she just felt she couldnt talk to him about Trey, so she bonded with Johnny. Then Kaitlin coming back and hooking up with him threw her for a loop. She wishes they could go back to how things were, but Ryan says its not that easy. She says they can try, they can start with dinner.

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Johnny shows up at the trailer to see Kaitlin. He asks her to go to the beach for a little bonfire and tequila. Kaitlin likes the idea, and she asks what the occasion is. He says he feels like they never got to party.

Sandy sits on the couch at the Newport Group. Kirsten comes in with some takeout and asks if hes hungry. She figured hed be here. He admits he wants this hospital, so she tells him to go for it not let Matts relationship with Maya bother him.

Seth is in his room apparently smoking pot again. There is a knock at his door. He rushes to cover up the smell. Summer bangs on the door wondering why its locked, she brought dvds. Seth opens the door, she has chick flicks because she cant stand his Japanese movies anymore. Seth suggests they go downstairs and rushes her out of the room. She thinks she smells something, but he says its just incense.

On the beach, Johnny and Kaitlin drink Tequila. Johnny gets wasted, and Kaitlin asks if they can hookup before he passes out on her. He says she doesnt waste time. She says the fire is romantic, but he says its kinda dying. She says shell get some driftwood. Johnny pulls out the letter from Marissa and reads it. He grows angry as he reads it and throws it into the fire. She asks what that was, and he says a memory. Johnny looks around and then decides to climb up the cliff. She doesnt think this is exactly a good thing to be doing.

Julie is drowning her sorrows with a wine cooler. There is a knock on her door. She tells Gus to go away, she doesnt want to play strip pinochle. It turns out it is Neil. She asks what hes doing here. He says he came by to thank her for setting him up with Laura, shes a wonderful woman. Julie says shes glad it worked out, but she has a hot pocket in the oven and wine cooler calling her name. She says good luck with Laura. He wont leave. She asks what he wants. He says he wants her. He says when hes not around her he misses her, hes fallen for her. Julie begins to cry. She says this may be his lucky night, she has an extra hot pocket. She then invites him in.

Kaitlin stays at the bottom of the cliffs as Johnny, drunk, climbs the cliff. She tells him to stop, hes scaring her. He says hes fine and wont stop climbing. He slips, but is okay. He makes it to the top of the cliff.

Ryan and Marissa return home from dinner and a movie. Marissa knows it will take more than Thai food and movies to sort this out, but if he wants to talk . . . Ryan says thats the last thing he wants to do. He asks her what she wants from him. Marissa says she wants him. They then kiss. As they begin to go at it on the bed, Marissa gets a call from Kaitlin. She decides to ignore it, but eventually answers it. Kaitlin says shes in trouble, Johnny is drunk and acting crazy. She swears Johnnys in trouble and doesnt know what to do. Ryan takes the phone, and Kaitlin says Johnny is drunk and will get hurt. Ryan says theyll be right there.

At the Cohens, Seth and Summer finish Save the Last Dance. Seth, who is high, tells Summer how great a movie that was, and hes so happy she got into Julliard at the end of the movie. She realizes something is wrong when Seth begins to really dig the blank blue screen on the TV. Summer says she needs to go to the bathroom. She heads up to his room and finds the stash of pot in his drawer. 

Ryan and Marissa arrive at the beach where Johnny is teetering on the cliff. He tells Marissa to go to Kaitlin and keep Johnny talking as he gets up to him. Marissa tells him they can get through this, but he says leave him alone. Johnny sees Ryan and says hes the last person he wants to see right now. Ryan suggests they get down and talk about this. Johnny says no way, so he can save him again and Marissa will love him even more. Ryan runs to grab Johnn as hes about to fall, but hes too late. Marissa grabs Kaitlin and turns her head to stop her from seeing Johnny fall to his death.

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Ryan tells Kaitlin that she didnt make him climb that rock or fall.
Its V day on The OC.
Ryan tells Marissa when was the last time they actually hung out together? She says you mean without Johnny? She tells him not to act like this is his favorite holiday.
Sandy brings home some shopping bags, something he got for Kirsten. He puts it on the table next to an identical bag which Seth bought.
Kirsten looks at what Sandy bought, some odd bra, and she says Well this is a fantasy they will wear out fast Sandy says he didnt buy that. 
Summer gets Kirstens gift, which is lingerie. She thinks Seth is trying to fix their problem with lingerie and slaps him. Seth says he didnt buy that.


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