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February 3rd, 2005 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with Sandy pulling up in the driveway of the Cohen house. In the kitchen Ryan is once again studying for a test. Seth shows up in his robe. He was heading out to the pool house to talk to him. Ryan says hes studying. Seth says they can talk here. He wants to talk about Summer and Zack. Ryan says he guesses he can take a break, and Seth tells Ryan that he and Summer are getting involved professionally. He thinks with the added stress of late night workings at the office . . . Ryan says he doesnt have one . . . Seth says things could get sexy. Ryan thinks that for the first time Seths problem is that he isnt facing any women issues, hes moved on with Alex and hes moved on with Summer. Seth says he guesses hell go back upstairs and wait for the next great romance to wreak havoc with his heart and mind. As he heads upstairs he catches his dad sneaking in. Seth busts him, and Sandy asks if he is grounded. Seth says hell let him off if he remembers the act of kindness the next time he misses his curfew. Sandy tells him to keep dreaming! Sandy heads upstairs and tries to sneak into his room, but Kristen catches him. She says she was worried about him. She asks how Professor Bloom took the news about Rebecca? He says how do you think he took it. She feels bad for him and says the poor man. Sandys phone begins ringing, its Rebecca! She says she is at the pier and asks if she should grab coffee? Sandy says no no, 9am is fine, hell see her then. Sandy tells Kirsten that its going to be a little hectic for awhile. She tells him to get some sleep, he looks exhausted.

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Kirsten comes down to the kitchen and sees Ryan studying. She says he's off to an early start. He says test, not ready. She asks how school is, and he says the usual. She asks about Lindsay. He says good. She senses hesitation, and thinks whatever he did can be undone with candy and flowers. He says its not what he did, it is what Caleb did. Ryan explains what happened, and Kirsten cant believe her dad thought they wanted money. Kirsten says her dad must have gotten Lindsay confused with her other sister. Ryan says Lindsay needs a dad, even Luke Skywalker was happy to have a dad, and his dad was Darth Vader. Kirsten says hes right, shell make a meal here, and they will all sit down and eat.

At Alexs place, Marissa crashed after a night of drinking. Marissa wants to skip school again and hang out with Alex. Alex decides to give her a surf lesson. Marissa says awesome. She says shell jump in the shower. She takes her shirt off and asks if she has another shirt she could borrow as this one smells like cigarettes. Alex stares with her mouth open.

Sandy and Rebecca meet at the pier. Rebecca cant believe hes living in California with all the surfers. He says its been twenty two years. She says he says that like it has been a long time. She says so he has two kids, and she wonders who he married. She thinks a left wing radical, but he says wrong. He says rich, conservative, someone who grew up right here. She says he is full of surprises. Rebecca asks how she took the news of her return? Sandy says he hasnt told her, that would make her an accomplice to harboring a fugitive. Sandy asks her if she got married and had those five kids she wanted? She says no, she hasnt met anyone since him. She says its hard to meet someone when your always on the move. Rebecca says shes only here for another forty eight hours, then shell disappear again. She says the feds are looking for her and she doesnt want to get him in trouble. Sandy asks if her dad knows shes leaving so soon? Rebecca says she was hoping hed help her with that.

At school, Ryan gives Lindsay a big kiss at her locker, and he asks what she wants for dinner. Ryan invites her over for dinner, but when she learns it is with Caleb, she asks why? Ryan says Kirsten wants to help, but Lindsay says no way. She says she doesnt need their help, and she doesnt want to dine with Caleb. Ryan says even Luke Skywalker was happy to find his dad. Lindsay says they fought with lightsabers until one of them died, not a good analogy. She tells Ryan not to worry about her family, or our family, whoever they are, just let it be. 

Kirsten drops by her dads office, and he flatters her figure and top. She wonders what is up, and he says can't he compliment his beautiful daughter? Kirsten says she needs him to do her a favor. She wants him to have dinner with her, Lindsay and Ryan, and she wants him not to be the worlds biggest ass. She says she knows what happened the other night. Caleb says he what was he supposed to think when she turned up with that street thug. Kirsten says that street thug has been living with them for a year. She says he is a brother to Seth, and a son to her and Sandy. Caleb says hes just protective of his family. Kirsten says Lindsay wants to know him, so he is showing up to this dinner and will be a dad to her, or he will lose two daughters.

Sandy and Rebecca tell the Professor about Rebecca leaving. The professor wants her to stay, and tells Sandy what happened didnt really happen. He tells Rebecca to tell Sandy. Rebecca tells Sandy that she didnt show up the night of the explosion, Zowkowsi went it alone. Sandy asks why she ran? Rebecca says she panicked, she knew if she got caught then shed have to testify against him. Professor Bloom asks Sandy to clear Rebeccas name. Rebecca says he has a family now, but the Professor says they used to be his family. He asks Sandy to give Rebecca her life back.

At the lounge at school, Summer sees Seth sketching Marissa. He calls her Cosmo Girl, she has a passion for fashion and a magic flask. Summer says alcoholism for a super power, that is an interesting take. She asks Seth if he is going to draw her all short and stumpy compared to Marissa. Seth says he is concerned about them working together, it might compromise his vision. She says he is not writing her out, and they argue a bit. Seth is afraid it could get weird between them given their history. Zack soon shows up and says he has great news. Zack has an in to the comic book company Wild Storm, and he pitched the idea to them and they loved it. They want to set up a meeting and see the artwork. Zack says this means late nights, a lot of stress, close quarters, and he has to nail summer. Seth chokes on his coffee when he hears this. He says they loved her character Little Miss Vixen, so he has to get her likeness tonight. Summer says so Ill be posing for Cohen tonight? This will be great. Seth says so great.

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Sandy sees Kirsten is setting up a formal dinner. He wonders what is going on. She says dinner with my dad, but dont worry, your not invited. Sandy says he has to get back to the office anyways. She asks if he is working with the professor. Sandy says yes. Sandy asks what she'd say if he told her that the Professor wants him to clear Rebeccas name. Kirsten thinks that is wonderful, he cant bring her daughter back but he can at least clear her name. Ryan shows up and tells Kirsten that Lindsay isnt coming. Kirsten tells him to go get her, but he says hes gotten in the middle enough as is. Kirsten says if he doesnt then they are having dinner with him alone. Ryan says there isnt much left he can say. Kirsten thinks he's right, so she decides to go give it a try. She asks him to keep setting the table.

At the Bait Shop, Marissa sees one of Seths drawings hung up. She asks what it is? Alex says it is a demon water polo player. Alex says Seth left it and she figured shed sell it on ebay in ten years. Marissa asks what the deal with her and Seth is. Alex says they never left the ground, they only taxid down the runway but never achieved liftoff. Marissa says she just got out of one of those. Alex says they are good at getting your over someone. Marissa says or getting you ready for someone. Marissa asks if she can crash at her place again. Alex says okay, but what is she doing with her? Marissa says picking up a pint of ice cream and renting DVDs? Alex says she meant her sleeping over, borrowing her clothes, their hanging out. Alex says she didnt do this with Seth, and she was dating him. Marissa says he wasnt her type, but Alex says he was still her boyfriend however brief. Marissa says maybe she should go home as she is out of fresh clothes. Marissa heads off, and she looks a little disappointed.

Kirsten shows up at Lindsay's and finds Lindsay practicing the oboe. Kirsten wants to convince her to come to dinner. Kirsten says Caleb has issues and isnt the easiest guy to get along with, but if you figure him out hes a good guy. Lindsay says really. Kirsten says she doesnt know, shes never figured him out. She says they can try though, together.

Sandy offers to let Rebecca stay at his office while he works on her case. He has an upstairs apartment at the office, which isn't much. She thanks him and gives him a big hug. He hugs her back. She says she knows she said she didnt want his help, but she did. He says he knew. Rebecca asks if she told his wife yet? He says no. He says she cant know until they get this sorted out. Rebecca says that is his decision, and she says they should celebrate. She says she could order in Mexican, drink some tequila, and smoke some weed. He asks what he's supposed to do, go get score some weed? She has a bag and says never travels without it. She asks if he has a bong? He says no, but she says if memory serves he could turn anything into a bong. He suggests they just stick to the tequila.

Seth shows up at Summer's place to draw her. She has on a big pink bathrobe. He sits on her bed to sketch her, and she reveals her outfit. She has planned her character's costume, and Seth is stunned as it is very skimpy, tight, and shiny. She tells him to draw. Her outfit is a mix of black vinyl and pink sequins. Seth has her pose for him so he can draw her. He ends up positioning her body parts, and she asks if he is done manhandling her yet. She then sees what he was able to sketch in a few seconds, and she loves it. She wishes she could draw, so he gives her some pointers at drawing. As they draw it looks like they are about to kiss. Seth pulls away ends up saying he thinks he can do the rest from memory and hell come back for approval later. She says okay because her costume is starting to ride up on her. He then runs out of the room.

At the Cohens, the foursome sit down for dinner. Nobody says anything, so Kirsten brings up Lindsay playing the Oboe. Kirsten then says Caleb has box seats at the Hollywood bowl. He offers her the seats, and she asks Ryan if hed like to go? Caleb says Ryan wouldnt be interested, hed get bored. Lindsay says right, cause they dont have music in Chino. Caleb didnt mean to insult Ryan, he didnt know he was a classical music fan. Ryan says hes going to go, Lindsay and Caleb have a lot of time to catch up on as hed hate to see them waste all their time insulting him. Lindsay asks him to stay, and Caleb says yes stay. He says stay as long as you like, in our house, eating our food, butting into our affairs. Kirsten tells Caleb he is out of line. Caleb says what, this boy taught his grandson to steal cars, started a brawl at his party, and everyone has forgotten he got a girl pregnant. Ryan says hed know a thing or two about that, except he didnt pay his girl off to stay quiet. Caleb says hes had about enough out of him, but Ryan says too bad as hes just getting started. Caleb stands up and says if hes come here for a fight . . . Caleb then winces and falls over! Kirsten runs to him and yells call 911!

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Lindsay, Kirsten, Seth and Ryan are at the hospital. Ryan and Seth head off to find coffee and a vending machine. Sandy shows up and asks how he is doing? Kirsten says they havent heard yet. She says she was worried about him. He says he was working late. She asks if hes been drinking? Before he answers the doctor comes out with news. The doctor says he will be okay, but he had a mild heart attack. The doctor says they have to keep him here a day or two and run tests. Lindsay goes in to see Caleb first, and Kirsten suggests Sandy not stick around as him here might not be the best thing for Caleb's blood pressure. Sandy says he understands, and he has work to do.

Summer and Marissa talk, and Summer tells Marrisa that she almost kissed Seth. Marissa is stunned. Summer asks Marissa if she shouldnt be at the hospital? Marissa says whatever. She says Caleb is like a cockroach and will outlive them all. Marissa returns to Summer almost kissing Seth. Summer says it was more of a nose graze, which is different than almost kissing. Marissa says sometimes you can just have a really charged moment with someone. Summer asks Marissa who shes been nose grazing with? MArissa says no one, and they talk about what to do in situations like nose grazing. Summer says if it is Seth you use your super powers to resist. Marissa asks what if you get caught in a situation with someone you never thought youd be nose grazing. Summer says she is young so why not put it out there.

At the hospital, Lindsay and Kirsten talk with Caleb. He says he owes them an apology, he feels he has a second chance and hed like a second chance. Both girls take his hands. He asks if they can start over. Lindsay says if it makes him feel better, she didnt think she liked him till she almost lost him. He asks if she forgives him, and she says yeah. Ryan walks by and sees them having a moment.

Sandy meets with Rebecca and the professor. He says clearing Rebeccas name will be almost impossible. He thinks they need to explore some kind of plea bargain or amnesty agreement to keep her out of jail and with her dad. He says hell take their story and then hell try and track down anyone who can collaborate it. Sandy then excuses himself to call Kirsten. He leaves a message and says he guesses hell catch her back at the ranch for dinner, call if she needs anything. Rebecca tells Sandy maybe he should be with his wife and family. Sandy says she doesnt want him there, her father doesnt even like him. Sandy says besides the sooner they get started . . Rebecca says the sooner shell be out of his life. He says its not like that, but she says it is. She tells him to go home to his family. 

Back at the hospital, Ryan gives Kirsten some coffee. He didnt want to interrupt their moment, so he waited in the hall. Ryan says Seth went home, he stayed as it was the least he could do. She says no one blames him for this.

Alex drops by the cohens house to drop of the sketch Seth left behind. She says it might be worth money some day. He invites her in, and she says nice house. He says its good for weekends and vacations. He asks if she is seeing anyone, multiple people, females? She says dont make her hurt him in his house. He says she already hurt her. She says kicking him and punching him doesn't count. She says in truth they were one anothers in between people. She looks at his sketchbook and sees all the drawings of Summer. She says they got one another ready for what is next. He tells her good luck with that, and she says good luck with Summer. Alex then leaves.

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Kirsten comes home and finds Sandy making a home cooked meal for her. He says he figured she could use one. She says her hero. She asks him about work and his new office. He says the office is a little rough around the edges, just his style. She says she could help spruce it up, but he says no he likes it. Kirsten decides to run to the store and grab some things for her dad while hes cooking.

Seth knocks on Summers bedroom door. She lets him in, and it is awkward between them. Seth says hes not happy with his sketches, and she says good because she has made changes to her costume. She says she also wants princess sparkle to have a cape. She asks if he has to draw her again? He says no. They decide to maintain a professional relationship that they should spend as little time together as possible. Zack then walks in and says roadrip! He says the guy at Wild Comics loved the drawings, so they are going to Sand Diego to pitch the idea, just the three of them.

Rachel Yamagata performs at the Bait Shop. Alex looks around and sees all the couples kissing. Up in the upper balcony Marissa shows up. Marissa comes down and stands next to Alex, and they listen together. Marissa ends up taking her hand, and Alex is shocked but smiles. 

At the hospital, Ryan is still waiting. Lindsay finds him asleep in the waiting room and wakes him up. Lindsay drives Marissa home, and she says Caleb has changed and really wants a relationship with her. He says that is great. She says that might be pretty hard for them. She says eventually he will like Ryan, how could he not. She says it just might take time, and he needs her now. Ryan says theyll take time off, theyve done it before. They share a kiss, and Ryan says goodbye. He gets out of the car and watches her drive off.

Sandy calls Rebecca to check up on her. She says she is okay. He says hell see her in the morning and theyll figure this out. She thanks him.

Seth is in his room working on the sketches. His phone rings, and he tries to use super powers to make it come to him, but fails. He answers the phone and its Kirsten. Kirsten asks to speak to Sandy. Seth claims he has no idea where he is. Kirsten says she is going to drop some things off at his office to spruce it up. She wants it to be a surprise. 

Sandy shows up and asks who called. Seth says it was mom, shell be home in a few. Meanwhile, Kirsten goes into Sandys office and finds Rebecca! 

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