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February 9th, 2006 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens at the Cohen house. Ryan, Marissa, Seth and Summer are sitting around. Marissa thinks they should have stayed at the hospital, for Johnny. Ryan says the doctors told them to go home. Sandy and Kirsten come in with food and tell them to eat up, Johnny will need them when he wakes up. They say if he wakes up. Marissa decides to go check on Kaitlin. Ryan tells them all that Marissa is right, the way the doctors were talking they didnt want Marissa to get her hopes up. Summer says doctors dont know anything, they have to be negative to manage expectations. Johnnys mom calls and Ryan answers the phone. Marissa returns and looks at Ryans face. She cries and Ryan hugs her. Kaitlin walks in and asks what happened?

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Marissa goes over to Johnnys place to see his mom. Chili answers the door and says thanks for coming by. Marissa asks where Gwen is? Chili says she is laying down finally. She lost it when talking about the funeral and what to plan. Chili says Gwen doesnt want a priest or something depressing. Marissa says they could do it during the day and by the water. Marissa decides to take Gwen some tea and see her.

At the Cohens, Seth tells Ryan he did what he could, dont beat himself up over this. Seth says so he wont have to worry about Johnny coming between him and Marissa anymore. 

Julie and Kristen are on the beach talking about their Valentines Day dance. Kristen thinks this is wrong, the kids are going through something tough right now and here they are planning this party. Julie says its not like they could cancel this dance now anyways. Julie isn't thrilled about it either. Julie admits that Neil hasnt asked her out yet, and she worries about whether he has plans with someone else. Kristen says Sandy is no fan of Valentines day either, so theyll have to hope their love life works out. Julie says she could covertly drop by his house, but Kirsten reminds her how that ended last time.

Sadie shows up at Johnnys place and meets Marissa. Sadie is Johnnys cousin. Her mom sent her to stay with her aunt for awhile. Marissa says Gwen isnt doing so well but shes sleeping now. Marissa says she should go. Sadie says she wishes they met under better circumstances, but its nice to finally meet her.

Kaitlin is at the trailer when Justin shows up to see her. He says winter break is almost over, he thought shed wanted a ride to school. She says last time he came to town he wanted her arrested. He says that was his brother. He wanted to talk about their relationship. Kaitlin says today isnt a good day. She slams the door in his face and then we hear something breaking.

Sandy talks to Matt at the Newport Group. Hes meeting with the head honcho at the hospital and he was hoping Matt could contact his daughter Maya again, but dont lead her on. Matt says not a problem, he actually likes Maya. Matt leaves and Marissa shows up to see Sandy. Sandy says there are all these forms from the hospital and Gwen cant deal with them right now. Matt, who returns, tells Marissa that hed be happy to take a look at them. Marissa thanks them and says she has to get home and shower.

Summer shows up to see Seth, who is in his room. Hes on his PC and is making an inventory of all his Japanese anime movies. Summer tells Seth that she found the pot in his drawer. She says hes a late bloomer and she gets that, but once again he lied to her for the gazillionth time. He says what can he say, he won't lie to her again and she'll have to trust him. She says shes not trusting him anymore, so stop lying.

Ryan meets up with Marissa at the trailer. Kaitlin leaves to give them privacy. Marissa gets a call from Gwen, or so she thinks. However it turns out its Sadie calling asking to meet Marissa.

Marissa meets up with Sadie at the diner. Sadie says she just graduated from school and has started her own jewelry making business. Marissa tells Sadie she needs to be with her boyfriend right now, so what is this about. Sadie says she thought Johnny was her boyfriend. Marissa asks why shed think that? She says Johnny asked her to make something for her for Valentines Day. She shows it to her, its a necklace with both of their birthstones and an angel. She says Johnny used to say Marissa was his angel.

Commercial Break.

Everyone gathers at the beach for Johnnys funeral, which is sort of a new age/hippie/surfer funeral. They all lay flowers on the beach and create a huge altar to him. Nobody is dressed up, everyone is in beach attire. Gwen arrives with Sadie and looks over at Marissa. Marissa looks away. Ryan takes her hand. Sadie speaks about her cousin Johnny. Volcheck arrives and watches from the distance. Chili, with the help of someone else, send Johnnys board into the surf as in a Viking funeral. 

After the funeral, Ryan goes to talk to Kaitlin who sits on the beach. She is by herself, she feels responsible for Johnnys death. Ryan says she didnt make him climb that rock or make him fall. Kaitlin says no that was Ryan. Ryan says hes not doing this with her. She says he cant fix this so save the speeches for her sister.

At the Cohens, Ryan talks with Matt. Matt has bad news, when he didnt call Maya back right away she took it as a lack of interest. He says now shes angry with him. Kirsten walks in, shes on the phone talking about what she needs for the party. Kirsten asks Matt how its going? He says woman problems. Kirsten thinks she can play cupid, shell invite this girl to the party tonight. She asks what her name is. Matt says Maya Griffith. Kirsten knows who the girls father is and thinks this is a bad idea. Kirsten says this girl doesnt need her help getting a date, it wont work. Matt says hell figure something out, and he leaves the room. Kirsten tells Sandy that shell get Maya to the party if Sandy embraces the holiday, get her a nice gift, some nice lingerie. 

The kids head to the bait shop where the wake is being held. Seth talks to Ryan about how Valentines Day is coming up and here they are celebrating a death. Meanwhile Summer asks Marissa if she and Ryan have Valentines Day plans. Marissa says they havent talked about it actually. Summer says this is the first Valentines Day they arent fighting or she's kissing another girl. Marissa says it might be canceled this year.

Volcheck shows up and says hello to Sadie. Sadie asks what he wants? He says to see how shes doing. She asks when the last time he meant what he said was? Ryan walks up and asks if this is a problem. He tells Voclheck this is a private party. Sadie says he was just leaving, which he does. Ryan asks if she knows him, and she says she used to. Ryan says he liked what she said today at the funeral. Sadie says speaking at funerals is a specialty, shes lost a lot of her family members and friends. Marissa approaches them and she tells Ryan that Seth is looking for him, is he ready to go. Ryan says yeah, so they take off.

Julie shows up at Neil's place with the excuse that she thinks she left a cake knife here after Kaitlins party. Neil asks if she doesnt have her party tomorrow? Julie is shocked he remembered. Is he working this weekend, hes so busy at that hospital. Neil says no, hes staying in and catching up on reading. Julie says oh is he behind on work reading? Neil says no, hes going to read the Davinci code. Julie says oh, she's waiting for the movie. She says she doesnt see the knife so shell just be going. Julie then leaves.

Justin meets up with Kaitlin outside the trailer once again. He gives her a present for Valentines Day. Its a stuffed bear. He thinks she needs something to hug, or something to throw that won't break. He asks if shes having trouble? She says no. She explains that a boy she knew died and she was with him when it happened. Kaitlin explains the story to Justin. Justin says it was an accident, but Kaitlin says people let accidents happen. Justin says if this boy were here then hed take responsibility and thank her for trying to help him. She says hes like an adult. He says his parents are therapists. Kaitlin thanks him and says shell see him back at school. Kaitlin goes inside, and Justin does a little dance. Kaitlin laughs and yells out the window that she can see him.

At the Cohens, the kids return and Sandy asks how the memorial was? Summer runs to the bathroom empty the sand from her underwear, and the kids see Sandy with a Victoria Secrets catalogue. He says Kirsten earmarked some items, hes agreed to try and embrace the holiday. Seth asks to borrow the magazine later, but Sandy says theyll see about that.

Ryan and Marissa talk in the pool house. Ryan asks what she wants to do tomorrow, but she says nothing. Marissa says hes never liked Valentines Day before so dont act like its his favorite holiday. She says this is hard for her. Ryan says he was there too. Marissa says shes going to go, and she walks out.

Commercial Break

Its a new day, Valentines Day.

Seth goes to see Ryan in the pool house. They talk about how Marissa just freaked out on him and left. Seth says Johnny is dead, cut her some slack. Ryan says Marissa didnt want to see him today. Seth says no girl wants to be alone on Valentines day, trust him. They all turn into fourteen year old girls.

Matt shows up at the trailer to give Marissa the hospital papers. Marissa thanks him. Matt asks if they will see her and Ryan at the party? Marissa doesnt think so, they got in a fight, well she started a fight. Matt says if she needs anything, any paperwork issues or to talk then hes here. She thanks him. Matt leaves and Marissa makes a call. She calls Ryan but gets a machine. She just hangs up.

Kirsten meets with Maya and tells her about her and Julies party. Maya says as she explained on the phone, she doesn't need a service to get a date. Kirsten says actually they'd like here to be there for their benefit, she's smart, sexy and successful. Kirsten would like her to be a part of the event, but if she has plans with someone special. Maya says you mean someone like Matt Ramsey? Maya says she knows who her husband is and she knows this is no coincidence. Maya asks how badly Matt wants to go out with her? Maya admits that she has liked Matt since college, and she was upset he didn't ask her out again after their dinner date. However she says she got over it. She agrees to go to Kirstens party.

Sandy walks into the living room with a pink bag from Victoria Secrets. He sets in on the table next to an identical one. He thinks Seth got his lady something for the special day as well. Seth says he doesnt want to talk about it. Sandy says womens panties have gotten so complicated. Seth says dont say panties! Sandy asks Seth what he did this time. Seth says he got caught in a lie, but he doesnt know why shes making a deal about it since its not the first time. Sandy says hes not a kid hes a man, and he needs to show that to Summer. Sandy says he has to go get some more things, and he grabs a bag and leaves.

Ryan arrives at Johnnys house to say something to Johnnys mom. Sadie is outside with a bunch of boxes. Ryan helps her move the things into the house. Ryan asks what all the boxes are for. She says to pack up Johnnys room so her aunt doesnt have to. Ryan offers to help her, so she says she'll give it some thought.

Sandy gives Kirsten some flowers and then the gift he bought. She opens it, its a pink heart bra and matching panties. Kirsten says this is a fantasy shes not aware of. He says he didnt buy that.

Summer slaps Seth after opening her gift, which is lingerie. Seth says he didnt buy that, he can explain. He says he made a mistake and will fix it. Summer says their problem cant be fixed with underwear, he needs to come up with a better idea and rock her world. She says Valentines Day is off. He says fine and leaves, but not before saying he got her a card. She looks at the card, its Seth as Pinocchio saying I cannot tell a lie on the cover. Inside it says I love you. 

The Cooper girls are hanging out at the trailer. Kaitlin and Julie are going to the party, they try and convince Marissa to come but she wants to be alone. Ryan shows up and tries to convince Marissa to come to the party. Julie and Kaitlin leave, and Ryan gives Marissa a necklace as a gift. He wants her to go out, but shes hesitant. She knows hes only trying to be nice but she needs some time. Ryan says he gets that, but is it more than that? He says when was the last time they hung out together alone? She says you mean without Johnny? Marissa thinks Ryan is glad Johnnys gone. Ryan says hes not even going to answer that. Ryan then leaves. Marissa goes to her room and finds the necklace Sadie made from Johnny in her drawer. She puts Ryan's necklace next to it. 

Commercial Break

Julie and Kirsten's party on the beach is in full swing. Sandy and Seth discuss their mishap with the gifts. Ryan shows up alone and Seth says so no Marissa? Ryan says no Summer? Seth says shes here with her date (her dad). Sandy says this day is too much pressure. Sandy sees Matt and wonders if his date showed up.

Justin shows up to see Kaitlin. She asks if hes going to act like this is a strange coincidence. He says nope, and offers to buy her a drink. She wonders if he still has that fake ID.

Seth goes to talk to Summer. He wrote her a confession on a cocktail napkin. She reads it. He says he has a problem with lying, and lists all his sins. Seth says if he ever screws up again then she can give this to his parents. She says pretty smart after all. She tells Seth that shes wearing the thong. Seth says yeah, thats his moms. Summer says EW! 

Marissa walks along the beach and meets up with Chili who is drinking. Chili tells Marissa they are the only two who understand what they are going through. She says he might be right. Chili decides hes going back to the name Casey, Johnny never liked Chili anyways. 

Kaitlin tells her mom that shes leaving, shes going back to school tonight with her friend who offered to give her a ride. Julie gives her permission for Kaitlin to go back to school with the boy, who promises to drive safely. Julie says shell see her at parents weekend, and she has to come back soon. Kaitlin promises theyll be seeing a lot more of her. Julie apologizes if this trip wasnt all that. Kiatlin says shes a Cooper, shell survive,

Neil approaches Julie to talk. She says he doesnt have to explain, perhaps they dont belong together, their schedules seem to keep them apart a lot. Neil says they have complex lives that will make this complicated. Julie says did he just say will? Neil says he is sorry he didnt ask her earlier, will she be his Valentine?

Kirsten talks to Ryan about being alone. Ryan says he and Marissa have been fighting a lot, mainly about if Johnny was just a friend. Ryan says she said he was just a friend, but she could have been lying to herself. Kirsten says the nights not over, he could make a pit stop on the way home. Ryan says there is a place he needs to stop off at. Ryan walks off. 

Sandy and Kirsten see Matt and Maya together. They seem to be getting along. 

Kiatlin returns home and packs her things. Marissa shows up and asks if shes leaving? Kaitlin says yeah, and dont cry. Marissa says she is sorry for everything. Kaitlin says dont be, but figure out what she really felt for Johnny. Marissa says it doesnt matter now. Kaitlin says yes it does. 

Ryan shows up at Johnnys house and offers to help Sadie moving Johnnys stuff out. Sadie accepts his offer and lets him in.

Justin drives Kaitlin home. Justin sees that Kaitlin is crying. Kaitlin says as weird as it sounds, shes going to miss this place.

The couples at the party dance. Sandy and Kirsten kiss, Neil and Julie dance, Seth and Summer make out on the beach.

Marissa looks in her drawer and looks at Ryans Necklace and Johnnys. She takes Johnnys out and looks at it. She begins to cry.

Ryan helps Sadie with packing up Johnnys things. She asks him what hes thinking. He says if he could have said or done anything more. Sadie says he was there for him at the end of the day and thats all they can do for each other. Sadie excuses herself and goes to the kitchen. There is a knock at the door, its Volchek. She tells him to go away, but he thinks she wouldnt come back if she didnt want to see him. She says he has it all wrong. Ryan shows up, and Volcheck asks what hes doing her? Sadie slams the door in Volchecks face. Ryan asks if everything is okay? She says it is now. Sadie goes back to making tea. Ryan looks out at Volchek, who looks back at him.

March 9th Episode of THe O.C
Marissa tells Sandy that the cops dont think it is an accident. Sandy asks if they suspect Ryan? Marissa says they are trying to blame her.
Sadie asks Ryan if hes ever played strip poker?
Seth and Summer spy on Julie and Summers dad, who play golf and get kissey on the golf course.
Volcheck finds Ryan with Sadie and asks how many girlfriends he actually has. 
Marissa is on the beach and someone is vandalizing the lifeguard station.
Julia asks Neil in his wildest dreams, what would he do with a willing woman? 
Summer says EW!
A bunch of guys beat up Ryan and tell him that he should have stayed in High School.


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