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February 10th, 2005 Episode Of The O.C.

Seth walks into the kitchen and finds Ryan and a whole lot of roses. Seth jokes to Ryan that he had no idea he felt this way. Ryan says dont look at him, they were here when he came in. Sandy walks in with more roses, and Seth says he does realize the holiday is tomorrow. Sandy says his mother deserves to be treated to something nice. Sandy asks Seth to help him with the other flowers in the car. Seth tells his dad this is overkill. Ryan tells Seth his parents really go overboard for this holiday. Seth calls it a dreadful day, and Ryan says still broken up over the Alex breakup? Seth says emotional childs play with what hes dealing with now. As they unload the car, Seth says Summer is back, and now hes forced to go to San Diego with her on the one year anniversary of their sexual tete-a-tete. Ryan says as long as what happens this time isnt a mnage-a-trois, as hes going with Zack. Seth says yeah Zack is his friend, and he doesnt want to go near Summer or San Diego. Ryan tells him that this shouldnt be a problem as he and Summer are friends now. Seth says yes, but they had the most sexually charged nose graze the other day. He says they nose humped. Seth wonders what hell do as the universe seems to be against him. Rex says hell go to San Diego and keep it in his trousers. Seth says he hates Valentines Day. Sandy says that is why he is his son. Sandy asks Ryan what he is getting Lindsay? Ryan says he and Lindsay are taking a break so she can spend time with Caleb. Seth says your giving her Grandpa, thats pretty bad. He asks his dad to step in and help Ryan out. Kirsten finally walks into the kitchen. Sandy gives her the roses and she puts them down the garbage disposal and walks out of the room. Seth says it looks like hes not the only one at odds with the universe. 

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Sandy goes to his and Kirstens room and says he thinks he knows what this is about. Kirsten says he lied to her, she went to his office and found Rebecca. Sandy says Rebecca is accuses of a serious crime and he didnt want to implicate her. Kirsten tells him not to try and get off on a technically, this is about their marriage and they come first. Sandy says he did what he thought he had to do. Sandy says she is innocent and she is his client. Kirsten says she isnt just his client, he was in love with her, it is complicated. Sandy says it is complicated, but there is nothing going on between them. He asks her not to fight on the day before Valentines Day.

Ryan shows up at Lindsay's house with a rose. He says happy day before Valentines Days. Lindsay says she thought they were taking a break. He says yes, but it didnt occur to him that Valentines Day was coming up. She says you didnt want to be alone, awww, your such a girl. He asks if they can take time off for taking time off. She says okay, but he needs to apologize to Caleb before she'll go out with him. She says she is spending a lot of time with him, and it will be awkward with them always fighting. He says okay, hell do it in order to take her out.

Seth shows up at Summers place to touch base before Zach shows up. He says he just wanted to make sure she was dressing warmly, and she is. She asks him about her earrings, if they are too much bling, but he says they are fine. Seth says if their working together ever begins to become too much for her . . . She says this is a broken record. She says she is fine, and she wants to kick ass at this meeting. Zack shows up, and they head off to San Diego.

At the hospital, Kirsten and Lindsay are with Caleb as hes leaving the hospital Caleb is being wheeled out, and he doesnt like having to be in the wheel chair, he thinks he can walk out of the hospital. Lindsay got him a care package, a whole bunch of mad libs. Kirsten says those were her favorite as a kid. Caleb hopes they stick around and teach him to play. Kirsten asks about Julie and Marissa. Caleb says Julie is still in Europe, and Marissa is running around with her new tattooed friend. Lindsay says if hes looking for company, Ryan wanted to stop by for a visit. Caleb says hes seen enough of him. Kirsten asks Lindsay to find the chauffer and see if hell pull up. She does, and Kirsten tells him to make things right with Ryan for Lindsay. He says fine, and he asks Lindsay to invite Ryan over to play mad libs. She says shell call him right now.

Zack, Seth and Summer are on their way to San Diego with a huge cardboard cutout of Summers character on the roof of the car. Summer and Seth remember their trip to Tiawana, and Summer talking about how disgusting it was and the hotel was a hell hole. When they talk about fighting over who got the bed, Zack asks who won. Seth says they worked it out.

Julie returns home to the mansion and asks if anyone is here? No one is there to great her. She finds Caleb outside by the pool. He says he wasnt expecting her home today. She says she canceled her trip to Nice to come home and keep him company, but she sees hes doing fine. Lindsay walks out and says hello to Julie. Julie says its nice to see the two of them have grown close while shes been gone. She tells Lindsay to make herself at home, Calebs house is her house.

Julie heads upstairs to see Marissa, who is still asleep. As Julie opens the curtains she tells Marissa that it is 1pm, get up! Marissa asks her mom what she wants. Julie got her a Chanel clutch, every girl in Paris had one. Marissa says thanks. Julie says she did some soul searching in Paris, and she thinks its time to put the past behind them and become friends again. She asks Marissa to go to dinner with her. Marissa says no way, shes not that lame. Julie says shell take away her blackberry and her cell. Marissa says blackmail is no way to start a friendship, but shell see her at dinner.

Sandy drives out to some hotel where he sets Rebecca up. He says this place will be much more comfortable than his office. Rebecca asks if Kirsten was furious? Sandy says some poor roses took the brunt of her anger this morning. Rebecca says she knows shes complicated his life, and to make up for it she got him a Valentines Day gift. She says she saw it and couldnt resist. Sandy looks at it and he says every time he sees it he remembers her snoring in the theater. She got him a DVD of their first movie date together. Sandy ends up telling Rebecca he doesnt know if hes the best lawyer for her, hes not schooled in amnesty cases. Rebecca knows it is putting a strain on his marriage, and she says okay. He says hell get her a list of the best lawyers in town, and theyll get through it. Rebecca says she wishes she was getting through it with him. He tells her to be careful what she wishes for.

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Sandy returns home and asks Kirsten how her father is. She says he's okay, and he says and her? She says the same. She says the credit card company called to verify he was staying at some inn. Sandy says its for Rebecca. Kirsten says she wont stand in the way of him taking her case. He says hes not. She says dont say no because of her. He says of course this is for her, he knows not to stand in the way of her on Valentines Day. She says good, she won't say this doesn't make her happy as it does. He asks her to find a place for them to go have dinner tomorrow as he really doesnt want to eat take out on Valentines Day. She says shell call The Arches

Marissa and Alex are hanging flyers up at The Bait Shop. Alex tells Marissa that she doesnt have to hang around her to help her. Marissa says anything she can do to avoid her mom is welcomed. Alex sympathizes and says her mom used to channel Satan all the time. Alex says she found a way to avoid making a scene with her mom and drive her nuts. She says every time her mom said something to her, she would say "Interesting idea, Ill give it some thought. She says it drove her mom nuts. Marissa says shell give it a try. She says anyone who helps drive her mom gets a free dinner, so Marissa says what does she say. Alex says okay, but not tomorrow night. She says Valentines Day first dates are a jinx. Marissa says okay. Alex says but next week theyll go on a date. Marissa says cool, but looks uncomfortable. 

Seth, Zack and Summer are at some office waiting for their big meeting and pitch. Summer leaves to fix her lip gloss, and Zack thinks shell be a nightmare when they go backpacking. Zack tells Seth how he and Summer are going to Italy for his sisters wedding. Zack says they are staying for the wedding and then heading off on their own, maybe to go to Venice. Seth says that doesnt sound romantic at all. A woman comes out and says the man they were supposed to meet with got stuck in Japan and will meet them tomorrow. She says they have booked them rooms in town to stay at. Zack says theyll have more time to work on their pitch.

Ryan arrives at Caleb's place to speak with Caleb, and he tells Lindsay hes dreading this. He goes in to Caleb's study to find Caleb playing pool. Ryan says he didn't know he played, and Caleb says he just started. Ryan says he came by to apologize. He says hes sorry if he had anything to do with his heart attack. Caleb says he knows that was difficult for him, stringing so many words together, as he hardly talks. Ryan says he guesses he doesnt have much to say to him. Caleb says how about thank you for the education hes getting, for the roof over his head, and everything else hes done. Ryan says like insulting him and treating him like a criminal. Caleb says he is a criminal, his do gooder son-in-law dragged him out of jail. Ryan says this was a waste of time. He leaves and tells Lindsay there is always next Valentines Day.

Zack, Seth and Summer arrive at their room. They have adjoining rooms, and he learns Zack and Summer are sharing a bed. Seth becomes geekily nervous about it. Summer asks if he is okay? He says hes just having an allergic reaction to the universe.

Sandy takes a walk on the pier and meets with Professor Bloom. He brought him coffee, but the professor says he gave it up finally. They talk about things, and Sandy feels guilty for leaving him and Rebecca. Max says hes not and things will work himself out. Sandy asks if hes not drinking coffee then what is he drinking? He says green tea, so Sandy goes to get him some.

At the hotel, Seth stays in Zack and Summers room watching movies with them. He sits between them on the bed. Zack suggests its time to turn in. Zack says they could watch another movie or play cards. Summer tells him to go to bed! Summer basically has to push him out of their room. 

Back at the pier, Sandy returns to see the professor with the tea, and hes dead on the bench. 

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Sandy finds Rebecca on the beach, it is morning. He goes to her, and she has tears in her eyes. He comforts her and holds her. 

Seth, Zack and Summer are back at the office, and Seth has not slept at all. He is also wired on espresso. Summer asks if he got any sleep? He says 15 minutes, that's all you need. They go in to meet the guy, and Seth is a total goober. The guy wants to talk about the characters. Seth begins describing the characters and babbles on and on. Seth says at the heart of this comic is a love story. Zack and Summer say no, but Seth says it is there, they just don't see it. The guy asks between who? Seth says between the Ironist and Little Miss Vixen (ie Seth and Summer). Zack and Summer try and tell the guy that there is no love story, as Seth appears to be blowing it. Seth tries to use the pitch to get Summer back, and Summer tells the guy hes sorry as this isnt the comic they wanted to pitch. He says it has promise, but they arent ready to forge a partnership and should get back to him after high school. 

Sandy tells Kirsten that the professor suffered a coronary and didnt suffer. He also apologizes for staying out so late and not calling. She says she understands. He says he still wants to go out tonight. She says they can celebrate another time, but he says they need this. He says he doesnt like how things are between them now, and she says she neither. Sandy decides to go take a power nap. He says when he wakes up he wants to see her all dolled up. 

Ryan goes over to the mansion to try once again with Caleb. They head off to Calebs study. Ryan says clearly talking doesnt work. Caleb asks what he wants to do, punch him? Ryan says theyll play a game of pool. Ryan says if he wins then Caleb accepts him as Lindsays boyfriend. He says if Caleb wins, hell stay out of his way. Caleb says okay, and they get to playing.

Marissa and Julie go out to dinner. Marissa wonders what this is about? Julie says with Caitlin in boarding school, they are all thats left of the family. Marissa says she has Caleb. Julie says she is going to tell her this because she's old enough to know the truth. Julie says she is worried that she and Caleb might not make it. Marisa jokes if they cant make it, no one can. Julie says whatever happens, shell survive. Julie says she couldnt stand to lose her though. Julie says they need to play their cards right and spend their time with Caleb wisely. She suggests they play happy family for the next few months until she decides where things are going. Julie tells Marissa if they don't then her inheritance could go to Lindsay, does she want that? Marissa says That is an interesting idea, shell think about it Marissa then asks her mom about the trip.

Back at the hotel, Summer asks Seth what his melt down was about. She asks if there is something he wants to say to her. Seth says he thinks hes just going to lay off the caffeine forever. She says dont say she didnt give him a chance. Zack asks if they are ready? Seth says hes going to take the bus, and Zack says fine with me. Zack tells Summer if they arent taking Cohen home they can stay here for V-day. Seth tells them happy Valentines Day and heads off. 

At the Cohens, Sandy is getting ready for dinner when he gets a cell phone call from Rebecca. She says she was going to leave him a message, she thought hed be out with his wife. She says she wont keep him, she just didnt want to disappear again without saying goodbye. She says she is leaving and wont let him talk her out of it. She says her chances of getting off are slim, and its not worth trying without her father. She asks if he could come over and say goodbye. He says he doesnt think so. He says hell get back to her and hangs up. Kirsten knows it was Rebecca. Sandy says she is leaving. Kirsten knows she wants to say goodbye, and she wont stop him if he wants to go. Sandy tells her that hell be right back and walks out! That was the wrong answer! 

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Zack and Summer sit in their room. He thinks they have salvaged the day. He also says hes accepted that Seth will never be over her. She says those are his issues, not hers. Zack says good. Zack says all he cares is that they are okay. Summer says they are in a hotel room by themselves on Valentines Day, she thinks they are okay. She says its like fate handed them a dream date, so they should make the most of it. Zack says before they do anything he has something to tell her. Before he can she sees Seth is calling her. She ignores it, and Seth doesnt leave her a voice mail.

Caleb and Ryan continue their pool game, and Caleb tries to psych Ryan out by talking about how no matter what happens, Lindsay will side with her father. Ryan says he abandoned her for sixteen years. Caleb says that is the past, but Ryan doesnt think Lindsay sees it that way. Ryan ends up winning the tournament. Caleb thinks this may be the way he settles things from were he comes from, but in real life it takes more. Ryan goes out to see Lindsay and says they are done. He tells them to enjoy their date, its on him. Ryan tells her to stay with her dad tonight and hell see them tomorrow. Caleb nods to Ryan as he heads off.

At the Cohen's, Kirsten calls the restaurant and cancels her reservation. 

Sandy goes to see Rebecca, and she cant believe he bailed on his wife. He realizes hes probably always missed dinner. She tells him to stay here then. He cant, and he says hell miss her all over again after she leaves. Rebecca says she wishes she could take it all back. He says him too. They then share a kiss. Its just a peck, but its enough to know something is there. Sandy says he has to go, but he says she should stay. 

Seth ends up at the diner alone. Ryan shows up to see him. Seth called him, and says hes sorry he called him away from his hot date. Ryan says hes sorry his day went so terrible. He says he blew it, and after the way he acted he wouldnt get back together with him. He thinks Zack deserves Summer, and he has the universe on his side.

Marissa shows up at the club to see Alex. She says she just had a terrible dinner with her mom, but she tried her technique. Marissa says she doesnt want to put pressure one her, but she liked knowing she could come here and see her. Alex suggests they head to the beach and watch the tide to change. She says she always does this when something is about to change in her life. Marissa says she thought she said no dating on Valentines Day. Alex says screw it, she a fan of spontaneous first dates. They head out to the beach.

Kirsten is in tears and Sandy returns home. He sees shes been crying, and she shuts him out of their room.

Seth and Ryan talk about their horrible stories. They walk along the pier and look at all the normal people in relationships. Seth asks if theyll ever have this, and Ryan says no.

On the beach Marissa and Alex watch the tide come in. The tide turns, and they share a kiss. 

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