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February 17th, 2005 Episode Of The O.C.

Ryan walks into the Cohens and finds Seth on the couch in the living room in his robe. Ryan turns on the TV, and Seth begs him to turn it off. Ryan says he wasnt up all night watching movies was he? Seth says no, just Darkman, Hellboy, and the first two Matrix movies. Ryan gives him some coffee and tells him to shower as they have to get to school. Seth says he showered yesterday, but Ryan says he didnt. Seth says he showered the day before yesterday. Ryan makes him a bagel, but Seth says his body will tell him if he needs food. Ryan thinks Seth is wallowing, but Seth says no hes agonizing. He says wallowing is like Vh1, wallowing is like MTV2. He says all hes been wondering is if Zack and Summer has sex. Ryan says let it go as hell never know. Seth says this is true, unless he asks Summer. Seth says what? Ryan says he cant ask her, its weird, creepy and none of his business. Seth says hes right, hell ask Zack!

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Sandy and Kirsten discuss Seths behavior. Kirsten says she tried talking to him, but he just shared some long winded review of some movie called Hellboy with her. Sandy says it sounds like a lady drama. Kirsten says there is a lot going around. Sandy says he has to go pay his respects to Max. Kirsten offers to go with him to the service. Sandy says there isnt going to be a service, the feds would be there waiting for Rebecca. Sandy says its just going to be the two of them. Sandy knows this sounds weird, and he asks her to hang in a little longer. Kirsten says give my regards to Rebecca. She says shell see why her dad keeps calling, perhaps she can help him with his lady drama. 

At the Newport Group, Julie and Caleb are having a huge argument. Kirsten sees them fighting from outside their offices. Lindsay shows up, and she says Caleb called and asked her to come over. Lindsay asks if she knows why? Kirsten has no idea what its about. Caleb then sees them and asks them to come in. HE says he wanted Lindsay to come here as he wanted to formally adopt Lindsay, if she agrees. Lindsay says Oh my God! and Kirsten says she is speechless. Caleb knows this is quiet sudden, but he says after his heart attack he realized something could happen to him. He says he wants to make sure Lindsay is taken care of. Julie says she already offered to make sure Lindsay is taken care of. Kirsten rolls her eyes, and Julie says she saw that. Caleb says this is more than about financial security, Lindsay stood by him throughout his illness. He says hed be proud to call himself her father, if shell have him. Lindsay says she doesnt know what to say. Caleb thinks a party is in order, and says don't you agree Julie? Julie says she has work to do. Julie tells Lindsay Welcome to the family as she storms out.

At school, Seth sits next to Zack in the lounge. Zack asks Seth how hes doing. Seth says fantastic. He says he wanted to talk to Zack and clear the air. Zack says not to worry about it, and the comic book idea probably wasnt the best idea. Seth agrees and says they can still be friends this way. Seth asks if they had a good time, and Zack says yes. Seth says so hes guessing they went to Seaworld, the zoo, had a little Sex. Zack is stunned that Seth is trying to find out if he had sex with Summer. Seth says hed never ask him that, that would be creepy and boundary crossing. Zack says good, and he tells Seth to go home and get some rest. 

Rebecca and Sandy are on the pier. Rebecca has an urn with her dads ashes. Sandy says hes meeting with the FBI tomorrow to talk about her case. He also says what happened the other night cant happen again. Rebecca says she understands. Rebecca then scatters her dads ashes into the ocean.

Lindsay goes to Ryan at his locker and tells him the news about the adoption. Ryan says that is great, but Lindsay thinks Ryan has his doubts. Lindsay says she knows they have work to do still, but it was so amazing the things Caleb said about her. Ryan asks if Julie was there? Lindsay says yeah, and she acted like she was some scheming fortune hunter. Ryan says thats what Julie probably thinks. Ryan tells her not to make Julie her enemy, he says this having had her as an enemy. Lindsay thinks Ryan is trying to talk her out of this, but Ryan says no. Lindsay says she has dreamed of finding her dad her whole life, and he wants to be her dad, so that is all that matters right. Ryan says yeah. Lindsay gives him a kiss and thanks him. 

Two FBI agents show up at the Cohens and ask Kirsten if she has a minute.

Marissa shows up at the Bait Shop to see Alex. Alex says her friends are coming down and shes having a party, so she thought maybe Marissa would want to invite Summer. Marissa says sure. Alex realizes Marissa hasnt told Summer yet, and she says its okay. Alex says shell tell Summer when shes ready. Marissa says she is ready, and to make sure her party doesnt suck.

Sandy returns home to the Cohens and learns the FBI was here. Kirsten says it wouldnt be the Cohen house if there wasnt a visit from someone in law enforcement. Sandy asks what she told them. Kirsten says she told them Professor Bloom came and asked him to clear Rebeccas name. Kirsten says she didnt tell them where Rebecca was staying if that is what he wants to know. Sandy says as a lawyer hes protected, but shes obstructing justice by lying to them. Kirsten wonders what he is really worried about. He says it isnt a choice between protecting her and protecting Rebecca, but Kirsten says she thinks it is. Kirsten says she thinks Sandys already made that choice. 

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Julie goes to see Caleb at the office. She says they need to talk about this. Caleb says she has made her position clear. Julie says she is the only one trying to protect him. Caleb says after his heart attack it was Lindsay by his bedside, she was in a spa in Nice. Julie says she wont let him rush into this, for starters he needs to redo the paternity test as medical science has come a long way. Caleb says there never was a paternity test. Julie is stunned and says she thought he was a better businessman than to pay out all that money with no proof. Caleb says Renee is an honest woman. Julie says the kind of honest woman that has an affair with a married man? Julie says Lindsay probably is his daughter, but he has a responsibility to the family to make sure. Caleb says hell think about it. 

Summer and Marissa hang out at Summers place, and Marissa asks how San Diego was? Summer says Zack was full of surprises. Summer says she feels bad she left her alone on Valentines Day. Marissa says she wasnt alone. Summer asks who she was with? Is she holding out on her? Marissa says no, she was just with her mom. Marissa asks Summer what shes doing tomorrow night? Summer says nothing. Marissa says there is a party tomorrow night, and she says Caleb is throwing it. Summer says shell come. Summer gets a call from Zack, and they make plans for the Crab Shack. Zack tells her about his encounter with Summer, and she says Ew! Summer tells Marissa she has to go kick Cohens pervy little ass.

Sandy meets with an old friend from the FBI named Ross. Ross says even if Rebecca turns herself in and cooperates, she will do time. Sandy says even if she proves she wasnt there? Ross says a man died, and it was Rebeccas key that let them in the lab. Ross says he knows Sandy was involved with Rebecca once upon a time, and he asks Sandy if he knows what hes getting into? Sandy says her father was a dear friend and he owes him. Ross asks what about what he owes his family, his wife? Ross says Sandy thinks he knows this woman, but he doesnt. He says shell bring him down. Sandy thanks him for his help, and he says keep his people away from his wife.

Julie goes to see Renee at her house to talk about the adoption business. She says Caleb is going to ask for a DNA test. She says no one is suggesting Caleb isnt the father, especially since her taking all this money after all these years would constitute fraud if Caleb wasn't the father. Renee asks Julie what she is trying to say. Julie says if she was having thoughts about how this would all affect Lindsay then maybe this adoption isnt such a good idea, and she should come up with a way to talk her out of it. Lindsay shows up and asks what is going on? Julie says she came by to remind her mom about the party and she hopes they can make it. Julie says she has to run. Julie leaves, and Lindsay says they should put garlic up in case she comes back. Renee says definitely.

In his room, Seth is tearing up his sketches of Summer. Summer comes in and tells him that asking her boyfriend if they had sex is creepy! She then starts hitting him with a pillow. Seth grabs it from her. Summer asks what is wrong with him? He says look at him! He says he hasnt showered since he got back and all hes eaten is a pack of corn nuts. Summer says Zack is her boyfriend, not him, and that part of her life doesnt belong to him. Seth says he knows that, and hes sorry. She says he should be, She then sees hes tearing up his work. She tells Seth for the sake of the people who have to live with him, take a shower, and she and Zack didnt have sex. She then walks out. Seth smiles and relaxes.

Kirsten drops by the hotel to see Rebecca. Kirsten says shes sorry about her father. Rebecca thanks her. Kirsten then asks Rebecca if she is in love with her husband. Rebecca guesses Sandy doesnt know shes here. Rebecca says she is, and she always has been. Rebecca says nothing has happened between them. Kirsten says shes sorry for what she had to go through, but why she has been running, they built a family and a life. She says Sandy is putting that in danger for her, so how much is she willing to let him sacrifice? Kirsten then leaves.

Renee shows up at the Cohens, and Ryan answers the door. She asks if Sandy or Kirsten around, and Ryan says no. She says good as wants to talk to Ryan alone. She asks him to help her talk Lindsay out of the adoption. Renee says Lindsay wont listen to her and accused her of being jealous. Ryan says he doesnt know, Lindsay wants this so badly. Renee says Caleb is going to ask for a DNA test, and Lindsay doesnt know this. Renee says she loves her daughter and doesnt regret anything shes done, but Lindsay cant take that test. Ryan says Calebs not . . . Renee say she honestly doesnt know. 

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Sandy meets Caleb at the office on Sunday. Sandy jokes that this looks suspicious. Caleb says its private, and Sandy wonders who is after him now? Caleb asks what he can tell him about a DNA test. Sandy says the adoption party is in 7 hours. Caleb says the papers will take weeks to go through. Sandy asks if he didnt have the test done before? Caleb says no, they had an affair and he was trying to save his marriage, he didnt need a medical record of his infidelity laying around. Sandy says Lindsay isnt going to be happy about this, she thinks shes getting a father, not a blood test. Sandy tells Caleb as an attorney to ask for the test, it would be irresponsible to do otherwise. However, Sandy says as a father, if he loves the girl then nothing else matters.

Marissa stops by to see Alex, and she sees some Alexs friends inside her place, all lesbians. Marissa says she cant really stay, she came by to say hi and shell call her later. Marissa leaves, but Alex tells her to stay. Alex wants her to come back for the party. Marissa says shell try, but Caleb and her mom are having a party. Alex tells Marissa this isnt like her, she's ditching her for Caleb and her mom? She says if she is freaked out to tell her, its okay. Marissa says shell hang out for a bit there and then shell come see her. She gives her a peck on the cheek and runs off.

Seth is eating a huge meal at the diner. Zack shows up to meet him, and Zack says it looks like hes feeling better. Seth once again apologizes for the other day, and Zack says he and Summer didnt have sex. Seth says they dont have to talk about it. Zack says he wants to. He says he isnt very religious, but he believes in no sex before marriage. Seth says but he thought him and the tutor? Zack says he never said they had sex. Zack says what Seth made him realize is that he wasnt waiting for marriage, hes waited for the right girl and place. He says he wants to make love to her in Italy. He says hes just giving Seth notice to plan his freak out accordingly. He tells Seth to punch him. Seth says hes going to go home and watch Best Week Ever on Vh1.

Ryan meets Lindsay on the pier, and Lindsay says she and her mom had a huge fight. Ryan says they need to talk, and he asks if the adoption is the best idea. Lindsay becomes annoyed, and she wonders what everyones problem with her dad is. Ryan says just give it more time. Lindsay says she has waited for seventeen years. She asks Ryan what else is there, what doesnt she know? Ryan says nothing. Lindsay walks off, and he calls to her. She says tonight is probably one of the most important nights in her life, and she only wants people who will support her there. She says maybe shell see him.

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At the party, one of the guests asks Caleb what the surprise is, why are they here? Caleb says shell find out soon enough. Julie tells her to grab a glass of champagne, this is one surprise she wont find posted on the internet. Meanwhile, Lindsay finds it weird nobody knows why theyre here. Kirsten says that is her dad, he loves surprises. Kirsten asks where her mom is? Lindsay says she isnt coming. Caleb asks Kirsten if Sandy is here, he has business to discuss. She says hell be here later. 

Sandy drops by the hotel to bring Rebecca some Chinese food. He finds the hotel empty and a note for him. He reads the note.

Seth plays Playstation in his robe while Ryan gets ready for the party. He asks Seth to come to the party, but Seth says nothing will get his mind off the fact that Zack and Summer are going to have sex in Tuscany. Ryan thinks maybe hell stay and hang out with Seth as Lindsay doesnt want him there. Seth says of course she does. Seth says he is fine now and he has realized he and Summer are over. Ryan thinks he should talk to Summer and get closure, so Seth agrees to do so. Seth says if he doesnt come back alive, his blood will be on Ryan's hands and it will never wash off.

Summer finds Marissa in her room reading. Marissa says she couldnt find the stomach to go to party. Marissa asks where Zack is, and she says probably confession. Summer tells Marissa that Zack doesnt believe in sex before marriage, but now hes changed his mind and they are going to Tuscany next weekend. Marissa says so what is the big deal, she said she wanted to. Summer says the thing is as they were about to, there was a voice in her head. Marrisa says Seth? Summer says and I couldnt get rid of him! Summer says now its complicated and Zack is expecting them to have sex when they go to Italy. Marissa tells her to tell Zack that shes changed her mind. Summer says she knows she should, she should trust Zack, he deserves that. Marissa suddenly blurts out that shes been dating Alex! Summer says what? Seths Alex? Girl Alex? Marissa says yeah. Summer asks who knows, and Marissa says just her. Summer ask if she is a . . . Marissa says no, she just likes her. Summer says she is hot. Marissa asks if theyre still friends? Summer says of course, and Summer hugs Marissa. Summer says this isnt turning you on, right? They then giggle. 

Ryan arrives at the party and runs into Renee outside. Renee has decided to tell Lindsay the truth. Ryan says hell bring her out here, it will be less public. Ryan goes in and finds Lindsay. He tells her that her mom is out front and wants to talk to her. Lindsay thinks he and his mom are working as a team now. She says since he is here just delivering messages, he can tell her mom that her dad is about to make the adoption announcement in a minute and shed like her to be there. Lindsay says if she wont be there, then at least she has one parent who supports her. Ryan says she cant let Caleb adopt her. Lindsay asks what hes talking about? Ryan says he may not be her dad, her mom told him yesterday and he didnt want to say anything. She says thats not true, why is he doing this. She then walks off in tears.

Sandy arrives at the party, finds Kirsten and says Rebecca is gone. He asks what she said to her? Kirsten says this isnt the time. Sandy says the note said she talked to Kirsten and cant let him put her family at risk. Sandy says she has no idea what shes done. Kirsten tells Sandy not to put this on her, he could have gotten another lawyer but he couldnt let go. Sandy asks what she said? Kirsten says she asked if she was in love with her, and she said yes. Kirsten says he has known that the whole time. Sandy says he cant help how she feels. Kirsten says he is asking her to believe in and trust him, so do you trust me? Sandy says hes not sure at the moment. Kirsten says then they have much bigger problems.

Lindsay finds Caleb in his study, and she asks if they can go make the announcement and get it over with. Caleb asks Lindsay to sit. She says or they could wait a little, that would be fine. Caleb says he knows how much shes been looking forward to this day, but hes been thinking and they should postpone this adoption. She cries and asks what she did? Caleb says a man in his position needs a few tests done for safety. She realizes he doesnt think she is his daughter. Caleb says its not that he doesnt want to adopt her, but he believes in taking precaution. Lindsay says she doesnt need to take a test, she knows her real dad wouldnt treat her this way. Lindsay runs out, and Julie shows up. She tells him that shell go cover for him. 

Lindsay gets in her car and speeds off. Ryan runs after her car, but she wont stop. Meanwhile, Julie uses the party to make the announcement of her new magazine, Newport Living. 

Marissa goes to see Alex, and she asks where everyone is? Alex says the girls went out as she wasnt in the mood for a party. Marissa tells Alex that she just freaked out. Marissa says she tried to tell Summer but she couldnt, and then she came here and got more freaked out. She says she figured maybe if she couldnt tell her best friend, maybe she wasnt ready. Alex thinks Marissa is going to dump her, but Marissa says she told Summer and now she wants to meet her friends.

Seth shows up to see Summer. He tells her that he was under the illusion there may still be something there, but now he knows it was Zack who didnt want to have sex, so he wants them to have a great time in Italy. He says hes cool with it and hes over her. She says good because that is where they both need to be. He says that is why he came here, to lay it all out. She says shes glad he did. She says goodbye, and he says see ya. Seth asks her to send him a post card, and she says okay. Seth then leaves. 

Sandy comes home to find Ryan and Seth sulking on the couch watch Hellboy. Sandy joins them and asks how their night was. Seth says Summer hates him, and Ryan says Lindsay hates him. All three men sulk together.

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