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February 24th, 2005 Episode Of The O.C.

A bit shorter than normal, away from home and no VCR to pause and get every little detail I can!

The show begins with the song No Rain by Blind Mellon and tadio personalities talking about how it is raining in the O.C. Outside we see it is pouring. Ryan looks out of his pool house at the rain. Meanwhile, Seth sulks in the Cohen house and looks outside at the rain. Seth and Ryan look at one another and try and coax the other to come to them. Seth uses bagels to try and lure Ryan over, but its a no go. Seth then calls Ryan up and Seth asks if he is coming over for breakfast as he needs to talk. Ryan says no and that hell be here if he need to talk. Seth says hes a child of California Sun, if he goes out in this rain then hell melt. Seth and Ryan talk over the phone, and Seth talks about Summer leaving. Ryan talks about how he hasnt talked to Lindsays since she left Calebs. The thunder strikes, and they think of it as a sign that they have to talk to the women in their lives. Seth tells Ryan they are in this together, the two of them just like a pair on Noah's ark. Seth makes some comment about God punishing them, and Ryan says God's punishment won't be as bad as their girls. 

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Kirsten is laying in her bed watching the rain out the window. She sees a photo of Sandy and herself on her nightstand and turns it down. Sandy walks out of the bathroom and says it is 10am, is she going to stay in bed all day. She says maybe. Sandy thinks they are becoming strangers. She says she was taught not to talk to strangers. He says he is sorry she is upset. Kirsten says last time she checked this was all her fault. Sandy says that isn't what he said. Sandys phone rings, and Kirsten knows who it is. It is Rebecca calling. Rebecca had planned to run again and says she couldnt leave before she said goodbye. Kirsten says shes up now, and heads off. Sandy asks Rebecca to stay where she is.

At Calebs place, Julie is slicing bagels in the kitchen. Marissa and Alex shows up, and Julie didnt know Marissa had a friend over. She says she's making bagels, if the Cohen's can do it then so can she. She tells Alex that she is very punk, and then starts talking about how was punk in her day. When she turns her back, Alex kisses Marissa. Alex decides to head off, and Julie tells Marissa that she seems nice. Julie says if she wants friends to stay over its fine, just tell her ahead. Marissa decides to tell her mom the truth, which makes Julie says that makes her so happy. Marissa says hold that thought, Alex is my girlfriend. Julie says of course she is, but Marissa says no . . . my girlfriend. Julie is speechless, and Marissa walks away.

Lindsay is practicing her oboe in her room, and someone keeps ringing the doorbell. She looks over and sees a packed suitcase. Ryan then begins banging on her window. She asks what hes doing? He said she wouldnt open the door. She says because she doesnt want to see anyone. Ryan asks her to let him in, and she does. Ryan climbs in and she dries him off with a towel. Lindsay says she thought he was Caleb showing up to take her to the DNA test. Lindsay says shes not going. Ryan sees her suitcase is packed, and Lindsay says she was going to go live with her dad, but now maybe shes thinking of Chicago. Lindsay says she has family there, and her mom is thinking about moving there to start over Ryan says she doesnt know for sure that hes not her dad. Lindsay isnt sure if she wants to know. Ryan says if she is his daughter its one reason to stay, and he can think of another reason. Lindsay says the test sounds so scary. Ryan says hell go with her if she wants.

Summer puts on her bridesmaid dress, which is a yellow nightmare. Seth shows up to see her wearing a Spiderman mask. He says he doesnt have a hat or a raincoat, so he wore this to protect his head. Seth knows his visits to her bedroom are getting repetitive. He then sees her suitcases, and says your really going. She says yes she is a bridesmaid, why does he think she is dressed like Lemon Meringue!  Seth says wow they are really serious, she's like a part of the family and everything. Summer asks if he came her to advance the plot or what? Seth says the reason he came by to tell her to take a special plug for her hairdryer, he doesnt want her to brownout western Europe. Seth says have a safe flight, and then he heads off. . 

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Sandy meets up with Rebecca at the diner she called him from. He asks her to come back and make things right.

Marissa shows up at Alexs place, and she tells Alex that she told her mom about them. Alex is shocked and asks if it was just to piss her off? Marissa says she told her so that this could be real. Marissa thinks her mom is having a meltdown so she cant go home. Alex says stay here, and then decides to get Marissa out of her wet clothes.

At Lindsay's place, Ryan and Lindsay get got and heavy in her bed. She slows him down and talks about what if the test comes back positive. Ryan says then hell adopt her. She says she doesnt know if she wants that. Ryan then tells her she cant go to Chicago. Lindsay says she couldnt handle the cold, she doesnt like deep dish pizza, and she couldnt be without him. Ryan says hes glad to know he comes in below pizza. 

Julie and Kirsten both show up at work on a Saturday to distract themselves from their problems. Julie suggests they break into Calebs licker cabinet and dish gossip. They drink scotch and smoke his cigars as they talk. Kirsten says right now her husband is transporting a fugitive who used to be his exgirlfriend. Julie says she has a lesbian daughter. Kirsten says maybe its a phase. Julie says well it was for her, and she tells Kirsten that shell work it out as she and Sandy are the moral center of the universe. She says they are Sandy and Kirsten! Kirsten says now they are Sandy, Kirsten and Rebecca.

Sandy and Rebecca are headed back to town and come upon a roadblock. Rebecca panics, but it isn't about her. They learn the road is washed out. An officer tells them there is lodging back a few miles and the road will be closed until morning.

Ryan returns home and finds Seth listening to Boys To Men. Seth says is was no sadder song in the world. Seth says it looks like Summer is lost to him. Ryan remembers the first time he heard about Summer, they were on his boar. Seth thinks that is it, hell take her sailing on the boat to prove his love for her. Ryan says he sold it, so Seth says he'll buy it back. Ryan says he has no money to buy it back. Seth comes up with a solution and turns the music off as it is depressing him.

At her place Summer is listening to Boys to Men and trying to call someone. Zack shows up and says this song is so sad. She claims she was waiting for Motown Philly to come on. Zack sees all the luggage she is taking. She says she is representing America, she can't look bad for Italy. Zack says they are backpacking and going from hostel to hostel. She says "EW! Your making me sleep someplace you haven't seen!" Summer then talks about how she finds it weird she is in the wedding when she doesnt know her. Zack says his has sister has very few friends, she is hostile and alienates people. He asks her if she is having second thoughts about going? She say she just has to get a plug for her hairdryer and all. Zack says he already got her one. 

Seth shows to see Alex to get his job back. She doesn't know, but he begs her until says okay. He then asks for and advance. She says he is lucky, today was payday. Marissa walks out in a gown, and says should she get dressed or are they staying in bed. Seth is stunned and learns she is with Marissa now. Seth thanks both of them for everything and he means everything.

Sandy and Rebecca check into the Pink Hotel. They have a bottle of  desert wine and vending machine food. Rebecca tries to put the moves on Sandy saying they are away from everyone and will wake up from reality tomorrow. She says it's "just us" now. Sandy tells her they havent been just us for over twenty years. Sandy says he has to call Kirsten. He goes outside and stands in the rain.

Commercial Break

It's a new day. Seth goes back to buy his boat from some guy. The man says he's made some modifications, the boat has been horrible painted and is now called Gimme Sex

Kirsten is in bed and gets Sandys call. He says he tried to get in touch with her last night. She says she got his messages but past out early as she had a long day at work. Sandy says the rain still hasnt let up, but hes walking home if he has to. Kirsten tells him to get home one way or the other. Sandy says hell see her soon.

At Calebs place, Julie tries to talk to Marissa about Alex. Julie says she experimented too in her youth, but it generall involved Motley Crue and a lot of jaegermeister. Marissa says too much info! Julie says she knows this is a phase and wont make a big deal if she doesnt. Marissa says you mean you want to avoid public embarrassment. Julie sees Marissa is packing, and she asks where she is goin? Marissa says she is moving out.

Seth brings the Gimme Sex home, and he and Ryan sit in it. He wants to put it in the pool and give Summer a ride in it. Ryan says you want to take Summer for a ride Gimme Sex? Seth then tells him about Alex and Marissa and how they are no longer allowed in the red states. They then have visuals in there heads and think about it. Kirsten walks in and says she wont ask why there is a boat here, but Lindsay called and the tests are in. She says Lindsay wants them to go with.

Zack and Seth are getting ready to head off for the airport. Summer gets a phone call from Seth, and he asks what shes doing. She says she is leaving. Seth says he has something to show her before she goes, and not in a creepy way. He begs her to give him one last shot, but she says no. She says he has his shot and he sailed away, but Seth says thats what he wants to talk about. Summer says she is hanging up. Seth asks if what she and Zack have is as awesome as what they had. Summer says she doesnt remember that far back, and obviously what they had wasnt as awesome as what he had with Ryan, otherwise he wouldn't have left.

Kirsten, Ryan, Lindsay, Caleb and Lindsays mom are waiting in the office for the results. Kirsten and Caleb both says shell always be a part of the family. The doctor finally comes in and says Caleb is the father of Lindsay Wheeler Gardner. Caleb and Lindsay hug, and he says he knew it.

Seth once again listening to Boys to Men. Ryan shows up and tells him the news, and says Lindsay is moving in with Caleb. Seth says Summer is going, and he's going to watch SHerman Oaks: The Real Valley. He says it's a reality knockoff of The Valley (a pun on MTVs Laguna Beach).

Sandy and Rebecca drive home. Rebecca wants to talk about last night, but he says no. HE says it meant nothing, and they were over 20 years ago. He says he has a family now that he loves and wants to get home to. She screas Sandy lookout! Suddenly Sandy swerves to miss a stopped car, and they head off the road

Commercial Break

Both Sandy and Rebecca are okay, and a passerby calls 911. Rebecca says she cant be here when the cops come as they could both be arrested, so she is leaving. She says she has no choice, her father is gone and so is he, its time for her to let him go. She gives Sandy a kiss on the forehead.

At the airport, Zack, Summer, Zack's mom and sister are waiting for their plane. Summers phone keeps ringing, but she ignores it. Zack and his family talk about Botchelli (the opera singer, spelling?) and Summer says she loves him but prefers his earlier comedies. Summer realizes she messed up again and says she's going to get a magazine. She then checks her voicemail, its Seth. He says maybe she is screening calls or being screened by security, but he wanted to say hes sorry and he hopes she has a good trip. He then talks for Captain Oats to say travel safe and theyll miss her. 

Marissa shows up and moves in with Alex.

Ryan shows up at Lindsays, she is all packed. He asks if she has called Caleb to let him know shes coming. She says no because shes not. Lindsay says she and her mom talked it over and shes going to Chicago. She says she cant leave her mom as she is the only family shes ever really had. Ryan says he gets it, and they share a hug,

Seth sits on the couch to watch his Valley show, but the satellite is out. He then says this he can fix.

At the airport, Zack says the flights been delayed again and his sister is freaking out and thinks it is a sign she shouldnt get married. He says maybe she can help him talk to her about this. Summer then sees a boy playing with a horse and comic books. She thinks it could be a sign. Zack asks Summer to come talk to his sister with him, but she says she cant go, she cant do it. Zack sees the kid and gets it. Zack says he didn't think shed make it past security. She says she is sorry. He says you cant fight fate. She gives him a kiss and heads off.

Sandy had to take a bus home. Kirsten is waiting for him and she asks if it is over. He says it never stared. He then kisses her. 

Seth goes up to fix the satellite dish, but falls of the roof and dangles upside down after getting his foot wraped up in wires. He has on his Spiderman mask.

Alex and Marissa head to the bait shop. Alex thanks her for walking her here and asks if she wants to come in? Marissa says no, she heads home to wash the dishes and play homemaker. She sees Ryan on the wharf in the rain and walks over to him

Summer shows up to see Seth and hears Seth screaming for help. He asks what she is doing here? she says what do you think? She peels off his mask and shares a Spiderman movie kiss with him!

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