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March 18, 2006 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with Summer thinking to herself about how she has to make a choice, but to let the choice make her. She stares at two bathing suits on the bed. Marissa walks in and wonders what that voice is. Summer shuts a recorder off, and Marissa says she was listening to her own voice. Summer tells Marissa how on all the TV shows they do voiceovers and it makes peoples lives more dramatic. Marissa says hurry up as they will be late. Summer keeps playing her tape and finally makes her choice of which bathing suit to wear. Marissa and Summer then join Seth in the hot tub, Ryan is no where to be found. Seth says it makes for more room, and he likes the odds of two girls and one guy a lot better. Summer says hes right, the hot tub and the house are all theirs for the night, and she has always like Marissa. Marissa says what happens in the hot tub stays in the hot tub. Seth says haha and gets out.

Ryan is helping Sadie fix some pipes or plumbing at Johnny's mom's house. He breaks the pipe which soaks them. There is then a knock at the door, and Sadie sees police lights outside. She opens the door and there are two cops there. Meanwhile, Seth calls Ryan and says he was supposed to be here an hour ago. Ryan says they just finished fixing the sink. Seth says hes missing two girls in bikinis trying to seduce him. Ryan says hell be right there. He finds the cops with Sadie, and she says he should probably go home. He asks what is happening? She says the cops think Johnnys death may not have been an accident. He says he saw what happen. Sadie says shes got this and sends him out the back.

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Marissa and Summer are at the trailer and Summer suggests a double date with the boys. Marissa doesnt think so. Summer wonders what is with them, do she and Ryan have a system to avoid one another? Marissa says shell call him later and theyll sit down and talk. Summer thinks she should have a talk with her dad, hes been burying himself in his work since her step-mom left. She thinks her dad is unhappy, sometimes he doesn't come home till after she's asleep. Marissa then gets a call . . . . 

At Johnnys place, Seth and Ryan show up as Sadie talks on the phone with her aunt. It turns out the bank wants to foreclose on the house, and until the cops figure out how Johnny died, there will be no insurance money from his accident. Ryan says he fell off a cliff. Sadie says they have new evidence that says it may not have been, but its not Ryan they are interested in, its Marissa.

Kristen and Julie discuss their dating service. Kristen does all the talking, and Julies a zombie. Kirsten asks what is going on with her, shes been tired all week. She says it was another late night with Neil. She says this time it was in the back of his Mazaradi. Kirsten says she didn't think they had back seats. Kristen suggests they go public and stop sneaking around. Julie agrees but they dont want to make waves right now with everything the girls have gone through. Neil calls Julie and they decided to discuss telling the kids, he thinks Summer is getting suspicious. Julie tells Kirsten she needs a cat nap and to wake her in twenty.

Maya drops by the Newport group to see Matt. They end up kissing, shes brought him something he left at her place. Sandy walks in to talk business and says hes sorry to interrupt. Maya says its okay, shes just leaving. Maya leaves and Sandy tells Matt they are really hitting it off. Matt says yeah and shes really great. Sandy says hes glad to hear that, but if they dont get the proposal to Dr Griffin then they are dead in the water. Matt says he just cant come out and ask her for a meeting with her dad, if he doesnt do this the right way then they are through. 

At Harbor, Summer is trying to call her dad, but she cant get a hold of him. She thinks he's once again in surgery. Taylor shows up and asks what they are talking about. Seth says Summers dad is burying his head in work to avoid his pain. Taylor suggest she get Summers dad a hot date, and she suggests they get Seths mom to take her dad as a client. Seth says its not a bad idea, and Summer says she would like to pick out the person he marries next as she knows who would be good for him and what he likes. Taylor says she can brainstorm things for old people to do on their first date.

Ryan asks Marissa if the police talked to her. She says yeah, him too? Ryan says no, Sadie says they only wanted to talk to her. Marissa says me? Ryan asks if she wants him to go with her. She says no, she doesnt want to drag him into this. Ryan knows he hasnt been around lately, but they could meet up later. She says sure shell call him and set something up. He suggests she go to Sandy about the police, but Marissa thinks it is nothing.

Ryan heads to Sadies place after school to help her. Sadie is pissed, shes going to find Johnnys dad to smack him around and get money from him. Ryan offers to go with her, but Volchek walks in and says hes going with her. Volchek and Ryan begin trading verbal jabs. Sadie steps in and says Volcheks dad was drinking buddies with Johnnys dad so he has a lead. Ryan says he could write down the address of the lead. Volchek says hes looking forward to catching up with Sadie on the road trip. Sadie suggests Volchek write down the address. He says fine, he doesnt like Johnnys dad anyways. He then asks Ryan if this means his girl will be all alone? Volchek says what goes around comes around.

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Ryan and Sadie hit the road looking for Johnnys dad. Sadie drives and he suggests she take a different route as its much more scenic. She laughs and asks when the last time he drove his parents SUV inland? Ryan says they are his guardians, hes from Chino. He says his dads in prison and things didnt work out with his mom. She knew there was something different about him. Sadie says maybe his dad knows Jack, hes been in prison too. She says Jack owes years in child support, he is her aunts last hope at saving the house.

At the Newport Group, Sandy asks Matt for a double date with Kirsten and Maya. Matt says okay. Sandy wants to take the pressure off Matt and bring up the proposal. Marissa walks in to see Sandy. Marissa tells Sandy she needs legal advice, the cops want to talk to her about Johnny, she thinks they are trying to blame his death on her. She says shes supposed to be at the station giving a statement now. Sandy says hell help her, but first she needs to tell him everything about that night. 

At the Cohens, Summer shows up to see Julie and Kirsten about her dad. Summer wants them to help her dad with his love life. She thinks hes miserable, hes over working at the hospital and the gym. Summer says he's lost like twenty pounds. Julie says maybe hes working out in case he meets someone. Kirsten says maybe hes already met someone. Summer says dont say that, her dad will probably end up with the first money grubbing slut that he has sex with in his Mazaradi. Kirsten asks Julie if she wants to tackle this one? Summer says all she needs is a list of candidates, she has a list of things the woman must possess and must look like. They read over the list, which doesnt leave much wiggle room. Summer says her dad didnt have much in common with the step mom, and she left. Kirsten says theyll see what they can do. Summer leaves, and Julie thinks she cant be all these things. Kirsten says shell never come close to one of them, so why doesnt she tell Summer the truth?

Ryan and Sadie question a neighbor about where Jack Harper is. He only knows Jack moved and nobody knows where other than its someplace in Indio. Ryan says it looks like they are going there, and Ryan decides to make some calls to people he knows for leads.

Neil shows up at a restaurant to meet Julie, who is going all Sharon Stone from "Basic Instinct" with the clothes and hair. This was one of Summers look a like requirements. Hes a bit shocked to see her dressed up. Neil asks what this is about? Julie says tonight is all about him. Meanwhile, Taylor has shown up to place an order for takeout. She ends up seeing Summers dad with Julie. 

Summer talks with Marissa on the phone, they talk about Ryan. They agreed to talk, they just didnt decide on a place. Marissa is at the old lifeguard house on the beach. Summer wants Marissa to call Ryan, so she says she will. Ryan and Sadie have checked into a motel, and Sadie suggests they play strip poker to pass the time. Ryan says hes wearing more clothes than she is, but shes not worried. She says they can play for who gets the bed. Ryan gets a call from Marissa, and he ignores it. He tells Sadie it's nothing, he'll call them back.

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Sadie comes in with breakfast, Ryan did indeed sleep on the floor the night before. Sadie flipped through the yellow pages and found an ad for a bail agency called Big H. She says when they were little Jack was Big H and Johnny was Little H, she thinks it is him. Ryan says hell wake himself up and they can get going. Seth calls Ryan and asks where is he? Ryan says Indio. Ryan asks how much trouble hes in? Seth says none, hes covered for him. Ryan says what hes doing is for a good cause. Seth asks what the cause is? Ryan says the less he knows the better. Seth rolls around in Ryans bed to make it looked slept in. Taylor shows up and wonders what Seth is doing. Seth says nothing. Taylor says she has news, she knows who Summers dad is dating. Seth suggests they stay out of it. She says its Julie Cooper, and she heard them on a date last night, the way they were talking was totally perverted. She says they have to tell Summer, but which one will do it. Summer walks in and says tell her what? Taylor tells Seth that shes his girlfriend, he should tell her. Summer says not this weirdness again, but Taylor says yeah shes over all that. Taylor tells Summer that her dad and Julie Cooper are doing it. Taylor says she wouldnt have believed it if she hadnt seen it with her own eyes, it was so 90s thrilleresque. Summer says like a Sharon Stone movie. Seth says they should confirm this before making accusations. Taylor says fine, she knows where their next tryst is.

Neil and Julie are out playing golf. Neil has to help as she is not athletic. This leads to some spooning on the golf course as he helps her with her swing. Seth and Summer show up and catch them making out on the golf course. Summer says she cant believe this. She says they need to go, its so horrible, too horrible to look at.

Sadie and Ryan show up at a bail shop looking for Jack Harper. The guy there says Jacks on a job and he doesnt know when hell be back. Ryan says they can wait for him. The man says he is authorized to protect this property with lethal force. Ryan says theyll wait out in the car. They leave and the man makes a phone call.

Marissa is out on the cliffs where Johnny died, she remembers being questioned by the cops the night before. The cops had the letter Marissa wrote to Johnny and that he had burned in the fire on the beach. They pieced what they could together. Marissa tells them what the missing pieces of the letter said. She told Johnny that she wasnt in love with him and never would be. The cops think he probably took it hard, and it probably angered her boyfriend. Marissa says Ryan didnt know about the letter and he had nothing to do with any of this. Marissa says Ryan didnt push Johnny, and Johnny didnt commit suicide. She says Johnny slipped and fell. Volchek shows up on the beach where Marissa is. Volchek says he and Johnny used to be friends actually. Marissa asks what happened? Volchek says Johnny got better at surfing than him, he didnt like that. Marissa says the secret is safe. Volchek says if she ever wants to hang out then hes around. She says not interested. He says is she sure? He says she can keep a secret too.

At the Cohens, Kirsten asks Sandy how it went at the station. He says a few surprises, but it was an accident and the cops have no evidence to prove otherwise. She tells him that he looks exhausted. He says he was up most of the night putting the finishing touches on the proposal. Kristen wonders if they should postpone the dinner. Sandy says they cant, they need to get in with the hospital for this project. Kirsten says if things dont go well then it could hurt Maya and Matt. 

Back at the bail shop, Jack returns and Ryan and Sadie confront him. Sadie wants back child support from Jack. Jack says he needed that money to start his business. She thinks he must be doing well with his business given the car he's driving, so he can pay her aunt  back now. He says he doesnt owe the bitch anything. Sadie begins trashing his car, and Jack goes to attack her. Ryan defends her, and ends up getting beaten up by Jack and his friends. 

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Ryan and Sadie go to a diner, shes nursing his cuts and bruises. She says shes sorry she dragged him into this. He says she begged him not to come. Sadie doesnt know what her aunt will do now, Jack was their last hope. She says he has no idea what it was like for her aunt being married to that guy. Ryan says he can, he and Johnny had a lot more in common than he thought. Ryan heads to the bathroom, and Sadie finds he took the car keys. She sees Ryan take off in the car and leave her behind.

Matt, Maya, Kirsten and Sandy go out to dinner. Sandy brings up the proposal, and asks Maya if she could help them get one more shot at a meeting with her father. Maya offers to take a look at his proposal and see if she can set up a meeting. Sandy presses her, they cant wait long as the board is making a big decision this coming week. Matt tells Maya its not that big a deal, dont worry about it. Sandy says actually it is a big deal. Sandy says hes sorry to put pressure on her, but this hospital could help a lot of people. Kirsten says they are eating, can they wait till after dinner. Maya asks Matt if he wants her to show the proposal to her father. Matt says he would like that. She says shed be happy to. She then asks them to excuse her and walks off. Matt goes after her.

Seth and Summer are kissing on the couch, but Summer stops. She is afraid about her dad and Julie, Julie isnt right for her dad. Seth says so she had sex with Luke and married her grandpa for money, he likes her, she has moxy. Neil returns home, hes on cloud nine. He asks Summer if she has plans tomorrow as she wants to talk to her about something. She says shes free, so he says its a date. Seth tells Summer hes proud of her. Summer says well he heard her dad, hes happy. 

Ryan returns to see Jack. Ryan says he just wants to talk. Ryan begins telling Jack his sad story of his life, and how his dad left him, his mom and his brother, how they didn't have enough money to even live on. Jack asks what he wants him to do? Ryan says make things right with Johnny. Jack says its a little late, Johnny wont know. Ryan says maybe not but Jack will. Jacks associate returns, and Ryan is thrown back out. Jack tells Ryan he never wants to see him again. He also throws an envelope of money at him. Sadie shows up in a taxi, and Ryan gives her the money. She asks what it is, and Ryan says a start.

Kirsten and Sandy return home. Sandy hears from Matt, Maya loved the proposal and is giving it to her father. However she broke up with him and is moving back to New York. Kirsten thinks they could have had a future, they knew one another for a long time. Sandy think she's taking her matchmaking business too seriously. Sandy says Mayas moving because she wants to. Kirsten thinks Sandys changed, a few weeks ago he was uncomfortable with the idea using Matt and Maya. Sandy says this is his job, its what he has to do for now and he might as well succeed at it. Kirsten she once told him that she wasnt worried about Sandy Cohen knowing where the line was, well now shes worried.

Marissa is at the bait shop watching a band play when Volchek shows up. They both look at one another, and Marissa gets up and walks out. 

Ryan and Sadie drive home. Sadie asks what he will tell the folks about his face? He says they are used to it. She says what about Marissa? Ryan says he needed to get out of town and try something different. Sadie says it was different, and now that hes back? Ryan says he and Marissa need to talk.

Marissa goes to the lifeguard station and gets a call from Ryan. He asks if everything is okay with the police. Marissa says Sandy seems to think so. Marissa said she called him yesterday. He says he knows. HE says this is hard. She says just say it. He says its not because of Johnny and Trey. Marissa says its not working. Ryan says he cant believe after all theyve been through that they have nothing left to say. Marissa says they never were good with words. Ryan says so hell see her at school, and she says yeah see him. They then hang up. Marissa is in tears. 

Sadie shows up at the pool house to see Ryan. She says she was unpacking the car and found the cards, is he up for a rematch? He tells her to deal. They begin playing cards. 

Marissa remains at the life guard house when Volchek shows up. She doesnt run away this time. 

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