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March 10, 2005 Episode Of The O.C.

Seth goes to the pool house to wake Ryan up. He pulls open his curtains and says he knows hes bummed that Lindsay left, but he cant live like this. Seth says when Summer was leaving for Italy with Zack he refused to let him be bedridden and depressed. Ryan says no he didnt, he gave him his space and didn't try and help him. Seth says true, but he needs to help him. He asks Ryan what he can do. Ryan says leave, but Seth says he cant do that. Seth offers to bring Captain Oats out to play with him as he likes the pool house. Seth also suggests if hes getting sick of the pool house then they can switch rooms. Seth says they only put him out here for the privacy. Ryan says he likes the privacy. Seth suggests they go out to their own private booth at the diner. Ryan tells Seth to shut up. He says this thing with Lindsay is different, it cant be fixed with pancakes. Ryan doesnt mean to take this out on him. Ryan says a lot of people in his life just left, and he thought those days were over. Seth says hell leave, but not leave per say. Seth then gives Ryan his space. Later, Ryan gets up and begins packing a bag so it seems.

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In the Cohen kitchen, Kirsten comes in and pours herself and Sandy some coffee. She spills it as she is jittery and not focused. He tells her that everything will be fine. She says if they just act like nothing happened then it will be as if . . . Sandy says nothing happened. He then asks Kirsten where her wedding ring is? She says she cant find it. Sandy says she never takes it off, but Kirsten says she does sometimes when she gardens or does the dishes. Kirsten says shes sure its not lost. Sandy thinks maybe it fell down the sink.

Summer meets up with Seth at the diner. Summer had a post card she was looking at, possibly from Zack. Seth talks to Summer about how Ryan is really down right now. She says they have to cheer him up. Summer says she and Marissa are going to the mall later, so he should bring Ryan. Seth says sure the mall will cheer him up, but hell ask him anyways. Seth says now that they are back together perhaps Marissa and Ryan will get it together. Summer says they are like the worst couple ever, and Marissa is happy now. Seth says and by happy you mean gay.

At Alexs house, Alex sees Marissa has accidentally turned all their whites pink as she didnt know to separate the laundry. Marissa says shes sorry, theyll get new stuff. Alex says with what, did she get a new job? Marissa says shes looking for it. Marissa suggests they do something fun at it is the weekend. Alex says she has to work, so maybe tonight they can eat take-out by the water. Alex prepares to leave and tells Marissa not to answer the door to a fat guy with an I-Heart-NASCAR tattoo as its their landlord and they are late with the rent.

Caleb shows up at the Cohen house and says it is good to see that Sandy has found his calling. Sandys taking apart the sink to look for Kirstens ring. Caleb asks where Kirsten is, and Sandy says she went to work with Julie to work on the magazine. Caleb says he is disturbed by Lindsays departure. Sandy asks if he has no one else to tell this? Caleb says she was his daughter. Sandy says hes sorry and hell listen if he wants to talk, but first hand him his appliers.

At the Newport Group, Julie doesnt know why she cant edit her own magazine. Kirsten says because she knows nothing about editing a magazine. Julie rants about this guy whose experience includes a magazine called Ugly Americans when their magazine is about beautiful Americans. Kirsten asks her to just make the best of it. Julie sees someone talking to the secretary and freaks out. The man asks to see Julie, but the secretary says she is behind closed doors. The man says to tell her Lance stopped by, a little blast from the past.

Back at the Cohens, as Sandy works on the sink, Caleb talks about how he is worried about Lindsay, and how a stupid peanut butter commercial made him cry. He asks Sandy what hes doing anyways, and Sandy says looking for Kirstens wedding ring. Seth walks in and says hes glad to see his dad has found his true calling. Caleb says he said the same thing. Sandy says nothing like a good crack about a plumber!

Seth goes to the pool house to find Ryan and finds a note. Seth runs back into the house and grabs the car keys and splits.

Marissa is busy cleaning up beer cans at the apartment. Someone knocks on the door and its only Summer. She opens the door for Summer, and Summer asks what that smell is, potpourri? She says no beer. Summer tells Marissa that she knows she probably has plans, but she has to go to the mall today. Marissa says it sounds great.

Seth finds Ryan at the bus station. He tells Ryan that he hopes he has a lot of snacks, its a long ride to Chicago. Ryan forgot he knew about this stuff. Ryan says he wasnt running away, he just wanted to go see her for the weekend. Seth says Lindsay needs time, and he needs to just keep himself distracted. Seth invites him to the mall with the others, and he says tomorrow if he still wants to go to Chicago hell bring him back and generate a cover story for the parents. Ryan says okay.

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The kids all arrive at the mall so Summer can pick up clothes for a battered womens shelter charity drive. As they are heading out of the car Seth spots the post card from Zack in Summers purse. They all head into the mall to pick up some clothes being donated. The woman says they close early today so not to take too long. Summer says it will be fun, its like they have a backstage pass to the mall! Summer and Seth then begin to make out.

At the Newport Group, Kirsten suggests to Julie then not put her face on the magazine cover each month, maybe show a house or the beach a few times. Julie asks what the incentive to buy the magazine is then? She says if people want to see the beach they can go there. Carter walks in and says that would be wrong. Kirsten and Julie introduce themselves, and Julie is not pleased to be working with him. She says this magazine is about them (Kirsten says by that Julie means her), and people who aspire to be like them. Julie says they dont need some outsider coming in and telling them what to do. Carter says if it is any consolation he doesnt want to be here either. Carter says theyll just sit down a few times a week, theyll do what they want, and hell go home with his paycheck. He says now who wants a cocktail.

Sandy and Caleb are now drinking, and Sandy thanks Caleb for helping him to try and find the ring. Caleb says its a nice thing hes doing, perhaps helping Kirsten will take the edge of the hurt he caused Lindsay. Sandy says he doesnt know about that. Caleb asks how hed know and calls him Mr Self-Righteous I only help people I dont hurt them. Sandy says he hurt Kirsten. Caleb asks what he did, and Sandy gives him the short version. They talk about how the ring means the world to Kirsten. Sandy says it took a long time to save the money to buy it, before that ring Kirsten wore a plastic ring he won at an arcade in San Francisco. This gives them an idea, and they head out.

Alex returns home and finds Marissa is nowhere to be found and the place has not been cleaned up. Alex tries to call her and only gets her voice mail. Alex is worried, and asks her to call.

At the mall, Seth and Summer are still making out while Ryan and Marissa seem to be doing most of the work. Marissa asks how Ryan is doing, and he says not so good. He asks how shes doing, and she says shes thrilled to be out of the house. Ryan assumes she means Julies place, but she says no Alexs, she means their place she guesses. Meanwhile, Seth finds that theyve been locked in the back room. There is no phone and none of their cell phones are working. Summer has an idea and gives Seth a hairpin. Seth says good idea, and tells Ryan to go for it. Ryan says he doesnt know how to pick a lock. Seth tries, and ends up breaking the hairpin. Summer says this is like the episode of The Valley where Jake and April got locked in the bank vault. Ryan says there has to be a way out, and Summer spots an air duct. The guys begin climbing through the ducts, and Seth says its like "The Goonies" meets "Die Hard". Ryan thanks Seth for getting him out and in here. Seth ends up falling down a chute and says he found a way out!

Summer and Marissa girltalk and Ryan, still in the vent, listens in. Summer says shes glad to be back with Seth and hopes it works out this time. Summer asks about her and Alex and if she is happy. Marissa says there has only been one person she felt that (in love with) way about. Summer says she knows, asks if it is weird being here with him? She says no fine. Summer says she knows Marissa is into chicks now, but does she think about getting back with Ryan now that Lindsay is gone. Marissa says Lindsay is gone, but Ryan is also heartbroken. Summer asks Marissa if she misses Ryan, and she says everyday. Seth opens the door to free them, and he sees Ryan in the air duct. Marissa doesnt look pleased at the idea that Ryan heard their conversation.

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The kids make their way through the mall and look for an exit. Summer says wait, they are trapped in a department store which is her ultimate fantasy. She suggests they spend the night. The others don't know, but she says theyll be out before the mall opens, and it will be fun. Seth says they could use a night to forget their troubles, and by they he means Ryan. They all agree, and end up calling all their loved ones with excuses as to where they are. Seth, however, tells his dad the truth, that theyre trapped in the mall and spending the night. Ryan asks what they do now, and Summer suggests they play hockey to determine where they sleep. Summer ends up being a street hockey maniac. Unfortunately they trigger a security camera without knowing it.

Kirsten, Julie and Carter go out for drinks. Julie sees Lance has followed her and is sitting at the bar. Julie excuses herself to go to the bar and talk to Lance. She asks what he is doing here. He says that is no way to greet her first love. She says he wasnt her first love, just her first. Julie knows he wants something, and Lance says he has something for her. Julie says the last time he gave her something she drank cranberry juice for a week. He gives her a package, and she asks what she ever did to him. He says she is married to the richest man in town, and he wants to know how much this is worth. She says she has two daughters now. Lance says he knows, arent they worth protecting. Julie tells Carter and Julie that shes not feeling well and has to leave. Kirsten becomes suspicious that something is up as Julie uses the excuse she has food poisoning, but they haven't eaten yet. 

Back at the mall, Summer has set up the tent, and Seth once again sees Zacks post card in Summers purse. He gets rid of Summer by asking her to get another paper mache log for the fake fire so he can look at the post card. He reads it a bit of it, and of curse is caught by Summer. She asks what hes doing?

Julie goes home and watches the tape, which is her in a porno! The tape is called The Porn Identity. As she is watching the porn, Alex walks in.  Alex came looking for Marissa as Marissa claimed she was staying over at her moms for the night to get some stuff. Alex says thats cool, a little porn before bed, her lips are sealed. Julie says Marissa isnt here, and Alex isnt happy. Julie says obviously she isnt the only one MArissa  lies to. Julie says she knows her daughter and she only let her go with Alex because she knew shed come back once the novelty wore off. Alex says Marissa isnt happy. Julie says Marissa hasnt been happy since she was sixteen. Julie asks Alex if she has meet Marissa's new friends sullen and vindictive? Alex says no, shes only met scared and overwhelmed. Julie tells Alex that she isnt saying this to be mean, because she is a nice girl and she likes her pants, but she is just this weeks yard guy. She says Alex is Marissas new form of torturing her. Alex says she doesnt know that. Julie says Marissa has only been in love once, and he looked a lot different in a wife beater than she does. 

At the mall, Ryan and Marissa discuss the food they found, which is going to be their dinner. Meanwhile, Seth and Summer fight about Seth reading Zacks post card. He wonders what the big deal is, why cant he read it (she took it). She tells him to trust her, it doesnt say anything. Seth says he knows it says something about something is so hot, but he couldn't read the rest. As they argue, Ryan and Marissa return with the food.

Caleb and Sandy are at the carnival trying to win a ring for Kirsten. Sandy keeps getting key chains, and he says he really wanted this to prove she was the love of his life. Caleb says he can tell her that, but he realizes Sandy really wants the ring. 

Back at the mall, Marissa tells Ryan they are roughing it, they are all alone in the wilderness. Ryan suggests they find Seth and Summer, but then thinks they might want their privacy. Marissas phone rings and it is Alex. Marissa explains that she ran into Summer and is going to hang at her place. Ryan offers Marissa the tent and he says hell camp outside. She says its big enough for two, it is supposed to sleep four. They both get into the tent. Meanwhile, the mall manager and a security guard show up. 

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Seth still wants Summer to tell him what happened, but then they hear the security guards. They run to find Marissa and Ryan. Marissa ands Ryan are in the tent as far apart as they can be. They talk about Seth and Summer being back together, and they reminisce about Seth and Summer spending Thanksgiving with Anna while they drove cars around Chino. Seth shows up and says they need to go now!

At the bar, Carter tell Kirsten the truth about why hes not working on the Ugly American anymore. He says he went on a long bender because of a divorce. Kirsten says shes sorry, but he says its not like someone died. He asks if shes ever been married. Kirsten says she is married. Carter says she isnt wearing a ring. Kirsten says she took it off and cant find it. Carter says that is a strong statement, taking off your ring. She says she was potting geraniums. Carter says the night he realized his life didnt love him he found his wifes ring by the sink, she claimed she was scrubbing a casserole dish. Kirsten says they can be a bitch, and Carter says so can his ex wife. Carter says they havent discussed the magazine at all, they havent accomplished their goals. Kirsten says she thought his goal was to get paid for doing nothing. Carter says he is finding Newport Living more interesting than he thought.

Back at the mall, the security guard approaches the tent, in which we see shadows and hear some voices. It turns out there is just a bunch of mannequins in there watching The Valley on a TV. The kids bust out of the mall, setting off the alarms, and speed off. They get a huge rush, and Marissa asks if anyone is hungry. Seth says Summer would like Italian. She tells him to give it up, and he says only when she confesses. Ryan and Marissa decide to get cheeseburgers and chili fries.

Julie gets a call from Lance, and she offers to give him fifty thousand. He says no way, he can make more than that selling the tape on the net. HE wants five hundred thousand. She says she cant get that money, what would she tell her husband. He says tell him the truth, her mom was sick and her sister was pregnant and she couldnt pay the rent that month. He says or she could make something up.

Ryan and the others arrive at the restaurant, and Seth and Summer remain in the car to talk. Seth doesnt know how Ryan and Marissa are now the functional couple. Summer says they cant be more annoying then them! Summer agrees to tell Seth about the post card. She shows him that what is so hot is the weather, and at the bottom it says "say hi to Seth." They share a kiss and make up. 

Kirsten comes home and finds Sandy in bed. He says he looked for her ring but couldnt find it. Kirsten says theyll find it. Sandy says in the meantime theyll have to do the dishes in the bathroom sing as he lost the bolt. He says he did fine her something, and produces a carnival ring. He tells her that he loves her and hes so sorry that he made her doubt him.

Julie sits at home in tears not knowing what to do. . . . Alex sleeps on the couch. . . . . Kirsten retrieves her wedding ring from her bedside table drawer and puts it back on.

Ryan and Marissa eat at the diner, and Marissa tells him that its funny but they have been apart longer than they were together. Ryan says it has been awhile. They end up in a little french fry food fight. Seth and Summer watch them from outside and Seth says the Fantastic Four is becoming fantastic again. They then go in to join them.

On the NExt O.C.
Lance tells Julie that she has three days to get him his money.
Julie goes to Sandy for help. She shows him the video and he says this is the first time shes made him speechless.
Kirsten pays Carter a visit, and it appears hes drunk. He says it looks like she found her ring, which means shes still married, so thanks for dropping by.
Summer tells Seth not to interfere with Ryan and Marissa. Seth says he cant help it, they belong together. Summer says no they dont.
Alex spots Ryan hugging Marissa, and she confronts Ryan, pushes him, and says stay away from her girlfriend!

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