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March 16th, 2006 Episode Of The O.C.

At the Cohens, the family is cleaning up dinner. Kirsten asks Ryan if he has requests for his birthday on Sunday? Seth says its his birthday? Sandy says not just any birthday, hes turning 18. Seth thinks they need to have a party. They talk about how this is a right of passage, hell be able to vote, and he will go to prison and not to juvi if he gets into trouble again. Ryan thanks Seth for pointing that out. Ryan says thanks but no thanks to the party. Seth asks what he has against birthday parties. Ryan says he only had one as a kid, and shortly after his mom began to have her drinking on the couch all day long parties. Sandy says this is a milestone, they should do something. Kirsten says it doesnt have to be a big tado. Ryan says okay as long as it is small. Seth says it would have to be, he only knows them, Summer and . . . Ryan says he and Marissa broke up. Ryan leaves to do his homework. Ryan leaves and Seth says he was totally going to say Marissa just then. Ryan goes to his room. He looks at the phone as if hes about to dial. Marissa is at the lifeguard house by herself waiting for the phone to ring. Ryan doesnt call her.

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At school, Summer asks Marissa how shes doing, she called her last night but got no answer. Marissa says she was out thinking. Summer is worried about her, all she does is spend all her time at that lifeguard stand staring into the water like a widow. Marissa says she is doing better, she had a good nights sleep last night and had pancakes for breakfast. Marissa sees Ryan walk into the school. Summer tells Marissa that they need to talk about her mom. Marissa says they should talk about this later, and she walks off. 

Summer goes to see Ryan, who is pretending to read the bulletin board. She asks if hes thinking of joining the lesbian alliance? He says no. She says well Marissas gone, he can stop pretending. She wonders when they will talk, they cant avoid one another forever. Ryan says he has to go to class, and he walks off.

At the Cohens, Kirsten tells Sandy he thinks they should invite one of Ryans family members. The only one left that they know of is his mom. Sandy is afraid she might embarrass Ryan, remember when she got drunk at Casino Night? Kirsten says they could keep an eye on her. She asks Sandy to try and locate her, it shouldn't be hard for someone with his connections. Sandy says hell make some calls, and they should keep it a surprise just in case. 

At school, Summer tells Seth they have a problem, Ryan and Marissa. Seth says they have gotten them back together before and got nothing in return for it. Summer says well they have to make a decision about their relationship and move on, they are stuck in limbo. Seth says he has to plan Ryans birthday party, he cant worry about that. Summer says she has to worry about Julie Cooper giving her dad VD and taking all of his money, she has a fuller plate. 

Julie and Neil are getting dressed. They had a quickie at Neils place. Its the only time they can do so without the kids around. They decide it is long overdo they tell the girls. Julie ends up wondering what they will say when the girls ask how serious it is. Julie hints around, and decides to come out and say it. Neil then gets a call that he has to take. Julie is unable to ask the question she wanted an answer to.

Ryan shows up at Sadies place to see her. There is a huge whole in the wall, shes fixing it up. She said she wanted to put a bar in there. He asks when Gwen gets back? Sadie says shes not coming back, shes putting the house up for sale. Ryan decides to help her with the project. Sadie asks about Marissa? He says they broke up basically. He says before they have a big talk, he needs to figure out what he wants and how he feels. 

At the trailer, Volchok shows up. Marissa sees him outside. She goes outside, but he speeds off on his bike.

At the Cohens, Seth talks to Ryan about his birthday. He reserved the bait shop for his party. Ryan asks what happened to small? Seth said he ignored that. He had invitations printed up, and Ryan asks him to invite Sadie. He says okay, and he puts the call in Ryans corner as to whether to invite Marissa. He tells Ryan he has till Sunday to decide, and gives him the invitation. This is hard for Ryan, if he invites her it may look like he wants to get back with her, if he doesn't it may look like he's calling it off.

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In Summers bedroom, Summer asks Seth what Ryan said about the invitation for Marissa. He says he got a confused and wounded look. Summer doesnt know how she is supposed to keep this party a secret from Marissa. Seth says she hasnt told her about her dad and Marissa's mom making sweet and beautiful love. Summer says Marissa is dealing with the Ryan stuff right now, plus shes decided that shes okay with it. She says her dad was whistling this morning, as long as they take things slow then shes cool with it. The doorbell rings, and Seth says door. She says mmmhmmm. He says hell get it. He gets some envelope for her dad, which Summer decides to open. She looks at it, its tickets for a lovers cruise. Summer says this means hes going to propose, he proposes on cruises. She says this is awful. Seth says they havent been dating long. Summer says he knew her mom a week before proposing. She says he met the step monster on the cruise and proposed with a ring from the gift shop. Summer says her dad has a disease. She says Marissa will have to put the Ryan stuff on hold, they have to stop this.

Ryan helps Sadie with her home repairs. He also gives her an invitation to his party. She says she doesnt think she can make it, shed like to, but she is meeting a friend in LA tomorrow. Ryan says its okay, its no big deal. She sees he dropped another invitation, its for Marissa. He says hes been deciding whether or not to invite her. Sadie gets the dilemma hes in. Ryan says Seth says hes in a breakup limbo and has to make a choice, this is his way of forcing the issue. Sadie agrees. She says she was seeing this guy off and on for awhile. He asks what she did? She says Gwen called with the news Johnny had died so she just left.

At the trailer, Summer shows up to talk with Marissa. She asks what shes doing? Marissas on her PC listening to music. She says shes making Ryan a CD of music that he lost in the fire at the model home. Summer says for his birthday, its so romantic. Marissa says no, just thoughtful. Summer doesn't think so, it's sending signals. Marissa says anything she gives him will be read as lets get back together, and if she gives him nothing its like shes saying shes moving on. Marissa doesnt want to make the wrong decision. Marissa asks what she wants to talk about. Summer says well, Seth is throwing a party for Ryan and she wants to invite her. Marissa wont go unless Ryan invites her himself. Summer says this sucks, and Marissa agrees.

At the Cohens, Kirsten finds Sandy packing a suitcase. She jokes the day has come, Sandy is leaving her. He says its not like that. He says he found Ryans mom in New Mexico and he thinks shes in trouble. He says hell tell her on the way to the airport.

Summer runs into Julie at her house. Julie was trying to call Neil to find out where he was. Summer asks Julie if her dad is here? Julie says she doesnt think so, and Summer is probably wondering how she let her in. Summer says she knows all about her and her dad. Julie says they were going to tell her. Summer says when, before or after the cruise? Julie says what cruise? Summer hands her the pamphlet and tickets. Julie says she didnt know about this cruise, it leaves tomorrow night. She says it must have been a surprise. Summer says he was going to surprise her all right. She says her dad proposes on cruises. Summer says she doesnt want her dad getting into another marriage this quickly. Julie says they are nowhere near getting engaged. She asks if Marissa knows, and Summer says no. Julie thinks she should tell her, and get herself a new bikini while she's at it.

Sandy arrives in prison to see Ryans mother Dawn. Dawn asks what hes doing here? He says shes here to invite her to Ryans 18th birthday party. Dawn begins to cry. She asks if Ryan knows shes in here. Sandy says no, and he doesnt have to. He asks what happened? She says same old story, she hooked up with a guy, the money ran out, and she started writing bad checks. Sandy says hes going to see what he can do for her. Dawn asks how Ryan is? Sandy says good, she should be proud. 

Marissa runs into Matt as shes sulking at the pier. Matt gives her a folder, the evidence the police had on her. Its the letter to Johnny. Matt goes off to take a call, and Marissa looks up and sees Volchok. She goes over to talk to him. She asks if hes stalking her? She asks what does he want. He says nothing. He ends up grabbing her and says he knows shes going through stuff about Johnny's death. Matt returns and thinks he should walk away. Volchok gets a mouthy with Matt, so a cop shows up and detains him. The cop demands Volchok fork over some ID as Matt and Marissa walk off.

Ryan goes to the trailer to see Marissa, but shes not there and he doesnt bother knocking on the door. He leaves.

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Seth brings Ryan his birthday coffee. He asks if he feels like going out and voting. Ryan says hes fighting the urge. Seth asks if hes gotten any calls. Ryan says Sandys finishing his business in New Mexico and coming back, and Marissa hasnt called and hes not expecting her to. Ryan says he didnt invite her. Seth says at least he made a decision. He asks about Sadie, but Ryan says shes not coming, she has a thing with a friend. Seth thinks she didnt want to come when he didnt make up his mind about Marissa, tell her where they stand now. Seth says plus there could be a surprise at the party which may make his head explode. 

Marissa and Julie have breakfast. Marissa wonders what her mom has asked her out to breakfast for. Julie spits it out, shes been seeing Dr. Roberts for the past few months. Marissa asks what shes had done. Julie says she means dating him, thought come to think of it she could probably get some freebees out of him. Marissa cant believe this, is it serious? She says yes, hes taking her on a cruise tonight. Marissa says Summer is her best friend so dont do anything to screw things up. Julie says dont worry, she won't.

Sandy gets Dawn out of jail. Dawn doesnt know how he managed to do it. Sandy says the charges got dropped, she just has to enroll in a substance abuse program and pay back the people she wronged. She says has no money. Sandy says he took care of it and  to pay him back, attend Ryans birthday party. She doesnt know, but agrees. She say she has to take a shower and change her clothes. He says his hotel is nearby, they have time.

At Sadies place, Sadie gets him a hammer for his birthday to commemorate their time together. She had the handle engraved To Ryan, Happy 18th birthday, think of me every time you pound something. Sadie says she needs to shower before going to LA. Ryan says he decided not to invite Marissa to the party, its not what he wanted. Sadie then tells Ryan the person shes meeting in LA is the guy shes been seeing, he wants to talk things over. Ryan asks what that means. She says it means she has a decision to make too. Ryan says well hell see her later then. She wishes him happy birthday and he leaves.

Marissa goes looking for Volchok. She asks a sufer guy where she can find him. He says if she is someone who hooked up with him a few times then forget it. She says she was friends with Johnny, its complicated. The guy says he hasnt seen him in awhile, and he suggests she try a guy Volchok used to work for.

Neil meets Julie at the country club. He says this is a little public isnt it? She says she knows but the cat is out of the bag. She says the girls know, Summer confronted her and she had to tell Marissa. Julie says they were both great. She also knows about the cruise tickets, she hopes she didnt ruin the surprise. Neil says well that will teach him to try and surprise her. Its obvious by the way he acts, the cruise wasnt for her. She says she would swear if he hadnt had planned it that it was fate. He says maybe it is. She decides to check her make-up, but kisses him before she goes.

At the Cohens, Kirsten asks Ryan how it went at his friends? HE says they stopped work early, she had to go to LA. Kirsten says Seth said he didnt invite Marissa, did she take it okay? Ryan says he didnt talk to her. Kirsten says Marissa has been a part of his life for two years. Seth and Kirsten leave to set up at the Bait Shop, but before they go Kristen tells him to think about what she said about talking to Marissa, hes 18, hes an adult, start acting like one.

At Sandys Hotel, Sandy finds that Dawn has skipped out on him. She did leave behind an envelope with Ryans name on it.

Ryan goes to Marissas trailer with the invitation, but shes not there. He leaves it on the counter for her and then sees the CD she made for him. 

Marissa is still looking for Volchok. We learn his first name is Kevin. Hes doing some construction work on a house which looks familiar to Marissa. Marissa says she wanted to tell him shes sorry about Matt. Volchok asks if that was his new boyfriend? She says no, and she just wanted to say sorry. He says well she did. Volchocks boss yells at him for smoking on the job and says the place already burned down once. Marissa has flashbacks, its the Model Home! Marissa becomes upset as she has flashbacks of the fire. She ends up fainting and tumbles down the steps! Volchok screams for help.

Ryan listens to the CD Marissa made him. The cover says The Model Home Mix. We see flashbacks of the episode with the fire.

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At the Bait Shop, Ryan looks at all these photos Seth doctored up. They are Ryans head on other peoples bodies, a cowboy, a firefighter, a boxer for example. Ryan asks what the thinking was here. He says he wanted to show him all the different avenues in life he could pursue. Ryan then asks who all these people are? Seth says well he had to fill the room with people, so he just invited anyone. Summer says two homeless people just fell over in the corner.

Volchok takes Marissa home to the trailer. Marissa says he doesnt have to take care of her, the doctor said she was fine. She says it was nice of him to take her to the hospital. HE asks what happened back there. Marissa tells him about the model home fire and how it all came back to her at once. He gets an attitude because it has to do with Ryan. Marissa asks Volchok if he has something to say to her then just say it. He tells Marissa that his whole life Johnny was the one his mom wanted him to be like, and Johnny ended up dying, it doesnt make since. He gives Marissa his number just in case and then leaves. Marissa eventually sees the invitation to the party for her.

At Ryans party, Neil talks with Summer about Julie and the cruise. Neil says he wasnt planning to take Julie on the cruise, it was supposed to be a way to salvage things with the step-mother. He says he had a ring to propose all over and everything. Summer says well if Julie makes him happy then that is all that matters. Neil says he has to run, the ship sails at midnight. 

Sandy shows up and hugs Ryan. He says hes sorry hes late. Ryan asks how things in New Mexico went. Sandy says hes going to come clean. He says he went to see his mom, she wanted to make it but she couldnt. He says shes having a hard time, but hes going to check up on her. Ryan says thats not his responsibility. Sandy says they may not be his guardians anymore, but hes always a part of this family Sandy then gives Ryan the letter his mom wrote. 

Ryan goes outside the club to read the letter. Inside is a photo of Ryan when he was little with his mom. As hes reading the letter, Marissa shows up with the CD. She sees him reading the letter, chickens out and walks off. Sadie then shows up. He says he thought she was in LA? Sadie says she made a choice too. He says hes glad she came.

Ryan takes her inside and introduces Sadie to Sandy and Kirsten. Sandy jokes that he's glad someone else here actually knows Ryan.

Neil and Julie are at the house and preparing to head off on the cruise. Julie is so excited, and he says he feels the same way. HE tells her to head out to the car, he has to get something. She leaves, and he looks at a ring and puts it in his bag. 

Marissa calls Volchok. They meet at the lifeguard house. She asks him to just sit with her, so he does. They end up drinking together.

At the Bait Shop, Seth prepares his surprise for Ryan. He takes the microphone and says in order to help celebrate Ryans birthday, they have a tribute from his favorite band. Its a Journey tribute band! However they are signing a Foreigner song, and Sadie asks Ryan if he knows that. He says yeah he knows. Meanwhile, Summer says she didnt think Journey sang this song. Seth says they dont he got a Foreigner cover band instead, they are ten times cooler than Journey.


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