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March 17, 2005 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens at school with Seth and Ryan talking about how spring is here and time is flying by. Seth says they have all been trying different things, yard guys, illegitimate daughters, less fighting, loud music, and it was fun. However, Seth thinks things are getting back to the way they were. Ryan says you cant live in the past, but Seth says sure you can. He says hes back with Summer, Ryan is single again . . . Ryan says he thinks he knows where this is going. Seth says it is going to the Harbor High Pep Rally and Bonfire ( a big banner is hanging over the quad). Seth tries to get him to invite . . . Ryan says dont say it. Seth says dont tell him he still doesnt have feelings for her. Ryan sees Alex pull up and drop Marissa off, and he says she is clearly taken. Marissa approaches them and Seth says he noticed the bonfire banner. Marissa says its been so stressful as she doesnt have enough people to help with it. She asks if they are coming, and Seth says of course. Seth then convinces Ryan to walk Marissa to her locker as they are going the same way. They take off and Summer shows up. She tells Seth not to meddle with Ryan and Marissa, they have lived through enough of their pain, those two are combustible. Seth says and what better place for combustion than the school pep rally bonfire. Summer says hes freaking her out, and he says hes okay with that. 

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Sandy and Kirsten are at a golf course and Sandy is trying to teach Kirsten how to play. Kirsten tells Sandy that she hates golf, she sucks at it, she doesnt want to play it. Sandy says shell get better and she looks so cute in that visor. Kirsten says she has to go. She says they are putting together their first issue of Newport Living and have to decide what photo of Julie to put on the cover. Sandy says talk about Sophies choice. He asks who they got to edit it, and she says Carter Buckley and hes great. Sandy asks what hes done before. Kirsten says The Ugly American, National Georgaphic, GQ, and he self published a magazine called Revolution. Sandy cant believe it and says that was the magazine of Berkleys left wing. When Sandy says it was about the hippies and the slackers, Kristen says a magazine about losers, great. Sandy says the lovable ones! He says hes impressed and would love to meet him. Kirsten says shell set it up. Sandy sees she has found her wedding ring, and she says they were behind some cushions. She gives him a kiss and heads off.

At school, Marissa is at her locker and Seth approaches her. He says she seems stressed. Marissa says its the bonfire, they dont have one because nobody has offered to build it. Seth calls her Coop and says he has an idea. He suggests she get Ryan. She says Mr. Waterpolo, I dont think so. Seth says Ryan did do construction and likes architecture. Marissa says he also torched the model home, but would he say yes? Seth says for you, how could he resist. She thinks the distraction might be good with Lindsay gone, and she says its a good idea. He says dont mention it, seriously, especially to Summer. Julie then calls Marissa to try and get her to come home, but she says no.

Lance appears at Julies office for the money. She asks how he got passed security? He says his charming good looks. He tells her that she has three days to get his money or everyone in Newport will see a lot more than her face. Lance leaves and Kirsten shows up and learns that Carter left a voicemail at 3AM saying not to expect him today. The secretary says he was slurring. Kirsten says she and Julie will have to proceed without him. Julie walks by and says cant make the meeting, and she heads off. Kirsten says she guesses the meeting is canceled. 

Marissa and Summer are eating at some outdoor restaurant. Marissa asks Summer to tell Seth not to call her Coop as he kinda ruined the nickname Ryan shows up and hopes he isnt interrupting. Marissa says actually she was hoping theyd run into one another. Marissa asks Ryan to build the bonfire as who else has worked in construction, likes architecture and . . . Ryan says and has burned down a house. Ryan agrees to do it, and Marissa says that is great. Seth shows up and learns Ryan has agreed to build the bonfire, and Seth says that is great. Seth says he has a test for study and walks off. Summer tells them to excuse her and chases after Seth. Marissa suggests she and Ryan meet at her place after school. He says your place with Alex? She says yeah, is that a problem? He says no. 

Sandy is at his office trying to get tech support to help him with his PC problems. Julie shows up to see Sandy. He asks what shes doing here. She says official business, shes his new client. He says if this is marriage business he has to decline, Caleb has him on retainer. Julie says she and Caleb are just fine and shes trying to keep it that way. She shows Sandy the video and he is speechless. HE says this is the first time he is actually speechless. She says it was the 80s, she was young and broke . . . it was the 80s. He says that explains it. Sandy asks where this came from? She says her ex made it, Lance Baldwin. Julie says hes blackmailing her. Sandy suggests she go to the cops. Julie says no, and no Caleb either. She begs Sandy to help her as she cant let Marissa find out as shed never speak to her again. Sandy says okay. 

Summer finds Seth with his nose in a book and asks what the hell is his problem! He tells her to shush, she is interrupting studious people. She drags him in to the back of the library and says she told him not to mess with Ryan and Marissa. He says they belong together. Summer says they dont. He says they do, that is the way it is supposed to be, She tells him to listen up, and calls him ass-hat. She says Ryan and Marissa as separate people are great, but together they are disaster. She says stay away from them otherwise more than the bonfire will go up in flames. He says he cant make promises.

Alex calls Marissa to see if she can hangout after school or something. She says she has a project after school with Ryan. Alex says what? Marissa says a bonfire pep rally. Alex asks if shell see her at home. Marissa waves to Ryan and then says yeah shell see her later.

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Kirsten drops by Carters place, hes drunk and still drinking. He tells her this is a private party, today is his anniversary. She says he is divorced. He says that is why the party sucks. He says he sees she found her ring and is still married, thanks for stopping by. Kirsten says he could at least apologize for bailing on the meeting. He tries to get her to fire him as this will probably happen again. He says its not like he can get depressed over it, he works for a magazine about Julie Cooper-Nichols. Kirsten says it is about culture, art . . . Carter says this magazine is a photo op for 55 year old women with 25 year old breasts! She says this magazine is a chance to do something good for the community. He says hed rather be drunk. She walks off and leaves him to be drunk

At the Cohens, Seth is watching TV with Captain Oats. Ryan walks in and says the bonfire designs so far suck. Seth says whatever he comes up with Marissa will love. Ryan says nothing is going on between him and Marissa. Seth says of course, none of his business. Sandy comes in and says their mom is at work and he has to run but hes leaving them pizza money for dinner. Sandy asks if they are okay, and Seth says yeah and Ryan is working with Marissa. Sandy says that is nice, just like last year. Seth asks if everything is okay with mom, she is working a lot lately. He says she is fine, just busy. Seth says hes senses tension, but Sandy says love takes worse. Sandy leaves and Seth tells Ryan did you hear that, love takes work! Ryan asks to borrow Captain Oats for awhile, and Seth says okay but hes a poor substitute for a broken heart. Before handing him over Seth tells Captain Oats that if Ryan touches him anyplace weird to Nay as loud as he can. Ryan punches him in the shoulder and Seth says see your hitting people again, thats very last year.

Julie shows up at Alexs place to see Marissa. She asks if she can come in. Marissa says no. Julie says she can make her come home, she could call the cops. Marissa says call the cops, theyd love to hear what she has to say. Julie says shell take away her credit cards. Marissa says shell get a job. Julie says you? Marissa says fine shell steal, they know shes good at that! Julie begs Marissa to come home, but Marissa refuses and slams the door on her mom.

Alex shows up at the Cohens to see Seth. Seth says she is in his room, which never happened when they were dating. Seth asks what is going on. Alex says she needs his advice about Marissa. Seth says okay. Seth says hes fuzzy about their relationship so perhaps she has some photos? She throws a pillow at him, and he says he was just trying to be thorough. Alex says she is here about Marissa and Ryan, she gets this feeling. Alex says she has just fallen hard for this girl, is she fighting for a lost cause here. Seth asks if this is about the mall? Alex says no she knows about that. He says so big deal, they slept in a tent together. Alex didnt know about that and says Marissa didnt mention that! Alex storms out, and Seth says Summer will kill him.

Ryan shows up at Alexs place and knocks on the door. Marissa invites him in and she says sorry about the mess. He asks where Alex is? She says working and it is just them. Ryan has a bag and pulled out Captain Oats. He says they are going to build a Trojan horse for the bonfire. She loves the idea. They then start building a scale model out of popsicle sticks.

Sandy shows up at a hotel to see Lance about Julie. Lance asks if he has the money. Sandy says hes here to negotiate. The hooker in the hotel says if this is a three way then her rates go up. Lance tells her to go get some more smokes and sends her off. Lance tells him 500,000 for this to go away. Sandy says she is willing to pay 50,000 but Lance says no way. He threatens to stream the video live on the net in 72 hours. Sandy asks if he thinks anyone will care? Lance says Julie will, she cares enough to save her magazine and marriage. Sandy says hell hear from him.

Ryan and Marissa finish up, and Ryan heads off. Marissa says this will be great and shes glad Seth suggested him. Ryan says Seth suggested him. Ryan says Seth is stuck in the past he thinks now that hes back with Summer that . . . Marissa gets it. They say goodnight and share a hug. Ryan heads off, and Alex is in her car drinking. Alex gets out of the jeep and throws the can at Ryan. He asks what she is doing. She shoves him and tells him to stay away from her girlfriend. Ryan says nothing is going on, but she says she knows what is going on. She shoves Ryan and says dont go near her girlfriend! He tells her to walk away now, and she says shes gone and walks off!

Commercial Break

At the Cohens it is a new day and Sandy and Kirsten are in their bedroom nook. They talk about their work and Sandy suggests they spend time together today, but Kirsten says she has work to do. She explains the situation with Carter the drunk. Sandy cant believe that and says that guy was an inspiration to him. Kirsten asks if he has any copies of that magazine left, and Sandy says probably out in the garage.

Seth asks Ryan how things went? Ryan says things with Marissa went great, things with Alex didnt go well. Ryan tells him what happened, and Seth says that is one angry lesbian. Seth admits he accidentally let something slip, but he doesnt know why she is making such a big deal about it. Ryan says he also knows it was his idea for him to work on the bonfire. Ryan tells Seth to just stay out of this. Seth says he was just a lot happier back then. Ryan says that was then. Ryan returns Captain Oats and walks away.

At Marissas place, Marissa gets a cell phone message from Ryan. He says he cant make it tonight, but everything is ordered and should be okay. Alex asks who that was? She says her mom, more empty threats. Alex confronts Marissa about her sleeping in the tent with Ryan. Marissa says she was going to tell her but she didnt want to make it a big deal. Alex says it want until she lied about it. 

Julie shows up and asks Sandy if he has good news. Sandy doesnt, Lance owns the rights to the movie and she was an adult when it was made. Julie says there has to be a way to stop him. He says not without going to the authorities. She says no, and even if she paid him off he could still leak it. Sandy tells her to just deal with Marissa, but she says Marissa doesnt want to hear her out. Sandy says they had the same problem with Seth, and sometimes its not the message but the messenger.

Kirsten drops off a copy of Revolution off in Carters mailbox.

Marissa is in Summers room, Summer is braiding her hair. Marissa talks to Summer about what she was thinking with this mess. Summer says if shes not going to the bonfire with Ryan then go home to Alex. Marissa says Ryans not going, and neither is Alex. Marissa tells her about the fight over the mall and the tent, and Summer realizes who blabbed. She says shes going to kick his ass back to last year and she runs off.

Ryan is in the pool house feeling sorry for himself. Julie shows up and says shes sorry to interrupt his brooding. She is glad she caught him before he went to the bonfire. He says hes not going, but she says he has to go. HE asks if she and Seth are working as a team now? Julie says Marissa needs help and wont listen to her, but she will listen to him. Julie says Marissa is skipping school and staying out to all hours to prove a point. Julie knows she wants to come home but isnt to prove a point. She thinks if Ryan asked her . . . Ryan says hes not getting in the middle of Marissa life and her relationship with Alex. Julie says this is about her future which is slipping away from her. Julie begs Ryan to help her and convince Marissa to come home as he knows it is for the best.

Ryan drives out to Alexs place to see Marissa. Alex answers drinking beer. Alex cant believe he is back. He says he is here about Marissa and her mom. She says you and Julie are a team now. He says yes, where is she. Alex says she is at her little bonfire. Alex warns him to stay away from her, if he goes down there then it is on! Ryan says that used to be his specialty, and word of advice, if you have to work this hard then it isnt working.

Commercial Break

Marissa is down at the beach getting everything ready with a bunch of help from other people. There is mucho problems getting the horse built, nobody knows what they are doing and neither does Marissa. Ryan finally shows up to help. Marissa is glad and she tells everyone that hell answer all their building questions, and everyone has one. Ryan gives them all directions as Marissa watches and smiles.

Carter shows up at the Newport Group and tells Kirsten that this is a dirty trick, haunting him with his past. He asks where she found this, and she says her husband. Carter says hed like to meet him, and hes back in. 

Summer shows up at the Cohens and is furious with Seth. She asks where Ryan is and he says he doesnt know. He says maybe Ryab went to the bonfire. She says if so they have a four alarm fire on their hands, break out his hose. Seth laughs and she says it is just a figure of speech.

Sandy shows up to see Lance and says he and Julie want to make him an offer to buy the film and the negatives. He gives him 100 dollars as a good faith deposit, as well as a contract indicating how much theyll pay Lance When Lance signs the contract, Sandy says this is a legally binding deal and if one frame leaks to the internet theyll come after him and he could go to jail. 

Sandy calls Julie and tells her not to worry about the movie surfacing as long as they pay him. Julie asks where she gets the money? He says she needs to talk to Caleb. She says like hell understand, she is so screwed. Sandy says he knows, he saw the footage.

Down at the pep rally, Alex and her scary head banger friends show up. Marissa says Hey what are you doing here? She has brought two thugs to basically beat up Ryan. They push him around and pick a fight. Everyone watches, and the pep-rally comes to a standstill when Marissa scream cut it out! Marissa says not you guys, go Harbor! The pep rally then continues. Marissa says this is about them. Leave everyone else out. They go off to talk, and Marissa cant believe she brought those sleazes to her bonfire. Alex says she is sorry for interrupting her bonfire, but this is all she does lately. Marissa says she didnt realize moving in with her meant giving up her life. Alex says she just wants to be a part of her life. Marissa says well this is her life, so what do you think Alex says this is her life and she doesnt fit in. Marissa says nothing happened with Ryan, but Alex says not yet. Marissa cries that she wanted this to work, and shes sorry if she hurt her. Alex says shes sorry she brought two sleazy ex-cons to her bonfire. Marissa asks what happens now? Alex says maybe shell go home and go back to school. They hug and go back to watch the human pyramid. Ryan is still being guarded by the thugs. Alex shows up and says shes sorry and it wasnt about him. He says he knows. Alex ends p leaving with her friends. Seth and Summer show up and see Ryan and Marissa all chummy, ans Seth thinks he was right all along. Ryan and Marissa end up lighting the bonfire together. 

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