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March 23, 2006 Episode Of The O.C.

At the Cohen's, Ryan and Seth are playing Playstation. Summer tells Seth that the Brown interview is in 11 hours, shouldnt he prep? He says nope, his new approach is no approach. She says better than his last one. Sadie joins them on the couch and asks to play, but Seth suggests she not step into the ring. Summer says before her and Ryan, Playstation was his best friend. Sadie begs, so Seth lets her play. Summer and Ryan go to get drinks. She says shes glad Ryan is moving on, and shes accepted that he and Marissa arent meant to be. Sadie crushes Seth in Playstation, and he says hes humbled and mortified. Sadie says she found a cheat code on the net. Seth tells Ryan shes a keeper! He fumbles over whether to call her his friend or girlfriend. She says friend is good. The doorbell rings and Ryan answers, its Jess Sathers. However shes cleaned up and looks like a clean-cut Barbie now. She says a new look for a new life. She says she has a belated birthday present from his brother, they lived together in Vegas for a few months. She says if he wants to talk about him then he knows where she lives. Sadie asks who that was, and Ryan says nobody. He looks at the present.

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The next morning in the poolhouse Ryan opens the gift, which is a gold matchbox car. Seth says Trey isnt made of money, but he could have sprung for a shirt. Ryan says its an inside thing. Kirsten says breakfast is ready, and then sees the car and says she hasnt seen one of them in years. She says she bought them for Seth but he wouldnt play with them. She asks where it came from? Ryan says Trey, his ex Jess Sathers dropped by and gave it to him. Kristen asks how Trey is? Ryan says he doesnt know, hes out of his life.

At the trailer, Marissa is on the couch when Volchok shows up. He thought shed be at school. She says so he was going to lurk around her house? He says he came to drop something off. Its her watch, the one she gave him a long time ago for money someone owed him. She says thanks for giving it back, anything else? He smiles at her, and she says she just wants to be alone. He says yeah, you look busy. He says hell be at the beach tonight, maybe hell see her. She says dont count on it.

At Harbor, Summer meets with Seth after his Brown Interview. It went well, they bonded over anime. Seth goes to call his parents. Taylor shows up and when she learns the interview went well, she suggests a party. Summer says she and Seth wanted to hang out alone. Taylor says say no more, she gets it, a house all to themselves, she knows where this is going. Summer says there will only be left over Thai and the Blade trilogy. Taylor realizes Summer and Seth have lost the magic. Taylor says this is serious, when they go to college Seth may wander, hes driven by the urge to spread the seed right now. Summer says ew! She also says they have a healthy sex life. Summer then storms off.

Sadie drops by Ryans place to check on him. She sees him playing with the matchbox car. She says she doesn't know what to think, he still plays with those? She guesses it is cute. He says someone gave it to him. She asks if it has to do with the Hooters Waitress yesterday? He says she knew his brother, and its a long story. She says if he wants to talk shes here to listen, or he can keep it to himself. He says nothing, so she says she should get going.

Dr. Griffen shows up at the Newport Group to see Sandy. He needs to talk to Sandy about Matt. Griffen says there have been complaints about Matt, rumors at least. There have been parties at his house, gambling, alcohol, sex. The board doesnt like this and want Matt off the project. Sandy says Matt worked his ass of on this deal. Dr. Griffen says if Matt doesnt go then they cant go forward with this project. He tells Sandy to take a few days and think it over.

At the Cohens, Seth asks Ryan if he has plans with Sadie. Ryan hasnt decided. He asks if plan B is Jess? Ryan says he just needs to know if hes (Trey) okay. Seth tells Ryan that he can either dwell on the past and see Jess, or live for the now and call Sadie. 

Volchok is at the lifeguard house waiting for Marissa, she doesnt show. She goes over to Matts place to see him. She says shes going out of her mind, shes all alone right now, her mom is gone and Summer's with Seth. He says hes going to LA tomorrow so she can crash here this weekend. She says that would be great.

At the Cohens, Summer tries to convince Seth to forget Blade and get busy. She moves in and says he smells good. Seth makes jokes about her compliments, saying she likes his salami sub he had for dinner? She isn't pleased. He says normally she just throws him down and does her thing. He says he can play her game, she smells good too. She says just press play and shut up. 

Ryan calls Sadie and says he knows shes painting still, but maybe she could use a break. He says hell be there in twenty. Ryan pulls up to Jess house to get the news on Trey. He asks her if Trey is okay. She says he misses him, he didnt cry about it, but she could tell. Jess invites Ryan to stay awhile, but he says they were never friends. She says fine, he can go. Ryan turns to leave. Jess says Trey is dealing . . . dealing blackjack. She asks Ryan to stay, she has more to tell him. She then goes to change clothes, she had a bathing suit on to go swimming. 

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Ryan ends up hitting the punching bag as he thinks about his past with Trey. Kirsten comes to check on him, is he okay? He says yeah. She says girl problems? He says its more complicated. She asks if it is that girl Jess? He says yes, and his brother. She thinks hes trying to save this girl, and she basically tells him that he could screw up this thing with Sadie if hes not careful with Jess. Ryan says he knows. 

Marissa is at Matts place when Sandy shows up. Sandy is shocked to see her there. She says she stayed here because she didnt want to stay in the trailer. He says shes welcome at his place, but she says with Ryan . . . Sandy gets it, its weird. Sandy says but she doesnt belong here. Marissa says she was leaving anyways. She also says Matt went to LA for a meeting. Sandy says hell find Matt and she should go home.

Marissa arrives at the diner to pick up a take-out order. She runs into Taylor, and Taylor thinks she must be doing a morning after sex food run. Summer tries to claim that is what is going on, but Taylor catches on that there was no sex. She says she can help her, but Summer walks off.

Ryan shows up to help Sadie with the dry wall at the apartment. She thought shed see him last night. He says he got tied up, but hes good now and hes all hers. She says okay, and she demands dinner in exchange for his silence. He says tomorrow night? She says perfect.

Marissa is back at the trailer and ends up calling Summer. She only gets her voicemail.

Sandy talks with Kirsten about finding Marissa at Matts place. Sandy thinks Matt should know better. Kirsten reminds Sandy that Matt isnt much older than the boys. Kirsten says Matt just needs advice from the great Sandy Cohen. They hug, and Ryan and Seth walk in. Seth jokes get a room. Ryan gets a call, its Jess calling, shes in trouble. Ryan ends up running off to save Jess. Kirsten talks to him before he speeds off in the car, she thought he wouldnt let this happen? He says Jess is in trouble and hell call if he needs help. 

Marissa and Summer go out to the Bait Shop. Summer vents to Marissa about her sex problems with Seth. She asks if it ever happened with Ryan? Marissa says they had their problems but that wasnt one of them. Marissa looks over and sees Volchok sitting there staring at her. Summer wonders what shes looking at? Marissa says nothing and suggests they get out of here.

Ryan shows up at Jess place. Jess dumped her latest scumbag boyfriend, and hes now turned stalker. Hes been driving by a lot and keeps coming to the door. Ryan meets the loser and  tells the guy that Jess doesnt want to see him. The boyfriend, Jim, asks if he's her body guard? He says he's her friend and if he wants to talk, talk to him. Later Ryan tells Jess that hes gone and probably wont be back. Jess swears she really is trying to change, and he doesnt have to stay. As Ryan goes to leave he sees a photo of Trey sticking out of Jess purse. Ryan turns around and ends up staying with Jess.

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The next morning at Jess house she offers to make Ryan  breakfast! He says hes fine with coffee. Jess tells him not to feel awkward, its not like anything happened. Jess gets a call, its from Trey. She says she has to think about it and she has to go, shes with his brother. She hands him the phone, Trey asked to talk to him. Ryan doesnt take the phone, so Jess tells Trey that now isnt a good time. Jess says Trey wants her to come back. Ryan says he thought she was trying to change her life. She says its hard being here by herself all the time. She says her parents are always out, there is nothing to distract her here. She asks him to distract her. He says he cant, and she should call her college girl friends to come down. Ryan then leaves

At the Cohens, Sandy talks to Seth and says he heard he aced his brown interview. Seth asks Sandy if when he was at college with mom, did it get stale, the monogamy and all. Sandy says Kirsten was a firecracker. Seth says hes sorry he asked. Kirsten asks if they know where Ryan is, he didnt sleep here last night. Sadie then walks in, she has bagels. Sadie hopes they don't mind her crashing their breakfast. She asks if Ryan is around? Kirsten gets befuddled, and Seth and Sandy say shes a bad liar. Sadie realizes Ryan must have gotten a 911 call from that Jess girl last night. She thinks perhaps she and Ryan arent meant for one another, he has some issues. Seth says that she needs to cut Ryan some slack. He says he just got out of a two year drama fest with Marissa, and the one normal girl he tried dating ended up being his dead grandfathers illegitimate daughter. Sadie laughs. She asks Seth not to tell Ryan that they talked, he does know how to keep a secret doesn't he?

Taylor shows up at Summers place. She says she is meeting with Ashley Madison to brainstorm for the prom, and she invites Summer along. Summer says fine. Taylor gives her a flair. Summer wonders why she makes these for everything. Taylor says she'll thank her when she makes her 2006 scrapbook.

At the Newport Group, Sandy gets into things with Matt about the hospital deal. Matt says he only went out with Maya a few times, they weren't that serious. Sandy asks what about Marissa staying at his place? Matt says he let her crash there, she was going through a tough time and needed a friend. Sandy says be a friend but dont throw pajama party with 17 year old girls. Sandy says the board is waiting for him to screw up. Matt says its a with hunt, he begs Sandy not to kick him off the project.

Taylor ends up tricking Summer and Seth into meeting with one another. Summer thought it was a prom meeting, Seth thought it was the AV club. They realize they have been ambushed. Taylor says they are like her family and she wants to help them. She says she is not a licensed sex therapist, but her dad was. She says she watched some of his patient sessions and wants to conduct one with them. Seth doesnt like the idea, but Summer wants to give it a try. Unfortunately it is a bust, they have no stirring in their loins for one another. Taylor says she does breakup counseling too.

Ryan and Sadie head to the diner for their first date. He says hes sorry he didnt take her someplace nicer. She says this place is fine. Ryans phone rings, its Jess. However its not Jess on the phone, its her friend Kim. She tells Ryan they need help. A monster party is going on at Jesss place. Kim says half of the school is here and her ex Jim is on his way over and is pissed. Ryan says then grab Jess and get out of there. Kim says shes locked in the pool house and is drunk. She says Jess claims shell only talk to Ryan. Ryan says fine hell be right there. Sadie asks if everything is okay. He says not really. Sadie says if he has to go its fine, she gets it. He says she does? She says no, but she gets something is pulling him under and he cant let it go. She says deal with it and find her when hes done.

Marissa goes back to the bait shop and finds Volchok. He says he's right here, but she claims she wasn't looking for him. She tells him whatever this game hes playing he should stop it. HE says she doesnt want him to leave, shes lonely. He says if she needs a break then he can help. She says shes doing fine on her own.

Ryan shows up at Jess place and goes to the pool house to see Jess. Jess opens up for Ryan. She pulls him into the pool house. She says shes been missing him. She says she wants to be with him. He says this isnt a good idea. She thinks it is, he knows how to take care of her unlike Trey and Jim. She then hugs him and cries. She then starts kissing Ryan on the neck. Jim then breaks in and is furious. Ryan tells Jim if he wants to settle it with someone then settle it with him. Ryan and Jim head outside to deal with things.

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Jim asks Ryan if hes seeing her now? Ryan says shes a friend of his brothers. Jim says Trey, so hes talking his brothers left overs? Ryan decks him and pins him to the ground. Ryan says Jess is trying to start over, stay away from her. Jim says this is none of his business. Ryan says hes right, thats why hes leaving. Ryan goes to leave and Jess runs after him. He tells her that shes smart, just stay away from guys like that. He also says he has to stop dating girls like her. He says take care of yourself and walks off.

Taylor shows up at Seths place to see him. He says he doesnt want to talk about his sex problems. Taylor doesnt want him to lose hope. She says he needs to have raunchy sex. She pulls out the Kama Sutra to help him. Seth doesnt want to do this, but Taylor says do this if he wants his sparks with Summer back. Seth says hes listening. She begins going over the positions, starting with the wheelbarrow.

Sandy meets with Dr Griffen over dinner. Sandy says Matt may not have had the best judgment on a few things, but its nothing to fire him over. Sandy tries to convince Dr. Griffen to talk to the board about Matt, they can't want to lose a lucrative deal over Matt. Sandy then realizes this is all person, this is about Maya isnt it. Griffen says Maya cried for days over Matt. Sandy says he didnt have to lie to him. Griffen says hes just a father looking after his daughter. Sandy understands. Dr. Griffen says Sandy has to choose, the hospital or Matt.

Summer gets a call from Marissa. Summer says Seth is coming over to talk, she thinks he might come over to dump her. She says she cant hang out tonight. Marissa, who was waiting for her at the diner, says she understands.

Sandy returns home and talks with Kirsten. She asks how it went, Matts been calling. Sandy gets a call, its Matt. Kirsten says shell let them talk in private. Sandy ends up not answering Matts call. 

Kristen finds Ryan at the pool house. She thought he was out with Sadie. Ryan says he got side tracked by Jess. He says he finally learned his lesson, but it might be too late with Sadie. Kristen says its never too late, he just needs to talk to her.

Seth shows up to see Summer. Summer thinks shes going to get dumped, but Seth says hes going to get into the Tantric Sex thing with her. When she learns Taylor gave him sex ed, shes furious. Anger ends up leading to passion and they get down to business.

Ryan goes to see Sadie. Ryan begins talking to her about his brother and what the car means. He and his brother would play with them when their mom drank. They would go play and pretend they didnt hear anything. He basically says he and his brother have a history and now they dont talk anymore. She asks why he didnt tell her. He says he doesnt unload on people. She thinks hes too busy letting others unload on him. She says shes good at listening, as well as other things. They kiss.

Summer and Seth are in bed and in awe over their sex session. Summer says they need to make a pact, if they go to college together they should fight like every day. Seth and Summer get down to it again.

Ryan and Sadie get down to it on the floor! 

Marissa ends up running into Volchok, who is waiting for her at the trailer. She ignores him and goes inside. He sits outside and smokes. She leaves the door open, he walks in, and they end up making love. 

On the Next OC.
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Summer and Marissa end up feuding with one another over this.
Marissa and Julie move in with Neil and Summer.
Ryan and Sadie are still in the make out everywhere phase.
Marissa tells Volchok if she wanted to be treated right then she wouldnt be wit him.
Sandy catches Matt doing something he shouldnt be, hes in a file cabinet.
Sandy and Matt (?) get into a fight. There is blackmail involved.
Seth is shocked by something Kirsten says or does at an AA meeting. 

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