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March 24, 2005 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with Sandy walking into the house with a bag. He says dinner time, how do you feel about chicken parm? Kirsten is at the table and says that is unacceptable! He says hey he wanted Tai. Kirsten is on the phone with Carter and says shell have to call him back. Sandy jokes that he barely recognizes her without a phone cord attached to her ear. She says they are unveiling the magazine in less than 67 hours, afterwards she will have her life back. Ryan and Seth show up to get their dinner, and they are all about to walk out when Sandy announces this is a family dinner. Kirsten says she has to work, and Seth says he and Ryan were in the middle of a playstation game. Sandy says he doesnt care, nobody eats unless they sit down and eat as a family. They all sit down and Seth says family time is always best when its forced. Sandy says he wont be invited on the family trip hes planning to Mount Rushmore. The phone rings, and everyone thinks it is for them. Sandy answers and it is Trey calling for Ryan. Ryan takes the phone, talks to his brother, and says see you then. Ryan tells everyone that Trey is getting out of jail tomorrow and he wants him to pick him up. Seth says there is that family trip his dad wanted. 

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Ryan is at the pool house. Its the day Trey gets out of jail. Seth asks Ryan if hes talked to his brother at all. Ryan says not since last Thanksgiving when Trey asked him to steal a car. Ryan says he thought Trey was out of his life for good. Seth asks if Ryan wants Trey out of his life? Ryan says maybe, hes my brother but hes trouble. Seth tells Ryan hes out of his league, but as his unofficial brother he has his back.

In the kitchen, Kirsten says she knows Trey is Ryans brother and they should help him, but . . . . Sandy says hes not going to want to adopt Trey, besides Trey is 20 years old and probably doesnt want to be adopted. Sandy says they should try and help somehow. Kirsten is just afraid this might have a negative affect on Ryan. Seth walks in and says they may want to change to a more neutral conversation Ryan follows, and Ryan tells Sandy he doesnt have to drive him to Chino. Sandy says if its a Ryan problem then its a Cohen problem. Seth thinks he should go with them as hes had behavioral issues this year and prison might scare him straight. Kirsten says nice try, get to school. 

At school Summer and Marissa are discussing Ryan and Trey. Zack shows up on a Vespa, and Summer thinks hes going to bitch slap her for the way she ditched him at the airport. Zack approaches them, basically says Italy was great and to catch up with him at lunch. Zack walks off, and Summer thinks Zack is hiding something as he seems a little too okay.

Sandy and Ryan go to the prison to pick up Trey. Ryan sees someone on the phone that reminds him of himself last year. Sandy says it feels like a hundred years since he got him out of juvie. Ryan says and Trey has been in here the whole time. Sandy asks Ryan how hed feel about Trey staying with them for awhile as statistics say he could be in jail again within a year without support. Ryan says Trey is old enough to take care of himself. Trey comes out carrying a box, and its cold between them at first. Eventually Trey gives Ryan a big hug, and he shakes Sandys hand. 

At the Newport Group, Julie catches Kirsten and Carter working on a video about Newport Living for the launch of the magazine. Julie is upset and asks to speak to Kirsten in private. Carter excuses himself, and Julie tells Kirsten about her naked mistake. She tells her about the porn she made and how her ex-boyfriend is blackmailing her. Julie says Sandy got the rights away from him, but they have to pay him half-a-million dollars for the video. Kirsten says if Sandy cant do anymore then shell have to tell her dad.

Sandy and Ryan drop Trey off somewhere in Chino at a buddies place. Trey says he was offered a place to stay with them. Trey knocks on the door, but nobody answers. The house looks abandoned, and Sandy suggests to Ryan they let Trey stay with them for a few days. Ryan shouts to his brother and asks if he wants to come with them. Trey smiles and runs back to the car.

Back at school, Seth cant believe Zack came back. He says people never leave and come back. Zack asks Seth how hes been, and Seth says good. Seth says about what happened. Zack says dont worry about it, he and Summer belong together and hes fine with it. Seth says Zack seems different. Zack has a secret and asks Seth not to tell Summer. He says when he was in Italy he met a girl named Francesca. He says when they met it was like they clicked. Zack says they are dating long distance, and he doesnt want Summer to know as it might hurt her feelings to know he moved on so quickly.

Ryan, Sandy and Trey arrive home and Trey cant believe this is where Ryan is living. Sandy suggests Ryan stay in the guest room while Trey takes the pool house. When Trey sees the pool house he tells Ryan that he got hooked up. Trey cant believe this. Trey says he wont get too comfortable here as he knows hes crashing his party. Trey says he has a good thing here and he wont screw it up. Ryan says okay, see you later. 

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Seth walks into the pool house to talk to Seth only to meet Trey. Trey is unpacking his box, and Seth talks about how he seems to be a darker and edgier Atwood. He asks how it is to be out, and Trey says good. Seth says monosyllables must run in the family. Sandy and Ryan show up, and Sandy tells Seth that Trey is staying for awhile. Sandy gives Trey some money for the basics and suggests Ryan take him shopping. Seth asks if he should tag along. Ryan suggests he call Marissa as she is better in the clothes shopping department.

At Calebs mansion, Julie has lunch with Caleb. He wonders what is up, she never has lunch with him. She says they hardly see one another. She talks about the things around the house that needed to be tended to, the garden, a leaky faucet. He says anything else? She says she made an adult film in the 80s with an ex who is threatening to release it on the net unless she pays him 500,000 dollars, oh and shed really like to redo the kitchen. Caleb says so she did porn. She says it was erotica, and she knew hed react this way. He says hell pay the money, and he tells Julie to go back to work. She thanks him for doing this for her and gives him a kiss on the cheek. 

Seth and Summer are at the diner, and Summer cant believe Zack seems so happy. Seth is tired of hearing about Zack. Summer says she just didnt think hed get over her so fast. She asks Seth if he knows something. Seth says Zack made him a promise to keep it a secret. She asks if he ever has kept a secret? Seth spills everything to Summer, and Summer seems upset.

Ryan, Marissa and Trey are out shipping, and Trey is getting dirty looks from the sales people. Marissa takes over as Treys personal dresser and gives him things to try on. She then decides to dress Ryan and puts some preppy golf hat on him. He says no, ugly hats are her thing.

At the Newport Group, Julie tells Kirsten that her dad is going to pay, crisis adverted. Kirsten seems to be in another world, and Julie notices she is staring at Carter. She accuses Kirsten of having a crush on Carter. Julie says shes been so preoccupied with her own sex scandal that shes ignored Kirstens. Kirsten says she does not have feelings for . . . Sandy! Sandy walks in to talk about Trey staying at the house for awhile. Kirsten says okay, sounds good. Sandy expected her to freak out. Kirsten says she trusts him, he was right about Ryan. Sandy wants to meet Carter, but Kirsten says now isnt a good time as hes really working hard.

Ryan, Marissa and Trey are about to leave the shop when the salesman demands to look in Treys bag. Trey is accused of stealing a watch. Trey doesnt want to let him to and makes a scene. Trey loses it and starts knocking over things, then walks out of the store.

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At the Cohens, Ryan talks to Seth about what happened with Trey at the store. Ryan says if he didnt pull Trey out of the store then hed have taken the clerk out. Seth asks if he told his parents. Ryan says not yet. Kristen walks in and says she met his brother and he seems nice. Sandy and Trey follow, they are looking for jobs for Trey. Trey asks Ryan if he wants to come job hunting with him, but Ryan says hell pass. Kirsten asks Seth and Sandy to come help her set up for the party, and Sandy thinks that is code for give the brothers time alone. Trey apologizes to Ryan for yesterday and he realizes he has to change as he knows his old ways wont cut it here. 

Zack shows up at Summers place and returns some things of hers. He says he doesnt think its a good idea to have reminders of her around. Summer says she gets that hes moved on, but does he have to like totally erase her? Zack asks what she means moved on. He realizes Seth told her. He says he didnt want her to know because he didnt want to hurt her feelings. She says and why would it hurt her feelings? She then says there is a special Valley episode coming on which she has to see, so shell return his stuff soon. She then shoves him out of her room. 

Caleb shows up at Lances place, gives him the money and gets the video in return .Caleb asks if this is the only copy Lance says it is it. Lance asks how it feels to get a glimpse of his wifes past. Caleb says hes no fool, there is nothing Julies ever done he doesnt know about. Two thugs show up and Caleb says these are friends of his who would like to get to know him. Caleb demands his money back and leaves with the money and the tape, the thugs stay behind.

At the Newport group, the gang works on the magazine and party. Julie breaks out some champagne, but Kirsten thinks Carter should wait to celebrate tonight. Carter says fine, and heads off. Julie then begins singing Kirsten and Carter sitting in a tree. . . .  

Summer arrives at Zacks house to see him. Zacks mom answers and says she thought they had seen the last of her. Summer asks if Zack is here. His mom says hes at water polo practice. Summer leaves Zacks stuff with his mom. His mom says so it is really over. Summer says she is so sorry about what happened, and Zacks mom says she should be. Summer says at least something good came out of it and Zack met Francesca in Italy. Zacks mom says he never left the hotel room, he just sat in there and sulked over her.

At the pool house Ryan asks Trey how the job hunt went. Trey says not so good, he got turned down everywhere. Ryan asks if he wants to go grab a bite and catch up? Trey says that would be great. Ryan says they should go down to the pier. Ryan then says this place is a pig style, put some clothes in the closet. As he playfully throws the clothes at his brother he finds the watch Trey was accused of stealing . Trey claims he went back and bought it. Ryan thinks hes lying and hell never change. Trey says nothing he does will change Ryans opinion. Trey decides to leave, but says he bought it as a gift for Ryan to thank him. Trey throws the receipt at Ryan and walks out.

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Ryan sits in the pool house and Sandy says the party is starting soon. He asks where Trey is? Ryan says nothing. Sandy says they knew it would be bumpy. Ryan asks to borrow the car. Sandy gives him the keys and says be careful.

Zack comes to see Summer at her place. She says she realized she forgot to give him his sweatshirt back. Zack says he knows his mom told her everything. Summer says he doesnt need to explain. Zack says he does. He says he knew things might be tense between them all when he got back, so he made up Francesca. Summer realizes Zack told Cohen because he knew Cohen would tell her in minutes. She thinks Cohen did it to make her jealous. She tells Zack shes sorry she made a mess for everything. She also tells Zack she wont tell anyone the truth about Francesca.

As Ryan is leaving the party, Marissa sees him and goes with him. Meanwhile, Kirsten and Julie are talking about the magazine .Caleb shows up and assures Julie everything is taken care of. Summer shows up and Seth gives her a kiss. Seth realizes he must have done something wrong when Summer claims shes only here for the magazine. He says hed apologize, but he doesnt know what he should apologize for. She says take time to figure it out, and she says shell be in his room. Meanwhile, Carter asks Kirsten if he has upset her in some way as she seems so angry with him. Kirsten looks over at Julie, who winks at Kirsten. Carter sees this and says oh lets just focus on the presentation for now. Carter walks off, and Kirsten grabs a glass of wine from a waiter.

Ryan and Marissa go to a pool hall in search of Trey. They find him, and Ryan tries to talk to him. Trey tells Ryan to beat it. Ryan says he just wants to talk. Trey says they are kidding themselves, they are who they are and they knew it wouldnt work. Ryan says hes not going back without him. Trey says then stay here and see how well he fits in. Trey leaves to get some air and ends up kicking a garbage can.

Seth goes to his room to talk to Summer, and he says he has no idea what he did wrong. He says he is willing to apologize. Summer asks why he told her about Francesca? HE says because you begged me to. She doesnt believe him. Seth asks if she is angry at him of being jealous of her being jealous of Zack. Summer says you were jealous? Seth admits that he was worried that maybe she decide getting back together was a mistake. She says he is so neurotic. Seth says and Zack is strong, athletic, cool and calm. Summer says Zack looks great on paper, but Seth is the one who keeps drawing her back in. Seth says so the more neurotic he is the more shes attracted to him. They then fall on the bed and kiss.

Carter, Julie and Kirsten take the stage at the party. Carter thanks them all for coming and then introduces Julie as the woman who made this possible. Sandy and Caleb watch, and Sandy says so that is Carter. Sandy says he thought Carter looked more like Jerry Garcia. Meanwhile, Julie decides to cue the video so everyone knows what her magazine is about. Unfortunately, Julies porn shows up on the big screen television! Kristen tells Julie to give her the remote. Julie looks around and sees everyone looking at her. Nobody can get the video to turn off, and Julie sees Lance in the background dressed as a waiter. Carter gets the video to stop and tells everyone to have a drink or two, lord knows he will. 

Julie is in a room alone, and Caleb shows up to comfort her. Julie refuses to ever leave her room and says her Howard Hughes phase starts now. He suggests they go to Europe and wait for a new scandal to erupt, then theyll come back. Julie says thats an idea, there is always a scandal here in Newport.

Back at the party, Sandy finally meets Carter. Sandy says he throws a hell of a party, and jokes the video livened things up. Carter hopes everyone was drunk enough that the black out. Sandy leaves them, and Carter apologizes to Kirsten if there has been a tension between them. He says if there has been a vibe between them it is all him and hes sorry. He suggests they leave it at that. 

Ryan and Marissa are still at the pool hall. Marissa tells Ryan that Trey isnt coming back. Ryan says okay and they should go find him. Some guy tries to buy Marissa a drink, but she says no thanks. He thinks she is rude, and tells Ryan says she said no. The guy tells Ryan the rich boy to get lost. Ryan ends up in a fight, and Trey hears the fight and comes running in. He defends Ryan, who has been grabbed by a bunch of thugs. The threesome split from the club and run off as the cops show up. Ryan asks Trey to come back home. Trey says he thought Ryan didnt want him there. Ryan says people change. Trey says okay but he drives. Ryan says no way, hes seen him drive. Marissa says shell drive. They head back to the Cohens. 

Marissa asks Sandy and Kirsten, who are on the couch, how the party was. Kirsten says uneventful. Seth and Summer come downstairs finally, and they all sit around and eat leftovers. Seth jokes dad finally got his family dinner. 

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Try looks at the crystal egg from Risky business.
The egg goes missing from the auction house, and Trey tells Ryan they can still get it back.
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Ryan gets the egg and throws it to Seth
As an Egg goes soaring through the air, Seth lunges to catch it, 

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