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March 30th, 2006 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens at the Bait Shop where a party is going on. Summer and Seth are upstairs and are watching Ryan, who is downstairs, talking with Sadie. Summer is trying to read Ryans body language, and she and Seth are arguing about whats going on between them. Summer thinks they are the hot new couple. They end up leaving together, and Summer says shes happy for them. Seth asks what about Marissa? Doesnt she feel weird for her. Summer says she doesnt see Marissa, shes been spending time at the trailer a lot processing everything. They then see her drinking and making out with Volchock and are grossed out. 

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Marissa wakes up in her trailer with Volchok, they are both hung over. Summer is outside banging on the door. Marissa tells Volcok he has to hide and he has to take the beer bottles with him. Summer is pounding on the door, and Marissa finally opens it. Summer asks what shes doing? Marissa says nothing. Summer asks if she had a good time last night. Marissa says yeah. She gets a cell phone call, its her mom. Summer gets one from her dad. Their parents are back and want them to have dinner with them tonight. They both agree. Summer suggests Marissa get dressed and shell drive her to school so they can talk on the way. Marissa goes into her room where Volchok, who is doing bong hits, kisses Marissa. She coughs, and he says it always cures a hangover.

At the Cohens, Ryan is in a good mood. He says he likes the Bait Shop, they should hang out there more often. He says maybe they should go tonight, Sadie wants to go dancing. Seth says no, not good. Ryan says hes always trying to get him to go out more. Sandy shows up and sees how happy Ryan is, things must be working out for him and this girl. Ryan says yeah and hed love to chat but he has to get to Sadies before school. Ryan leaves, and Kristen comes in. She and reminds Sandy that tonight they have plans for  a romantic dinner by the water, with a walk on the beach and followed by . . . Seth says followed by nothing! Sandy says hell have to cancel, he's not in the frame of mind for that tonight. She realizes something is wrong. Sandy says it will be fine and he walks off. Seth tells his mom that hell be her date, they havent hung out for awhile. 

Ryan heads to Sadies, the place is coming a long with all the improvements. Ryan and Sadie end up kissing. Ryan has to run to school, but they make a date for tonight. 

At school, Summer and Seth are discussing what they saw last night. Seth says Ryan is really happy now, they have to keep Marissa and Volcok quiet and away from Ryan. Summer  doesnt know what Marissa sees in him, hes so dirty and gross. Seth says he has good abs and triceps, women like that.

At the Newport Group, Sandy has a talk with Matt. Sandy says he talked to Griffen, and he has to fire Matt as he has no choice as its for the hospital. Matt thinks this is garbage. Sandy says it is Matt or the hospital. Matt says Griffen is making him the fall guy. He says Griffen is taking kickback from vendors for years, and he can back it up. He says hell share whatever he knows about Griffen and about Sandy with whoever wants to know. Sandy says now he knows hes doing the right thing. Matt says he hasnt seen anything yet, and runs out of the office. 

At Summers place, the parents tell the girls they are engaged. Summer says she is happy for them, but Marissa doesnt seem too happy. Summer gets a phone call from Volcheck, and they make a date. Marissa downs her champagne in one gulp and says condgrats. She then walks off. Julie goes to talk to Marissa about her behavior, she wants to know where she is going. Marissa says her friend needs her. Julie says she needs her, this is an important night. Marissa says dont worry, she wont screw up her golden ticket. Summer sees Marissa leave with Volchok, and Marissa knows Summer has seen them. 

Seth and Kristen are driving back from the movie that Seth chose, Kirsten didnt understand it that much. Kirsten did enjoy this though, so they make a second date for the following night. Summer then calls Seth, she tells her about the engagement and Marissas reaction. Summer says they have to tell Ryan, they need his help. Seth says but hes been in such a good mood. 

At the pool house, Sadie and Ryan are getting hot and heavy when Seth knocks on the door. He wonders when the door got locked. Ryan says hes busy. Seth says he didnt want to tell him through the door, but Marissa has been hooking up with Volchok. Ryan opens the door, and Seth sees Sadie is here and he ruined the mood. Sadie tells Ryan to call her and she heads off. 

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At Harbor, Seth is talking to Ryan about what hes going to do about Marissa. Ryan says not his problem, she makes her own choices. 

Kirsten visits Julie at the trailer to help her move. Kristen cant believe shes getting married again. Julie says she makes it sound like an every day occurrence. Kristen says sometimes it seems that way. Julie says this one will last, and not everyone can have the Kirsten and Sandy marriage that can withstand anything. Kirsten says she does seem happier. Julie says shes been mellowed, shes not that scheming double crossing bitch anymore. Julie says she and Neil found one another when they both needed each other, there is no agenda here. Kirsten says he does live on a nice estate. Julie says shed live in the trailer with him if she had to, but shes not offering. Julie and Kirsten then see the landlord peeing in the bushes and Kirsten says they really need to get her out of here right away.

Back at Harbor, Ryan sees Marissa at her locker. He goes to talk to her. She asks what is up. He says he missed her in class. She says there was traffic. He says they had a test today. She drops her things, and he finds a flask in them. She takes it and says she has to go.

Sandy meets with Dr. Griffin and tells him what Matt told him. Griffin says its a lie and hell sue Matt if he tries to print it. Sandy thinks he seems a bit touchy. Sandy says if Griffin gives him his word then hell give him the benefit of the doubt. Griffin says he has his word, so they shake on it.

Julie finally moves into Neil's place and does a little happy dance. She has a run in with the house keeper and tells her to vamoose as well as other things in Spanish. The housekeeper says shes from the Philippines and walks off.

Back at Harbor, Summer finds Marissa sitting on the hood of a car drinking. Summer says so shes getting drunk? Marissa says its more like staying drunk. Summer says that's just great. Marissa says she cant deal with this now. Summer says she has to, they are sisters now. She says she knows about Volchok and that shes shacking up with him. She wonders what has gotten into her? Marissa asks what difference it makes what she does, shes not hurting anyone. Summer says get over herself and take a shower. Marissa tells her to take her Emo boyfriend and go back to daddy's mansion. Summer suggests she take Volchok to a heavy metal party and get drunk and vomit. They tell one another how lame they are being.

At the Newport Group, Sandy catches Matt going through the files! He is taking what is his, they are his files and hes taking them. Sandy says no hes not. Matt says hes acting like he has something to hide. Sandy says hes acting like a child. Matt says hes leaving and if he doesnt like it, then game on. 

Ryan and Sadie are at the diner when Volchoks loudmouth friends show up and are talking trash about Marissa. Sadie suggests they take their food to go. Sadie walks out, and Ryan goes after her. She says shes not mad, but once again the mood was ruined. She says they are trying too hard to make the perfect night, they need to let it just happen. He says he can at least drive her home. He says give him a second. He goes back in and tells Volchoks friends to give him a message, met him at the pier tomorrow. They say theyll tell him.

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Ryan is at the pier and Volchok shows up. Ryan wants to talk, and Volchok says about what, his new girlfriend or Ryans? Ryan says whoever Marissa wants to be with its not his place to interfere, however shes drinking again and not looking good. Ryan says hes not looking after Marissa anymore, its all on him. He tells Volchok to treat her right, she deserves it.

At the mansion, Summer and Marissa are ignoring one another as they have breakfast by the pool. They keep taking everything the other wants. Neil and Julie show up and are all happy and cheerful. They say its their first breakfast together and tonight theyll have their first family dinner. Summer and Marissa end up storming off, and Julie says Sisters.

Ryan shows up at Sadies place. This guy name Bob is there, he bought the house. Ryan tells Sadie he had a conversation with Volchok about Marissa and hes done. Sadie says thats good, and shes done too. She says now that the business with the house is done, there is no reason for her to stay here. She says if she stays here then she has to find an apartment, and then what, wait for him to finish high school and follow him to college? Ryan says he hasnt thought that much about it, he just wanted to take her to dinner. They share a kiss. Sadie says he hasnt thought about it because he isnt ready to. She says she cant change her life to be with someone who is distracted. 

Seth and Ryan are on the pier, Seth says so that is it then? Ryan says he cant ask her to move here for him, it wouldnt be fair and would put pressure on the relationship. Seth says he loves pressure. Seth makes Ryan realize that he has to ask Sadie to stay. 

Sandy has lunch with Dr. Griffin. Sandy is worried about Matt still. Griffin says hell handle it from here out, Sandy should just focus on the hospital. 

Back at the mansion, Summer learns Marissa is planning to skip the family dinner. She tells Summer to save her dessert and storms off. Summer calls Seth and says the slut is still spiraling, she thought he was talking to Ryan. Seth says he tried to activate his savior complex but it didnt work. Summer ends up at the table with her dad and Julie. They are waiting for Marissa, but Summer suggests they just start. Neil is concerned about Marissa, she never missed dinner last summer. Julie says that's because she wasn't here.  Julie says she and Marissa havent always had the greatest . . . Summer says luck, but they have always stood by one another. Julie thanks her, and they start dinner.

Marissa and Volchok are at the beach drinking. Marissa is upset over fighting with Summer. She says the only other time she ever fought with her was in fifth grade and it was over Luke. Marissa asks why hes all of the sudden interested in her life. He says that she deserves to be treated right. Marissa says if she wanted that then she wouldnt be with him. Volchok says works for him. He offers her drugs. She says shes never. He says there is a first time for everything. She doesnt take the offer, so he says he guesses he parties alone tonight.

Kirsten ends up taking Seth to an AA meeting. Seth is not happy about being tricked into coming here. She says this place has saved her life, and these people know more about her than her own family. He says whose fault is that. She says its not like he ever asks. She asks him to stay, shes sharing tonight and this is important to her. Seth stays.

Matt returns home and has 2 messages, one from a paper about the hospital story and one from Sandy asking him to talk. There is a knock at the door, its a thug who ends up attacking Matt. Suddenly many guys show up, beat up Matt and destroy his place.

Ryan shows up at Sadies place with flowers to see her, but that Bob guy says she left for Oregon a few hours ago, sorry. Ryan dumps the flowers and walks off.

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Marissa goes to the lifeguard house, Ryan is there. She asks what hes doing here. He says he thought she was under the pier these days, and he can go. She says its fine, she isnt staying. She asks where Sadie is. He says she left, went back to Oregon. Marissa says shell leave him and to enjoy the place. Marissa walks off.

At the AA meeting, Kirsten gets up to share her story. She gets a chip for being nine months sober. She introduces her son Seth. She says he is the reason that she got sober, the look on his face at her intervention turned her around. She says he believed in her and he was right. Seth hugs his mom and congratulates her. 

At the bus station, Sadie is waiting for a bus when Marissa shows up. She is glad she found Sadie. She tells her not to leave, Ryan really cares about her. Sadie says she told him that? Marissa says no, but she knows him well enough to know. Marissa says he wants her to stay. Sadie says he didnt try and stop her. Marissa says he did, he was just a few minutes too late. Sadie asks why Marissa is doing this? Marissa says because she makes Ryan happy. Sadies bus is called.

At the mansion, Neil and Julie are enjoying after dinner drinks. Neil says Marissa will be sorry she missed dinner. Julie says theyll have years of dinners ahead. Neil says this engagement is a trial. Summer listens in as Neil says if their families arent a good fit then they shouldnt marry. Julie says of course, love doesnt always conquer all. He says they have the marriages to prove it. He says he has to be practical, and he leaves to do some work. Summer comes in and tells Julie not to worry, her dad gets this way whenever he gets close to someone. Julie says the only thing shes worried about is Marissa. Summer says her too.

Marissa goes to the Bait Shop to get a drink, but the bartender wont serve her. She basically begs for one, but he says no go.

Sandy shows up at Matts place to talk and sees its been demolished. He goes inside looking for Matt. He finds Matt sitting there and asks what happened. Matt says like Sandy doesnt know. 

Ryan returns to the poll house and Sadie is there. He asks what shes doing here. She says he should tell her. Ryan says nothing, so she says there is another buss in an hour. He grabs her and kisses her. He asks what he has to do to get her to stay? She says hes doing it. They fall onto the bed together. 

Marissa heads to under the pier where Volchok is with his friends. He is glad she decided to join the party. She ends up grabbing drugs from him, and he helps her take a hit. Its cocaine.

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