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April 6, 2006 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens at the Cohens. Summer and Seth are trying on their winter gear for Brown. Summer got them matching parkas, scarves, etc. Seth says they dont get the letters till tomorrow, and neither of them could get in or only one of them could get in. Summer says she wouldnt go to Brown without Seth. Seth says its one of the top universities in the world, people dream about going there. She says no he dreams about it, she dreams about being with the man she loves. 

Ryan and Sadie are making out at the pool house. Ryan figures out that she will be in town for 90 more days because of the 90 day escrow. She brings up college, which apparently kills the mood. She asks if she shouldnt have mentioned that? He says whatever happens theyll make it work. Ryan goes to get them some water. 

Ryan finds Seth in his parka in the kitchen. Seth is standing in the fridge too cool himself off. They discuss the college letters coming tomorrow and how everything will change. Seth says a cold front is coming through.

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Summer and Marissa are eating breakfast at the mansion. Summer wonders if this means shes going to school or just needs the energy for Volchok. Julie shows up and says this is the big day. She feels Marissa will get into Berkley. Marissa says shes gotta go. Julie tells Marissa that her friends motorcycle woke Neil up last night, she should apologize. Marissa says if Dr. Roberts has changed his mind about marrying into this trailer park family then its not her problem. Marissa leaves, and Julie asks Summer how worried she should be about her? Summer doesnt know, Marissa isnt confiding in her. Neil shows up, and he asks where Marissa is. Summer says she went to school early, shes nervous about the college letters.

Sandy finds Dr. Griffen playing tennis. Sandy wants to know if Griffen had anything to do with what happened to Matt. Griffen asks if Matt has implied he did? Sandy says no, and if Griffen doesnt resign within 48 hours then Sandy will do everything in his power to take him down. 

At Harbor, Taylor is organizing some college sweatshirt bonfire party. She asks Summer, Seth and Ryan if they will come? She also wants their help passing out the flyers, and she asks if Marissa will be there? Summer says not to count on her. Taylor says this is so typical, and she makes some calls for some Kim-Chi for tomorrow night as Marissa was in charge of the food.

Volchok calls Marissa, who is actually in school for once. Marissa says shes waiting for the college letters, and she and Summer are fighting. Volchok says that they could go to the beach and get some stuff to take the edge off. She asks him to pick her up.

Ryan stops by to see Sadie. She knows he has an important letter waiting for him at home. She says she can tell him if he got in, she can read palms. She reads his and says hell be rich, and to be careful about dark haired beauties as theyll steal his heart. They then begin to kiss. Ryan asks what about college? She says he got in.

Volchok drops Marissa off at her house. She has to get a jacket, and he asks her to get some beer money as hes short. She says sure, shell be right back. She grabs her jacket and steals some money from her moms purse. She then sees the college letter from Berkley. She opens it up, she got in. She actually smiles, but then she throws it away.

At the Cohens, Seth grabs the mail. Ryan got the same Berkley envelope Marissa did, Seth then sees another letter.

At Summers, Summer opens an envelope from Brown, she got into Brown.

Ryan returns home and reads his Berkley letter, he got in. 

Seth goes upstairs and opens his Brown letter, he did not get in.

Summer shows up to see Seth. She tells Ryan that she got into Brown. Ryan says he got into Berkley. Summer asks where Seth is? Seth comes downstairs. They can see from his face that he didnt get in. However he tells Summer to pack her muffler, they are going to Brown.

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Its a new day. Seth calls Brown to find out if his admission letter was a mistake. He asks if there is an appeals process, but is told to apply again next year. He is eventually hung up on. 

Kirsten talks with Sandy in the kitchen. She tells him whatever problems hes thinking about, let them go. She says the kids got into college. Seth shows up, and Kirsten tells him that they are so proud of him. They squeeze Seth to death. Ryan shows up, and Seth says give him hugs too. They do. Sandy decides to have a celebration, invite their ladies. 

Julie is calling Marissas cell phone. She doesnt know where she is but shes had it with her. Neil shows up for breakfast, Julie says Summer just left, shes so excited about Brown. Julie says Marissa left early, shes worried she didnt get into Berkley. Neil says she got in, and he says he found her acceptance in the trash. He also says he knows she didnt spend the night here. Neil says they have to talk to Marissa and stop pretending this isn't happening.

Marissa wakes up in Volchoks bed. She looks around, quickly gets dressed and gets ready to head out. Volchok wakes up and asks if shes late? She says she thought shed make an appearance at Harbor, and she has to go to some college party at Harbor. He asks if shes really thinking about going to college. She says why, he doesnt see it? Volchok invites her to go to Baha for the weekend with him and the guys, or cant she miss her gay sweatshirt party?

At Harbor, Ryan mentions dinner to Summer, but Seth didnt invite her. Shes not pleased and goes hunting for him. Later, Ryan finds Seth sulking. He says Summer is looking for him. He asks Seth if everything is okay? Seth says fine, he just doesnt want to be dressed up like a Timberland Barbie again. Seth asks Ryan if he invited Sadie? Ryan says not yet, and he doesnt know what you do when only one of you goes to college. Seth says he wishes he knew. 

Ryan goes to see Sadie. She says congratulations, and shes happy for him. She figured he got in when he didn't call her last night. Ryan says he has been thinking, he doesnt have to go till August. He tells her that hes never been happier than he has been with her. She says shes still here because of him, making jewelry which is a very portable business. She asks if he gets what she's saying. He says shed move to Berkley? She says if he wants her to. They kiss. He says he does. 

Summer arrives at the Cohens all dressed up in fancy Brown attire. She tells Seth this is what hell be looking at for the next four years. Ryan and Sadie shows up, and they all have dinner. Sandy and Kirsten talk about Berkley and how beautiful it is. Kirsten says she should visit it. Ryan says Sadie is going to move to Berkley with him. This stuns Kirsten and Sandy, and silence is heard at the table. Summer says well she thinks it is great, it is what life is about, knowing what you want and going after it.. There is more silence. Sadie says shes kinda tired so shes going to go home. Ryan says hell walk her out. 

Seth drives Summer home. She says hes been so quiet, is anything wrong? He says no. He begins thinking Ryan and Sadie are making a mistake, who knows what you want at 18. Summer says she does, and she realizes Seth doesnt. She becomes upset and runs off. 

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Marissa is packing a bag when Julie walks in to talk. Julie says she doesnt know what is going on with her, or what she did wrong this time, but she cant bear to see her doing this to herself. Marissa says this isnt about her. She says she just cant see herself at Berkley. Julie says that is fine, and shes just scared, which is normal. Julie begs Marissa not to give up on herself, she really wants this for her. Marissa says shell think about it. 

Ryan goes to see Seth. He brings him his coffee. Ryan asks if anything happened after he left? Seth says no, he and Summer got into a fight about Brown. Ryan asks Seth if he really got into Brown. Seth tries to lie, but says no. Ryan asks why hes lying about it? He says for Summer, he wont let her not go to Brown because of him. Ryan says he has to tell her the truth. 

Ryan meets Sadie for Breakfast. Ryan invites Sadie to the college party. She says sure, it will be fun. He says hes sorry about last night. Sadie thinks maybe they should think about this move, they need to make sure they are doing it for the right reasons. He thinks it's for love, it's for the right reason. She says a lot of people go to college to find themselves. He says he feels more himself with her than anyone. She says those are pretty big words.

Taylor and Summer go to a restaurant to pick up the food for the party. Summer is down in the dumps. Taylor tells her that it will be fine, theyll work this out. Summer just doesnt get it, their dream came true. Taylor begins giving Summer one of her analogy talks, this time talking about gorillas. They then head off to the party.

Sandy brings Ryan his old Berkley sweatshirt, and he has Kirstens for Sadie. He says they are sorry about last night. Ryan says he knows it seems fast. Sandy begins talking about how they wont be able to live on campus, and therefore he cant be on the meal plan at school. Sandy says both he and Sadie will need jobs. Ryan says obviously they havent had time to figure everything out. Sandy says of course not, it all happened so fast. Sandy talks about how he almost didnt go to Berkley because he was on his own. Ryan says hes not doing this with Sadie just because hes scared. Sandy says okay.

Marissa calls Volchok and says he cant go to Baha with him. 

Ryan shows up to see Sadie. Sadie is glad hes here, she has something huge to tell him. She has found an artist colony at Berkley where she can live, or where they can live together. She asks him what his news is? He says he talked to Sandy, he and Kirsten are fine with them. Sadie says thats fine, and they should go to the party. She asks if it will be weird he doesnt have a sweatshirt. He says no, shell be fine.

Seth goes to see Summer and give her the news, but shes not home. He looks around her room and sees a shrine to her and Seth, basically tons of photos of them together

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Summer returns home and talks with Marissa. She asks if Seth called, but Marissa says no. She asks if everything is okay with them? Summer says dont worry about it. Marissa apologizes for how shes been acting. Summer says remember when the boys made them watch the movie about the gay guys on the mountain. Marissa says Lord of the Rings? Summer says yeah, remember that golomn guy got evil the closer he got to that fiery thing. She says thats how Seth is about Brown. She then asks Marissa what is going on with her? Marissa says shes trying to get back to the life she had, but she cant. Summer wishes Marissa would have talked to her about this. They end up smiling and make nice. Summer tells Marissa that she has to come with her to the party as penance. Marissa doesnt have one, but fortunately Summer bought her one a few months ago. Summer says someone believed in her.

Julie talks with Neil out by the pool. Julie thinks shes failed Neils little test, shes not wife and mother material. Julie says right now she has to think about Marissa not him and his little tests. Neil says hes sorry for making her feel like that, and he was wrong. He also says she has hardly failed. Marissa and Summer leave for the party, and he says what did he tell her. Ryan, Sadie, Marissa and Summer show up. Seth soon shows up, hes not wearing a sweatshirt. Taylor takes a photo of the core four as she calls them. Seth then tells Summer that they should talk. Taylor then grabs Sadie and pulls her off to show here where the food is. Ryan and Marissa talk, Ryan asks if shes doing okay. Marissa says shes beginning to think this is all a bad idea. Ryan says he is here if she ever wants to talk. Marissa thanks him and says that means a lot. Taylor ends up introducing Sadie to the guy from the restaurant. Sadie looks over at Ryan, who is being buddy buddy with some guys.

Sandy and Griffen meet at a country club. Dr. Griffen swears he had nothing to do with what happened to Matt. He basically tries to buy Sandy off with more lucrative deals. He says he can have his friend on the council put in a word for his firm. Sandy knows this is a bribe. Griffen says the city is changing. 

Matt shows up at the Cohens. Kristen asks what happened to him? He says some guys broke into his place. She asks if he called the cops? Matt says he knows who did it. He tells Kirsten that he needs to get Sandy to quit this before its too late for him.

On the beach, Seth tells Summer that this isnt easy. Summer says if they are going to school together then he cant keep freaking out on her. Seth says that is just it, he doesnt know if he wants to go to Brown. Summer says so what, they apply somewhere else. He says no she should go, hell go somewhere else. She asks if he means this? Seth says he thinks it is for the best. Summer says okay. Shes in tears. She says if this is how he feels then fine. She says they are over and runs off.

Ryan finds Sadie sitting alone. He says he was looking for her. He says they can leave if its hard for her not knowing anyone. Sadie says hes a nice guy but shes not going to Berkley with him. She says this is what it will be like next year, hell have another world and shell be pulling him away from it. She says she wont do that to him, and he knows she is right. Sadie says goodbye to Ryan, and that shes going to miss him. She then walks off. 

Sandy returns home and finds Kirsten waiting for him. She says Matt came by, she wants him to quit this. He says its complicated, but she says its not. She knows what happened to her father. Sandy says he cant just quit, its about more than the hospital. Kirsten becomes upset and walks out of the house.

Summer returns home and takes down her Seth altar. She tears the photos up and cries. 

Marissa puts her college shirt away. She looks in on Summer, who is in bed crying. Marissa lays next to her.

Seth returns home and talks with Ryan. They both sulk at the pool house. 

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Sandy tells Matt hes getting himself in pretty deep. Matt says deeper than him?
Ryan tells Kirsten if he doesnt invite his mom to graduation he may never see her again.
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Summer tells Seth if he can say that he doesnt love her then she will go to Brown by herself and will never bother him again.


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