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April 7, 2005 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with Trey cooking breakfast. Ryan walks in and asks if hes making moms special hangover recipe. He says no just a little something he learned how to cook in prison. Seth then walks in and says a scallion and shiv omelet, hes seen Lockup. They then begin arguing about which action herp is the best, Stallone, Arnold or Steven Segal. Sandy walks in and says its Steve McQueen. Seth says who? Sandy cant believe his own son doesnt know who Steve McQeen is. Trey says he knows who he is, and Sandy says a McQueen fan and a cook! When Sandy brings up surfing Trey asks if he could give him a lesson sometime. Kirsten walks in and says better Trey than her as Sandys been trying to get her out there for years. Julie calls and Kirsten says this cant be good. She leaves the room to talk to Julie. Seth explains to Trey that Julie is Marissas mom and Ryans mother-in-law. Sandy says what, you and Marissa? Seth says it is on. Ryan says there is nothing going on with him and Marissa, but nobody believes him. Ryan says they are taking it slow, and everyone cheers. Sandy says its a good thing shes not the neighbor anymore. Kirsten returns and says Julie and Caleb are off on their trip, their housekeeper got deported, so she said Marissa could stay here for the week. Seth says that will keep things at a snails pace. 

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Marissa is packing and Summer says she cant believe she is moving in with the Cohens. Marissa says its only for the week, and this way she can keep and eye on her boyfriend. Summer says yeah and yours. Marissa says shes not dating Seth, she doesnt have a boyfriend. Summer says yeah right. Summer wonders what will happen with her and Ryan under the same roof. Marissa says nothing, and Summer says yeah right. Summer sees Marissas nightie and talks about Ryan seeing her in this. Marissa says its too hot for flannel PJs. Summer thinks Ryan will be the one whose hot when he sees her in this. Marissa says he wont see her in it and she packs her flannel jimmies just in case.

At the Cohens, Kirsten is on the phone with someone and says shell find a replacement. Sandy walks in and when she learns Sandy is free then she decides to see if Sandy will help out with the O.C. Yard Sale Charity Auction. She says she was supposed to chair it but cant. He didnt know there was such a thing as charity here. She says half the proceeds are donated, the other half are kept by the sponsor. Sandy says he thought all the yards were gated. She says its at the country club. Sandy says so a charity auction where the owners keep half the profits, and a yard sale with no yard. Sandy jokes so thats how they do it in the O.C. Kirsten begs Sandy to do her this tiny favor. He says no way. She says its an honorary chair position, a figurehead position. She says hed been the auctioneer; hed get a microphone and a captive audience. He says no fair playing on his weakness, and eventually agrees.

Sandy goes into the kitchen to see if the kids want to help with the pseudo-charity non-yard sale. Seth says he never thought hed be glad to say this but he and Ryan have school. Sandy says tomorrow they are his. Sandy asks Trey what hes doing, and Trey says looking for a job. Sandy says he has one for him.

Sandy and Trey head to the ballroom where the charity auction will be and he and Trey meet the Newpsies. Sandy says they are like vultures but they like to paint their talons. Sandy says hello to the Newpsies and then says hell just get out of the Newpsies hair. The two women say no they need help. One of the Newpsies says the moving company they hired didnt show, so Trey helps them move things. Sandy says hell come back later and pick him up. The other Newpsie tells Sandy that as chair he has to choose table linens, centerpieces and other stuff. Sandy says okay hell help Trey with the lifting. The woman says they need his help, being honorary chair isnt just a figure head position.

At school Seth is taunting Ryan about how he and Marissa will meet up late at night at the fridge and make out. As he French kisses the air, Marissa shows up and asks what Seth is doing. Seth says nothing and scrams. Marissa thinks Seth was talking about how awkward her moving in will be. Ryan pretends like he didnt know. Marissa says her mom called Kirsten, but Ryan says he didnt know. She says it wont be awkward will it, and he says no.

Zack meets up with Seth at the lockers and asks if he knows what comes out on DVD this weekend. Seth says yeah, Elektra, and that is the reason he didnt see that crap in the theaters. Seth also says ever since the whole comic book convention thing Summer has forbid him to have anything to do with comics. Zack says he knows the feeling. He says his mom is making him donate a lot of his comics to the charity yard sale. Seth makes Zack a deal, hell donate five of his so Zack doesnt have to donate ten of his.

At the ballroom, Trey is carrying things around for the Newpsies. He sees a crystal egg and asks what it is. The woman says one of the contributors ran a prop-house for Warner Brothers, that is from some Tom Cruise movie. Trey realizes this is the egg from Risky Business. She says its not the F14 from Top Gun. Trey says this thing must be worth a fortune. She says its appraised at ten thousand. He says that is a fortune. She says she guesses, and for Trey to come with her.

Marissa arrives at the Cohen house and she thanks Kirsten for letting her stay here. Marissa asks where she wants her? Kirsten says good question. 

Up in Seths room, Seth is going through his comics to find which ones to donate. Ryan decides to go to the pool house and check on Trey. He walks in and finds Marissa topless. She covers herself up, and he says shes not Trey. Marissa says Kirsten moved him. Ryan says hell go find Trey and walks off. Seth shows up behind Ryan and then turns around and walks off. Seth jokes to Ryan that didnt take long, and Trey is inside wearing a shirt. 

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Ryan lies in bed, but cant sleep. He looks at the clock, it says 6:00AM. Trey is snoring away on the floor, so he gets up out of bed. Meanwhile, Marissa is in the pool house and cant sleep either. Ryan and Marissa both head to the kitchen for something to eat. They end up having some cereal. He tells her nice PJs, isnt she hot? Shes wearing the flannel ones after all. She says she gets cold. He asks how the pool house is, and she says weird. She says the only time she ever slept in the bed was with him. Trey comes in and says he hopes hes not interrupting. They say no. Trey says he has to get a jump on the day, apartment hunting. Marissa says her friend Alexs apartment is available, and she offers to take him over there. Ryan tells Trey he could stay here, but Trey says they are too old to be sleeping in the same room and besides, hes getting in the way.

Ryan and Seth work at the ballroom photographing the items for the auction. Seth asks Ryan if there have been any late night run-ins with Marissa, maybe wearing something sexy. Ryan says no. As Seth photographs an ataman, hes not watching what hes backing up into, and ends up knocking the crystal egg off its perch. Ryan lunches to catch it and he does. Seth says good save thats probably worth a million dollars. Ryan says 10,000 and its from Risky Business.

Meanwhile Sandy is talking about how the centerpieces and the table cloths clash. He then tells another Newpsie that the napkin rings she ordered are too mobster. Kirsten shows up with Carter and Kirsten wonders what has happened to her husband. Sandy has become a real life Martha Stewart. Sandy offers Carter a drink and he says hes been spending a lot of time with his wife lately. Carter says he has a great wife and she has told him that they should be friends. Sandy says okay, to him, Carter and Kirsten. They then share a toast.

Marissa takes Trey to look at Alexs place. He likes it and says hell take it. The landlord says hell need first and last months rent plus security. Trey says he doesnt have that kind of money. Marissa thinks they can make him an offer, one of his other tenants pipes broke so Marissa says Trey could fix them. Trey says he could be the fixit guy around the place. The landlord says hell think about it and get back to him tonight.

Zack shows up at the auction to turn in his comics. Carter comes in and meets Seth. Carter says he heard that Seth had his own comic. Zack says they did and almost sold it, but Seth had a melt down at the pitch meeting. Carter asks about the comic and how many issues he has. Seth says about twelve. Carter says that is enough for a graphic novel, and he could help them. Zack is excited, but Seth says its not up to him, its up to Summer.

Seth goes to see Summer and says he was talking with Zack about the past. He says they were chatting about their passions and dreams. Summer says that made him think of her, that is so sweet. He says no actually. She says well the only other passions he has is Captain Oats, whiney music and comic books. She says she knows it cant be comics and if he brings up Atomic County then shell kill him and Zack while they sleep. 

At the Cohens, Kirsten tells Sandy she hopes he approves of the tablecloth she picked out for dinner. He says he could care less, he just likes making the Newpsies squirm. Sandy tells Kirsten how great Carter is and how they are planning on hanging out next weekend and getting some drinks. Kirsten says he likes drinks.

Marissa and Trey return home, Ryans on the couch playing Playstation. Trey got the apartment after all so it seems. The phone rings and Marissa gets it. Its the landlord for Trey, and he has bad news because of his background. The landlord says he cant risk making him apartment manager because of his background check. He says he seems like a good guy so hell hold the place for 24 hours. Trey says hell come up with the money. Ryan asks if everything is okay, and he says yeah. Trey says he is getting it together. Ryan says hes proud of him.

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Ryan once again cant sleep. He looks over and sees Seth that Trey is gone. Ryan goes downstairs and waits for Trey to get home. When Trey shows up Ryan asks where hes been. Trey tells mommy not to worry, he was at the new place putting up some drywall. Ryan says at 6am? Trey says that plaster has to dry before you can paint it. Ryan says okay, and he goes back to bed. 

Later Trey takes Marissa some breakfast thinking she may have been hungry, but she says no thanks. Trey says he just wanted to thank her for helping him with the apartment. Marissa is edgy, and she says she overheard his call and knows he didnt get the apartment. He says he has friends, hell come up with the money. Marissa says she can help him, but Trey says shes done enough. Marissa warns him that if he does anything stupid that it will hurt Ryan.

In Seths room, Seth tells Zack there new hobby is collecting baseball cards. Zack says so the talk with Summer didnt go well. He asks if that is it, all that work and hell never show anyone the comic because of a girl. Seth says she threatened to kill them both while they slept. Later Carter shows up and Seth says his mom already left for the pseudo-charity yard sale. Seth and Zack where just about to head there. Carter says actually he wanted to see them. He says his old associate is now a VP at a graphics novel company, he arranged a meeting for them. Zack nods to Seth, but Seth says no and hes sorry. He says they need to get to the auction. Zack says this is their second chance, and technically hes not doing anything wrong. He says its not a comic book anymore, its a graphic novel.

Summer and Marissa are in the basement of Calebs mansion looking for something to auction off to help Trey. They find an old silver tea set which Summer says could be worth a few grand, after analyzing the makers mark and the date. Marissa says that antique road show really paid off. 

Ryan helps Trey tie his tie for the auction. Sandy sees this and tells Ryan that hes impressed. He then asks them if theyre ready to rip off some Newpsies?

The auction begins and Marissa shows up with the tea set. Kirsten asks where she got that? Marissa says it was in the basement a long with a bunch of other old stuff her mom is getting rid of. They head off, and Kirsten looks upset.

Summer catches Seth and Zack talking about the comic, and she asks if they are bringing it back. He says no, its a graphic novel now. She says so it wont be about anyone they know and it wont ruin their friendships having them work together on it. Summer learns about the meeting they have set up and she tells them if this brings any trouble then no more graphic novel and no more her. She makes them pinky swear.

Marissa gives Ryan the silver tea set to auction off for her. He takes it to the back and sees that the crystal egg is missing. He immediately suspect Trey.

Commercial Break.

Ryan goes to Marissa and tells her the crystal egg from Risky Business, probably the most valuable thing here, is gone. Ryan says he thinks Trey stole it, which he doesnt understand considering things are going great for him. Marissa says no they arent, he didnt get the apartment cause his background check failed. He asks Marissa why she didnt tell him. Trey shows up and says because he asked her not to. Ryan says so he stole the egg? Trey says he didnt, but Ryan tells him not to lie to him. Trey asks what it matters? He says this stuff is junk. Ryan says after everything the Cohens and Marissa did for him? Trey says he just wanted to get some money and get out of everyones way. Ryan says well he will be because hell be going back to jail. Trey says they can still get it back. Ryan says Trey has done enough, hell go. 

The auction begins, and Sandy says give it up to the sponsor of this auction Kirsten and Carter from Newport Living. Sandy then jokes that last year they raised 100,000 dollars, but only 50,000 went to charity. Marissa tries to stall and takes Summer up on stage with her. Sandy asks if he can help them? Marissa says they are his assistants.

Ryan is heading off and Seth knows something is going and begs to go with him. Ryan eventually lets him go with him to shut Seth up. As they race to get the egg back, Sandy gets the auction smokin. When Sandy gets to the crystal egg, Marissa tells Summer to do something? Summer takes off her shoes and auctions them. Marissa runs to the back and says they have to find something else to auction. Trey says everything else is gone. Marissa says Summer will be auctioning herself soon. Someone ends up paying 60 dollars for Summers shoes, and she says Ew foot fetish!

Ryan and Seth arrive at the house where Trey took the egg. Seth goes to the door to distract the people while Ryan snoops. Ryan sneaks in a back window to get the egg while Seth talks to the guys who bought it from Trey. Seth pretends to be from the Tom Cruise film preservation society, and he says he understands they have the crystal egg from Risky Business. The guys ask Seth how he knows about the egg? Seth says it has been outfitted with a homing device, it must be a scientology thing as Mr. Cruise does it with all his favorite props. They think they should kill Seth. Ryan, who has the egg at this point, yells Hey! The thugs see he has the egg, and the chase is on. They head out of the house and Ryan throws the egg to Seth, and Seth freaks out as he was never good at PE. Seth catches the egg, and Ryan punches one of the guys. They run for the car and speed off.

Back at the auction, Zack and Trey are auctioned off to mow lawns, and the Newpsies go nuts. The bidding starts at 800 dollars. After this Sandy says they are at the last item, the crystal egg from Risky Business. Marissa and Summer say they are going to do a blind auction on this one, its like a silent auction but they dont get to see the egg. They describe it to them, and say its clear, its egg shape, and Tom Cruise touched it so its hot. The egg is sells for 10,000 dollars. Ryan and Seth then walk in and present the egg to the woman just in time. Sandy says the auction has ended and the bar is open. 

Later at the Cohens, Sandy confronts Ryan and Seth. He says he doesnt know what they were up to but he bets it has to do with Trey. He also says he thought they would talk to him about things like this. 

Marissa goes to see Trey and says she got the money he needed, she sold something from the basement of her house. She says she told him that shed help him, she wishes he would have listened. Trey says he just wanted to do it on his own. She says he doesnt have to, but Trey says he does. He says Ryan wont forgive him for this and he doesnt blame Ryan. Marissa says shell talk to him. He thanks her and says hell pay her back.

It turns out Kristen bought the silver tea set and sets it up in the hall. Marissa tells her that if she wanted it that she would have given it to her. Kirsten says her mom would have been proud to have had it auctioned for charity. Marissa feels bad and says she didnt know, but Kirsten says its okay. Kirsten says she thought it was lost and her dad isnt a fan of tea.

Ryan mopes out at the pool and Marissa comes out to check on him. Marissa asks what hes going to say to him? Ryan says nothing, hes gone and he doesnt care where he goes. Marissa says hes going to Alexs place, she got him the money legally. Ryan thanks her. They come close to sharing a kiss when Marissas cell interrupts, its Julie of course. Marissa asks if everything is okay, and she says okay bye. Marissa says her mom came home early and she wants her over there in a half an hour. Marissa says she better go pack her stuff.

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