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April 13, 2006 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens in the Cohen kitchen. Sandy and Kirsten are discussing the kids graduation, their tickets came. Sandy thinks the school can scrape together more than two tickets per student. They discuss how to invite or not invite the Nana. Ryan says she can take his two tickets, they will just go to waste. Kirsten suggests he invite his mom. Ryan says hes going to go wash up for dinner, so he leaves. Sandy tells Kirsten this might not be a great idea, hes already tried getting Dawn to come here and it failed. Kirsten says its important and it is his decision. Sandy just doesnt want to see him get hurt. Ryan ponders things in the pool house when Kirsten comes out and apologizes. He says hes been thinking about it, if he doesnt invite her then he might not see her again. Ryan asks Kirsten how she was when Sandy saw her. Kirsten says not good, but shes trying. Kirsten offers to go with him. Ryan says no, he needs to do this alone. He says he owes her a chance, hell give it a try.

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Volchok shows up at the mansion to see Marissa, who has just gotten out of the shower. He hopes she had fun at her party and all while he was gone. She says she survived. They share a kiss, and she says they cant do this. He says why not, he goes away from the weekend and she moves on? Julie walks in and says her mom might find out. She says she told Neil this house had rats. Volchok extends his hand, but Julie says keep that grimy paw away from me! Volchok says he thinks her daughter is over him anyways, it must have been a phase. Volchok leaves. Marissa tells her mom to spare her the lecture. Julie says that boy personifies everything that is wrong with her life and could jeopardize her future. Marissa says hes not that bad, she was wrong about Ryan and could be wrong about him. Julie says they arent going to test that theory out. 

Ryan packs for his trip. Kirsten gives him a sandwich she made for the flight. Kirsten is worried for him. He says so is he, he didnt sleep much. She asks if he has a game plan? He says he was going to show up at this diner she mentioned she was working at, say hi and then wait for the fireworks. Kirsten says whatever happens he will have at least one proud mother at his graduation.

At Harbor, Taylor sees Summer sulking and Seth staring at her from a distance. Taylor talks to Summer and says Seth looks just as miserable as she does if it makes her feel any better. Summer says it doesn't. Summer tells Taylor that she knows shes all optimistic and has a positive view on the world, but it wont be happening for her so save it. Taylor says she just wants to be here as a friend. Summer doesnt understand how they could plan their futures together only to have him wuss out and tell her to go on her own. She says shell be alone on Rhode Island, shell be deserted on an island. Taylor says technically it's only surrounded by water on three sides. Summer says to think only two years ago Seth stood on that coffee cart and declared his love for her. Taylor remembers how sweet it was. Summer realizes Seth must be hiding something, nobody like Seth walks away from a girl like her. She thanks Taylor for the pep-talk.

At the Yacht club, Matt is sitting at the bar. Sandy walks up and suggests he take whatever hes ordering to go. Matt says hes here to see Griffen, he wants back pay for what hes owed otherwise the DA gets what he has on him. Sandy warns him that hes getting himself in deep. Matt says no deeper than Sandy is.

At Volchoks, Marissa shows up to see him. He says he gets it, his mom doesnt like him, hes a bad influence, blah blah blah. He says see you around. She says actually she wanted to see if he wanted to hang out. He asks what about school? She says second semester senior year. He tells her if shes going to stay then stay.

Ryan shows up at the diner in Albuquerque. He meets a young girl who works there. She asks what can she get for him? He says hes looking for Dawn Atwood. She says she doesnt start for an hour, who is looking for her? Ryan says a friend, and he tells the woman where hes staying. She says nice hotel, Dawn doesnt have friends that stay there. She thinks he must be his son, she heard he had rich people caring for him and was cute. Ryan says hes Ryan, and she says her name is Chloe. She says Dawn will lose it to know hes here. Ryan says hell come back in a few hours.

At Harbor, Seth and Summer are in algebra class. Summer bursts out laughing and says Seth is so funny. The teacher asks if something is funny. Summer says she was laughing at Seths impression of him. He ends up throwing them out and assigning him detention for the weekend. Outside the classroom, Seth asks what is up with her? She says she had to talk to him. She says since she did the breaking-up, shes calling it off, she's un-breaking up with him. She says shes not giving up on them and she will find out what hes hiding.

Back at the diner in Albuquerque, Ryan looks in the window and sees his mom inside. Its night time. He chickens out and doesn't go in. Chloe is leaving and asks if hes not going in? He says he doesnt think so. She offers to go somewhere and talk, so he says sounds good. 

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At Volchoks, Marissa and Volchok are going at it when there is a knock at the door. Volchok just thinks it is something related to work, but its Julie! She's yelling at Marissa to open up. Marissa hides and Volchok tries to deal with Julie. She wants to know if Marissa is here, the school called and shes skipping. He plays innocent, so Julie says Listen up Tommy Lee, you're just the latest in a set of experiments Marissa conducts when she acts out. Julie says Marissa will wake up and realize shes better than him. Volchok says and shell go running back to home? Julie says Marissa knows shell be there for her when she decides to come home. Julie says she is her family, not some punk with three brain cells. Julie then walks off. Marissa comes out of hiding and says that is her mom. Volchok says hes going to get some beer.

Chloe takes Ryan to some bar where they drink beer. Chloe says hes traveled far to avoid his mom. He says hes working up to seeing her. Chloe says shes doing good. She tells him about his moms new boyfriend Ron, he has a good heart. Ryan says they all to at first. Chloe suggests they dance, which soon ends up turning into a night of raw sex in a hotel room.

Griffen shows up at the Newport Group. Sandy tells Griffen that Matt isnt giving up, he wants money in exchange for incriminating files that Griffen says dont exist. Sandy thinks maybe he should call the cops and let them deal with it. Griffen says and watch all his good work and dreams disappear? Griffen says hell deal with Matt, but Sandy says no as hell make Matt his problem. Griffen says good luck then. 

Back at the hotel, Chloe learns Ryan came here to invite his mom to graduation. She makes some comment about her fitting right at home at his private school. Chloe leaves, and Ryan calls Seth. He is thinking about not seeing her mom, he might just forget about it. Seth tells him to be a man and go see his mom. Ryan asks if hes still lying to everyone about everything? Seth says hes trying to cover, but Summer wants answers and he doesnt want her to throw away her future because of him. Ryan says it looks like they both need to find answers.

Ryan goes to the diner to surprise his mom. She is thrilled to see him and hugs him. Dawn knows Ryan was here and that he was here to invite her to graduation, Chloe called. Ryan says hell come by and talk tomorrow, shes busy right now. Dawn thanks Ryan for asking her to his graduation. 

Seth arrives at Summers room. Hes here to break up with her, which means only he has the power to un-break them up. Summer says she only un-broke up with him to find out why he wanted to break up. Seth says now shell never know.

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Ryan returns to the diner the next morning. Dawn wants to by a nice dress for the graduation, she also wants to take everyone out to dinner afterwards as a thank you. She says nothing fancy since shes footing the bill. Dawn gets a call from her new boyfriend. Hes on the road, she wishes he could have met Ryan. Dawn asks Ryan if she can bring her friend, and Ryan says yeah. Dawn goes to check her calendar, and Chloe apologizes to Ryan for ruining his surprise, it just slipped out. She says he was going to invite her wasn't he? He says yeah.

Summer tells Taylor how Seth broke up with her this time so shes not going back to him like some groveling broken hearted bitch. She says no scheming for her this time. Taylor asks if she still loves Seth. Summer says yes. Taylor asks if Seth said he didnt still love her. Summer says no he didnt. Summer says say for conversations sake shes okay with a little scheming. Taylor says she has an idea. Taylor calls Seth up to tell him that shes supervising detention and its being held in the student lounge, dont be late.

Kirsten calls Sandy, who is at the club. She says he left early this morning, he also got in late last night. Shes worried, she wants him home so they can talk. Sandy says he should be home by 7. Kirsten says shell see him then. 

Matt shows up to meet Sandy. Sandy tells Matt that Griffen says hes not interested in his deal. Matt says not what Griffen said, they are meeting tonight for the money. He says hes going to start his own business in Chicago. Sandy tells him that he cant trust him. Matt says he holds all the cards here, but Sandys not so sure.

Volchok is having some rager of a party, and there are plenty of really wasted people there. Some poor girl is completely wasted, and some guy drugs her drink. Marissa sees this and doesnt like this. 

Seth shows up for detention, the place is decorated with red and pink balloons and giant Hershey kisses. There are some lip balloons as well. Summer is there. Seth asks what shes doing? Summer says gets on the coffee cart like Seth did years ago. She wants Seth to tell her that he doesnt love her anymore. She says if he can honestly say it in this sacred place then she will go to Brown by herself, shell be cold, miserable and alone and wont bother him again. Seth tells her that he doesnt love her anymore. Summer cant believe this. She tells him to get away from her. She cries and tells him to get out of here. Taylor approaches and tells Summer that shes sorry. Summer says she has detention and storms off. Summer and Seth end up in detention together, but they dont say a word or even look at one another.

Julie is worried about Marissa, she tries to call her on her cell. Marissa is still at the party and ignores her moms phone. She sees two guys leading the drunk girl off that they drugged. Marissa goes after them, she finds they have Heather, the girl, outside in the van, people are about to rape her. She bursts in and the guy taking her clothes off says "wait your turn!" She tells them all to get lost. Heather is out cold.

Dawn shows up at Ryans hotel. She has some dresses to show Ryan. Chloe is with her, and the dress she picked out is basically sparkly trashy and not appropriate. Ryan says he has to be get going, and he is thinking about blowing graduation off and going out of town, it's a pretty boring event. He says they can visit in the summer. Dawn says but no graduation? He says no. Dawn is upset, she tells him that he doesnt have to lie to her and he doesnt have to worry about her embarrassing him. She says she may not have been the best mother but shes never been ashamed of her family. Dawn walks out, and Chloe gives Ryan a look.

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Ryan tells Chloe that she doesnt know his mom like he does, she gets clean for awhile, meets a lowlife and ends up popping pills and booze again. Chloe says she met this lowlife in rehab, he hasnt drank in twelve years. She says he pays for their apartment and even fixed up a car for her. Ryan says he didnt know. Chloe says he already made up his mind about her and him. Ryan says he has to go to the airport. Chloe says shell drive him and shes making a stop on the way.

Kirsten calls Sandy, his voice mail answers. Sandy is in a lot waiting to watch the meeting between Matt and Griffen. He sees Matt show up and meet with Griffen and another man. Griffen has an envelope. Matt says the files are in his back seat. Turns out that the guy with Griffen isnt here to get the files, hes here to deal with Matt. Sandy walks out and says there are no files. Griffen says he expects him to believe this is a bluff? Sandy says go check his car seat. The guy does, there are no files. Sandy also says he looked through Matt's hard drive after he left, it was clean. Sandy says Matt bluffed the whole thing. Matt claims he thought Griffen would pay if he was guilty.  Griffen thinks Matt wasted his time and leaves with his man. Sandy gives Matt a check, he feels he owes it to him for what has happened. He tells Matt to take the money and go. Matt says hes sorry. Sandy says so is he. Sandy gets in his car, he stole Matts files! 

At home, Kristen had made a nice romantic dinner, which she ends up throwing in the trash. She takes out a bottle of wine and pours herself a glass. She quickly pours it all down the drain. Seth comes in the front door and walks into the kitchen, Kirsten hides the wine. Kirsten asks if he needs to talk? He was actually looking for Ryan. Kirsten says hes not home yet. Seth asks her if everything is okay? She says yeah.

Chloe takes Ryan to the diner where Dawn has a little altar set up to Ryan in her locker with photos and everything. Chloe says he is Dawns whole life. Dawn shows up and catches them there. Chloe leaves them to talk. Ryan says hes sorry. Dawn says when Sandy invited her to his party she wanted to go, but she wasnt ready. She says she has been going to her meetings and working, she even met a decent guy. She thinks he doesnt understand how hard it is to hold it together. Ryan says he does, hes still her kid. She says and she is his mom. She thinks if there is a little bit of her in him then she cant be all that bad. Ryan then leaves for the airport. He runs into Chloe outside. She says shes sorry, but he says its okay and her plan worked. She says then shes not sorry, for anything that happened. Chloe thinks if everything works out at graduation then maybe shell see more of him. She gives him a kiss on the cheek as he gets into a taxi. 

Sandy comes home late as usual. He puts Matts papers into the safe.

Julie sits on her sofa and drinks. Marissa comes home in tears. Julie and Marissa hug.

Summer and Taylor sit in Summers bedroom, Taylor is trying to cheer Summer up but its not working.

Ryan returns home to the pool house where Seth has been waiting for him. Seth asks how his mom was. Ryan says coming back to graduation. Seth tells Ryan hes made a mistake, he needs to get Summer back. He says it will be a long night, they have to come up with a plan. The show ends with Seth going over all his wacky plans. 

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