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April 14, 2005 Episode Of The O.C.

At the Cohens, Sandy is drinking coffee when Trey shows up with a bag packed. Sandy says so today is the big day. He asks Trey if he has all his stuff and if he needs anything. Trey says no, theyve done more than enough for him. Sandy says he is Ryans brother, they are happy to help. Trey says Ryan is lucky to have them. Sandy says Trey is a part of this family now too, so if he needs anything to let them know. Sandy tells him to grab some breakfast and hell take him to his new place. Trey says hes not hungry, but hell accept the ride. Sandy asks if he told Ryan that he was leaving. Trey says no. Sandy says he doesnt know what happened between them and he doesnt want to know. Sandy says someone will have to be the first to reach out though. Ryan walks in and Sandy says timing in this house is a thing of beauty. Sandy leaves them to say goodbye. Sandy says hell be in the car. Trey tells Ryan that Sandys giving him a ride. Trey tells Ryan he does appreciate everything he and the Cohens have done for him. Ryan says he has a funny way of showing it. Trey says he screwed up and they saved his ass, so will he accept his apology. Ryan blows him off and says dont keep Sandy waiting. Trey grabs his bag and leaves.

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At school, Marissa asks Ryan if Trey moves in to his new place today. Ryan says he moved in this morning. Marissa thinks they should go by and give him a housewarming gift. Ryan says he doesnt need anything. Seth says Trey doesnt seem overburden with possessions unless that bag of his is like Mary Poppins. Seth says he wishes he never said that. Ryan says they need to let it go. Seth and Marissa think it is time Ryan forgive him, but Ryan says to leave it alone and storms off.

Carter shows up at Newport Group and tells Kirsten that she is a legitimate publisher. Kirsten says she knows, the first issue is on the stand. Carter says hes speaking about their first libel suit, someone doesnt like a profile they ran on them. She asks who, and he says Nick Morton, he thinks they made him look like scum. Kirsten tells Carter that he wrote that profile. Carter says he knows, and he will talk to Sandy. Kirsten says that is good as they are friends. Kirsten says Julie is on her way over and she has to explain to Julie why shes not on the cover anymore. Carter says shes been to Europe, maybe she has become un-materialistic, humble and sweet. Kirsten says they are talking about Julie. Julie walks in and says what about her. Kirsten says they were just talking about how good it is to have her back. Julie says that is sweet. Julie says Caleb is still in Rome, but she came back for their first issue. Kirsten says there is something they need to talk about. Kirsten says after the porno debacle there were letters, and advertisers were going to cancel, so she had to take her off the cover. Julie says Kirsten did the right thing and not to give it another thought. Julie says it is good to see the both of them, she missed them.

At school Zack and Summer discuss meeting with Reed from Bad Comic Publishing. As they discuss it Summer shows up and says she knows they were talking about their comic. Seth says its a graphic novel. Things get quiet, so Zack says hes going to head to class. Seth tells Summer that hes sorry and he promised it wouldnt be weird. Seth says hell tell her everything that happens, but Summer says no. Summer says she thinks this is a bad idea, so she wants to hear nothing about it. She says as far as she is considered the comic doesnt exist.

Carter drops by Sandys office. Sandy is making a surf board table for his office. Carter asks Sandy if he has ever done liable work. Sandy says one day on the stand and they have a lawsuit, good work. Sandy asks who it is. Carter says Nick Morton. Sandy says that sleazebag. Carter says he doesnt like to be called one in print. Sandy says hed be glad to help out, liable cases are notoriously hard to prove. Carter says he used to surf, so Sandy tells him to come out with him tomorrow. Carter says he doesnt have a board. Sandy says hell lend him one. Carter says and what does he tell Kirsten when hes not at work? Sandy says he can tell her that theyre talking about the case. 

Marissa drops by Treys place with a housewarming gift, a lava lamp. Marissa says Ryan wanted to come but he had a thing. He invites her in, all he has is a bean bag though. He says its an early birthday present to himself. She asks when his birthday is, and he says on Saturday. He says its the big 21. He asks if she wants something to drink, he has one glass but he can wash it. She says no thats okay as she should be going.

Zack and Seth go to meet Reed, who ends up being a she. Seth is worried because girls and comics dont mix. She says they must be her two wonder twins. Reed tells them that she thinks they have tapped into something real and appealing. She says the ironist is smart and real and unlike anything in comics. Seth says its so great to see a woman involved in comics. She asks who came up with the business plan, and Zack says he did. She tells him that its amazing. Reed says he is like a Doogie Howser meets Gordon Gecko. Reed gets a call and says she excuses herself, but asks genius boy to order her an ice tea.

Marissa stops by the Cohens and asks Ryan if they should throw Trey a birthday party, they could have it at her house. Ryan is stunned and he admits he forgot Saturday was his birthday. He asks Marissa why she is doing this. Marissa says he is his brother. Ryan says exactly, and if he handled this from the beginning then none of this would have happened. Ryan tells her to stop pushing it. She says shes sorry and walks out.

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Seth comes into the pool house and wakes Ryan up with some coffee. Ryan reaches for it, but Seth says get his own. Seth needs to talk about him and Reed. He says hes a bit worried about Zack, hes infatuated with Reed and it was disgusting. Ryan asks Seth if hes sure Zack has the crush. Seth says Reed is a colleague, he loves Summer, he just doesnt want Reed to like Zack more than him. Seth says this is the first conversation theyve had here sense Marissa left. Ryan doesnt want to talk about Marissa. Seth asks what happened, and Ryan says she wants to throw Trey a birthday party. Seth says sometimes it takes an event to bring people together. Seth talks about Trey blowing out his birthday candles and wishing his brother would forgive him.

At Calebs place, Marissa asks her mom why she came home early. Julie says she had to for the magazine, and she missed Marissa. Julie gets a cell phone call. She asks if they have an address, and then says she should have known. Julie tells Marissa that she has to go, but lets have dinner tonight. Julie goes into her room and unlocks a box. Inside is a swanky silver hand gun.

At the beach Sandy tells Caleb that hes just out of practice, everyone hits themselves in the face with the board once in a while. Carter says three times? A female surfer named Erin shows up and says hi to Sandy. Sandy introduces Erin to Carter, and she tells Carter way to skewer that Nick guy. Sandy says Carter is new in town and getting back into surfing. Erin says anytime Sandy is busy and he needs a surf buddy to give her a call. Carter says he might do that. Erin then hits the beach.

At school Summer and Marissa talk about Ryans issues with Trey. Summer says if Ryan doesnt want a relationship with his brother then there is nothing she can do. Marissa says she just doesnt want Ryan to realize in two years that he needs his brother, but by then it might be too late. Summer tells Marissa that she is the most supportive non-girlfriend in history. Marissa tells Summer that if something important was happening in Seths life shed be there for him. Summer hesitates and says yeah.

Zack and Seth walk in and they are talking about Reed and her knowledge of comic heroes. They claim its like finding a really hot unicorn. Zack tells Seth that its too bad he has a girlfriend. Seth says he was thinking Zack could ask her out, but they are working together and there is that whole professional ethics thing. Zack asks Seth how Summer took the news that Reed is a woman. Seth says Summer wants to know nothing about the comic book enterprise. Summer shows up and asks what is going on. Zack says they were just talking about Reed. She asks who Reed is, and Zack says Seth will tell her. Zack then walks off. Seth says she doesnt want to know, its a comic book rep. Summer says she does want to know. He says she does? Summer says she knows this is important to him so its important to her, she wants to know everything.

Julie shows up at Lances hotel and he asks how she found him. She says she just looked for the cheapest hotel near a liquor store and viola. She walks in and then pulls a gun out and aims it at Lance. He asks what that is. She says its a gun genius, you use it to shoot people that you want to kill Lance says here is what happened. . . Julie says what happened is that he humiliated her, shes been kicked out of every club and organization she belongs to, shes been kicked off the cover of her own magazine, and she has a teenager daughter who will sooner or later find out about this. Lance tells Julie to be reasonable. She says she is being reasonable. Julie says in one night he ruined a life she spent twenty years building, so shes here to kill him. She pulls the trigger, but there is no bullet. She says for just a second she wanted Lance to feel like his life was being taken away. She then leaves. 

At the Cohens place, Ryan is studying. Seth tries to get Ryan to go see Trey on the way to pick up some Tai food. Seth tells Ryan all he has to do is go say happy birthday, thats it. Ryan says four syllables, that is it.

Sandy comes home and tells Kirsten about surfing with Carter. Kirsten asks if they discussed the case at all? He says a little. Sandy talks about setting up Erin and Carter up, and Kirsten asks if hes serious? He says yeah, Carter is new here and needs to meet people. Kirsten says fine. Sandy says hell make the calls. Its obvious Kristen doesnt like this idea. 

Ryan and Seth stop by the apartment to see Trey. They see Trey head out and get into a suspicious looking camaro with a guy who looks like Lou Reed according to Seth. They end up following Trey to see what hes up to. Trey and the guy head to a dark alley where they meet up with some guy. Trey pays the guy some money.

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The next morning Ryan shows up banging on Treys door. Trey asks whats up. Ryan throws Trey against the wall and asks what is his problem. He asks what it was he bought, coke, speed? Ryan tells him to get rid of it. Ryan says he saw him last night, they followed him. Trey tells Ryan to call his parole officer; it was his car he got into last night. Trey says the guy in the ally was a buddy from prison, he gave him five dollars and tried to convince him to go to a shelter as hes homeless. Trey tells Ryan that when he saw Ryan this morning he thought he was here for his birthday. Ryan walks out, and Trey says maybe hes the idiot for believing.

Ryan shows up at Marissas place to see her. Ryan apologizes about the other day. Marissa says hes his brother and she should have respected that. Ryan says he was taking out his frustrations on her. He tells her what he and Seth saw last night, and how he went and accused Trey this morning and was wrong. Ryan says he doesnt know what to do. Marissa says hes come to the right place.

Seth meets with Reed and gives her some new drawings. She says they are great. Reed asks where Zack is anyways? Seth says hes probably getting a hair cut, he spends copious amounts of time grooming. Seth asks if she gets a gay vibe from him? Seth then gets a phone call, its Summer. He answers by saying hey girl . . . friend! She says she needs her help, but he says hes in a meeting with Reed. Reed then says she loves these little Mrs. Vixen sketches. Summer hears Reeds voice and asks what that was. He says a waitress and hell call her back. Seth tells Reed that was his mom. Reed says he calls his mom girlfriend?

Julie receives a package at home. She opens the package, inside is the porn tape and a letter from Lance. 

Marissa goes to see Trey and says shes taking him out for his birthday. He says okay. She takes him back to her place, claiming she forgot her wallet. He ends up at a surprise party, Ryan, Seth and Summer are the party. They all wish him happy birthday. Ryan extends his hand to Trey, and Trey gives him a hug. Julie tells Marissa that she has to go out for a bit, can she trust her while shes gone? Marissa says yes. Julie says since Trey is 21 he can have a beer, just one. She says see she can be cool mom.

At the Cohens, Carter shows up in a nice, but casual suit. Kirsten says he looks nice. He thanks her. Erin shows up and Sandy excuses himself to let her in. Carter hopes this isnt strange, but she says its fine. Sandy and Erin come into the kitchen and they head outside to watch the sunset. Kirsten says shell be out and bring the wine. She pours herself a glass and downs it.

Julie meets up with Lance at a bar and asks what shes doing here. The letter said if she wants the rest to meet him. He gives her the rest of the tapes, which he says he could have gotten 8500 for yesterday. She says so he turned down 8 grand after fleecing Caleb out of 500,000. Lance says he didnt get a penny out of Caleb. Lance explains what happened with Caleb, which Julie didnt know about. Lance says he thought Caleb would pay up, but a guy like him doesnt mind taking chances. Julie says and the chance he took was with her life. Lance says he didnt want to hurt her, but she knows what hes like when he feels cheated. Lance says he has nothing, not even the 8500. She asks if he has enough for a drink?

Back at the mansion more people continue to show up for the party, and Zack shows up with Reed. Summer calls her a hottie, and they think shes older and maybe in college. Seth does his best to keep Summer away from Reed, but doesnt look happy about Zack being with her. Ryan asks Marissa if shell get in trouble for this, but she says no as its not like shes throwing a rager. The doorbell rings, and in come a massive amount of people. Ryan says the word has obviously spread.

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The party at Calebs gets out of control There is drinking, drugs and copious amount of groping. Seth asks some jocks if they know where Zack is as he plays water polo too. The jocks become offended and call Seth a geek. They become rough with him, but Trey ends up beating the guys up and saving Seth. Trey tells them to go home. Seth thanks Trey and says this is Deja Vous, hes at a party, there are water polo players, and an Atwood saved his butt. Some cute girl tells Trey how amazing that was. Seth makes himself scarce, and he and the girl go off to have a little fun. 

Seth finds Zack and asks what hes doing here with Reed. Zack and Seth end up in a fight as Seth never told him about the meeting and that he told Reed that he was gay. Seth says he said gay vibe. Zack says he doesnt want to get into this right now, they should just find their respective dates.

Trey and the girl, Jess, head upstairs to be alone. She says he doesnt go to Harbor does he. He says no he just moved here from prison. She asks if he killed someone. He says no, he stole a car. She asks what a car thief is doing at a Newport Rager. He says its is birthday party, so she says time to open his present. They move things to the bed.

At the bar, Julie and Lance get drunk and reminisce about the good times from the past. A Whitesnake song comes on and they think about this concert. Lance says she threw her shirt at the band, and she says no that was Ratt. He says it was both, she went through a lot of shirts. Julie says she should be going, but he says not yet. They have one more drink for Whitesnake.

Back at the rager, Summer runs into Reed in the bathroom. She tells Reed what a great guy Zack is. Reed says he is so sweet and cute, she cant believe he doesnt have a girlfriend. Reed says this is crazy, but has she heard of Little Miss Vixen. Summer asks how she knows about that? Summer asks if she knows Seth? Reed says shes working with Seth on his comic, shes Reed. 

Summer goes out and confronts Seth for being an ass about Reed. Seth says he was afraid she would get the wrong idea. Summer says why because he met some gorgeous twenty three year old who loves comics and thinks hes the next Brian Bendus. Seth says she said that? Summer says Oh My God! and storms off. Seth runs after her and says hes sorry. Summer asks Zack for a ride, and he gladly gives her one. Summer tells Cohen even when hes not lying, hes lying.

Julie and Lance end up dancing to Poison, Julie is smashed. Lance tells Julie its time to get her home. She says yeah , Caleb is going to divorce her. She says he claimed he wouldnt judge her, but through the whole trip he wouldnt look at her and when he did he was disgusted with her. She says she came home because she couldnt take it anymore. She says Caleb will leave her and shell have nothing. Lance says what if something were to happen to Caleb. She says what does he mean? He says when she left him for Jimmy that his life stopped; now he feels like hes waking up. He says if getting rid of Caleb will take care of her and her daughters then hell do it for her. 

Back at the party, kids are doing lines of coke. Marissa is only drinking water and says someone has to be responsible. Ryan and Marissa head up to Marissa room and find a guy and two girls in her bed. She says this is her room! He asks if she wants in? She tells them to get out. Ryan thanks Marissa for everything shes done for Trey, if it wasnt for her . . . He says shes been amazing. Marissa says she knows what it is like to have someone believe in you when no one else does. As they move in to kiss there is a scream. They head out to the balcony and see a girl floating in the pool. Seth jumps in to get her, and its the girl Trey was with earlier.

At the Cohens place, they are having drinks and dinner on the patio. Sandy gets a phone call, and Carter thanks Kirsten for dinner. She says shes glad they could make it. Sandy says hell be right there, and he tells Kirsten that a party for Trey got out of hand. He says some girl took drugs and passed out in the pool. Sandy says the kids are okay, but he has to get over there. Sandy says hell call her. Carter has to move his car, so its just the two girls left. They put the dishes away, and Erin talks about how wonderful Carter is. Kirsten says he is, just be careful. She tells Erin that his divorce was hard on him. Erin asks if hes not over her? Kristen says the wounds are just raw, but he is a great guy. Erin thanks Kirsten for letting her know. 

At Marissas pace the paramedics take the girl away. Trey shows up and recognizes the girl as shes being loaded into the ambulance. Sandy asks if everyone is okay? The cops questions Marissa and wants to arrest Marissa because there were drugs involved. As she is the owner of the house, they want to arrest her until they can find out who brought the drugs. Trey says he gave them to the girl, he brought the drugs. Trey is arrested instead of Marissa, and Sandy says hes his lawyer so keep it quiet. Ryan looks as Trey is taken away.

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Trey tells Ryan that he thought hed be mad at him. Ryan knows Trey didnt do it, and they hug.
Marissa asks Ryan what they can do? Ryan says find out who did bring the drugs to the party.
Julie prepares a welcome home celebration for Caleb. He walks in to find Julie on their bed surrounded by rose petals. He asks what this is, and she asks what it looks like. He says it looks like one of his movies. He says he has a meeting with his lawyers, they need to have a discussion.
Carter tells Sandy that he doesnt know many men whod let their wife spend the night with another guy. Sandy asks how many men he knows have been married for twenty years?
Carter and Kirsten go away, and are in a hotel room. Carter tells Kirsten that hes going to take a shower. 

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