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April 20, 2006 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with Ryan and Seth packing to go off to look at colleges. They meet in the kitchen and talk about what theyve packed. Ryan's over packed, Seth has underpacked. Seth and Ryan have apparently come up with some kind of plan for Seth to possibly talk his way into Brown. Ryan says Summer will be there, how will he deal with that. Seth says its not like theyll run into one another, hes made sure his flight is inconvenient and one Summer wont take. Kristen shows up to take them to the airport and see them off, Sandy has an early meeting and has to miss it. Kirsten takes them to the airport. Seth heads off for his plane, and Kirsten gives Ryan a pep-talk. She says hes earned this so he needs to enjoy it. She gives him a hug and says have a wonderful time. Ryan walks off and Kirsten sees Theresa show up. Theresa meets her mom and a little boy. Her mom hands the boy to Theresa. Kirsten is shocked. 

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Summer and Marissa are packing for their college trips. Summer doesnt know what to wear to Brown, she thinks she needs an angry piercing or something to fit in. Marissa tells her to dress herself. Summer says this is all wrong, shes going to Brown without Seth and Marissa to Berkley without Ryan. Marissa says shes going to Berkley with Ryan, just not WITH Ryan. Summer says that is even weirder. Marissa says maybe it will force them to focus on the future. Summer says big talk for someone who chucked her acceptance letter. Marissa says she was going through something. Summer says yeah with that almost homeless surfer dude. Marissa says its over with him and shes going to pick up her stuff from his place. Summer doesnt think thats a smart idea, so Marissa says shell have him bring her stuff to the diner. 

Julie and Neil are having breakfast when the girls show up. He offers them a ride to the airport, but they say its okay. Summer says they could use his muscle with their bags though. Julie offers to go with Marissa, she could pretend to be her scientology guide. Julie is concerned about the partying going on at college. Marissa says shell be okay, she got all the partying out of her system. Marissa says goodbye and she and Summer head off to college. Neil and Julie discuss how it seems Marissa has completely changed. Julie thinks an exorcism happened. Neil says shes definitely out of the woods. Julie wonders what they will do this weekend. Neil has a hospital function and asks Julie to come with him, she can invite Kirsten and Sandy if it makes her feel more comfortable. She agrees to go, after originally trying to get out of it.

Ryan meets Wes at Berkley, hes his freshman buddy. He takes Ryan to the dorm and they make chit chat. He knows Ryan went to Newport and asks if went to Harbor. Ryan says yes, so Wes asks if he played water polo? Ryan says no, and originally hes not from Newport. He says originally hes from Chino. Wes tells Ryan hell be okay, there are people here from Bangladesh and Kansas. He says there is no mold here, its easy to fit in. 

Marissa meets up with Volchok at the diner to get her stuff. She says Summer is waiting and she has a plane to catch. Volchok didnt bring her stuff, he wants to know why she all of the sudden bailed. She says she didnt think of him as the possessive type. He says he wants to know why. She tells him they have nothing in common. He says yeah she has money and he doesnt. Marissa says no, and she tells him the truth. She talks about Lisle from The Sound of Music. Marissa dreamed of growing up to be like her. Marissa says then she grew up and ended up with guys she couldnt even have a real conversation with. She says its cheesy but shes not ready to give up on the Sound of Music thing. Volchok says good luck and hell drop off her stuff.

Kirsten arrives at the Newport Group to see Sandy. She tells him about seeing Theresa at the airport, she had a baby about two years old with her. Sandy asks if she thinks it is Ryans? Kirsten doesnt know, but she thinks she should tell Ryan. Sandy suggests they keep this to themselves at least till Ryan gets back.

At Brown, Seth is walking around the quad. He calls Ryan to check in. Ryan is at Berkley. Seth is impressed with Brown, hes hoping to visit the campus without running into Summer. Instead he runs into Anna! 

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Seth and Anna catch up with one another. Anna saw the comic he made, but she has a few issues with her character. She also loves the new V-casts of Atomic County she can get on her phone. Anna asks how he and Summer are doing, and Seth says they are great. Anna says tell her that she says hi. Seth ends up admitting the truth to Anna, he didnt get into Brown. He says hes here to try and get in. She asks how he plans on doing that? He doesnt know yet, but he thinks she can help him. Seth says its fate that they met. Anna says there is a meet the faculty session today, perhaps he should try and schmooze with them.

Julie arrives at Kirsten's to try and convince her and Sandy to come to the hospital party. Kirsten says Sandy is going but she cant. She tells Julie that she and Sandy have hit a rough patch and is no fan of this hospital project. Julie basically begs Kirsten to go with her. She says she cant navigate the newpsies without her. She really wants Neils friends to like her. Kirsten says shes only doing this for her.

Ryan bonds with Wes and his roommate over family issues and past drama. As they talk, Marissa walks in and Wes makes a comment about her. He soon realizes Ryan knows Marissa. Wes asks where her freshman buddy is? Marissa says shes a vegan and is boycotting this whole thing. She says shell be okay on her own and heads off. Wes and his friend want the story. Ryan says they dated on and off. Ryan tells Wes he can go over and talk to her if he wants. Wes asks Ryan if hes sure he doesnt mind? Ryan says no. Wes goes to talk to Marissa.

At Brown, Anna sneaks Seth into the meet-n-greet and points out the head of admissions. She tells Seth to focus and think about what hes going to say to him. Meanwhile, Summer is there and cant really relate to the others who are talking about politics. Meanwhile, Seth makes an appointment to meet up with the head of admissions tomorrow since he cant talk to Seth now. Summer then sees Seth is there. She asks what in the hell hes doing here? She thinks hes going to Brown, just not with her. Anna walks up and asks how it went? Summer is shocked and thinks everything finally makes sense. Summer then walks off.

At Berkley, Wes is talking with Marissa. He says he's a poly-sci major. She says her dad was too and Wes reminds her of her dad, the good parts that is. Ryan shows up and Marissa walks over to see him. They are at some frat party, an albeit calm one. Marissa asks Ryan if he will come sit with her and Wes, shell let him talk about his architecture tour. He says sure.

At Brown, Seth apologizes to Anna for not telling her about Summer. Anna says she cant be mad at him when hes this pathetic. She tells Seth to stop wallowing, they have to figure out how to get him out of this. She shows him tomorrows activity list and which ones Summer might be at. Seth doesnt know how hes gotten through the last two years without her. Anna says she doesnt know either.

At the Cohens, Ryan calls home and talks with Sandy. Sandy gets a call he has to take so he hands the phone to Kirsten. Kirsten talks to Ryan. He can tells something is bothering her, he wants to know whats going on. She says it can wait till he gets home. He wants to know now. She tells him not to over react, but she saw Theresa at the airport and she had a baby with her, it looked like her son. Ryan says and she thinks . . . Kirsten says she doesnt know what she thinks.

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Anna and Seth see Summer at one of the activities. Anna tells Seth that he has to go tell her the truth. He says right. Seth walks up to Summer and asks if they can talk. Summer says leave her alone, and the leader of the walking tour doesnt appreciate Seth talking. Seth keeps trying to talk to Summer but shes ignoring him. She says she was good at it during Middle School, she can do it again. Seth says if she lets him explain it will all make sense. Summer thinks he dumped her to date smart women in college. She says hes ruined senior year for her, she wont let him ruin college.

Ryan returns home, he couldnt stay at Berkley knowing this about Theresa. Kirsten feels bad. Ryan says he was expecting this, anything to complicate his life. Kirsten says she did some research on the net and found her address. Ryan decides to go see Theresa.

At Brown, Seth meets with the admissions guy. He only gives Seth five minutes. Seth says he has a tendency to ramble, so he prepared a speech. He wants to list while he should have been admitted. The guy isnt pleased, he thought he was admitted. Seth asks him to hear him out, at least hell know he tried. The guy says he has one minute. Seth condenses his speech and goes over his highlights. He basically blows it with the guy, who tells him to show himself off campus. Seth tells him that he has to get in here, not only because he loves it but because he will lose a girl who is going here. The man says so this is about a girl. Seth says yes, its about THE girl. The man understands, but he says the school made its selection and sticks by it.

At the Cohens Sandy is shocked to see Ryan is home. Ryan says he came home to deal with the Theresa thing. He then heads off to see her. Sandy, who is not happy, goes to see Kirsten. Kirsten says it just happened, he left to take a business call. Sandy and Kirsten begin to argue over this. Sandy cant talk about this anymore as he has to go to the office. She says no, but he says it has to wait. Sandy walks off, both he and Kirsten are in foul moods.

At Berkley, Wes invites Marissa to his place for dinner with friends. She says okay, and she asks where Ryan is? Wes says Ryan had to go home, some emergency. She doesnt know if she should call him or not. Wes saying being friends with an ex is hard. Wes says she knows Ryan better than he does, but whatever it was it seemed private. 

Ryan goes to where Theresa is living. He knocks on her apartment door and some woman answers, shes babysitting the baby whose name is Daniel. He learns the boy is Theresas, but she's not home. Ryan looks into his eyes.

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At Berkley, Wes asks Marissa if shes having a good time. She says yeah, everyone else seems to be to. Wes little dinner party is going on. Wes admits to Marissa that this is his second time as a freshman, the first time around he bailed out because he didnt know what he wanted, partied too much and ruined his GPA. Marissa can relate to him. She talks about how she was the perfect daughter and student, but then everything went to hell with her family and she got kicked out of school and her friend died. She says at some point she stopped being the girl who belonged at college or anywhere. He says everyone belongs somewhere. She says not everyone, some people just get lost. 

Ryan calls Seth, he doesnt know if the kid is his or not yet. Seth is on his way home and gets in a Taxi. In the taxi happens to be Anna. He asks if shes giving him a ride to the airport? She says not exactly, they are going to stop over at RISD, hes going to apply and his comic book will be his application. She hands him a copy of Atomic County. He asks where she got this? She says she had her mom fed-ex it, just in case things didn't go well at Brown. She says if he gets in then hell be in the same state as Summer. Seth says he knows and it is one of the best art schools in the country, but he thinks he should just forget all this and face rejection. Anna wont let him give up.

At the hospital function, Sandy mingles with people and Julie asks Kirsten what is wrong? She says long story? Julie realizes Kirsten is upset to have to watch Sandy work the crowd all night. She suggests they go load up on crab dip and hide out. 

Marissa returns home and decides to check on Ryan. She was worried about him. She says he doesnt have to tell him. Ryan says its Theresa, she did have a baby. He says he hasnt talked to her yet, so he doesnt know if hes the father. However he thinks he might be, when he was at Berkley he felt he was living someone elses life. Marissa says when he was there it felt right didnt it. Ryan says yes. She says then hell go back there no matter what happens.

At the dinner, Sandy makes a speech to everyone about being the new guy in their circles, and he introduces his wife. Kirsten basically snubs Sandy, but then stands up to propose a toast to Sandy Cohen, who has told her how important this hospital is to him. She says they say when you grow up you marry your father, she thought she escaped that. Kirsten then walks out of the dinner, grabbing a glass of champagne on the way. Outside, Kirsten takes a drink. She then  downs the whole glass. 

Summer is on her way home, she talks to Marissa on the phone. Marissa doesnt know if shes ready for Berkley yet. Summer says she believes in her, and shell see her soon.

Seth and Anna are at the airport, Seths meeting with the RISD guy went well and if he gets in it is all because of Anna. Seth gives her a hug and then boards the plane. Summer sees them hugging and saying goodbye. 

Marissa sneaks into Volchoks place to get her stuff. She sees that he rented the Sound of Music. Hes asleep in bed and she looks in on him. She ends up laying down next to him.

Theresa stops by the Cohens to see Ryan. Theresa doesnt know how he found her. Ryan says he needs to know. Theresa says hes not his. She says Eddie is the father, they had a paternity test and everything. She says shes sorry she wasnt honest with him. She says she saw how his life turned around when he met the Cohens. She says shes been doing okay on her own, she has a career now and a kid. Ryan asks how the kid is? She asks how much time does he have? Ryan would like to know about him. Theresa says its good to see him again.

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