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April 21, 2005 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with Ryan and Seth making breakfast, but neither one is hungry. Seth tells Ryan not to blame himself for what happened. Seth says he gave Trey a chance and believed in him, that is all he did. Seth says whatever Trey did at the party is on him. Ryan says the thing is he doesnt think Trey did it. Ryan says Trey is a lot of things, but hes not a drug dealer. Ryan thinks Trey confessed to stop the cops from arresting Marissa. Seth asks why he would think that? Ryan says because he was about to do the same thing. Seth says the need to rescue Marissa Cooper must be in the Atwood DNA. Ryan says it would explain a lot. Seth says if he didnt do it then his dad will get him off. Sandys voice says not to be so sure about that. Trey walks in with Sandy, and Ryan gives his brother a hug. Trey says he thought Ryan would be mad. Ryan says why would he be, he didnt do it. Trey says he didnt, he had to stop them from arresting Marissa. Sandy tells Trey to get settled in the pool house. Ryan says hes staying with them? Trey says hes in Sandys custody, its the only way he could be released. Trey leaves and Sandy tells the boys that Trey is facing hard time. Ryan says he has to do something to help Trey. Seth says if hes thinking of going under cover then that is very 21 Jump Street of him. Ryan says whatever it takes. Seth says he gets to be Richard Greico. 

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Sandy calls Kirsten, who is at work, to tell her about Trey staying at the Cohen Halfway house by court order. Sandy hopes its okay with her. She says she guesses hes already there, so there is nothing she can do. Sandy says hes back in the pool house. She asks if he is okay? Sandy says all things considered. Kristen says shell have to tell Carter that they cant go to Santa Barbara this weekend. Sandy forgot about the wine tasting event, and she says Carter can handle it on his own. Sandy says he doesnt think Carter is planning on handling it by himself, Carter told him that he was thinking about asking Erin. Kirsten says really? Sandy says yeah when he mentioned to Carter that he (Sandy) might be going with her that Carter thought asking Erin would make it a fun foursome. Kirsten says all the more reason to stay home with Sandy, she certainly doesnt want to be a third wheel. Kirsten ends up telling Sandy that shell see him at home.

At Calebs mansion, Julie tells Marissa that shes going to be late for school. Marissa says that is it? Julie says it is almost 8oclock. Marissa says her party turned into a rager, someone nearly drowned, and she doesnt get punished? Julie says these things happen and its not her fault. She says besides if she punished her then shed have to tell Caleb. Julie says Caleb will be home tonight and shes planning a party for two. Marissa says gross. Julie says there are no sacrifices she wont make to keep a roof over their heads. Julie tells Marissa they shouldnt mention any lesbians or bodies in the pool to him. Marissa says shell just spend the night with Summer.

At school, Summer tells Zack that shes avoiding Cohen because he lead her to think Reed was a he. Summer says she is cute and obsessed with his comic book. Zack says graphic novel, and Summer says whatever. As she talks about how sneaky and underhanded he is, Seth shows up and hears her. Seth has a flower and says it is for her. He says the rest are in a vase at his house, and every morning he takes one out in hopes he runs into her to apologize. She says that is kinda sweet. He also says he got her a ticket to Death Cab tonight. Zack asks Seth if he didnt check his email? He says Reed loved his draft of Atomic County, but she has some changes to go over with them. Zack says they have to meet later tonight at her place. Seth says but Summer and Death Cab. Zack says he cant blow this off. Seth asks Summer if they can meet up after, which doesnt sit well with Summer. She walks off.

Marissa tells Ryan that Trey should have just let her be arrested. Ryan says thinking isnt Treys strongest suit. Ryan says they can try and find out who brought the drugs. He asks if she has any idea. Marissa points out Kyle Thompson and says he is the guy to go to. Ryan sees the girl in the pool kissing on him. He says it seems like floater girl knows him. Marissa says that is Jess Sathers, and Marissa didnt know she was even at the party. Ryan asks Marissa if he can talk to Jess, and she says shell try. 

At the Newport group, Kirsten learns Carter invited Erin, but she left a message saying its not a good idea for them to see one another. He doesnt get it and says he thought things were going great. He says he rented a 65 mustang to drive up there, and he asks Kirsten if she and Sandy want to carpool. Kirsten says they arent going, so Carter will have to cover the piece without her. He asks why not? She says family emergency. She says Sandy will be working all weekend. Carter wishes she could come as he hates drinking wine alone. He says hell pick up a bottle to bring back, and maybe theyll do supper next week. Kirsten tells him to have a good weekend.

At school, Marissa tells Jess how sorry she is for what happened at her party. She asks if she is okay, and Jess says just another war story. Marissa says she has a few of her own. Jess says she heard about her incident in TJ last summer. Marissa says not her finest moment. Marissa says she doesnt know many people anymore, and she was hoping Jess could hook her up. Jess asks if shes going to Death Cab tonight? Marissa says yes. Jess tells her to look for her as she might no someone. Jess walks off, and Marissa tells Ryan that she thinks it is on.

Commercial Break.

At the Cohens, Kirsten tells Trey to pick any restaurant he wants. She hands him some menus, and he says they are all Tai menus. Ryan says they didnt do a whole lot of Tai growing up. Seth tells Trey he cant go wrong with the Shrimp Pad Tai. Seth asks them to save him some as he has to go out. Seth tells Ryan to stall Death Cab for him, and to give a flower to Summer. Seth leaves, and Sandy has learned who the prosecutor at Treys hearing will be, it will be Tom MgInty. Sandy says hes an Irish conservative and a big family man. Kirsten thinks that is good, maybe he will be sympathetic to Trey. Sandy says no, he wont want a drug dealer near his daughters school. He says they are going to have to start working on Treys defense tonight.

Zack and Seth meet with Reed and the others about the comic. There is a guy at the meeting who is afraid that kids in the Heartland wont get the location of Atomic County. Seth says he thought the location of the comic was the heart of the comic, and why they were interested in it to begin with. Zack says theyll look into it. The guy says as for Cosmo girl and her magic flask, can she get her powers from a sports drink because legals worried about lawsuits. He also says the ironist is a little cerebral. Seth cant believe all the changes this guy wants. The guy gets a phone call and walks off to take it. Seth asks Reed who that guy is. She says Damon is a marketing genius and will make them very famous. Seth says as what, the worst comic book author ever? Reed says he is good at what he does, and the party tomorrow night was his idea. Seth asks what party. She says Damon thought it would be a good idea to introduce him to everyone in the business. Seth says they are kind of . . . Zack says so there. Reed also tells him to invite his girlfriend. Seth tells Zack that they should just walk, but Zack says no way. Seth says this comic book will take like a year to get done, and he and Summer will be over by then. Zack says that is why he has to bring Summer and make her a part of the process.

Sandy questions Trey about what happened at the party. Trey confesses about going into a room with Jess, and he thought they were going to go back to his place and hook up. He says he didnt see her take drugs, but it was clear she was on something. He also says there was a guy passing out pills, but he looked like everyone else at the party. He asks Trey to look at a list of names and see if they seem familiar. They dont. Trey says he only wanted to help Marissa out, nobody has ever thrown him a party. He says now hes going to go to jail for it.

Ryan, Summer and Marissa are at the Bait Shop watching Death Cab. Summer cant believe Seth is missing this and she says that comic has broken him. Marissa asks if she has seen Jess around. Summer asks why she is looking for that coke whore? Marissa gives her a look, and Summer says well she is. Summer asks Marissa if she is doing coke? Ryan says they are helping Trey try and stay out of prison. They go off in search for Jess.

Caleb returns home and finds Julie in a bed of rose petals. He asks what this is? She asks what it looks like. He says one of her movies. She says that isnt funny, and he says it isnt supposed to be. Caleb says hes been trying to get past the incident, but he cant. Caleb says tomorrow they have to have a serious discussion after a meeting with his lawyers in the morning. She asks what he is saying? He says hell let his attorney talk for him. 

At the Bait Shop, Summer and Marissa walk around and Jess shows up. Summer pretends to be stoned, and Jess tells Marissa that her friend lost his stash last weekend but hes working on a new one. She asks if she wants in, and Marissa says she does. Jess gives her a flyer with directions to a party and says cash only. Jess asks Summer if she wants in, but Summer says she is strictly a ganja girl. Jess walks off and Summer says she hopes Marissa knows what she is doing.

At the Cohens Sandy talks to Kirsten about Trey. Sandy says he is scared. Sandy tells her that Trey knew the girl, and the police have a witness placing them together. Sandy says none of this is good, and he has to keep this from going to trial. Sandy says the prosecutor wont cut a deal, and Kirsten says that is because the guy only knows him on paper. Sandy says she is a genius. He asks Kirsten, who is writing, what she is doing. She says shes writing notes for Carter to keep him focused on business since he will be attending the wine tasting un-chaperoned. Sandy asks what happened to Erin? Kirsten says it didnt work out. Sandy says that is too bad. Sandy tells Kirsten that she should go up there with Carter. Kirsten says if they leave early enough then they can be back in time for dinner. Sandy says hell make dinner, she should bring the wine.

Back at the Bait Shop, Ryan tries to talk to the guy he suspects was the dealer at the party. The guy blows Ryan off and runs off to meet with a friend. Ryan follows them to see what they are up to. Unfortunately Seth shows up and stops him. He is upset that he missed Death Cab , and he asks if Summer is around because he needs Ryans help with her. He sees Ryan staring at the two guys, and he realizes they are the drug dealers. Seth asks what he can do to help. Unfortunately the two guys disappear as Seth is chattering.

Commercial Break

Sandy takes Trey out to some restaurant where they happen to bump into the prosecutor. Sandy introduces himself as Treys attorney. Tom asks if this is an ambush. He says no he wants to put together a deal. Tom says the kid was caught dealing on parole. Sandy says he has the wrong guy. Tom says the kid confessed and that have eye witnesses placing him with the girl. He also says they have a bag of ecstasy from the scene. Trey says fingerprint it, his wont be on it. Tom says no ones are, and only the guy who wiped the bag would know that. Sandy tells Trey not to say another word. Sandy tries to make a deal, but Tom says no deal unless Sandy comes up with another suspect, and none of the other kids have as much as a traffic ticket.

Carter and Kirsten arrive at the wine tasting party. Kirsten says great call on the convertible, she now has major hair issues. Carter says her hair look great. She tells him he is a liar, and for his punishment she controls the radio on the way home. He says no way, nobody who has ever won American Idol sings in his car. She says consider himself lucky, if it was Sandy hed be listening to torch songs and show tunes. Carter says preferable! The party starts and the grand daughter of Chief Featherbook welcomes them to the winery. She says her grandfather is ill, so shell be conducting the party.

Seth and Summer go to the party that Reed and Damon are throwing for him. Summer isnt pleased about being there. Reed introduces Seth, Zack and Little Miss Vixen herself. Zack tells Seth that some comic author is in the kitchen and wants to meet him. Summer tells him to go, and Zack keeps Summer company. 

Sandy is hard at work on Treys case when Marissa, Trey and Ryan show up to talk to Sandy. Trey thanks Sandy for everything hes done, no matter what happens. Sandy says he is talking like they are already defeated. Trey says he knows hes going down. Sandy says now is not the time to give up. Ryan says they arent, they know who the dealer is. Sandy says theyll need proof, and Ryan says they can get it tonight.

Julie shows up at the Mermaid Inn to see Lance. She says she needs a drink. He invites her in, and they drink. Julie says its going to be over for her and Caleb, she and her girls will be out on the street. Lance says Caleb is old and in poor health, they can switch out his medicine while shes out of town and nobody will suspect a thing. She realizes he is serious. He says as a heart attack. Julie decides to write him a check to get him out of town. She says she isnt a murderer and neither is he. Julie says she never should have come here. Julie heads off and gives Lance a goodbye kiss. She doesnt realize shes been photographed. 

Carter and Kirsten get plastered at the winery press party. Neither one is in shape to drive back. Kristen ends up spilling her wine on Carter, and Carter asks one of the women if they know of any drivers to get them back to Orange County. The woman doesnt, and she offers them a guest suite if they want to stay here. Kristen realizes they dont have a choice.

Sandy and Trey sit in a car outside of a big party that Ryan and Ryan go to. Marissa is on Jess list, and they guy wont let Ryan in. Marissa tells Ryan to meet her around the side of the house. 

Commercial Break

Marissa gets into the party and lets Ryan in a back door. Marissa has to hide Ryan from being spotted by Kyle, the drug dealer throwing the party. As they come close to kissing, Jess sees Marissa and thanks her for coming. Jess is on ecstasy and mushrooms, and tells Marissa to come with her. 

Julie returns home and finds Caleb sitting in the dark. He asks where she has been, they were supposed to talk. She says she is here now, so lets talk. He asks if she wants to shower first? She says she wanted this marriage to work as much as he did. He doubts that, nobody wants to succeed more than him. She tells him to just say he wants a divorce. She cries, and he asks if these are real tears. She says no one is more surprised then her. He says they will give it one more chance. He says he still has feelings for her, and he owes it to both of them to explore that. She doesnt know what to say. He says how about thank you. He tells her to put on something nice, hell take her to dinner.

At the guest suite Kirsten tries to clean Carters shirt, but says it is ruined. She thinks she should call Sandy. He says and he should take a shower. Carter takes off his shirt and walks by her, and she swoons.

In the car, Trey tells Sandy that he was going to take off tonight. Sandy says legal problems have a way of resurfacing, and the only way to face them is head on. Trey says that is what Ryan said. Sandy says he is a smart kid. Kirsten calls Sandy and apologizes for not calling earlier. She says she had no signal at the winery, and they both had too much to drink. Sandy tells her to head back in the morning and he loves her. Trey tells Sandy he doesnt know many men whod let their wives spend the night with another guy or even suggest it. Sandy asks how many men he knows that have been married for twenty years.

At the guest suite, Kirsten looks at herself in the mirror. There is a knock at the door, and it is a woman who tells Kirsten she found them a driver if she still needs one. Kirsten asks if she can call her, and the woman says sure. She gives Kirsten her card. 

At the comic book party, Seth is being pounded with all sorts of outlandish marketing ideas, online sites, videogames, TV shows. Summer shows up and tells Seth they need to talk. Seth ignores her to hear the others out, but she says she wants to go home. She says these people are annoying and boring. She says they think they are so smart with their messy clothes, their dirty hair and their retro board games. Reed hears her and makes a toast to the real Little Miss Vixens of the world. They say God save them all. Summer is furious and ends up getting another ride home with Zack. Reed and Damon drag Seth off to play board games.

Carter comes out of the bathroom and asks Kirsten if she is okay. She says yeah it is just the wine. He says there is a bathrobe and fuzzy slippers in the closet if she wants to take a shower. Kirsten tells Carter that they found a car for them. He says that is a good thing right. Kirsten says she needs to go home. He says yeah, okay. He says hell go get dressed. 

At the drug party Ryan asks Marissa what is happening. She says they are outside talking. Jess shows up and gives Marissa some pills and says one at a time, drink lots of water, and stay away from the GHB on this. Jess says Kyle thinks she is cute so these are intro pills. Ryan calls Sandy, and Sandy says re-enforcements on the way. Sandy tells Trey that they are on.

Jess takes Marissa out to see Kyle. Marissa thanks Kyle for hooking her up, but she says she has a boyfriend. Kyle says he doesnt care. As he goes to put the moves on Marissa, Ryan shows up and tells Kyle to back off. Kyle tells him to back off bitch, this is a private party. Sirens blare and a cruiser comes down the beach. Ryan says he hopes Kyle enjoyed the party as this is his last. Kyle thinks Ryan is a narc and punches him. They end up in a huge right. Tom, the prosecutor is in the cruiser and Trey IDs Kyle as the dealer at the party. They find drugs on him, and hes arrested. Kyle screams Trey planted the drugs on him. Tom tells Sandy hell have the charges against Trey dropped on Monday. Sandy asks if they can go home as it is passed his bedtime. Trey was hoping to spend the night at his own place tonight. Ryan says theyll drop him off.

Ryan and Marissa drop Trey off at his place. Marissa and Ryan are alone in the car, and they talk how weird it is to finally be alone. Marissa asks what he wants to do? They look at one another and finally kiss. Marissa pulls away and says theyve waited a long time for this, and she thinks they can do better than the front seat of Sandys car. Ryan says he knows a guy with a pool house all to himself. They drive off.

Trey has a beer in his own place. As hes drinking Jess shows up. HE asks what she is doing here? She says he has an idea. He asks how she knows hes not working for the cops. She says she asked around and he really is just out of jail. Trey says and hes not looking to go back. She says so he took the fall for Marissa and did what he had to do. She asks why he didnt turn her in too? He says he figured she had a rough enough week as it was, and he likes talking to her. She says she likes talking to him too, and with Kyle gone they have a lot more to talk about. She asks if he is interested, and Trey says he is.

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