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April 27th, 2006 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with Seth and Ryan walking along the boardwalk and night. They are discussing the senior prom. Seth thinks if he doesnt go with Summer then it is over for them. Ryan asks if hes told her nothing is going on with Anna. He says hes tried, but he cant get a word in. Ryan says hes not going, they can hang out together. Seth says he loves him, but if he has to spend his senior prom playing videogames with him then hell kill himself. Seth thinks Ryan should go, ask Taylor or Theresa or something. He says its just one night, Theresa could get a sitter for the night. Ryan says hell think about it, and he appreciates him not bringing up the idea of going with Marissa. Seth knows that is the past and he thought shed be going with the surf Nazi, who apparently is currently making out with some girl at the end of the pier. Seth says maybe its his cousin, his really dirty cousin.

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Summer walks into the dinner and sees Seth sitting there. He waves to her and she walks over. She says shes meeting someone here so she needs to leave. Seth knows, he set it up to think she was meeting someone from Brown. He says give him two minutes, he ordered pancakes for her. She sits down and sees prom is written on her napkin. She says this wont make her forget seeing him and Anna at Brown or at the airport saying goodbye. She says she will not go to prom with him, and if they were stranded on a deserted island shed feed his bones to the sharks. Summer walks off, and Anna calls Seth. When she learns what happened she feels terrible. Anna tells Seth to tell her the truth. Seth doesnt think he can do that. Anna says its all he can do. Seth says he cant, you see he wrote this long list to Summer about everything hed done wrong and how he promised never to lie to her again. He says it just wont work.

Ryan and Theresa are at the pool house, they are debating when their first kiss was. Ryan says this is crazy, but does she want to go to the prom with him? Theresa says the thing is shes kinda seeing someone she works with. However she says her mom does love to baby-sit.

Marissa shows up at Volchoks place, she says this is lame but would he want to go to prom with her? He asks if shes serious. He says he hates prom, so she asks if he had a bad prom experience? He says he never made it to prom, he didnt get that close to graduation. He eventually agrees to go with her.

At the Cohens, Sandy is reading something and asks Kirsten if this isnt prom weekend? Werent her and Julie having everyone over for photos? Kirsten says they were, but Seth and Ryan dont have dates and might not be going. Sandy says thats too bad. Kirsten asks when they will talk about them? He says in private or in public? She apologizes for what she said at the dinner. Sandy thinks they have time to figure out things between them. Kirsten says there is something else . . . Kirsten tries to say she took a drink, but she doesnt tell him. She just says she wanted to apologize to him last night.

At Harbor, Taylor is working on the prom, the theme is Pirates Ball. Taylor tells Summer that she needs money from Summer for the prom and the after party at the bait shop. Summer says shes not going, but Taylor says she has to and she found her a date. Taylor is going with the guy from the Korean restaurant. She says his cousin is visiting from Korea and is a huge K-pop (Korean Pop) star. Summer says she isnt going to go with this guy, but Taylor says its her duty to make Seth feel pathetic by going to prom with the most famous and hottest guy she can find. Summer says Taylor does have a point.

Ryan talks with Marissa. She sees he has tickets for the prom. HE says hes taking Theresa. Marissa says that is great. She asks about the baby? Ryan says really cute but not his. Ryan asks what about her? She says shes going with Volchok. The bell rings so they head off to class.

At the Cohen's, Seth calls Summer to apologize for following her into the girls bathroom. He says he was just trying to explain that the romance thing between him and Anna is so insane . . . Suddenly Anna shows up at Seths door. He says hes gotta go now.

Ryan goes to Volchoks place to talk to him. He saw him last night on the pier with some girl, a girl who wasnt Marissa. Volchok says he wouldnt cheat on Marissa, the girl is hot in every way. It turns out Marissa is in the apartment with him. She sees Ryan at the door and asks what Ryan is doing here? He claims Kirsten is having people over for photos and wanted to invite her. She says that is sweet and theyll be there.

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At the Cohens, Ryan sees Anna and gives her a hug. She says hes much more grown up now. Seth walks in and says there is his true friend, she came all this way to try and help him and Summer. Seth asks Anna what the plan is? Anna says shes going to go to Summers and tell her nothing is going on. She says if that fails, hell take her to prom, she brought a dress. Seth isnt liking these plans all that much.

In Summer's bedroom, Summer and Marissa are listening to the Korean stars CD. Summer hates it and says this was supposed to make Seth jealous. Summer finds the napkin that Seth wrote his confession on and decides its time to show this to his parents. Marissa asks why shed do that? Summer says for revenge, besides it was part of their deal.  Marissa says he could be telling the truth about Anna. On cue, Anna shows up. Marissa says its good to see her again, and shes going to just go do something. Summer asks what shes doing here? Anna says Summer has to believe her, nothing is going on between her and Seth. Anna says they were just celebrating the future together. Summer doesnt believe her, and shes going to the prom with a big Korean Rock Star. Anna says if shes not going to believe her and is already going, can she go with Seth? Summer says fine. Anna walks out, and Summer puts Seths confession into an envelope. 

Seth is in a tux and is shining his shoes. Ryan is putting his tie on, and he asks how this plan will go? Seth says Summer will see him with Anna, come to her senses and come back to him. Seth says theyll have to trust Anna, she knows women better than they do. Anna walks in, she looks great. She tells them to hurry up though.

Marissa and Summer get ready for the prom together. They look at a photo of the foursome their first year together. They then head off. 

Volchok struggles with a tie, it looks like he just gives up and starts drinking. 

Summer and Taylor go to meet their dates at Taylor's boyfriend's parents house.

Theresa arrives at the Cohens and gives Ryan a hug. He gives her a corsage.

All the kids arrive at the Cohens to gather for pictures. Seth actually recognizes Summers date, saying he looks like the lead singer of this band from Korea. Volchok also shows up, as does Taylor. Sandy says the limos are waiting so they should get the pictures out of the way. Summer sneaks into Sandys office and leaves the envelope on his desk.

Out by the pool, photos commence. Volchok, who went to the bathroom, never returned. Volchok ends up going to admire the ladies purses that they left behind and then he pours some booze for himself. Ryan finds him and says the parents want photos, they are waiting for him. He also warns Volchok if he screws this up for Marissa then hell kick his ass.

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The prom is decorated like the pirates cave from Goonies. Seth thinks hes died and gone to heaven. They all tell Taylor what a good job she did. Anna tells Seth who would have thought theyd end up at prom together. Seth says sometimes things just work out. An upset Summer asks volchok where his flask is. He says hell spike the punch for her, and Marissa says thats so unlike Summer! Seth is wondering if Annas plan will work, but she thinks it will.

Taylor runs into Lisa Tucker from American Idol. She says Lisa did really good on AI. She asks her where Simon gets those skin tight shirts, she wants one for her boyfriend.

Summer is dancing with her K-pop date, and Volchok sneaks out to smoke a joint. Marissa says shell pass. Volchock runs into some woman who ends up joining him in smoking his illegal substances.

Julie, Neil, Kirsten and Sandy have dinner and discuss their kids when they were little. They talk how fast theyve grown up. Kirsten ends up proposing a toast to Neil and Julie, shes sorry they havent thrown them a party. Neil gets a call and has to run off to take it. Julie tells Kirsten that she hopes her and Neil are as happy as her and Sandy. Meanwhile, Neil gets a call, its something about the hospital project. 

Back at prom, everyone is slow dancing. Summer is becoming sloppy drunk. Ryan sees Marissa standing alone. Seth worries about Summer and decides to talk to her, but Anna says he cant. Seth says she looks miserable, but Anna says that is the point. She says now that Summer thinks shes lost him, shes realizing she should have believed him. Seth looks at Summer and says it looks like shes pretending to feed him to the sharks.

Taylor takes to the stage and announces the king and queen of the prom. The prom queen is Summer Roberts. Summer is shocked and races up on stage, which is a big pirates ship. Drunk Summer hugs Taylor and begins thanking her and everyone. Taylor quickly takes the microphone from her as she can see shes drunk. Summer takes it back and introduces her date. Some Korean girls in the back go wild over him. Summer says if she won she promised to give him a big kiss. Seth watches as she does. Summer then asks Seth how he likes that, and then she falls off the ship! Everyone runs to her side, but she tells them to back off. Ryan asks Marissa if Summer is okay? Marissa thinks its time to go to that after party. Marissa says she cant find Volchok though. Theresa ends up getting a call from her boyfriend, she says she should take this. She tells Ryan that there is no place else shed rather be tonight than with him though, and she gives him a little kiss. Ryan takes off to find Volchok. He finds him making out with the sleaze he left to get high with. Marissa shows up and Ryan tries to keep her from seeing Volchok. Unfortunately she catches them together. She ends up slapping him. He asks if he can go now? She asks why? Volchok asks what she expected from him? He thinks she wanted to turn him into a bitch boy like Ryan. Marissa says hes nothing like Ryan, clearly she was wrong about him. Volchok says finally shes learning. He walks off, and Marissa breaks down. 

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At the Cohen kitchen, Kirsten tells Julie last week she slipped and drank. Julie asks if she talked to Sandy? She says she tried but cant. Julie thinks she has to tell him this. She says she wont use this as blackmail to save their marriage. She says if he doesnt value their marriage then there is no point. Kirsten says she feels like one more push could send her and Sandy over the edge. 

At the after party, Taylor is trying to keep the kids from trashing the Bait Shop as she wants her security deposit back.

The kids sit around upstairs. Marissa thinks she should just go home. Theresa says but its her prom. Marissa agrees not to leave, but does go get a drink.

Seth and Anna check on Summer, who is face down on  couch and feeling like hell. Anna tells Seth its time for phase three, he has to tell her the truth about everything. Anna says shes going to go but shell see them both in Providence. Seth thanks Anna. Drunk Summer tells Seth that Anna isnt that smart, she has a dumb name and dumb hair. Seth says he doesnt expect her to respond or even remember this, but he didnt get into Brown. She says WHAT! He says she wasnt going to go if he didnt, so he broke up with her. Summer says that is the stupidest thing she ever heard. He says he realized that, so he flew to Brown to try and talk his way in, it didnt work. He says Anna did get him an interview at RISD, and they liked him. Summer realizes that is what the hug was about. Seth says he knows he promised never to lie to her again. Summer remembers the letter, tries to tell him what she did but ends up vomiting. She then tells Seth that she loves him. He says he loves her too, they can kiss later.

At the Cohens, Sandy and Neil have a talk. He says there are rumors floating around about improprieties about him and Griffin, Griffin is going to be investigated, and Sandy is going to be investigated as well. Julie and Kirsten show up, Julie says they have to be going. Kirsten asks Sandy if everything is okay? Sandy says yes. Julie thanks them for a lovely evening.

Marissa goes off to the pier and drinks. She throws her corsage into the water. Back at the Bait Shop, Ryan cant find Marissa and thinks she went home. Theresa says he doesnt see it but Marissa has changed and grown stronger. She says hes changed too, the old him would have gotten into a fight with that guy but he didnt. She also says because of their history they cant just be casual friends. He says he knows. They go to kiss when Taylor ends up screaming. The money for the party is gone, it was in her purse earlier. They want to call the cops, but Ryan says he knows where it is. He takes off.

Ryan arrives at Volchoks. Volchok knows why Ryan is here, he knows everyone knows he took the money. Ryan takes the money back from the table. Volchok wont let Ryan leave without a fight though. Ryan doesnt want to fight him, but Volchok thinks he does. Ryan wont fight him, so Volchok says a week from now he could have Marissa again. Ryan decks him, and the fight begins. They completely trash Volchoks apartment. Ryan beats Volchok to a bloody pulp.

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Marissa asks Ryan what is going on? We see a shot of Volchok on the ground.
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Kiatlin tells some guy Do you want to see me take my clothes off or not?
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Seth tells Sandy to act like his father.
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