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May 4th, 2006 Episode Of The O.C.

At Volcheks place, Ryan looks at the blood on Volcheks face and on his hands. He panics and flees. We soon learn hes got Volchek in his car, hes taken him to the hospital. He yells for someone to help him. Hes asked who did this by the paramedics there, but Ryan says nothing. Volchek is conscious and says hes fine and he doesnt want a hospital. They say they are going to check him out anyways. Volchek tells Ryan to meet him at his place, this isnt over. Ryan leaves, and the paramedics take Volchek in to examine him.

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Marissa is in bed when she gets a call from Kaitlin. Kaitlin is in boarding school, she wants to know how her life is and how Ryan is. Marissa says they broke up. Kaitlin asks Marissa for a favor, the school sent a letter home and she needs her to hide it from mom. Marissa says shell see if it there but she wants to know what is up. Kaitlin says she loves her and quickly hangs up.

At Ryans place, Theresa calls Ryan to see how hes doing. Ryan says nothing much. Theresa just talked to the work guy, he doesnt seemed to understand Prom all that much, he's a bit angry she ditched him for that. However she's glad she went. Ryan is distracted as Theresa talks. She asks that thing he had to take care of . . . He says its taken care of. Theresa asks if he wants to hang out, but Ryan says he has to take care of something and he doesnt know how long it will take. She says what about dinner then, she could bring over take-out. Ryan says sure. Seth then shows up to see Ryan, hes having a good day as he finally told Summer the truth. He asks if Seths going to tell Sandy and Kirsten? Seth thinks it will go over better when he has his acceptance from RISD in his hand.

At Summers place, shes feeling the effects of her hangover. She says she doesnt even remember getting home last night. She says her ears were ringing this morning and then she realized it was Marissa's phone. Marissa says that was Kaitlin calling, she has to get some letter from their mom or something. Summer remembers the confession she gave to Sandy, she has to get it back without Seth knowing what she did. Summer says once Seth realizes what she did . . . . Summer says she has to go, but ends up running into the bathroom to be sick.

Sandy is at his desk on the phone with someone, the letter from Summer is under some papers of his. He grabs the stack and puts it all in his brief case. He then goes to tell Kirsten that hes now Riviera's Magazine's man of the year. He says they are calling the hospital a model for responsible development. Kirsten just cant see this as a good thing, she feels something bad is coming. Sandy and Ryan show up, and Kirsten gives them the big news about Sandy. Sandy says there will be a big party tomorrow night, they are all expected to come and dress up. 

Summer shows up at the Cohen's and Sandy lets her in. She goes looking for the letter in his office, but its gone. Seth finds her in there and asks what shes doing? She says she needed a stamp but they are all out, they should go make out.

Ryan meets with Marissa at the diner, he got the money back from Kevin (Volchek). Marissa cant believe he took the money. Ryan hands it to Mariisa and tells her to just give it to Taylor no questions asked. Marissa says she will, and shes taking a road trip this weekend so she is just going to go home and pack. She says it will help her forget about Kevin. 

Summer and Seth are making out on his bed. Summer tells Seth there is something she needs to tell him. He asks what she wants to tell him, but she just says she wants to be on top this time. He says shes always on top. They kiss some more.

At the Roberts, Julie gets the call from Kirsten about Sandy.  Kirsten is calling about the party. Julie says theyll be at the party, and she tells Neil the good news. He tells her that Sandys being investigated by the DA, the DA is filing charges against Henry Griffen and Sandys been working closely with him. Julie says she cant imagine Sandy doing anything unethical, Sandy is very moral. Neil says theyll find out soon enough, hes meeting with the DA tomorrow to talk to him. Julie thinks they have to warn Sandy. Neil says he did last night. Julie wonders why Kirsten doesnt know.

Ryan meets with Kevin at his place. Ryan asks how he is. Kevin says seven stitches and a broken rib, hell live, and its not like he didn't ask for this. Kevin needs a favor from Ryan, he has to pick something up from a guy. Ryan says no way, he doesnt want to mess up when things are going good for him. Volchek says if he doesnt do this then hell have Ryan charged with assault. Ryan says he can tell the cops about the money. Kevin says what money? He says he has nothing to lose, but Ryan has everything to lose. Ryan says he cant do this tomorrow night, its Sandys party. Kevin says then theyll be cuffing him in his suit.

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Marissa shows up at Kaitlins boarding school and goes to her dorm room. Her roommate answers the door originally, and when Marissa introduces herself she thought she'd be a drug addict or something given the stories Kaitlin tells. The roommate yells "Bitch your sister is here!" Kaitlin didn't expect Marissa to coem all the way here. Marissa gives her the letter and then demands an explanation.

Julie visits with Kirsten and tells her about Sandy being investigated by the DA. She tells Kirsten she felt she needed to know. Kirsten thanks Julie for the heads up, and Sandy will take this hard. Julie says Sandy knows, Neil told him last night. 

Ryan and Theresa have dinner together and talk about how far theyve come. Theresa sees Ryans hand, and she knows what happened. Its obvious he got in a fight with the kid who stole the money. Ryans phone rings, its Kevin. Theresa is not happy with Ryan, he obviously hasnt changed. She says she can not be with someone like her brother or his. He says hes not like them. Theresa says she cant take the risk that he has bad days. Theresa says some people don't get into fights ever, and she has to think about her child. She tells Ryan that shell always love him, stay safe. She then leaves.

Kirsten talks with Sandy. Sandy thinks hes hoping it will all go away, there is no case against him. He promises this wont hurt their family, but Kirsten says it already has. Later, Kirsten goes for more booze. As she drinks, Sandy goes to his safe where the papers he took from Matt are. 

At the boarding school, Kaitlin and her roommate tell Marissa what this is about all. The captain of the lacrosse team, Trevor, took offense when Kaitlin refused to come to a lipstick party with him. They say those parties are for perves. Marissa says there must be a generation gap, she doesn't know what they are. They say he took offense so he told the headmistress that Kaitlin stole the school crest from above her office. Kaitlin says this will be her third strike and she doesnt want to be kicked out. She says its not like shooting anyone, but mom will freak. Kaitlin is pretty sure the crest was stolen by Trevor and it is in his room. Marissa thinks she has a plan, shell need one of the school skirts.

Ryan meets Kevin and his buddies. The men take off when Volckek hands them cash. Kevin then gives Ryan the address for a pickup he is to make. Ryan says this is in his neigborhood. Keven says he knows.

Seth finds his mom passed out drunk in her bed. Shes out cold and he smells her cup, he sees shes been drinking again. Summer shows up, and Seth says his mom is sick and theyll have to take a rain check on dinner tonight. Seth says what his mom has might be contagious, so he could have it. Summer leaves and Seth covers for his mom by tucking her in and washing out her glass. Seth goes to his room and finds that old bag of pot. However he doesnt smoke any. 

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Marissa gets dressed up like a naughty private school girl. Shes got a school skirt, tied her white shirt up, and has her hair in pigtails. She tells the guy Trevor that shes from London, shes the new foreign exchange student and was hoping to get a tour, starting with his dorm room. He says sounds good, but he did his junior year at Oxford so he doesnt buy her phony accent. She says fine shes a stripper and his friends hired her for his birthday. He says thats not for sixth months. She asks if he wants to see her naked or not.

Seth tries to talk to his mom, but she says she has to go to a meeting and she runs off.

Sandy goes to the club and meets with the DA to talk to him before Neil shows up, the meeting is between the DA and Neil. The DA says they are just here for a talk, this isnt an interrogation. The DA says the case against Griffen isnt strong. Sandy asks where he fits in? The DA says Sandy is in on this hospital deal, until he can prove otherwise, Griffens improprieties are Sandys as well. Sandy says what if he had receipts, emails, an eye witness. The DA says that would help. Sandy says if he cooperates can the Newport Group build the hospital. The DA says if Griffen goes down then so does the hospital. Sandy says so either he keeps his mouth shut and hopes he loses, the DA says or he buries Griffen and loses the hospital. Sandy leaves so Neil and the DA can talk.

Ryan and Volchek arrive at the house where they are making a pick-up. Volceck says they have to wait for them to leave, he admits to Ryan that the guy doesnt know they are picking something up. Some woman walks up to them and recognizes Ryan. She asks Ryan to save her a dance at Sandys party tomorrow night and to bring his friend. She tells Ryan that he's hot. 

Marissa and Taylor go to some storage room. He thought they were going to his dorm room, but she says someone might interrupt them there. She tells him to drop his pants, she is giving him a Vegas style lap dance. He does, and she ties him up with some rope. He thinks it is all kink and this is how they do it in Vegas, but she takes his pants and runs. She gives his keys to her sister and they run off giggling. 

At the Cohens, Summer arrives and Sandy says Seth isnt back . She asks if she can wait for him, and Sandy says sure. Summer asks if she can wait with him in his office area. He says suit herself, but he's working. Summer asks if Mrs. Cohen is better, but Sandy didnt know she was sick. Summer says it must have been a 24 hour thing. Summer sees her letter on the desk and goes for it, but Sandy grabs it first. He asks what this is. Sandy says it is a card for Seth, but Sandy says its addressed to him and Kirsten. She says its a mistake she wants to take back. Sandy opens it and reads it. Summer explains what happened, and how she did this out of spite. She opens her mouth about Brown and RISD. Sandy is stunned. Summer realizes she wasn't the only one Seth lied to about Brown.

At her meeting, Kirsten admits her relapse and how her husband doesnt know. She says she doesn't blame her husband, it was her choice to drink. However she says she could really use the man she married right now. She doesnt know that Seth has followed and listens in. 

Seth returns home, and Sandy says he wants to talk to Seth. Seth wants to talk to him. Sandy knows Seth smoked pot in his home and didnt get into college. Seth says it might not be a good time to go away with mom drinking again. Sandy asks what hes talking about? Seth says if he paid attention to anything but the hospital then hed notice mom passing out before dinner. Sandy tells him not to talk to his father like that. Seth suggests Sandy act like his father.

Ryan and Volchek are still driving around. Volchek makes Ryan go up to the house with him and be his cover. They get out of the car and walk up. Ryan sees a cop care drive by, he gets nervous. Ryan soon learns that Kevin is stealing a car. Ryan says he wont do this. The car alarm begins going off, and Ryan says the need to get out of here! Kevin shatters the window to get the car.

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The cop car returns as Kevin is trying to hotwire the car. The cop car puts its sirens on as Ryan yells at Kevin to leave it. The cop speeds towards them as Kevin starts the car. He tells Ryan not to be an assbaby and get in the car, but Ryan doesn't. Ryan is left by Kevin. The cop chases Kevin as Ryan runs off, he wouldnt get into the car with Kevin. 

At the boarding school, Marissa tells Kaitlin and her roommate to get the crest back to the headmistresses office before anyone notices. Marissa admits she had fun, and Kaitlin says its like they had a moment. Kaitlin says shell be seeing more of her next year though, unless she goes to school. MArissa doesn't know what's happening with that yet. Kaitlin still has a feeling they'll see a lot of one another.

At the Cohens, Kirsten comes home and finds Sandy sitting by the pool. She sits with him and he asks her if shes drinking again. He says no explanation or judgment, he just wants to know. She says nothing, and he tells her to talk to him. She says she tried. Kirsten feels the only way shes gotten him to talk to her is by a relapse. She says shes sorry for everything, and he says hes sorry too.

Kirsten goes to see Seth, who is in his room. She says she knows that he knows about her drinking. Seth says and she knows about Brown? She says yes. He says sorry about that. Kirsten says she know things are difficult, but they are still a family. Kirsten says she hasnt given up on them and neither has his father. She asks Seth to make things right with Sandy for her. He agrees to do it for her. She also asks him to stop by the Newport Group to pick up some drawing before the party, shed ask Ryan but Ryan said hed be late.

Ryan is still running through woods and neighborhoods. He makes a call to Marissa who is driving home. He asks where she is. She says shes driving home. He asks her to meet him at her place. She says sure, wait in her room. She tells him where the spare key is. He says thanks and heads there. 

Seth goes to the Newport Group and looks around his dads office. He begins smoking some pot as he sits in his dad's chair.

Julie asks Neil why hes not ready for the party. He says hes not going, Griffen is about to be arrested and Sandys future is far from certain. He says he may have to testify against him, its a conflict of interest. Julie says the Cohens are like family. He says they are about to become the black sheep. She says she supports the people she cares about, she doesnt judge them. She says she'll take a taxi.

Kirsten gives Seth a call, hes still at the office. He is high on dope and tells his mom hell be there, he sees the drawing. His joint ends up falling into the waste basket at the office and starts a fire. Seth is so high he doesnt notice this. 

The party for Sandy is going on. The DA shows up and Kirsten sees this. She tells Sandy that the DA is here. Sandy thinks maybe hes here to arrest him. Sandy says it wont be the first time someone left a Newport party in handcuffs.

Marissa meets Ryan at her place. He asks her if she will lie for him, if anyone asks can she say that he was with her tonight. She says she will.

The Newport Group goes up in flames.

Neil shows up at the party, Julie is glad he changed his mind. He says no she changed it, she is a passionate woman and feels so strong about family. He says any woman like that, well he wants to be a part of that family.

Sandy begins his speech and tells everyone that this is a wonderful honor but he cannot accept it. He says he thought he was better than this place when he came here, but he was wrong. He says hes learned if you take one wrong turn in this town then you can easily end up lost. He says this drawing of the hospital will be as close to the hospital as theyll ever get, hes going to be cooperating with the DA in helping with an investigation against Henry Griffen. Summer tells Seth how sorry she is about this, but he says it is okay. Sandy says hes going to step aside and be father and husband of the year instead. Sandy goes to see the DA and hands over some documents, he says hell be in touch with him. Kirsten tells Sandy how wonderful he was. Seth tells his dad his speech was wordy, but the end was nice. Suddenly some cops walk in. Sandy thinks perhaps he was too late, maybe hes getting arrested anyways.

Ryan and Marissa pull up to the party. Ryan thinks the cops outside are here for him, but they see them taking Seth away in hand cuffs. Ryan asks Sandy what happened? He says there was a fire at the Newport Group and they suspect Seth.

On the Next OC
Its Graduation
Julie tells Marissa everything shes ever done has been for her. They hug and cry.
Dawn returns for graduation, and Ryan apparently is given a car as a gift.
Sandy tells Seth that he and his mother have been looking forward to this moment forever, they hug.
The kids go graduate.
We then learn the celebration will turn to tragedy as someone may not survive!


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