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May 5th, 2005 Episode Of The O.C.

At the Cohen house its breakfast time. Seth is reading a magazine and cant believe that some artist has two albums in the top ten. Ryan says it is scary. The Nana calls up and Seth answers. Seth asks how she is doing? She says if he cared he could have called her. She also tells him to cash the birthday check she sent him as shes finished sending him things. Seth says he forgot, and he jokes hes sure that outstanding twenty dollar check probably has the bank up in arms. She calls him a smartass and asks where his father is. Kirsten walks in, and Seth says he doesnt know, but his mom is here if she wants to talk. When Kirsten learns it is the Nana she waves her arms and says no! Sandy shows up and Seth gives him the phone. Sandy asks how she is doing! He yells this, and Seth wonders why his father gets so much louder when he talks to her. Kirsten says they are a family of screamers. Ryan asks how his grandma is doing, and Seth says the Nana, grandma is someone who makes homemade cookies and is nice. Kirsten says the Nana is not nice, but she is doing great. Seth says that confirms his suspicions that she is immortal. Sandy cant believe this and tells the family that the Nana is heading for the altar! He says pack your bags as we are heading for Miami. Seth says this will be the best spring break ever. 

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Seth drops into the pool house to see Ryan. He tells Ryan that he knows he is excited about going to Miami, and he cant wait for Ryan to meet the guys at the Nanas retirement community. Ryan says he cant go because of what is going on with him and Marissa, as well as Trey. Seth says everything is going awesome with both Marissa and Trey so he has no excuses. He says besides his dad will need company. Ryan says he has him. Seth says his schedule is booked up, he has pinochle with the ladies on Saturday and bridge with the fellas on Sunday. Ryan asks what about Summer? Seth says hes going to go apologize and get out of Newport before he can do anything else wrong. Ryan eventually agrees to go and says it might be nice.

Sandy is booking a flight to Miami and Kirsten says there is no rush, its not like the Nana is getting married tomorrow. Sandy says he loves his mother, but who else would? She says that is a terrible thing to say. He says she wouldnt say the same thing about her father? She says good point. Sandy says he just wants to make sure everything works out for her after the year she has had. Kirsten says he is a good son and a good husband.

Ryan calls up Trey to let him know that hes going to Miami. Trey insists hell be fine. There is a knock at Treys door, and it is Jess Mathers, the drugy girl from the party. She brought him some booze to thank him for not selling her out. He says thanks for the gift. She says that isnt the gift. She says a guy who has been in prison for 18 months must be pretty lonely. She takes her top off and heads into the bedroom, and Trey follows.

Summer is busy punching a punching bag when Seth shows up at her place to talk. She tells him to hold her bag. He says he came to apologize, and she asks why because she was humiliated in front of his dim witted comic book geeks who thought she was an orange county ho? Seth says he only wanted her there to be a part of everything with him. She says there is no point in apologizing because he can no longer make her upset. She says she could use a time-out, and he says good timing as hes heading to Miami to see the Nana. She says great, get wasted and wind up on Music Video Nations Spring Break special. He says the only thing hell be drinking is Metamucil. She says go sew his oats and when he gets back theyll see how things are.

Ryan drops by Marissas place to tell her about his trip. Before he can say anything she kisses him and says imagine a whole weekend of this. He asks if she can hold that thought till next weekend? He says hes going to Miami with Sandy and Seth to see the Nana. She says awe that will be fun. He says hes worried about Trey as he was supposed to help him find a job. Marissa says she can look after Trey. He says thanks and he owes her. She says he does owe her, a whole weekend of nothing but this . . . they make out, and he says shes got it.

Sandy makes sure Kristen will be fine with him gone, and she says she will be fine. The boys put their stuff in the taxi and then hug Kirsten goodbye. After they leave Kirsten makes a call to the office to find out if Carter is in.

The boys arrive in Miami, and Seth says there are too many young, healthy and tan people here, he doesnt like it. Sandy suggests they get some dinner.

Kirsten arrives at the office where Carter is. Kirsten says she has the weekend to herself and thought they could get into some serious work. Carter says hold onto that thought. He ends up saying this magazine, which he thought was the nail in his coffin, saved his career, hes got a new job in New York. He says his publisher has someone to replace him here, and he hopes she doesnt think he is jumping ship. She says it is great and they share a hug. Carter says he thought they could have a farewell dinner. She says great. He says hell make arrangements, but she suggests he come by the house and shell cook.

In Miami the boys hit the strip because tonight is the Nanas mahjong night. 

Back in Newport, Marissa shows up to see Trey, who answers the door wrapped in a sheet. Trey asks what is up? She says she just wanted to know while Ryan was gone she would be here, and she thought they could go job hunting tomorrow. He says that sounds great. Marissa says shell see him tomorrow and heads off. Jess says you and Marissa, yeah right. Trey says it isnt like that. She says not in this lifetime or this town. She then snorts some coke.

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At the retirement community the boys are looking for the Nana. Seth puts on some cataract glasses and goes over to see his friends, who are arguing over a game of chess. They are glad to see Seth and tell him to pull up a chair. Sandy says he is officially terrified, and Ryan says Seth doesnt have this many friends at school. The Nana shows up, and Sandy and Ryan both give her a hug. She then goes over to see Seth. The Nana wants a recap over what happened the last year, but he says he can barely remember what he had for dinner. 

Sandy and Nana go off to talk. They head to Nanas place, and Nana asks how things with him and Kirsten are. Sandy says theyve been better. Nana says theyll work it out. He asks when she became a romantic? She says falling in love will do that. Nana shows him photos of where they will be having the ceremony, and she says it is in June. It turns out her husband to be Bobby is 12 years younger and they are going to move into the Condo. She says Bobby just loved the condo when he saw it. Sandy says he bets he did. Sandy suspects this guy is a player. The Nana says he is a good guy, he is a chiropractor and can move his business anywhere. Sandy says he cant wait to meet him.

Zack shows up to see Summer only to get punched by the boxing darling. She says she is so sorry. Zack asks how she is, and she says terrible. She says she and Cohen are on a time out. He asks her to come over and hang out, but she says hanging with his family would only make things worse. He says they are in Aspen, so she should come over and hell cook Italian. He jokes that he got a great recipe from Francesca.

At the retirement community Seth is playing shuffleboard with his friends. Ryan asks if they can go get some food. Seth says since there is no one else for him to beat at this game okay. Just then a pretty little blonde shows up with her grandma. She wants in on the action. She introduces herself as Marry Sue, and she introduces her grandma Mary Ellen. Seth agrees to play a round with Mary Sue.

Trey and Marissa go job hunting, and Trey gets Seths old job at the Bait Shop. He suggests they celebrate tonight, and they make plans to meet later for margaritas. Marissa says shell bring the guacamole.

Back at the retirement community, Mary Sue wipes the floor with Seth. Ryan asks if they can eat now, but Seth wants a rematch. Mary Sue needs a partner on a dance contest for Music Video Nations Spring Break special. She says the winner gets 5000 dollars, which would help with her college loans and her grandmas medical bills. Seth agrees to be her partner if he loses. 

Swerve and Pixie, Music Video Nation personalities, are hosting the Spring Break special, and they introduce rapper TI. Ryan, Seth and Mary Sue show up, and Mary Sue tells Seth that this isnt exactly a dance contest. She pulls out whipped cream, and Seth asks if they are going to bake a cake? She says she is going to cover herself with whipped cream and he has to lick it off and eat a cherry out of her mouth. She says it would mean so much to her grandma. Seth says for grandma, and Ryan says he better hope Summer hasnt paid her cable bill.

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Ryan calls home to check on Marissa. She asks what is going on, and he says it is a long story. He says if she sees Summer to keep her away from the TV. Marissa says she was going to celebrate with Trey as he got a new job. Suddenly some drunk girl flashes Ryan and says she got qualified from the wet t-shirt contest as they said they werent real. Marissa hears the girl and says shes guessing that wasnt the Nana.

Summer watches Zack making dinner. He says hes going to be awhile so hell put on the TV. He turns of the MVN Spring Break Special. Summer thanks him for this and she says she wont talk about Cohen.

The Nana and Sandy go to a restaurant to meet Bobby Mills, the Nanas fianc. Bobby says the Nana looks way to young to have a son this old. The Nana excuses herself to tinkle and let them talk. Sandy talks about how his mother has mellowed since she met him. Sandy says hes glad she met a nice guy, an honest guy. Sandy says there are a lot of guys out there who see an older woman in frail health with a million dollar condo, well they have all seen sixty minutes. Bobby says hes more of a Dateline man, he loves that Stone Phillips. Sandy says as a public defender he is normally suspicious, but hes working on it. Bobby says Sandy can trust him. Sandy says that is what he told his friends at the FBI who wanted to run a background check on him. He says his mom is still sharp, so if she trusts him then he trusts him. The Nana returns and says great news, they have fresh crab. Sandy says they cant be better than Joes, and he asks Bobby if he likes Joes stone crabs. Bobby says he loves them.

Marissa brings The Notebook over to watch with Trey. She says it is her all time favorite movie. He says if it is her favorite movie then he is in. He gives her a margarita and they drink up.

At the Cohens, Kirsten actually cooks dinner for Carter. He shows up for dinner, and she hands him some wine.

At the MVN contest, Seth isnt so sure he is up for this. Mary Sue guilts him into competing by saying shell have to drop out and her grandma wont be able to pay her medical bills. Seth says okay, so she says it is almost time to get ready. She takes her clothes off to be covered in whipped cream.

Meanwhile, Ryan meets up with a guy who looking for his girlfriend. He says she came here under the guise of visiting her grandma, but really she came to enter some contest on TV. He says if their University (Bob Jones University) finds out what she is doing here then she will be expelled as well as burn in hell. He says he also thinks his girlfriend is cheating with her partner in this contest. He says he brought his buddies to find them. Ryan says frat brothers? The guy says no bible study group. He says when they find this guy and Mary Sue it will be judgment day. Ryan realizes this is Mary Sues boyfriend. Suddenly the contest begins.

Commercial Break

Carter and Kirsten have dinner together and end up finishing a full bottle of wine before dinner. Carter calls what they have done scandalous. They make their way to the second bottle, and Kirsten says they need to eat first.

Sandy talks with the Nana as they wait for Bobby to show up for dinner. The Nana wonders where he could be, and she hopes nothing is wrong. Nanas cellphone rings, it is Bobby, and hes suddenly dealing with a malpractice suit. She says come over so they can talk about it. He is at the airport and is going to run until it blows over. Bobby jilts her over the phone. The Nana asks Sandy what he said to Bobby. Sandy says nothing, and she storms off. 

Marissa and Trey play quarters, and Marissa loses badly. Trey suggests they watch the movie. Marissa says perhaps they should go get some air first so they dont fall asleep. Trey says okay, and he says hell meet her outside as he forgot something. Trey ends up taking a sniff of coke.

Back at the MVN Spring Break show, the whipped cream contest begins. Mary Sues boyfriend sees her and Seth on stage and says its time to bring fire and brimstone down on her and that skinny sinner.

At Zacks, they are eating dinner when Summer sees Seth on TV licking whipped cream off of Mary Sue. Summer ends up grabbing Zack and kissing him! 

Seth and Mary Sue win the contest, and Ryan runs on stage to tell Seth they have to go. Mary Sue sees her boyfriend and his friends, and the boys surround Ryan and Seth. 

Sandy goes to see his mom at her place and says he is sorry. He says he was just looking out for her. The Nana says she knows, and part of her knew and that is why she wanted him to come down here. She says she just wanted to believe that she wouldnt spend the rest of her life alone. Sandy says he could extend his stay, but Nana says he has a wife back home. However she says it would be nice if he visited more often.

At the Cohens, Carter says that was the best meal he ever had. Kirsten confesses it was catered as she is the worlds worst cook. He says why blow her cover now? She says maybe it is the wine or because she cant lie to him. He says he knows the feeling. He says while they are being honest, he almost didnt take his new job because he didnt want to leave. She says but he hated Newport when he first got here. He says it wasnt Newport he didnt want to leave. Carter then kisses Kirsten! She says good luck with your new job Carter. He kisses her on the forehead and says so long. Carter then leaves. Kirsten goes to drink some wine, but moves to some harder stuff instead. 

On the beach, Trey is loaded and hanging out with Marissa. He talks about how amazing his life is now and he howls. Marissa begins to realize something is a little off with him. He grabs her and spins her around, and she drops her purse and phone. He says when he is with her he feels like he can do anything. She says that is sweet. He says they arent so different. She tries to walk away, but he stops her. He says he sees the way she looks at him, and nobody has been this nice to her. She says because hes Ryans brother. He says he knows she doesnt want to hurt Ryan, and tries to kiss her. She says no, but he wont take no for an answer. He tries to rape her, so she grabs a piece of drift wood and smacks him on the head and runs off. 

Ryan and Seth are walking the strip, and Seth says those guys really believe in an eye for an eye. Seth is covered in whipped cream and has a whipped cream mowhawk. Ryan calls Marissa to check in, and Trey picks up her cell phone and sees Ryan is calling.

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