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The 2nd May 5th, 2005 Episode Of The O.C.

Its another morning in the Cohen kitchen, and Kirsten makes herself a bloody mary. Sandy walks in asking where the morning paper is? He finds it, and he asks if he looks at all like Tony Blair? She says he has nicer hair. He asks what she is drinking, and she says tomato juice. He suggests they go away to Palm Springs for the weekend, but she doesnt know. The boys show up, and Seth and Ryan are arguing. Seth says he was planning on telling Summer the truth about Spring Break, but Ryan says only because it will be on national TV. Sandy warns Seth when they start hiding things from one another that is not good. The boys leave, and Sandy thinks there goes the weekend. Kirsten says unless she takes Monday off and they drive out Sunday. She tells him that he is right and they need this trip. He says hell make the plans. She puts her drink in the sink, and Sandy checks it and realizes shes boozing it up.

Commercial Break.

Marissa is looking at herself in the mirror when Trey calls. She is all bruised up on her collar bone. He asks her not to hang up. She says she told him to stop calling her. He says let him explain. She hangs up on him.

At Treys, Jess says she obviously didnt want to chat and she asks if the stable boy got fresh with the princess? He asks if she doesnt have school? She says she was hoping they could . . . Trey says hell pass. She says not many girls would stay the night with a guy, not mind him calling another girl the next morning and still be up for round two. She asks if he is taking her for granted? He says they both know what this is. She says they know shes not Marissa, she leaves her marks on his back. She then leaves.

At the lounge, Seth tries to muster up the courage to talk to Summer. Seth says the easiest way for him to do this is to say it, and he feels awful. She says she knows, she has cable. He says he knows she is angry, but she says not really. She says she thought things would be different, but he hasnt changed at all. She says hes found new and more public ways of disappointing her. She tells him about kissing Zack, and he says that is okay . . what else happened. She says nothing, much. He asks what this means. Summer says she doesnt know, but it shouldnt be this hard between them. 

Julie is trying to cook a meal for Caleb as a surprise. He asks what this is, and she says eggs benedict. He says he ate breakfast two hours ago. She says consider it a mid morning snack. She says was going to give it to him at 7 but it took a little longer. HE says she took two hours making eggs benedict for a man with a heart condition? Doesnt that seem insane to her? She says shes trying to make an effort here. He says it was a wasted effort and he has to go. She wonders why she tries, and he says he asks himself the same question.

At school, Ryan shows up and gives Marissa kiss in the hall, which shocks her. She says shes just not used to the hallway kiss. She asks how Miami was, and he tells her. He asks how the weekend was, anything crazy? She says just business as usual. Ryan asks about what she wants to do this coming weekend. She says nothing special and they can talk about it later. Marissa gives him a quick kiss and rushes off.

At the office Claire comes in and brings a gift for Kirsten, which was in Carters office. Kirsten opens the box, and inside is a gold charm necklace.

At school Zack asks Summer if they can talk. He asks if she talked to Seth, and she says she told him everything. He asks what this means for them, was this revenge or something more. She says in the moment it was revenge, but maybe something more. Seth shows up and asks Zack how he can live with himself? Zack says he is quitting the comic and it has caused too many problems between him and Summer. Summer says it means too much to him, but Zack says not as much as she does. Summer says she has to go and runs off. Seth tells Zack that this wont work, shell see this for the cheap ploy it is. Zack says if he has to sacrifice their friendship to be with Summer then hell do it. Seth says he thought he was a nice guy, but Zack says hes a water polo player, they are never nice. Seth says at least he doesnt have to add him to the comic, hes already there, the demon water polo player. Zack and Seth declare war over Summer. 

Marissa ends up seeing Trey outside of school waiting for her. Summer sees her watching him and asks what she is doing? MArissa says she was waiting for her. She asks Summer if she can give her a ride as her car is out of gas. Summer says sure. She also says she left a book inside so can she pick her up out back? Summer says whatever.

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At the Cohens, Sandy tells Kirsten hes made a reservation in Palm Springs, but she says she doesnt think she can take off Monday after all. She says maybe in a few weeks. She says she has to go to work, and he says no kiss? She says of course. She kisses him, and he sees the locket Carter gave her. He asks if it is new, and she says she got it at the gift shop at the winery. He says it suits her.

Seth and Zack meet with Reed, and Zack tells Reed that hes pulling out of the comic for personal reasons. She says excuse me? Zack says Seth will fill him in on it. She says she knows to him this is fun fun fun, but to them it is business and he signed a contract. She says unless he wants to deal with a lawsuit he better sit tight. Zack thinks Seth did this and asks if he threatened to pull out if Reed didnt force him to stay. Seth says he had nothing to do with it. 

Julie shows up to see Cal at work, hands him an envelope that came for him, and suggests they talk to a counselor. He says excuse me? He opens up the envelope as he tells her this is the worst idea shes had. She says she thought he wanted to make this marriage work. He says she may have a point, he has been letting her do all the work. He suggests they go to The Arches tomorrow night. She gives him a kiss and says they can make this work. Julie leaves, and Caleb looks at the photos of Julie kissing Lance.

Kirsten comes home looking for Sandy, but hes not around. She considers calling Carter up but only gets voice mail. She leaves him a message and thanks him for the necklace. She says she is sorry and she shouldnt have called. She says dont call back. She then grabs some more booze.

At school Ryan goes to talk to Marissa, but Jess the drugy intercepts him. She says shes been hanging out with Trey lately. He says just what Trey needs, more trouble. Ryan says Marissa is waiting, and she asks to borrow a pen. She goes for his pants, and Marissa sees this, becomes upset and runs off. Out in the parking lot Trey finds Marissa, but Ryan shows up in time to save her from listening to Trey. Ryan asks what Trey did to his head, and Trey says he banged it on a cabinet. Ryan asks them all to go grab a bite, but Marissa says she has to get home, and Trey says he has work. Ryan asks Marissa to go to Seths comic book thing tomorrow night with him. She says yeah sure. 

Kristen passes out on the couch after watching some classic movies. Sandy comes in and finds her out cold. He has flowers and hoped they could go out tonight. He sees she is out cold and has been drinking again. He carries her up to bed. 

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Sandy brings Kirsten breakfast in bed the next morning. She is hung over of course. HE says she was out cold when he got home. She says she was exhausted. He says it seemed like more than exhaustion, and hes worried about her drinking. She says she is fine, she just had a few. Sandy says hes not talking about just last night, should he be concerned? She says shes is fine and shell cut down. He asks if this is because Carter left? She is shocked and says what? He says he left suddenly, so is she bogged down with his work? She says she is fine and she has to shower. HE says he can heat up her breakfast, but she says shes not hungry.

Seth and Ryan play the new star wars video game for PS2. Seth brings up Marissa, and Ryan talks about how shes been acting nervous around him since he got back. Seth says maybe Trey knows something. Seth gets a call from someone, and Seth says hell be there in a minute. It turns out the comic book club members are helping him spy on Summer and Zack! Seth goes to where Summer and Zack were having lunch and pretends to run into them. Seth tells Zack that they have to get to the party a half hour early for an interview. Summer says Zack quit his stupid comic remember? Seth says oh you didnt tell her yet, oh did he put his foot in his mouth? Seth says hes just going to go now. Seth goes inside and giggles as watches the drama unfold. Summer yells at Zack and walks off.

Ryan pays Trey a visit at work to see if he knows what is bothering Marissa. Trey says Marissa didnt say anything to him, and he has work to do. Ryan then runs into Jess, who hits on Ryan. Ryan says leave Trey alone as he is getting his life together. Jess says she and Trey arent serious as he is completely obsessed with . . . someone else. She then says shes always had this fantasy about two brothers . . . Ryan says that has to stay a fantasy. Jess says she thought it was strange too, but shes not the only one into the brother thing.

Marissa goes over to Summers place and finds Summer removing everything relating to Seth and Zack from her room and life. She says as far as she is concerned, Reed can have them. Marissa has bought a ton of clothes for her date with Ryan, but she doesnt know what to wear. Summer says she could dress as Grimmis and look good. Summer sees Marissas bruises and asks what happened? She says she slipped, and Summer says and fell on your collar bone? Marissa asks who Reed is. Summer says someone who turned Seth into an ego maniac by agreeing to publish his novel, and she threatened to sue Zack if he pulled out. Summer says this is all Reeds fault, and she says nobody messes with her men but her. She says it is ass kicking time!

Julie drops by to talk to Kirsten. Kirsten asks if she wants a drink, and Julie says it is a little early. Julie wants to talk about her father, and Kirsten says no it isnt to early. Julie says good point. Julie makes the drinks, and Julie says she really wants this marriage to work. Julie is stunned by the amount of vodka in the drink and she asks if everything is okay with her? Kirsten says it seems she and Sandy have been fighting since September. Julie asks what happened? Kirsten says the boys left, she and Sandy stopped communicating, Rebecca came along followed by Carter. Kirsten says something happened between her and Sandy, a wall came between them. She says Carter made her feel less alone like Sandy used to, and now he is gone.

Reed is setting up the comic launch party at a local comic book store when Summer shows up. She asks Reed where here comic cut out is, or have they not made super bitch yet? Summer says her and the comic have turned those idiots into complete idiots. She says they have played one against the other, and she will threaten to tell Seth and Zack if they keep speaking to her (Reed) then she (Summer) will never speak to them again. Reed says Zack and Seth are talented, but she is the Nico of the group. She says it is Summers face on the cover, so whatever she wants, a career in fashion or movies, this is the perfect launching pad. Summer says Reed is manipulating her, but she likes what she is saying. 

Marissa shows up at the pool house to see Ryan. She says she came here to surprise him, and she kisses him. He asks about how shes been acting lately, and he says if everything is okay? She pushes in on the bed and says why doesnt he tell her. As they role around she sees Treys face and kinda freaks out. She remembers what happened on the beach and pushes Ryan away and says she cant do this, too much has happened. She then runs off. 

Commercial Break

Sandy comes home and finds Kirsten on the couch drinking. He says he dropped her car off at the shop and got her a rental. He says they need to talk about them. She says in that case shell get some more water. He asks if something happened between her and Carter? He says just tell him. She says nothing happened just like nothing happened between him and Rebecca. He says why she is bringing that up again. She says what to you think Carter was about, you left me. He asks if she had an affair. She says he doesnt get it does he. He says no. Kirsten walks out of the room.

At the comic party, Seth is reading the comic, which bores the audience. Reed ends up pulling plug on Seth as he went of far too long. She thanks everyone for coming to the party, and then says after getting their copy of Atomic County signed they can have a photo with the real Little Miss Vixen. Summer comes out dressed as her comic book alter ego, complete with a whip.

Julie shows up at the restaurant to meet Caleb, but he is running late so she was asked to meet him here. A woman shows up and delivers a letter to Julie. She opens it and it is divorce papers! 

Julie goes to the office to confront Caleb and calls him a son of a bitch. She asks if he had fun watching him try and save this marriage. She says she will make him pay, she will bleed him dry. He shows her the photos and says explain these. She says you had me followed? He says shes been followed since before they were married. Caleb knows about the affair with Jimmy, about Luke, he knows everything. He says he was willing to give them a chance until that (the photos). She says nothing happened, but he doesnt want to hear it. He says she has a week to get out. He also tells her that she is fired!

At the comic book party, Seth grabs Summer and begs her to talk. He says he is sorry about Miami and it will never happen again. She says that is reassuring. Seth says he is an ass and he knows he doesnt deserve another shot, but he loves her and he thinks she loves her too. Zack shows up and tells Summer not to listen to him. They begin fighting over Summer and end up going at it in front of everyone at the launch party. Summer ends up getting punched in the nose, and the boys continue to fight until Summer whips them and asks what is wrong with them. Seth says shes going to have to choose once and for all. Summer says she chooses neither. Reed is furious with them and tells them to clean up this mess.

Ryan is trying to call Marissa and find out what is going on, but shes not answering. Sandy asks Ryan if everything is okay? He says he and Marissa had a fight about what doesnt know. Sandy says hes been trying to find Kirsten. They both head off to find their girls.

Trey shows up at Marissas and finds her crying. She says get out. He says he is sorry, he was out of his mind. He says he didnt plan it. She says she doesnt want to hear it. He says he just wants things to go back to how they were. He says he never meant to hurt her. She says what about Ryan? Trey says he said he is sorry. Marissa says so what, he doesnt deserve Ryan as a brother. Trey says if she doesnt want to accept his apology then fine, but dont say anything to Ryan. She tells him to get out before she calls the police. He says she wouldnt, but she says try her. Trey leaves. Ryan shows up at Marissa and sees Trey leaving. 

Sandy goes out looking for Kirsten. Shes at a bar, surprise, drinking. Kirsten looks at her wedding ring and takes off the necklace Carter gave her. She then heads out. Meanwhile Sandy, in his car, gets a call from Kirsten. She is driving and days she is sorry. Sandy asks where she is. She says shes coming home. She says she is sorry and she thought she was losing him. She says she loves him. He asks her to pull over. She drops her phone, reaches down to get it ad ends up being plowed by a trash truck. The car flips over several times and lands on the hood.

On the Next OC
Kirsten is in the hospital, and very bruised and beaten up. A cop asks Sandy to get her help.
Caleb tells Kirsten that she is an alcoholic. Kirsten says if the family is screwed up it is because of him.
Marissa tells Ryan to ask his brother what happened. Trey claims Marissa threw himself at him.
Summer tells Zack and Seth that she will go to prom with one of them. Seth asks which one.
Caleb tells Julie she wont seduce him out of the divorce
Sandy talks to Julie that since theyve been married less then a year, she gets nothing unless she can stop the divorce.
Julie apparently puts drugs in Calebs drink over dinner.

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