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May 12th, 2005 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens at the pool house in the early morning hours. Seth comes in and wakes up Ryan to talk. Ryan asks what time it is? Seth says 5:30ish. Ryan tells Seth that his visits are occurring earlier and earlier. Seth says they have a lot of ground to cover, but Ryan says they have been over this, Summer doesnt want him or Zack. Seth says the prom is coming up and he and Summer must partake in the magic that is the prom. Ryan doesnt think Summer is really into the prom thing, but Seth says shes been fantasizing about it since fifth grade. Ryan asks how Seth knows this? Seth says he sat behind her and Marissa in computer class and really learned to hone his eavesdropping skills. Ryan says if it makes Seth feel better, hes not going to prom either. Seth says just because Ryan saw Trey leaving Marissas that doesnt mean they are hooking up. Ryan asks what it means? Seth says maybe he was borrowing something. Ryan says or they hooked up. Ryan says hes going to talk to her today, even though things have been weird between them. The phone rings and Seth answers wondering who is calling at this hour. It is Sandy, and Seth says theyll be right there. Seth tells Ryan that his mom was in a car accident and is in the hospital. The boys head out.

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Sandy stands outside of Kirstens room at the hospital. She has a huge gash on her forehead. Sandy goes in to see her and says hes so glad she is okay and they will get through this. Kirsten is holding her wedding ring and says they had to cut it off her. Sandy says she was due for an upgrade anyways. Seth and Ryan come in to see her. They ask what happened, and Kirsten lies and says she was talking on the phone and had an accident, it was a stupid mistake. Seth offers to lift his parental restrictions on his DVD collection and let his mom watch any of his DVDs while she recuperates. Later, a cop tells Sandy Kirsten blew a .08. The cop says maybe he read it wrong and it was a .07. Sandy says hes not asking him to do that. The cop says just get her some help.

At school, there is a banner for the prom titled Under the O.C. Marissa is on the prom committee and discussing decorations with Summer. When Summer brings up Marissa and Ryan going to the prom, Marissa doesnt think Ryan is taking her. Summer asks what happened, and Marissa says it is complicated. Summer says isnt it always with them. Marissa says she hears Summer will be named prom queen, isnt that her fifth grade dream come true? Summer says no, her dream involved a date in a tux. She says instead shes drawing straws between nerd boy and ass clown. Marissa says so what she is going to do, not go. Summer says exactly. Summer agrees to go to prom only if Marissa works out her issues with Ryan. Marissa says dont hold your breath.

At the Cohen house, Julie shows up and asks Sandy how she is. Sandy says she resting now, and he should have seen this coming. Julie says so shes been hitting the bottle lately, its been a rough few weeks for everyone, even her. Sandy says so what is the problem. Julie says she didnt come here to talk about herself, but because they are on the subject. She hands Sandy some papers asks about the pre-nup. Sandy reads it and says it is pretty standard. If she is married at least a year she gets 3 million, if less than a year, nothing. Julie says 11 months and 27 days, that is why Caleb is in such a rush to divorce her. Sandy says hes not surprised. She begs Sandy to find a loophole. Sandy says its ironclad, so unless she can stop him from filing the papers by Monday, shes out of luck. 

At school Seth tells Zack that hes so sorry about the launch party. Zack says they are both to blame and lets put it behind them. They discuss Summer and whether she will forgive them. Seth think she will when she sees how mature they are acting. Summer shows up and tells them both to save it as she doesnt want to hear it. She says prom is tomorrow night, and she wont let their demented little threesome ruin her dream of going to prom. She says she is going with one of them. Seth asks which one? She says she doesnt care, and shes too pissed off to decide. She tells them to decide and one of them should pick her up tomorrow night in front of her house. Summer says her dress is magenta, so make sure the corsage matches. Summer walks off, and Seth says hell take one for the team and take Summer. Zack says no way. As they argue, Zack gets a text message from Reed, who wants to meet them at the diner for lunch. Seth says the ladies are all over them and not in a good way.

Sandy confronts Kirsten about her problem and asks her to go to rehab. Kirsten says she is done with drinking and he doesnt have to worry. She says last night scared her, she almost lost everything. Kirsten says she will go to the kitchen and pour out every drop of alcohol in the house, and she asks if he is coming. He says right behind her.

At school, Ryan catches up with Marissa to talk to her about what is going on between them. He says he saw Trey leaving her house last night. She says it isnt what he thinks. Ryan says she isnt talking, so all he can guess is her and Trey . . . . . She thanks him for the vote of confidence. He asks what hes supposed to think. She says he is supposed to give her more credit. She says she didnt hook up with Trey, and maybe he should ask his brother what happened.

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Seth and Zack meet with Reed and apologize to her for the comic book shop thing. Reed says she hates to give them good news, but unfortunately she has some. She says George Lucas is interested in Atomic County and may want to make it into a movie. Seth says they are this decades Matt and Ben! Reed says hell be in town this weekend to meet with them, but the deal is only one of them can take the meeting. Reed says they cant do anything together but whine about Summer. She says she is so pissed off at them to care which one goes, so they have to decide. The boys then begin arguing over who gets to go to the meeting. They have to decide who takes the meeting and who goes to prom, but neither has an idea how to settle this.

Caleb shows up to see Kirsten and lecture her. Sandy says Kirsten needs support now, and if he cant give it to her then leave. Caleb says this is more serious then his kid running off to Portland. Kirsten says she can handle this. Sandy leaves them to talk, and Caleb is not happy with her. He says she could have been killed. Kirsten says she made an error in judgment, he should be familiar with that. Caleb says this is not about him, did she even think about her kids? Kristen says she is a good mother. Caleb says she is an alcoholic, her mother was one too. Caleb says she tried to hide it but he always knew. Kirsten says why do you think mom drank, why do you think Haley left at 17. Kirsten says if their family is screwed up it is because of him. He says he has given her everything. Kirsten says she may like her chardonnay, but she wont die alone and that is more then she can say about him. 

Ryan shows up at Treys place to see him, but hes not answering the door. Ryan tries calling him and leaves him a message. Ryan says he knows Trey is avoiding him, and he leaves a message telling Trey to call him.

Summer is listening to music at school in the library, and Zack and Seth confronts her and ask her to choose. She says she is done deciding so its up to them. Seth says what if they cant decide. She says rock-paper-scissors or flip a coin. Zack suggests they flip a coin. Seth agrees, but Zack suggest they not do it now but wait until right before prom so one of them cant get out of it. Seth agrees.

Seth talks to Ryan at the pool house. Ryan says Marissa wont say what happened other than nothing happened, and Trey is ignoring his calls. Seth suggests he just believe her and go to prom. Ryan says hes not in the mood to go to prom. Seth says prom is a seminal moment and is meant to be shared. He asks if this is about him and Summer? Seth says no, well yes. He says he and Summer arent going because of a stupid fight, so someone should learn from his mistake.

Caleb shows up at the mansion and Julie asks if this is a booty call? He says no, he needs his sleeping pills. She says oh, they are upstairs. Julie says she hasnt been sleeping well either, this divorce is ugly. He says its not that, he had an argument with Kirsten. Julie suggests he apologize. He says he couldnt face her, not right now. Julie says then write her a letter, they both know he cant stand to fight with her. He says sometimes she surprises him. She goes to get his pills, and she finds them and for a moment contemplates something. She gives him the pills and says make sure he only takes one. She then asks him to get together tomorrow and have one last hurrah. He says she wont seduce him out of this divorce. She says they can make a party out of the divorce papers, and he says why not. 

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At school, Ryan and Marissa talk again. Ryan says hes sorry he went off on her, he was confused. She says shes been all over the map. He says she says nothing happened so he believes her. He asks her to go to prom, and she is thrilled and kisses him. From a distance, Jess Matthers watches them make out.

At the Cohens, Sandy asks Kirsten if she slept at all last night? She says no. Sandy says he is an expert at fighting with her father, and hell come back and forgive her. Sandy suggests they order take out and watch one of Seths DVDs. She says she should talk to her dad, but Sandy thinks they need to get back on solid ground first.

At school, Jess asks Ryan to take her to the prom. He says hes taken. She says him and Marissa? She says taking his brothers sloppy seconds doesnt bother him? He says if she has a story to spit it out. She says he should ask his brother, but hes not so anxious to share as he took off for Chino last night. Ryan says she better not be screwing with him. Jess says apparently shes the only one who isnt.

Seth and Zack meet to flip the coin to decide who goes to the prom and who goes to meet Georgia. They flip it, and Zack says it works for him, and Seth says him too. They wish one another good luck. 

Julie prepares a special dinner for her and Cal. (Missed what happened due to an Amber Alert)

Ryan heads to Chino and finds Trey in a pool hall. He asks Trey if he has something to tell him about Marissa? Trey says they should go get a drink. Trey says when Ryan was in Miami, he and Marissa got drunk together. Ryan says and he came on to her. Trey asks why he always assumes it is his fault. Ryan says because it always is. Trey says they were on the beach and drunk, and Marissa came onto him. Trey says she threw herself at him. Ryan says he doesnt believe him. Trey swears on their mother and says he wouldnt lie about this. Ryan says he has to go and runs out. Ryan makes a call to Marissa and says hes not feeling well so he wont make prom, hes sorry. Theresa, carrying groceries, spots Ryan. She calls out to him.

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Ryan helps Theresa carry her groceries home. Theresa is visiting her mom for the weekend. Shes moved to Atlanta and is just back for the weekend. Ryan says he wrote her all those letters but she never responded. She says she knows, she needed a clean break. Theresa then asks why hes back? He says because of Trey. He tells her that Trey hooked up with Marissa, and both of them have conflicting stories. Theresa says Trey has jerked him around his entire life, and Marissa would never hurt him like that. She reminds Ryan that Marissa let him go so he could be with her, even though it broke her heart. Theresa says they both may love him, but Marissa is the one he can trust. They arrive at her moms place and Ryan wants to say hey, but she says it is late and she could be asleep. Theresa insists Ryan not come in, and he says okay. Theresa tells him to make things right with Marissa. They share a little kiss and Theresa heads inside where her mom and the baby are. Her mom says he looks more and more like his daddy every day.

A limo pulls up to pick Summer up for prom. Zack, and Summer looks disappointed but says she is glad it is him.

The prom is in full swing, and Marissa is alone. Summer goes to see Marissa and asks where Ryan is. Marissa says he is sick. Summer says he better be so sick hes almost dead otherwise shell strangle him with his own white beater.

Seth meets with George Lucas at a restaurant. Reed is with them, and Seth has to know before they get down to business how George came up with the lightsaber. Reed says he probably doesnt have time for such large scale questions. Seth says fine hell go smaller, did he go to his prom? Reed says Oh My God! Seth says he was just wondering. Lucas says he didnt, he spent his time being creative. Seth says if he skipped his then Seth can skip his. George says no, he regrets missing it and it is an important tradition. George says he felt inadequate making his first film American Grafitti when he didnt have his own prom experience to fall back on.

At the prom, Zacks phone keeps buzzing from Reed. She is texting him that Seth is basically blowing it. Zack apologizes for ignoring Summer, and he says this is where he wanted to be. Summer says if he has to talk himself into this then he shouldnt be here. Zack knows he didnt want him to be her date, he saw her face. She says she saw his, she knows he wants to be at that meeting. He says he cant abandon her, but she says she did it to him. He says good point. She tells him to go. 

Seth is going on an on with George about how he and Zack flipped a coin to decide who would go to prom and who would meet with him. Zack shows up, and Seth excuses himself. They decide to swap places as they both know where they need to be. Zack gives Seth his jacket and tells him he doesnt have much time.

At the Cohens, Sandy is getting ready for movie time, but Kirsten says shes wiped and was going to soak in the tub. The doorbell rings, and Sandy says the food is here. She says she can wait and take a bath. Sandy says no go, they can heat the food up. Sandy goes to get the food, but he doesnt have his wallet. He goes to get some money from Kirstens purse and finds booze stashed in it.

At the mansion, Julie is swimming and Caleb sits with his feet in the water. She gives him a drink, which she has dumped drugs into. He says they should have enjoyed one another more, and he really did love her. She says oh past tense. He says he is sorry, he does love her. Caleb goes to drink his drugged drink. She then stops him from drinking the drink and says she didnt put lime in it. She dumps the drugged drink out and says shell make him another. 

At the prom, Marissa and Summer are alone. They decide to ditch prom and go back to Summers. Suddenly the prom queen and king are about to be announced, so they stay. Summer is named prom queen, and Zack is the king. Summer says she is going to run, but they put a spotlight on Summer. She is forced to go on stage and get her crown. Zack isnt there though, and after they continue to call his name Summer says no one is coming. Just then Seth runs in and runs up to the stage to save her. People yell that isnt Zack, and the guy says step down. Someone calls him a tool. Seth knows hes not prom king, but he loves the queen so that makes him king. He says okay maybe the gesture. HE asks her highness what he can do to make it up to her. She says he can dancer with her. They kiss and dance. Someone still yells out but hes a tool! Marissa feels alone and decides to head out. However Ryan shows up and meets her outside. They share a dance out on the school lawn. He says hes sorry he missed prom, but she says hes just in time.

At the mansion, Caleb grabs his chest and tumbles into the pool. Julie dives into the pool to save him.

At the Cohens, Kirsten comes out from the bath and she says it smells great. He asks what they will do about her. He says he found her stash. She says it was just in case. He says he believed her, he trusted her. She says she is doing this the only way she knows how. She says she doesnt want him to feel like he has to baby sit her. He says right now he feels more like her dad then her husband. Suddenly Julie calls up about Caleb. Sandy says he understands. Sandy turns to Kirsten and says its your father, hes dead! Kirsten grabs her booze and walks off. 

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