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May 18, 2006 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens at the pool house, Ryan is watching TV. Hes flicking channels mindlessly. Kirsten is in her room folding laundry. We hear a door open and close.

Sandy tells Kirsten that Seth denied everything and they let him go. Kirsten thinks he doesnt believe him? Sandy doesnt given his recent behavior. Sandy says the last person to be caught on the surveillance camera leaving the garage was him.

Seth goes to the pool house and tells Ryan he didnt know what to say, it was an accident. Ryan thinks he should confess to Sandy, but he doesnt know how to tell him he smoked a joint in his place of work and burnt it down. Seth needs his iPod so he can listen to some sad music. Its in Kirstens car out in the garage. Ryan says actually its on the street, hell go get it for him.

Ryan goes out to the car to move it and get Seths iPod. Volchek finds Ryan, he says he has to get out of town and needs Ryans help. Ryan says hes done helping him. Volchek says if he goes down then Ryan goes down with him, that was a 130,000 dollar car they stole. Ryan says he stole the car, but Volchek says tell that to the cops.

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At Harbor, Marissa, Summer and Taylor are setting up for graduation. Taylor is the valedictorian, and they are talking about Seth getting arrested. Taylor hopes Seth gets to wear a gown and not an orange jumper. Marissa thinks his crimes sound more like something Ryan. Taylor is talking about her after prom party with the boys, she claims she had her own little Korean Barbeque. Summer says gross! Julie walks up with a gift for Mariassa from her dad, he wanted her to have it. Marissa takes the gift, an envelope, and walks off.

Dawn arrives at the Cohens house for graduation. Kirsten gives her a hug, and Dawn says it seems like forever since she was last here. She jokes maybe she was too drunk to remember. Ryan shows up and gives his mom a hug.

Kaitlin returns home from school and talks with Neil. She says she is home for Marissas graduation. She says since she turned her B's into A's, could he turn her A's (pointing to her chest) into A's? Neil says that she needs to talk with her mom about that. Kaitlin says she's just joking. Julie walks in and asks if everything is okay? Kaitlin says yes and she just thought shed come home to see Marissa graduate. She says shes so stressed out from finals and heads to the hot tub. Neil thinks its nice she came home to support her sister. Julie says yeah, nice.

Sandy and Seth talk, Seth wants to make sure his dad isnt going to do his crazy cheer when they announce his name. Sandy says in spite of everything hes still proud of him. Seth says this is too hard, he confesses all to his dad about the joint and the fire. Sandy says he appreciates him coming clean, but hes not pleased about this and that he couldnt come  to him with his problems. Seth says he was embarrassed. Seth says he tried to talk to him but he was busy, and he didnt want to upset mom. Sandy says he understands and hes sorry. Sandy says they both screwed up. Sandy says this is still very serious, but he doesnt want it to stand in the way of today. Sandy says theyve been looking forward to this moment forever. They share a hug. Sandy says he loves Seth, and Seth says he has the same affection for him as well. Seth can't bring himself to say he loves another man.

Summer asks Marissa how her dad is. She says hes doing really good, and hes captaining yachts now. She has been invited to work on one of his boats sailing to the Greek Islands for a year. Summer asks if she'll be sailing? Marissa says no, more like peeling potatoes and stuff. Summer asks what about college? Marissa says shes not meant for college, not now anyways. Marissa says she needs a new life, she needs a change. She also says its a great graduation gift. Marissa says her dad seems to have turned around. Summer asks when shed leave? Marissa says tomorrow night. She says a plane ticket to Hawaii is in the letter he sent. Summer tells her to sail up to Rhode Island sometime. They hug one another.

Volcheck is hiding out in a van somewhere. A woman shows up to bring him clothes. She says she hasnt seen the cops, hes being paranoid. Volcheck says he is just waiting for some cash. The girl thinks hes waiting for something else, hes waiting for Marissa isnt he. Volchekc says he didnt want her opinion. The girl thinks he ruined things with Marissa because he freaked out, so now what, he thinks he can convince her to go to Mexico with him.

At the high school, the kids have gathered in their gowns. Seth thinks he'll be glad not to have to deal with idiot jocks anymore. Seth then gets picked on by the polo players once last time. They say hes wearing a dress.  Marissa takes Ryan aside to talk to him for a second. She tells him about the offer, and he says if this is what she needs then it is great. She says that means a lot to her. She says who thought hed be going to college. He says who thought shed be doing manual labor. Ryan asks if he can drive her to the airport, hed like to be the last person to say bye to her. She says sure.

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The kids walk the procession as the parents watch. The names are called, the parents cheer. The kids all graduate. 

Everyone goes out to dinner to celebrate. Sandy says a few words, they are all thrilled for their kids and this milestone they have achieved. Sandy says these past few years have been filled with tragedy, comedy, first loves, broken hearts and more, but the are all family here so cheers. They all toast.

Marissa has a talk with her mom in private. Julie sees something is wrong. Marissa says she has news, but Julie already knows. She says Jimmy ran the idea by her, she will miss her terribly but if this is what she wants then she has to let her go. Kaitlin is there, she knew about it too. Kaitlin says thats why shes come home, shes home for good. She says dad thought mom would need someone to worry about. Julie says Cooper family hug! 

Dawn takes Ryan out to the parking loft to give him his present, a car. Ryan is stunned, he hugs his mom. She asks him to drive her home in his new ride. 

Summer and Seth are playing silly pattycake games at the table when Taylor shows up to say goodbye, shes spending the summer defusing land mines in Korea with her new boyfriend. She says its been a pleasure being second circle core. Seth thinks shes earned her way to the inner circle. Taylor says yeah, the fab five! They hug. Summer says she's going to miss her.

Volchek calls Marissa, he is sorry and wants to make it up to her. She doesnt want to hear from him or see him. Volcheck says if he doesnt see her then hell make life hell for Ryan, ask him about the car they stole.

Marissa goes to see Ryan, who is in his new car. She says she knows about Volchek and the car. Ryan says its complicated. Ryan says Volchek needs money to get out of town. Marissa wants to help him, one last adventure.

Commercial Break

At the Cohens, the family sees Dawn off. Shes going back to Arizona. When Seth learns Ryans mom got him a car he says hes been waiting for years for one, hes supposed to be the spoiled one. Ryan watches his mom head off in a taxi.

Kaitlin is putting things up in her new room and listening to her iPod. Julie finds her there, shes taking over Marissas room. Julie doesnt seem to like how Kaitlins re-decorating. Kaitlin tells her mom its cool shes letting her go. Julie says its cool shes coming back. Kaitlin says all the older kids see her as Marissas little sis, but now that shes gone, she can rule Harbor.

Ryan and Marissa meet up to deal with Volchek. They are pawning Julies graduation gift to Marissa in order to pay off Volchek. Julie gave her a pearl necklace.

Sandy goes to the station to see someone, but nobody is there. A man shows up and thinks hes a lawyer here to haggle him. Sandy says no, this is his old office. The man, Jason Spitz, is honored to meet him as hes a legend here. They talk about what Sandy left behind, and Sandy says he really misses this place. Jason doesn't know why. Greg, Sandys friend the assistant DA, arrive and they go to discuss the fire incident. 

Seth is reading when Kirsten comes in to check on him. She says its hard to believe hes done with school, hes not a kid anymore. Seth wants his mom to know . . . She says dont apologize, the fire was the best thing to happen to them. She also says his dad is trying to clear him of the charges now. She also has mail from RISD for Seth.

Ryan and Marissa hit the pawn shot and then give the money to Volchek. Ryan gives him the money, Marissa is hiding in Ryan's car. Ryan says they are done, but Volcheck still wants to talk to Marissa. Ryan says no, and he and Marissa speed off, infuriating Volchek.

Commercial Break

Marissa is at home packing her bag. Julie comes to see her to say goodbye. Julie says everything she ever did she did it for her, so she could have a better life than her. Julie knows shes done terrible things. Marissa tells Julie she loves her, and they hug. Marissa says the strength it takes to start over and go on her own has to come from her mom. Kaitlin walks in and says Ryans here for her. Marissa says she better go then. Julie says one more Cooper family hug.

The four kids plan one last outing for Marissas last night in town. Marissa knows where they should all go.

Sandy comes home with flowers, Seth is okay and has nothing to worry about. He also has other news, hes going back to his old job with the DAs office. Sandy and Kirsten realize they finally have the house to themselves, and they kiss.

Marissa and the kids head to the rebuilt Model Home for their final party. They have a little pool party. They then begin talking about life if Ryan hadnt come here. Both girls think theyd never have talked to Seth. Ryan says Seth owes him. Seth says Marissa would still be dating a dude who shaves his chest. Summer then remembers when she had a crush on Ryan, until she learned he was from Chino.  Ryan remembers that it was Summer who invited him to that first house party. Seth thought it was him she invited. Seth thinks hes not faring well on this trip down memory lane. Marissa realizes it is time to go for her, and they say goodbye. 

Later, Marissa is alone in the model home crying. Ryan comes in to see her and make sure shes okay. She says she is. Ryan says last time they were here, he was the one leaving. Marissa asks if he ever thought theyd end up together that night? Ryan says he doesnt know, but he wouldnt have done anything differently, except for maybe Oliver.

Ryan takes Marissa to the airport, Volcheck is following them! Hes been boozing it up.

Seth and Summer return home, Summer gets a present from Seth. Its a huge empty box. Seth says its not empty. In the box is his acceptance to RISD for the Spring semester. They admitted him for Spring as he applied to late for Fall. Summer is thrilled, and Seth says once again hes sorry about things. She says its okay, everything happened how it was supposed to.  Summer says she'll go scope out the territory in the fall and be ready for him in the Spring.

Ryan and Marissa are on the way to the airport. They are talking about how scared they both are to be leaving home. Ryan says they will stay in touch somehow. Volcheck speeds up behind them and rams them! Marissa says pull over, but there is no where to. The woman in the car with Volcheck is yelling at him to pull over. The road ends ahead, and the car Ryan and Marissa are in rolls down the hill and ends up flipping. Ryan comes too first. He looks over at Marissa, shes not moving. Ryan breaks the window out and crawls out of the car. Gas is everywhere, there is a fire going. Ryan works to get her out of the car, which he does. We then see him carrying her down the road. He stops and puts her down in the ground. He cradles her in his arms calling her name. She wakes up and looks at him. She says his name. He says hell get help, but she says dont leave her. Shes very incoherent, she has a bad head wound. Ryan tells her that it will be okay. Marissa then convulses and falls unconscious. Ryan calls to her and shakes her. Ryan flashes back to how she was the first person he saw in Newport when Sandy drove him to the house. The show ends with him cradling her in the street.

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