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May 19th, 2005 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with Sandy on the phone with the Suriak Treatment Center. He says he has a funeral to go to in a few hours, but hed like to meet with them beforehand.

Seth asks his mom if everything is okay. She says shes been better. He says hes sorry about everything. Kirsten says he loved him very much. Seth says he will miss him. Seth is looking for his cell phone charger, and she suggest he try his dads office. Kirsten says shes going to go get ready for the funeral.

Seth looks through his dads desk and finds the brochure for the treatment center. He reads through it.

Out at the pool house, Seth comes out to talk to Ryan and shows him the pamphlet. Seth is worried about his dad. Ryan looks at Kirsten across the way and says he doesnt think this is for his dad.

Commercial Break. 

Sandy meets with a doctor at the treatment center and they discuss Kirstens history. Sandy is afraid with the loss of Kirstens father things will only get worse. The doctor asks if he wants her to have a residential treatment? He says they will guard her privacy so that nobody knows she is here. Sandy says he may be over reacting. He also says she wont come here voluntarily. The doctor says very few of their patients check themselves in.

Marissa is at home still checking on her bruises. Julie comes in and tells Marissa that all her black dresses look like a they should be accessorized with a broomstick, so does she have anything she could borrow. Marissa says its a funeral not a fashion show. She then apologizes for being a bitch and says shell see what she has for her mom. The doorbell rings and Marissa runs down to get it, its Jimmy. Marissa gives him a hug. Julie comes down and asks what hes doing here? He says she didnt think hed leave them alone at a time like thie. Jimmy says he is sorry, and Julie says it is good to see him. Jimmy says theyll get through this.

At the Cohens, Haley shows up and gives Kirsten a hug. Haley is upset because she didnt come home earlier when Caleb was having heart troubles, and she feels like all she did was cause him stress. Kirsten says nothing made their dad more proud then her getting her life together. Kirsten says her on the other hand, the last thing she told him was that he was going to die alone. 

Summer shows up to see Seth, and she brought Princess Sparkles to keep Captain Oats company. She says she thought Oats would be down and he could use someone with pretty shiny hair to be there for him. Summer tells Seth he knows he and his grandpa were pretty close. Seth says its his mom hes really worried about. He tells Summer about finding the rehab brochure. Summer asks if shes been drinking a lot? Seth says she is a wasp in Orange County, so its all relative. He says hes been so self involved this past year he hasnt noticed. He also says it is partially his fault as his running away must have been hard on her. Summer says hes being self involved again and this is probably bigger then just him.

Trey comes home and finds Jess waiting for him. She says its graduation time which means big business. She says some graduation kids needs some supplies, and she offers to give Trey half of the proceeds if he helps her. She gives him a gun and asks if he knows how to use it. He says hes not a sniper. She just needs him to point it at someone like he means it. Jess says if he can, then he gets half of the money, which is 1500 dollars.

The funeral procession begins, and they arrive at the cemetery for Calebs funeral. Various family members get up to speak, including Sandy. He says Caleb was brilliant man, and a great father, and truly terrible father in law. Sandy tells him to rest in peace.

Commercial Break

Jess comes to see Trey at the Bait Shop. Trey says she shouldnt be here, he has to work for a living. She says if he sticks with her then he wont have to. He suggests she worry about normal teenage things. She says everything is going down tonight, and its going down here. He asks why here? She says she needed someplace public. Trey says after this one he is done.

The family gathers at Kirstens house for the gathering. Haley talks to Jimmy and makes sure he doesnt hate her, but he doesnt. She says so he went to Hawaii, how was it. He says terrific, and she wouldnt believe the North Shore. She says so she heard. Meanwhile, Kirsten drinks it up at the party, and both Haley and Jimmy are worried about her. Haley says shes never seen her sister like this. Sandy confronts Kirsten about how early it still is and she should pace herself. Kirsten tells him to layoff the Kirsten drink count for awhile. Kirsten walks off, and Julie tells Sandy that she could take over the Kirsten watch for awhile. Sandy thanks her for the offer. Julie goes to check on Kirsten.

Seth, Ryan and Marissa all commiserate. Seth hates talking to the pilars of the community, Marissa hates people thinking she is supposed to be the grieving step daughter, and Ryan hates that everyone is asking him if he is the kid who burned down the model home and causes Calebs heart attack. Seth asks where Summer is? Seth says shes at the buffet. They decide to go hide in the pool house.

Summer brings Kirsten a plate of food and thought she might be hungry. Kirsten says no thanks. Summer says if her step mother taught her anything its not to drink on an empty stomach. Kirsten says thanks for the tip. Kristen then walks off. Sandy talks to Summer and says she cleaned out the buffet. She says she had extra if he wants some. Sandy asks Summer for a favor, can she get Seth out of the house for awhile. Summer realize what this is about and says sure thing.

Summer goes to the pool house and suggests they all go get chilli fries and go to the Bait Shop. Seth says good idea. Marissa is afraid about seeing Trey, but Ryan says hes on day shift.

At the Bait Shop the gang arrives and Trey is there. Marissa is not pleased to see him, and Treys not pleased to see them. Trey tells Seth that hes sorry about his grandfather. Ryan asks what hes doing here, and he claims hes here to get his paycheck, but they dont buy it. Jess shows up and asks Try if hes ready? She then drags him off. Trey is not happy about this going down with Ryan here, and he thinks they should go elsewhere. Jess says its too late and their friends are already on their way. She asks if the gun is loaded, and he cocks it.

Marissa and Summer talk, and Seth and Ryan talk. Ryan sees a posse of guys heading for Trey and Jess, and he realizes something bad is going down.

Back at the party, Sandy talks with Jimmy. Julie shows up and tells Sandy she needs help. Kristen is basically falling down drunk and walking around drinking out of an absolute bottle. He tells her to at least use a glass, but she tells him to leave her alone. Sandy suggests she go to bed, and he tries to help her. She yells at him to get his hands off her. She drops the bottle, and everyone looks. She asks if he is happy? Kirsten walks off telling everyone that she is okay. Jimmy and Julie help her inside, and Haley is upset.

Back at the Bait Shop, Jess and one of the drug buyers share some coke, and the guys give her a bag of money. They grab the coke and the money and claim they dont have the money, so theyll set up a payment plan like theyll pay her when they feel like it. Jess says they had a deal, but he says they are renegotiating. He asks what shes going to do about it, and he calls her a little New Port Beyotch! Jess grabs the gun from Trey, points it at the guys, and asks who the bitch is now? She demands they give her the money. He says shell have to shoot him. She fires shots, grabs the money, and she and Trey run. The other guys fire at them as they are running, and Summer thinks Marissa is hit. However it turns out she just cut herself on broken glass.

Commercial Break

Its a new day. Sandy and Haley watch old movies on the couch, and Haley asks how long this has been going on. Sandy says too long, and last night sealed the deal. He says shes getting help whether she wants it or not. Haley asks how she can help. Sandy says hell need to talk to the boys privately, so Haley says shell take Kirsten to the spa or something.

Ryan goes to see Trey at his place and talk. He wants to know what happened last night. Trey says he was helping Jess and things got out of control. Ryan says story of his life. Trey says he told Jess that he was done, she is crazier then he thought. Ryan says thats a shock given he met her face down in a pool. Trey asks Ryan what he wants him to say? Ryan says nothing. Ryan says they tried to make it work, and now he wants him out of New Port. Trey says they are brothers, but Ryan says he has to go. Trey says hell be gone in the morning. 

Jimmy brings Julie some coffee and donuts from 7-Eleven. Jimmy also suggests that they all sail the boat to Catilina. Julie says Marissa wont be up till sundown. He says what about the two of them then. She says they havent done it in a million years, not since before they were married, but she agrees to go.

Sandy talks with Seth who is making some cereal. He says they sure have a lot of leftovers. Seth asks how mom is, and Sandy says shes at the spa with Haley. Seth says that is good, and she hasnt been too momesque lately. Sandy says shes suffering now, and he tells Seth that his mom has a drinking problem and needs help. Seth says you mean that rehab brochure he found in his desk, the one he failed to. Sandy says hes been trying to find the right time to tell him, and he was hoping he could stop this himself. Seth says maybe they still can, they dont have to send her away. Sandy says she cant stop, she has tried. He says a doctor is coming here this afternoon for an intervention. Seth says this is like an after school special Seth thinks she is just sad because of her dads death, but Sandy says this has been going on for a long time. HE says the car accident she had was a drunk driving accident. Seth says he never told him anything till now, and now he expects him to help ship her off. Seth says how does he know his dad didnt cause this as something weird has been going on between them all year. Sandy knows Seth is upset and he is too. Seth says he wont be a part of shipping her off. Sandy says his mother needs him so he cant get in his boat and run away again. Ryan shows up and Sandy tells Ryan he needs to hear this. Seth says mom is a drunk and today is the intervention, so plan accordingly. Seth walks out. Ryan tells Sandy that hes doing the right thing and she can talk to him. Sandy says thank but that is his job.

Summer shows up to see Marissa. She thinks Marissa needs some pancakes on the beach and serious sunbathing. Marissa says okay. Summer says good, but first she needs to know what is going on with Trey. Summer begs her to tell her what is going on with the bruises. Marissa cries and Summer hugs her.

Sandy goes to Seths room to talk to him. Sandy says maybe he should have told him earlier. He says that chapter was left out of the manual. Seth asks how long shed go away for. Sandy says as long as it takes, months maybe. Seth says they arent that family, but Sandy says every familiar has their issues. Seth doesnt think he can do this to mom. The doorbell rings and Sandy says that is the doctor. He says theyll be downstairs. Seth and Sandy hug.

Haley drives Kirsten home, and Kirsten says today was just what they needed. They eventually arrive home and Sandy asks her to come into the kitchen. She thinks hes acting mysterious. Dr. Woodruff introduces himself to Kirsten, and Kirstens mouth drops open. She asks what is going on. He says they are here to help her as they are worried she has an addiction to alcohol. Kirsten says this isnt necessary. The doctor asks Sandy to speak. Sandy tells Kirsten that hes sorry, but he doesnt want her to hurt herself anymore. Kirsten says he is over reacting. Next the doctor asks Haley to go. Haley tells Kirsten they know their history, and they know mom battled it. She says if it was mom then shed do the same thing. Kirsten says all the time Haley was partying and doing drugs she told her to make better choices, she didnt lock her up. Finally the doctor says Ryan . . . Kirsten tells Ryan not to say a word as she let him into this house. He says she did because his own mom couldnt take care of him. Ryan says she wouldnt get help even though he asked her to. He says he cant see that happened again to someone he loves. Kirsten says she is not going. She turns around and Seth is standing there. Seth asks his mom to please do this. Kristen begins to cry, and everyone hugs her. 

Commercial Break

Kirsten hugs Haley and asks if shes glad she got to come back for all this fun. Haley says she is. Sandy tells Kirsten hell put her bag in the car. Haley says shell see her soon. Kirsten apologizes to the boys, and Ryan tells her to just get better. Seth says theyll set up a stage for dad to entertain him, and Ryan says he has the take out covered. She cries that she loves them both so much. Sandy and Kirsten drive off as the boys watch. 

Jimmy and Marissa return home after their day of fun. Julie feels a bit guilty about enjoying herself when Cal is dead. Jimmy says that marriage wasnt exactly . . . Julie says what they had, nothing ever could be. Jimmy takes her hand and offers to stay and give things another shot.

Trey is packing up his things to leave when Jess shows up. She offers to take off with him. He asks where theyd go. She plops money down and suggests Vegas. She says shell go home with pack, shell steal her step dads beamer and shell be back at 8. They kiss and she takes off.

Seth and Ryan float in the pool. Seth says this isnt helping, but neither were videogames. Ryan suggests they get out of the house. He says they could hit up an old age home and play shuffleboard, but Seth says hes not up for old people. Ryan suggests a movie? The doorbell rings and Seth says the way things have been going he bets that is Oliver. It is Summer, and she has come to talk to Seth. She says she is sorry to pile on top of the worst news ever. She tells Seth what she has found out, Trey forced himself on Marissa and tried to . . . . . Seth says Ryan has to know, Trey is crazy. Summer asks how he will tell him?

Kirsten and Sandy arrive at the clinic, and the doctor checks Kirstens bag. They then head to her room. Kirsten isnt saying much. Sandy says its a nice room, nice bed, nice TV. Kirsten has to head to a meeting, and Sandy learns Kirsten cant make any calls for 72 hours due to detox. Sandy and Kirsten say their goodbyes. Kirsten says shes so sorry. Sandy says they can mend this, it wont break.

Seth comes to see Ryan and suggests they not go to a movie as planned. Seth tells Ryan to sit as they need to talk. Seth says his dad just called and his mom just landed and its a nice place. He says he has more to tell Ryan, and he has to promise to stay calm. Seth says he knows what happened with Trey and Marissa. Ryan asks what he means. Seth says Trey attacked her and forced himself on her. Seth says nothing happened and she fought him off. Seth says that is how he cut his head. Ryan says all year he has tried to be a different person. Ryan says he cant do that anymore. Seth asks what hes going to do? Ryan says hes settling this with Trey once and for all.

Marissa finds her parents setting dinner up, and she asks what is going on. Julie says Jimmy will be staying with them while things settle, and maybe after that. Jimmy asks if its okay with her. Julie says with Caitlin returning from boarding school they were thinking of taking a family trip. Marissa is glad to have her dad back and hugs both her mom and her dad. Marissa says shed love for them to be a family again. Jimmy jokes the Coopers making a comeback. Seth and Summer call Marissa, they are on their way to Treys to stop Ryan, but Seth says she is closer. He says Ryan knows and is headed for Trey. Marissa takes off in her car. 

Its a race to get to Treys place. Trey is packing his things and getting ready to leave. He sees the gun on the couch. Ryan arrives and bangs on the door, so Trey hides the gun behind a pillow. Trey open, and Ryan says he knows what happened with him and Marissa. Ryan asks how could he, he would have done anything for him. Ryan shoves his brother, and Trey pulls the gun on Ryan and tells him to calm down, Ryan asks what hes going to do shoot him, is this how this ends? Trey says how this ends is up to him and whether he walks away. Trey tells him to walk away. Ryan puts his hands up and begins walking away. When Trey puts the gun down, Ryan charges and beats Trey up. A huge fight ensures between the kids. Marissa is the next to arrive, and she runs in and finds Trey chocking Ryan. She tells Trey to stop it as hes killing him. Marissa tells Trey to stop it. He hits her and sends her flying, and Marissa picks up the gun and shoots Trey as hes about to bash Ryans head in with a phone. Summer and Seth show up, Ryan gets off the ground, and Trey is on the ground possible dead. 

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