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September 8th, 2005 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with Trey being rushed to the hospital after being shot. Trey is brought in on a gurney, and Marissa and Ryan are walking behind him. An officer says they still have more questions for them. Seth and Summer arrive too, and we hear Treys voice talking to himself. Trey is having regrets about what he has done. One of the doctors sees the shape Ryan is in and says someone needs to look at him. The cops are questioning Marissa if she discharged this gun, and she says yes and she already . . . Ryan tells Marissa not to say anything. The doctors say they are losing Trey. Sandy eventually shows up and asks if they are okay. Suddenly Ryan passes out. Ryan wakes up at the pool house, he was dreaming. Seth walks in and asks if he is okay. Ryan says he just had the worst nightmare. Seth tells him it wasnt a nightmare. He says the lawyer guy is on his way over.

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Summer and Marissa are sunbathing by the pool at Calebs mansion. Summer never thought this is what theyd be doing the week before their senior year started. Marissa says instead of having fun shes about to be charged with manslaughter. Summer says that she is innocent, she was saving Ryans life. She says explain that to Ryan. Summer says he understands and isnt mad. Marissa says it is this weird thing hanging over them. Summer says before Trey she never knew anyone in a coma. Summer says on The Valley someone is in a coma every other week, but they only do that so they can get new actors to play the part. Marissa says if Trey wakes up unfortunately hell still be Trey. Summer says whatever happens, Ryan facing Trey to avenge her honor is hot, in a biblical samurai western kind of way. Marissa says she still shot someone and she has to live with that for the rest of her life.

At the Cohen house, Sandy makes coffee and says the boys will be right down. The Assistant DA Caldwell has come to interview them. He says the DA is getting a lot of pressure to prosecute, and the parents at the school are concerned. Sandy says there is nothing to prosecute, Marissa was protecting others. Caldwell says the DA doesnt want to go after Marissa. Sandy says Ryan is innocent. Caldwell says Ryan is the one with the track record, not Caleb Nichols ex step-daughter. Sandy says she saved Ryans life. Caldwell asks what Ryan was doing there? His own brother tried to rape his girlfriend. Caldwell says they have cause. Sandy says and they have witnesses. Caldwell says the only witnesses are Ryan, Trey and Marissa, and Trey isnt talking. Sandy says if they go after Ryan then Social Services will take him. Caldwell says that explains Marissas reason to cover. Caldwell asks where Kirsten is? Sandy says out of town.

At the rehab center, Kirsten is in a meeting with other patients. The doctor tells Kirsten that her progress is remarkable and she is a model patient for others. Kirsten says she doesnt know about that. Kirsten says Shelly is better at poker player than her. Kirsten says being here has given her the clarity to understand why she turned to alcohol. She shares why that was, and it begins and ends with her dad. She says he was an amazing man, but controlling. She says she was living his life and not hers, and no matter how hard she tried to please him it was . . . another woman says Never enough. She apologizes, but Kirsten says it is true. She says she realizes she would never be a good enough mom or daughter to him. The doctor thinks Kirsten is finished here, they have done all they can for her. He says shell need to get a sponsor and attend meetings of course. However he says she can do that from home.

Back at the Cohens, the Assistant DA interviews Ryan. Ryan says he has nothing new to say. Seth is interviewed as well, and both Ryan and Seth give their statements recapping what happened. It turns out that Ryans prints were on the gun, but only because he put the safety on it. The DA wants to know why Ryan went to Treys that night, he thinks it was to kill Trey. Ryan doesnt answer.

At Calebs mansion, Julie and Jimmy are discussing Marissas defense. Julie wants Marissa to change her story, but Jimmy says she already confessed to shooting Trey. Jimmy asks what they say, Ryan did it? Julie says they all think shes protecting him anyways. Jimmy says so she wants Ryan to go away for this? Julie says before he came to town their lives were stable. Jimmy says so its Ryans fault he went bankrupt and almost went to jail, and it is his fault she married Caleb only to watch him drown? Julie says she is just venting. She wishes none of this happened, but it did. She says they have a chance to be a family and she doesnt want to lose that.

At the pool house, Seth asks Ryan if he wants to take a swim? Ryan just showered, and he says hes going to go visit Trey. Seth was thinking a movie would be better, but Seth agrees to go with him.

Assistant DA Caldwell shows up at Calebs place, and Julie tries to schmooze him with lemonade and fancy cheeses. Summer and Marissa show up to meet with the DA. However Summer isnt allowed to be there and influence Marrisas testimony. Marissa says Summer knows everything, and shes already told them the truth. The Assistant DA says her testimony lacks credibility. Marissa is sworn in, and she tells her side of the story.

At the hospital Ryan is with Trey, whos in a coma. Seth says he likes him this way, hes a better listener. Seth says sorry and hell leave them. Ryan says hes coming. Seth and Ryan leave, and we see Treys hand moving. Ryan talks with Seth about how that night he wanted to kill him, now he wants to take it back . Ryan says hes the only family he has left. Seth says that isnt true. Back in Treys room, Trey wakes up.

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Ryan and Seth are back at the house playing PS2. They are playing baseball because they arent playing any games with ninjas or guns right now. Unfortunately Seth doesnt understand this baseball thing. Ryan says you mean Americans Pastime? Seth says it seems like a fad to him, it doesnt seem to be catching on. The hospital calls, and Seth is told Trey has woken up.

At the clinic, the woman who interrupted Kirsten during group introduces herself as Charlotte Morgan. She tells Kirsten she almost described her own life by there. As they are talking Sandy shows up. Charlotte excuses herself, and Sandy and Kirsten share a hug and kiss. Charlotte watches from the distance. Sandy talks with Kirsten about how poorly he, Ryan and Seth are coping without her. He says she should be coming home any day now, and to just give him a heads up so he can make sure the house is presentable. Kirsten lies and says she has to sit down with the Dr. and see if shes eligible to leave. Sandys phone rings, it is Seth calling with the news that Trey woke up. However Sandy doesnt pass the news onto Kirsten as to not worry her. He just claims Seth says hi and he loves her.

Ryan goes to see Marissa and says Trey is awake. When he admits hes been to see Trey, she says she would have gone with him if he had told her. Ryan says she shouldnt have to see him ever again. Marissa hopes hell tell the lawyers what really happened. Ryan says their future is in Treys hands. He says they are supposed to go meet Seth and Summer at the diner. 

Julie meets with Calebs lawyers and is not happy to learn it will be two months before Calebs will is read. Julie says they need money to pay their daughters high priced defense attorney, but the lawyer cant help. Julie asks for a little hint about what is in the will, but the lawyer says he cant. She says lets play hot and cold. Jimmy gets a message, Trey is awake. He lets Julie know.

At the diner, Summer, Seth Ryan and Marissa are having lunch, Summer says she has an idea. Seth asks if shes going to save Christmukah again as he enjoyed that last time. She says they need to have some fun. Summer says either they do what her step-mother does and take pain killers to numb themselves from the pain of reality, or they decide not to worry about what they cant change and enjoy the time they have. Seth says he likes plan B. Marissa has an idea, but shed have to ask her dad first. The kids end up going sailing on Jimmys yacht.

The kids sail around for awhile before returning to the beach. Summer tells Seth that with the wind in his hair and him in control of the yacht he is pretty hot. He says so she has a weakness for seamen? She says Eww! Elsewhere on the beach Ryan asks Marissa how shes doing? She says shes okay she guesses. She asks Ryan if they are okay. He asks why they wouldnt be. She says they havent really talked about that night. Seth and Summer show up and suggest they go fishing. Ryan says they dont have bait. Seth says they have Summer. The boys end up throwing the girls into the ocean. Later they play some football and enjoy a campfire and some making out. 

Back at the hospital, Julie shows up to see Trey. Shes told visiting hours are over, so Julie uses her name to try and get in. She says this wing of the hospital is named after her late husband, and it is up to her to keep it up, which includes employing the nurses and doctors who work here. Julie is let in to see Trey. Julie says hes so helpless, and she picks up a pillow and says he wouldnt be able to stop her from doing whatever she wanted to, kind of like the night he tried to rape her daughter,. Trey says hes sorry. Julie says he should be, which is why hes going to help her. She offers to pay him 20,000 dollars to say Ryan shot him. Trey seems to agree to her request. 

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Sandy returns home and finds Seth and Ryan watching Teen Wolf. Sandy asks them to shut off the TV. Sandy says Trey talked to the police and told them that Ryan shot him. Seth says well that is anything but the truth/ Sandy says the DA is issuing a warrant for Ryans arrest. Sandy says he is going to help him, but he needs to know that Ryans told him everything. Ryan says what difference does it make and he walks off.

At Calebs place, Julie is making Mimosas to celebrate the fact that Marissa isnt getting arrested. Jimmy thinks this is all too convenient. Jimmy says even if Marissa was accused she wouldnt go to jail. Julie says she also wouldnt get into college with this on her record. Jimmy says he doesnt want Marissa to suffer but Ryan . . . She says Ryans die was cast long ago. Marissa comes out, and Julie gives her the news.

Seth and Summer look at the pool house, Ryan is shut up in there. They think they should do something for him, maybe get him a gift. Seth is clueless as to what to get him though. The doorbell rings and Seth answers. It is Marissa coming to see Ryan. Seth says hes not really seeing visitors. The kids barge in on Ryan who is packing to flee. Ryan says nobody will believe him no matter what he says. Seth says hes not running away. Marissa says hes not, hes sailing and they are going with him. 

At the clinic, Kristen talks with Charlotte. Kristen admits she didnt tell her husband that she is allowed to leave. She is afraid shes not ready. Charlotte tells her to take all the time she needs as this isnt a race.

Sandy arrives at the pool house and finds Ryan is gone. Of course this is when the cops show up to arrest him. Sandy says they are a little late. Sandy calls Julie, and she gets the news that they have fled. Jimmy seems to know where they may be.

Down on the docks the kids are preparing to sail to Catalina and then to wherever. Unfortunately the cops show up and bust them all.

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At jail Sandy visits with Ryan. Sandy tells Ryan for someone who is innocent hes doing a hell of a job to look guilty. Ryan says he has no choice, nobody will believe him with his record and family. Ryan tells Sandy that he knows he is right. Sandy says they are going to fight this and Trey can still change his mind.

At the hospital, Seth is with the girls, who are dressed as Candy Stripers. They arrive at the nurses station, and the nurse asks Summer where shes been? Summer says she loves helping sick people, but they kept making her sick. She says she was reassigned to gunshot victims as you cant catch one of those. The nurse asks who she wants to see?

Marissa goes in to see Trey. He asks if she came to finish the job. She says so he does remember it was her that shot him. He says hes trying to protect her. She says by blaming Ryan? He says hes sorry for everything. He says he just didnt know how to make it right. He also says she offered him a way out. Marissa says who? Trey says her mom. Marissa tells Trey that if he wants to make it right then there is only one thing to do. 

Sandy shows up at the Newport Yacht club and meets with Jimmy at the bar. Sandy talks with Jimmy about why Trey would want to frame Ryan. He says the only thing he can figure is he was paid off. Sandy says the only person he knows that would sink that low is Julie. Jimmy says he found out about it too late to do anything. Sandy tells him to do the right thing. Jimmy says hes trying to protect his family too. Sandy says yeah because they mean so much to him. He wonders why Jimmy happened to come back right after Caleb died? Sandy gets a call and says wait till Julie hears this.

Marissa returns home and tells Julie off for what she did. She hands her mother a copy of Treys confession, the real one. She says the police have a copy of it too. Julie asks if she know what shes done? Marissa says she wont go to jail. Julie says but where will she go? She says there will be a scandal and the details of what happened are irrelevant to people around here. Marissa thinks all her mom cares about is what people think of them. She tells her mom to stay out of her life.

Ryan is released from jail and asks Sandy what happened? Sandy says he has one hell of a girlfriend, and if they ever get married hell have one hell of a mother in law. Ryan says there is something he has to do.

Ryan goes to visit Trey, who has left the hospital and is getting on a greyhound to somewhere. Sandy and Ryan arrive and try and stop him from leaving, but they are too late. Ryan and Trey look at each other through the window as the bus pulls off. 

At rehab, Kirsten looks at a photo of her family, and Charlotte spies on her. 

Ryan goes to the lifeguard house and meets up with Marissa. He tells her thanks, and they kiss. She asks if hes okay, and he says yeah. He begins recounting a story from when he and Trey were kids, and Trey ran away after fighting with their moms boyfriend for the day. Ryan says he stayed up waiting for him all night. Ryan says it was always him and Trey against the world. He says now here he is again wondering where he went. Marissa says hes not alone, and she wants to put this behind them. Ryan does to, but wonders if they can. She says she hopes so. 

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