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September 15th, 2005 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with Sandy and the boys in the kitchen, which is a mess. Sandy says he just found some cereal tucked away in a cabinet. Sandy says cereal doesnt go bad does it? Ryan smells the milk, it has gone bad. Sandy says what about hummace and sesame beef? Ryan says hell stick with coffee. Sandy says this is a special day, they are seniors, they should eat together. Ryan says its is just registration. Sandy says its a coming of age moment, and hes proud of them both as is mom. Seth says but shes not around to live in this cess pool. Sandy says Kirsten kept it clean with out ever lifting a sponge. Ryan wonders how she did that. Seth says her presence kept them neat with her evil eye. Ryan and Seth see how much Sandy is missing Kirsten, so they offer to have dinner together tonight. The doorbell rings, and it is Julie. Sandy says she has some nerve showing up here. She says she only did what any parent would do, she was trying to keep her family afloat. Sandy says yeah by using his kid as a raft. Julie says they need to put their differences aside for now, there is a problem. Julie says the parents at the school are protesting, they have a petition to have Ryan and Marissa kicked out. The boys, hearing none of this, head off. Julie says unless they put a stop to this the kids will be expelled.

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The kids are at the diner having breakfast. Summer realizes this is the last time theyll order pancakes before registration. Seth says this is a sad thing? She says it is said, this is like their farewell tour. Marissa says after this summer she just hopes to make it through graduation without any drama. Ryan agrees, but Summer says that is unacceptable. She says she knows the summer sucked, but they made it through it and nobody is in juvy or a jumpsuit. Summer says now they are together for their senior year, it is their last time to make it "all time." Ryan and Seth say she has a point, so Marissa says okay you win Summer, it will be the best year ever. The two girls high five.

Sandy and Julie meet with Dr. Kim at the school. She says no student has ever been involved in a shooting. Sandy says he knows, but cant they avoid expulsion. Dr. Kim says a petition is circulating with a thousand signatures. Julie says her daughter isnt exactly gangsta. Sandy says they are good kids and deserve to graduate with their friends. Dr. Kim says if it were up to her they would, but the board has brought in a specialist in school safety. Julie says a hall monitor? A man walks in and says more like a dean of discipline. He introduces himself as Jack Hess. Sandy talks about how he is was a public defender and he knows these kids are good. Jack flaunts his credentials to Sandy and Julie to show he knows all about troubled kids. Sandy says these kids want to go to college and if they are kicked out then they have no shot. Jack says hes not here to make everyone happy. Jack says hell give them his answer by this evening. 

Jimmy meets with a man named Don at the bar. Jimmy owes the man some money, but the man says he owed him the money two months ago. We learn that Jimmy has been playing the stocks again and squandering money. The man says he is nice, but not that nice. He threatens Jimmy and says he can have friends take care of this. Jimmy promises the man that hell have his money.

Summer and Marissa are at school. Marissa has a huge binder for kick off carnival. She wants Summer to help her, but Summer says she hates planning these things. She also says if she joins a club she has to hang out with girls like Taylor Townsend. Taylor, a preppie little thing, is calling the meeting for the carnival to order as if she is running the show. We learn that Taylor has been fighting Marissa for the position of social chair since freshman year. Summer says she hates perky blonds who want to take over the world. Summer tells Taylor that she is at Marissas podium. Taylor says she thought Marissa wouldnt be making it today. Marissa says here she is. Taylor thought that after everything shes been through . . . Taylor makes a little gun sign with her hand like a kid would. Marissa says she is fine. Taylor says well if it gets to be too much let her know and she can take over, after all she pretty much did the whole thing last year. Summer says that is great, now get your stuff off the podium. Taylor goes to her seat, and Summer says that bitch is going down!

At the Cohens, Ryan is throwing out the old food while Seth makes a care package for his mom. Seth asks how things with him and Marissa are? Ryan says fine, they are trying to move on. Seth says they talked it out right. Ryan says they dont need to. Seth says he and Summer fought over a comic for a year, this will come between them if they dont deal with it.

At rehab, Kirsten is packing her things. Charlotte comes to see her. Kirsten is checking out tomorrow, and Charlotte says shes almost all packed too. Charlotte asks Kirsten if shes still worried about going home too soon? She says she cant says she feels really ready. Charlotte says going home is tricky, last time she went home she relapsed immediately. Charlotte says this time shes making a pitstop at a cottage at arrowhead lake. Charlotte tells Kirsten shes more than welcomed to join her. Kirsten thanks her for the offer

Julie meets with Jimmy at the restaurant. She asks how his meeting with his client went, and Jimmy says okay. Julie is worried about Marissa, but Jimmy thinks maybe shell get lucky. Julie doubts that as they havent had much luck lately. He says they got back together, and she says that is the only thing keeping her sane. Jimmy ends up claiming he left his wallet in the car, can they put this on Calebs tab here? She says sure. Julies phone rings, its the school.

At the Cohen's, Sandy gets a call from the school and learns there will not be an opportunity to appeal the decision. Sandy says he is making a huge mistake. Ryan and Seth are working on the barbeque. Sandy comes out to talk to them, he has bad news. He tells Ryan about his meeting at the school. Ryan thinks hes being kicked out. Sandy says no hes not, but Marissa is.

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Sandy goes to see Kirsten in Rehab. He brings her Seths rehab care package. She asks how the boys are, and Sandy says they miss her. Sandy sees her suitcase and thinks this is good news. Kirsten says she is leaving, but shes not going home. Kirsten says shes going to lake arrowhead with a friend. Kirsten is worried about relapsing. Sandy thinks she doesnt want to come home. Kirsten says she does, but she needs to know when she comes home that shes home for good and this is all behind her. Sandy asks if she has a time table? Kirsten says she doesnt know. He says when she knows to call him.

At the Nichols mansion, Ryan, Seth and Summer show up to try and cheer up Marissa. They brought Captain Oats and Princess Sparkles. Ryan tells Marissa they will get her back into school no matter what it takes.

Meanwhile Julie tells Jimmy she has a solution to Marissas problem, if they give Harbor a fat donation then maybe theyll take Marissa back. Jimmy doesnt think that will work. Julie says its a long shot but they have to try. Jimmy says okay. She tells him to write the check as shes dry till the will comes through. He asks how much was she thinking, a thousand or two? Julie says think bigger, at least 100,000 dollars. 

At school, Taylor is giving a speech to the club about the tragedy that has happened to Marissa, and how they should all have a moment of silence for her. Taylor is trying to take over as social chair, and Summer wont have it. Summer thinks they should have some kind of election. Summer hints shed like the job. Taylor cant believe she wants to be social chair, and asks if she has ever done this kind of work before. Summer says no. Taylor asks if shes ever done any kind of extra curricular activities, again no. Summer says she may not have experience, but neither does Taylor. Taylor says she has run this committee for the past few years while Marissa skipped school and was experimenting with her sexual orientation. Taylor says she did all the work and Marissa got all the credit. Taylor says they have to get back to work as they have a carnival to throw.

Charlotte and Kirsten arrive at the cabin at the lake. Charlotte shows her around and says she will be teaching Kirsten how to cook. Kirsten feels like shes let Sandy down by not coming home. Charlotte tells Kirsten to invite Sandy up for dinner then.

Ryan arrives at school and meets with Dr. Kim to talk to her. Dr. Kim says the board has made up their minds. Ryan wants to change this, so she says talk to the new dean as this is his department. Ryan begs Dr. Kim to arrange a meeting for them.

Seth shows up at Summers place, shes down in the dumps as senior year is sucking. She says she thought she could compete with psycho Barbie for Social Chair and defend Marissas honor, but she is Taylor Townsend, she is like Karl Rove. Seth says you know who Carl Rove is? She says sometimes her step mom falls asleep in front of CNN. Seth gives her encouragement and says she can top Taylor Townsend. Summer says he is right, and they need to go to Marissas. 

Jimmy meets with Don again. Jimmy says he doesnt have the money, and he needs a loan on top of everything. Don cant believe this. Jimmy says he needs 100,000 dollars for his kid. Jimmy says the best way to get his money is to give him more. The man asks why he doesnt sell his boat? Jimmy says the bank owns it now. Jimmy says once the money comes in hell pay him back, he has a plan. 

Ryan and Marissa meet with the new dean. He says it is good to meet Harbors most notorious couple. Ryan says they wanted to explain what happened. The Dean says this doesnt concern Ryan. He says Ryan is still enrolled her, in spite of his best efforts to kick him out too. He suggests they focus on Marissa. The dean asks Marissa to tell him why hes wrong about her. Marissa says shes never been involved in anything like this before. He disagrees, he has heard what people say about her. He says she is a shoplifter, an alcoholic, she ODd on drugs in Tijuana. Marissa says the shooting was different, but he says no it wasnt. He says when a troubled kid gets a hold of a gun it is always the same. Marissa says she isnt troubled. The dean says she almost killed another kid and he doesnt hear a hint of remorse in her voice. Marissa says she doesnt have any. She says she is proud of what she did and shed do it again. Marissa says the next time hes out on the town talking to people tell them that. Marissa walks out, and the Dean tells Ryan that shell never set foot in this school again. 

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Seth is playing a videogame while Summer is trying to memorize the fire codes in order to catch Taylor in a mess up. He says this wont work, and she needs to find something she is good at and Taylor isnt. Ryan goes into the kitchen, and Seth goes to talk to him after Summer pushes him to. Seth says look on the bright side, even if he cant get Marissa back into school at least she isnt going to jail.

At the Coopers, Jimmy gives Julie the check for the school, but she doesnt think theyll need it. She says Marissa met with the dean and showed him a side of herself she usually reserves for her. Jimmy says that bad? Julie says no amount of money will get her back in. Jimmy says at least it saved them some money, but Julie says shell use it to pay the landscaper, gardener etc . . . 

Summer and Seth show up at the carnival where Taylor is handing out assignments. Summer says they had some ideas, so they came to help. Taylor says not necessary. Summer begins to undermine Taylor, she asks one of the other girls what they think about getting a chocolate fountain. They love the idea, and Summer says that is why she rented one. Taylor says that isnt their carnival, but Summer says it should be. Summer then lays out the menu she was thinking, mini-burgers, mini-dimsum, mini-soups in little shot glasses. Summer says mini is the new supersize. The girls all agree. Seth they should probably cancel The Shenanigans (a comedy troop) as theyve gotten a little too political lately. Some girl says they have sucked since some member of the troop left. Summer asks why they are raffling off a gas guzzling SUV from Taylors dads dealership when they can give away a hybrid. The girls agree, air quality is so important. Summer asks who is onboard, and they all say they are. 

Sandy drives up to the cabin to meet with Kirsten and her friend Charlotte. He meets with Charlotte first. Sandy doesnt seem to like Charlotte much and wants Kirsten to come back home. Charlotte says she knows this seems weird, but shes been around this track a few times and has learned a few things. Charlotte says Kirsten ended up in rehab trying to be the perfect daughter, so they dont want her trying to be the perfect mother and wife other wise she may never come home. Kirsten shows up and gives Sandy a big hug and kiss. Charlotte asks so who wants dinner?

Ryan shows up to meet with Marissa at her place. He wants to try and convince Marissa to go with him to the carnvial. Ryan says things arent over yet, but Marissa says it is over. She refuses to fight this. She tells Ryan she doesnt need him to help or protect her. She says she didnt need his help then and she doesnt need it now. Ryan says so this is his fault? They begin to argue, and Marissa says she did what she did and she is prepared to face the consequences. Ryan says he has to face them too, Trey was his brother. Marissa says right and because of her he is gone. Ryan says that isnt what he meant, and he walks out.

Commercial Break

The carnival is going on, and a Toyota Highlander Hyrbid is given away in the raffle. The girls tell Summer this is a totally awesome carnival, and high five her for taking down Taylor. Summer isnt enjoying the carnival much without Marissa. Summer realizes things will never go back to the way things were. Seth tries to cheer her up by taking her on the tilt-a-whirl.

Ryan is at home with his feet in the pool Sandy talks to him about Marissas expulsion. Sandy knows Ryan wants to fix this, but he shouldnt try too hard. He tells him to go back and just listen to Marissa, it works better than talking.

Jimmy takes Julie out to a nice dinner. She thought tonight was going to be a taco bell night. Jimmy tells Julie he brought her here to tell her that he will never leave this family again. He then pulls out a little black box, inside is her old ring. He puts it on her finger and proposes. She says of course she will marry him.

Ryan meets up with Marissa at the lifeguard house on the beach. He says hes sorry about before. She says she knows. They hold hands, and Ryan tells her that he used to always fear hed screw things up for himself here. He says now he has screwed things up for her. Marissa says shes not letting this ruin her life or her year. She says they still have a last year in Newport together.

Back at the carnival, Summer and Seth get off the tilt-a-whirl. Seth says his stomach is too Jewish for that ride. Taylor approaches Summer and thanks her for her help on the carnival, and says it is just too sad that Marissa cant be here to see it. She thinks it must be sad having her friend ostracized from school,. Summer tells her that number one Marissa wasnt ostrawhatever, number two Marissa is on her way here, and number three . . . Seth says this is the best carnival the school has seen. Seth and Summer walk off, and Seth says he didnt know Marissa was coming. Ryan and Marissa show up, and Summer says she didnt either. They hug. Marissa says she couldnt miss her first kick off carnival. Ryan takes Marissa over to ride the Ferris wheel for a ride

At the lake, Kirsten finds Charlotte outside in tears. Kirsten asks her what is wrong? Charlotte says she hasnt been honest with Kirsten, there is something she needs to tell her. Charlotte pulls out a bottle of booze. Charlotte says she hasnt yet, but she might. Charlotte says she cant do this without her. She knows Kirsten will leave soon, and she doesnt know what shell do. Kirsten says she wont go anywhere until Charlotte is ready. Charlotte gives her the booze, and she thanks her. Kirsten suggests they go to bed. Charlotte says shell be right up. Kirsten leaves, and Charlotte pulls out another flask and takes a swig from it. 

Back at the Carnival, the kids are on the Ferris wheel. Seth is feeling wheezy again and yells to Ryan heads up just in case. Ryan and Marissa share a kiss, and then the Ferris wheel comes to a standstill. Taylor has gone and gotten the dean, who is not pleased to see Marissa here. Summer says Taylor is Karl Rove! Ryan says this isnt school property. The dean tells Ryan this doesnt involve him, and he wants Marissa out of here. He grabs Marissa and yanks her, and she screams Ow! Ryan tells the dean to get his hands off of her. Ryan ends up decking the dean! Seth says that isnt good. The dean laughs and says this is his lucky day, here he thought he would have to work to throw Ryan out of school, but he did it himself. The dean tells them both to leave and if they ever come back hell call the cops. Ryan and Marissa leave, and the dean is happy with himself. 

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