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September 22, 2005  Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with the kids at the diner and Summer saying how wrong this all is. Marissa and Ryan says its really not that bad, and it will be fine. Seth says not for him. Summer says without Ryan, Harbor High will be like freshman year for him. She says it will be Seth slammed into lockers and being called Death Breath Seth. Marissa says didnt Summer used to call him that? Summer says on the bright side they dont have to deal with Dean Hess or Taylor Townsend, and they can do whatever they want. Marissa says what she wants to do is go to school. Summer thinks if they stick together everything will be okay. Marissa and Ryan agree. Marissa gets a call, she has to go home right away. Ryan gets the same call from Sandy . Ryan and Marissa head off, and Seth asks if she believe all that stuff? Summer says about him being ridiculed? Yes. He says about them staying together and everything being okay. She thinks if they can get through this then yes. Seth says hes going to need her to hold him.

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At the Cohens, Ryan returns home as Sandy is on the phone with someone. He is saying hes never done this before so cut him a break. Sandy is working to try and keep the Newport Group afloat while Kristen is gone, and Ryan thinks he hasnt been making things very easy for him. Sandy says hes not worried about himself, hes worried about him. Sandy has a talk with Ryan about moving passed what happen this summer and working towards his future. Sandy tells Ryan that he has to stop thinking about Marissa Cooper and start thinking about himself. Sandy thinks Ryan should stop seeing her for awhile, take some time apart until hes out of this hole hes dug for himself. Ryan walks off.

At Marissas, Marissa talks to Julie. Julie has good news, she got Marissa into Caitlins boarding school. Marissa says shes not going. Julie says it will be a fresh start where nobody knows her or what happened, except Caitlin. Marissa doesnt care who knows, but Julie says she should. She says she needs to get back on track, did she think shed spend the year with Ryan? Marissa says no, she thought shed spend it here with her and dad and putting their family back together. Julie says she wont send her to boarding school, but she has to agree to stay away from Ryan. Marissa says this isnt his fault. Julie says she needs to let her and her father handle this.

Jimmy is on the phone telling someone that theyll get their money, its under control. Jimmy goes to see Sandy to try and clear the air. He apologizes to Sandy on behalf of his whole family. Sandy appreciates that. He says this is awkward, but Julie and him have been living in limbo for the past few months. Sandy says he wants to know when the will is being read. Jimmy asks if he can find out? Sandy asks if there is anything he needs to know. Jimmy says no, he just wants to give his fiance a little peace of mind. Sandy says okay.

Seth and Summer show up at school and the Dean approaches them. He wants them to help out with the drama club's latest production of South Pacific, and he basically blackmails them by saying they were responsible for Marissa Cooper crashing the school carnival. Summer says shell join the synchronized swim team, do rhythmic gymnastics, the shot put or anything else but the drama club. She says Taylor is the president and . . . Taylor walks in, and Summer realizes this all makes sense. Seth gets it, theyd be stage hands and Taylor would be . . . She says the director and writer. Seth says Rogers and Hammerstien wrote South Pacific. Taylor says she made some changes to make things better. Summer says awesome, but they are very busy and totally booked up. Taylor frowns, and the Dean says it is voluntary, but unless they want to join Ryan and Marissa to show some Harbor spirit. 

Jimmy meets up with Julie at the country club, kisses her and says they should get married. Julie says the part where he proposed and she said yes already happened. He says no he means as soon as possible, this Saturday. Julie asks what they can pull together in a week? Jimmy says they dont need a big wedding, just family and close friends. He says they could do it here at the country club. Julie says she likes the idea. Jimmy says then they can sail off on the boat before coming back to reality. Julie begins worrying about Marissa and what to do with her. She thinks perhaps they should move to Hawaii.

Sandy shows up at Charlottes cottage to see Kirsten. Charlotte says shell be right out and shell leave to give them some privacy. Kirsten comes out and asks what hes doing, not that it isnt great to see him. He says official business hes afraid, Calebs will is being read on Friday. Kirsten asks if she can think about this? He says yes and whatever she needs to get better. Sandy says at the center she seemed more positive. Kirsten says reality is a little more serious that the center. Sandy replies Says who, Charlotte? Kirsten says shes seen Charlotte on the edge of relapse, she has stories about how you think youve hit bottom and then find a new low. Sandy thinks shes trying to scare her, but Kirsten says shes just being honest. Sandy says okay, let him know about the will. They hug, and Sandy sees a shadow move in the background. 

Ryan and Marissa are doing some heavy making out in Marissas room. She says he should probably go before he's caught. Julie knocks on the door, and Ryan hides. Marissa opens the door, and Julie says they dont have locked doors in this house. Julie storms in and looks around. Marissa says she didnt know it was locked. Julie tells her that the wedding is being moved up to Saturday, and then they will move to Hawaii for a fresh start. Marissa says no, they cant, she cant. Julie says she can and will, they are moving after Saturday. Julie leaves, and Ryan comes out of hiding and looks at Marissa.

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Ryan and Seth are making breakfast and discuss the situation. Seth suggests they run away, but Ryan reminds him how well that worked out last time. Ryan was hoping they could do something that didnt involve him getting arrested. Seth says fine he moves to Hawaii too and gets a job on a nut farm. Ryan says what if Marissa moves here? Seth thinks the nut farm has a better shot. Ryan says why not? He thinks Marissa belongs in Newport for her senior year. Seth says his dad wont go for it, he doesnt want her seeing Marissa. Ryan says he has to try.

Summer hugs Marissa and says she wont let her go, she will restrain her if necessary. Marissa doesnt know how she can get out of this, and for the first time ever her parents are happy and have a second chance. Marissa says as crazy as it sounds, she wants to be a part of that.

Julie and Jimmy are kissing on the boat. She says hes been tense for weeks and now hes a new man. Jimmy says it just feels like they are finally moving forward. Julie remembers she had to go meet the caterer, and she runs off. The man Jimmy owes money too shows up. Jimmy tells him hell get all his money back tomorrow night. He says that is all he wanted to hear. He says Jimmy is a good guy and hes routing for him, but this is it. He says hell see him tomorrow night. 

Ryan goes to see Sandy at the Newport Group. He runs his plan to keep Marissa by Sandy, who shoots it down fast. Ryan says he doesnt want to have to ask him this, but he cares about her and cant watch her be dragged off to an island by her paranoid mom. He says the two of them are here because they were given a break, and now Marissa needs one. Sandy thinks Kirsten being gone has made him sentimental, and these figures are frying his brain. HE says this plan poses a myriad of obstacles. Ryan thanks him and runs off.

Kirsten gets a call from Sandy. She says she was just thinking about him, she will come to the reading of the will as it is important to be there. Sandy asks if there is a chance shell want to stay? Kirsten says theyll see how it goes. Charlotte brings Kirsten some tea or something, and Kirsten says shes going to the reading as it is the right thing to do. Charlotte wonders who shes going for. Kirsten says shes going for her. 

At the school, Seth and Summer are being tortured by Taylor while preparing the sets for South Pacific. Taylor tells them it is so great they have one another, because they all know Marissa was the popular one and Seth is still the biggest geek in Newport. Summer tells Skank that just because she is saying mean things in a nice voice doesnt mean they dont realize she is a stupid little skank. The Dean shows up and wonders what is going on here, is there a problem? Taylor says no, no problem. She runs off in tears, and the Dean tells them one more incident and there will be consequences. 

At the pool house, Marissa shows up to see Ryan. They kiss and hug. Ryan asks how shes doing, and she says shes in shock. Ryan tells him about his plan, but Marissa tells him that she has to stick with her parents and their family. Marissa says they have a chance to be a real family now, shes sorry. Marissa walks out of the pool house.

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Ryan is down in the dumps and Seth is trying to cheer him up over breakfast. He says they can get some web cam action on, Ryan can start a blog and keep Marissa up on his day to day happenings. Sandy tells him to do something special before she leaves. Seth says yeah before shes surrounded by hot native dudes and sailors. Sandy says hes going to see his mom soon, any messages? Seth says yeah, when is she coming home. Sandy says if they push too hard and it doesnt work out then theyll only have themselves to blame. Seth says if they dont push at all theyll never see her again. Sandy says the situation is too complicated for those comments. Sandy leaves, and Ryan gives Seth a ride to school so they can discuss Marissa some more.

Charlotte offers to drive Kirsten to the reading of the will, but she says she rented a car and needs to go alone. Charlotte says have a good time. Kirsten says it wont affect her. Charlotte thinks her dad has a surprise planned for her, and she hopes it is a good one. 

At school, Seth tells Summer the plan he came up with for Ryan and Marissa, and she thinks it is romantic. They are painting sets as they discuss this. Summer says it is also dangerous, but shes in. She says she cant tell him what would happen if they were caught. Taylor says caught doing what? Summer says talking when they should be painting. Taylor walks off, and Summer says black ops commences at 21:00 hours, synchronize your watches. Seth says hey this is his plan, but that 21:00 hours thing and the watch thing sound cool. 

At the Newport Group, Sandy, Kirsten, Jimmy and Julie gather for the reading of the will. The lawyer shows up and says lets get started. The lawyer says Calebs wish was to split his fortune equally between his daughters and his wife. Jimmy says wow, thats very generous. However the lawyer says that was his intention. He says after carefully examining Calebs account, it has become clear that Caleb was broke. He says Caleb had back taxes, two mortgages, and loans. Julie realizes she is getting nothing. The lawyer has a personal letter for Kirsten that was given to his lawyer the day he died. Kirsten walks off, and Sandy goes after her. Julie asks where her letter is? She gets nothing?? Julie tells Jimmy to do something. Jimmy is stunned.

Sandy chases after Kirsten, who is saying she should never have come here and Charlotte told her this would happen. He says what? She says the letter, what does he think this is. She says he wrote this after their fight. She says she said awful and terrible things to him, so she doesnt know what he wrote her back. She says she cant be here now and speeds off in her car. 

Ryan goes to see Marissa, who is packing. She didnt think shed see him again, but he understands why she is going. She doesnt want him to think shes leaving him. Ryan says what is important is they have the best 24 hours together. He tells her to come, lets go to the diner. She says that sounds great,

Jimmy and Julie are at the club. Julie is talking about how she only talked herself into loving Caleb because of the security money brings, but she never felt safe with him the way she does with him. She says besides its not like they will be poor, he has his business in Hawaii and the yacht. Jimmy laughs, and he gets a phone call which he ignores. Jimmy tells Julie that he has to go, something has come up with the boat. She says okay, shell see him at home? He says it is bad luck to spend the night with the bride before the wedding, so shell see her here tomorrow. Julie says he didnt know he was so traditional.

Sandy calls the cabin to talk to Kirsten, but Charlotte answers. He asks if Kirsten is there, but she says no is everything okay. Sandy says he doesnt think so, he doesnt know where she is. Charlotte says she didnt want to go today, she thought the stress would cause her to relapse but she didnt want to let her down. Sandy asks if she hears anything to let him know. Charlotte says sure, hangs up and smiles.

The kids all meet at the diner. Summer says that was delicious, and shes so tired. Seth says they should get going. Marissa realizes they are up to something. Summer says not at all, and she runs off with Seth. Ryan tells her there is a little something. Ryan takes her to the beach where he has a romantic South Pacific hut set up for them. They head into the hut . . . . . 

Jimmy has his bags packed and looks like hes leaving town. Don shows up for his money. Jimmy says to be honest he ran into some troubles and he doesnt have it. Don pats the door, and some men get out. Don says hes done talking to him, and for him to get in the car. The two men grab Jimmy and put in him the car. Don says hes sorry about this. 

In the hut, Marissa tells Ryan she cant do this and has to go. Ryan lays there stunned. She then laughs and says what hes not even going to try and stop her. He says not funny. They kiss, and Ryan asks if shes sure she wants to do this. Marissa says she is sure. Ryan says it will make it that much harder for her to leave. She says she knows. Marissa and Ryan then get it on!

Meanwhile, under a pier somewhere Jimmy is beaten to a pulp by the men and dragged off. They dunk him in the sea and continue to beat him up. They are killing Jimmy, and they leave his body floating in the sea. We dont know if hes alive or dead.

Kirsten goes to a liqueur store and buys a bottle of vodka. She ignores her calls from Sandy and checks into a hotel somewhere. She looks at the bottle and the letter as she sits on the bed. 

Commercial Break. 

The next morning Marissa is woken by a call from someone. She was in Ryans arms in their love hut. She asks them what is wrong?

Ryan and Marissa run to Jimmys boat. Jimmy is alive but a mess. She asks her dad what happened to him? Jimmy says hes in trouble, real trouble. He says he tried to fix it, but he cant. He says he has to go and he cant take her. He says hes been a terrible father. Marissa says if he has to go then go, but if he leaves then dont come back. She says it is too hard to keep saying goodbye like this. She asks if there is anything she can do. He asks her to give a ring to her mom. He says he really does love her. Marissa leaves and goes back to Ryan, who is on the docks. Ryan suggests they go find her mom.

At the cottage, a woman shows up to see Charlotte. She tells Charlotte that the family that owns this place is returning sooner than expected, tomorrow actually. Charlotte thought they had a deal, she has this place for two more weeks. The woman says unfortunately her check didnt clear, so the deals off. She says shell charge her for the two weeks she stayed. Charlotte says shell go get her some cash. As Charlotte packs, we see her pack a picture of the Cohens at Christmas. She ends up escaping through the window as the women waits for her money. Instead of going back east, Charlotte thinks she'll go see the ocean. 
Kirsten returns home, and Sandy is glad she is okay. She says shes so sorry she scared him, she even scared herself. She tells him what happened, but she didnt drink. She says shes sick of hiding from her life, she wants to live it again. Kirsten pulls out the letter and says she cant read it without him. HE says he is here. She opens it and reads the letter. It is an apology. Kirsten cries as she reads it and says her dad would have to be dead to say nice things. 

Marissa goes to the club where her mom is preparing for everything. Ryan is with Marissa, and Marissa breaks the news to her mom. Julie says No, No! Julie wonders what they will do. Marissa says it will be okay, theyll figure it out together as they always do.

Summer and Seth bring the hut back to the school and Seth says their first foray into musical theater was a big success. She says he shouldnt say foray, ever. Summer goes to get the tiki torches, and the Dean shows up. The Dean says he never took him for a thief. Seth says he didnt steal, he borrowed it for a reason. He says his father loves musicals. The Dean says hes a thief and a liar. Seth says fine, go ahead and expel him as the rate he is going the school will be empty by Thanksgiving. The dean says he wont give him the satisfaction of a reunion with Ryan and Marissa. The Dean says hes keeping him here with him in a one room detention for a month, unless he gives up his partner. The Dean knows he didnt do this by himself. Summer hides as Seth protects her. The Dean says fine, two months. 

On the beach, Ryan tells Marissa hes sorry about her dad. She says shes not mad, she is just scared. She wonders what happens now. Ryan says they stick together and things will be okay. They share a kiss against the rocks and the waves.

Seth tells Ryan about his detention, but he says it was worth it as he did the first brave thing in his life. He says he could have sold Summer out but he didnt. Sandy and Kristen walk in, and the boys give her hugs. Kristen says shes home and not going anywhere again. They all recap one another on what is happening in their lives as the show ends.

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