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September 29th, 2005 Episode Of The O.C.

This summary is a bit less detailed than my normal ones, sorry.

The show opens at Newport Union. Ryan is dropping Marissa off for her first day, and Seth and Summer are there in the car. Seth and Summer say the parking lot looks spacious, and well lit at night. Marissa says it will be fine. Summer asks if this is what she wants? Marissa says she doesnt have a choice, she got kicked out of Harbor and her mom cant afford private school anymore. She says it will be okay, and it is nice going someplace where nobody knows her and she wont be stared at. She says she has to go, and Ryan says hell pick her up this afternoon they watch Marissa walk off. Shes called Newport Barbie by some of the kids, and Seth says That was the last they ever saw of her.

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At Harbor High, Seth brings Summer some coffee. Summer is working on the dance. She wonders how Marissa did this all, she thought being social chair was a trophy position but it is hard work. The Dean shows up and tells Seth to meet him in the locker room after school to clean it. He offers to go easier on him if he gives up his partner, but Seth says no. Summer wants Seth to tell him the truth, but Seth wont. 

At the Cohens, Sandy hires a tutor for Ryan, but Ryan suggests he go to school with Marissa. Ryan says it will be cheaper. Sandy says no, he needs to get his life on track and start thinking about college and SATs.

Sandy looks in on Kirsten, who is gardening. He checks on her to see how shes doing. Kristen is planning on putting in an herb garden. She says the doctor said she has to confront her fears, and hers is cooking. Sandy says so is his. Kirsten decides to take a shower and subtly suggests to Sandy that he join her by smearing dirt all over her face and saying he seems pretty dirty too.

At the Nichols place, Julie learns she has 48 hours to vacate the premises as the house and its contents are being seized for debt repayment.

At Newport Union, some girl is hanging up fliers for a dance, and Marissa is trying to get around. A girl bully takes issue with Marissa, she thinks Marissa thinks she is better than her. The girl wants Marissa to say it. Another girl tells Heather to lighten up, and the bully walks off. Marissa thanks the girl and doesnt know why she has it out for her. The other girl suggests it is the way she is dressed. The girl, Casey introduces herself. Marissa says shes the first nice person shes met. Casey laughs and says shes not even that nice.

At Harbor High, Summer is working on the latest social chair project. Taylor shows up and asks if Summer needs help with the dance. Summer says no. Taylor says she knows she can be a pain. Summer says she staged a power play at the carnival and got Ryan kicked out of school when she tattled. Taylor knows and says she has no friends. She wanted this year to be different, and if she was social chair she thought that people would like her. Taylor says she is sure people write poems in her yearbook, yet all she gets is have a nice summer. Taylor wanted more this year. Summer ends up giving her a job to help out as she feels sorry for her.

At Newport Union, a guy helps Marissa figure out which locker hers is. She was trying to get into his by mistake. The guy is named Johnny, and Casey and another guy show up. Casey is Johnnys girlfriend, the third is a skater name Dennis, but everyone calls him Chili. Not everyone it seems, hes trying to start the nickname for himself. They invite her to go eat with them, but Johnny says shes waiting for her boyfriend. Dennis says that will be hard for him since he just fell in love with her. They work to convince her to go with them, and she eventually agrees. She calls Ryan to see if it is okay. He is outside the school already. He pretends like he hasnt left and says she should go with the new kids and have fun.

Commercial Break.

Marissa comes home, and Julie suggests she stay with Summer for a few days. She makes excuses that the house was accidentally put on the market by Calebs lawyers, and since they should move someplace smaller then shell have to clean this place. Marissa knows they are getting kicked out, and her mom doesnt have to lie to her. Julie says they will land back on their feet, and Marissa knows as her mom is a survivor. She thinks her mom must have money saved up, and Julie says of course.

At the Cohens, Kirsten gets a bouquet of flowers delivered to her. Later, Charlotte calls Kirsten, she sent the flowers. She says shell be in the area tomorrow and she suggests they meet for lunch at the yacht club. She says perfect.

In a hotel somewhere, Charlotte is talking to the flower delivery man, who is with her. They have some scheme going to get money from Kirsten. Charlotte tells him not to worry, shell come through with the money.

Marissa heads over to Summers house to stay with her. Marissa suddenly remembered she was supposed to meet Ryan for breakfast. She calls Ryan to apologize, she and her mom got kicked out and she just packed up and moved into Summers. Ryan says it is fine, and hell see her this afternoon after school. She thanks him for understanding. Meanwhile, Summer finds Marissa has a lot of her clothes.

At Harbor High, Taylor tells Summer that she overheard Dr. Kim and the dean talking, she says that Seth will be suspended by the end of the day if he doesnt fess up who his accomplice is then hell be suspended. Seth shows up, and Summer makes an excuse about what they were talking about. She says Taylor saw one of their teachers on a pedophile website, and Seth wonders why Taylor was looking at that website?

At the Cohens, Kirsten is cooking a quiche for lunch. Sandy tells Kirsten they have to make a decision about the Newport Group. She asks what the situation is? He says there is a huge hole in the company and they have six weeks before they default on the loans. He says their options are to try and restructure, or they sell it and walk away. Sandy says they are fine financially either way. Kirsten says its time to let it go. Sandy says hell handle everything.

Summer goes to see the Dean to confess to helping Seth. Dean says he thought she helped out, but she says she did all the work really and it was Seth who helped. The Dean says with this on her record that she cant stay social chair. Summer says but she loves that job. She asks who will replace her, Taylor? The Dean says hell let Taylor know she recommended her for the job. Summer realizes he wasnt going to suspend Seth and that she fell into Taylors trap. 

Julie comes to the Newport Group to see Sandy about a possible loan. Sandy says she cant take personal loans from the company, that would be illegal. He also says soon there wont be a company anymore. Sandy says they are liquidating the company. Julie cant believe it is all ending. Sandy asks where she stands financially, they could lend her . . . Julie says no no, it was just for convenience really, to put a down payment on a house. Julie insists she is fine.

At Harbor, Summer tells Taylor she may have won this round but the war is not over. Taylor tells Summer not to get out of the boat without an escape plan as shes a human quagmire. Summer wonders what that means.

At Newport Union, Marissa looks at a poster for a dance. Johnny asks if she is going. Marissa asks if there is a theme, and he says not really. Johnny says its the gym, pretzels and spiked punch. He thinks she should go, but shes not sure. He says the others are going and it will be fun. Heather then shows up to apologize to Marissa for being so hard on her, and she hopes Marissa wont shoot her like she did that other person. Marissa runs off in tears, and Johnny chases after her. Marissa thinks everyone will know now, but Johnny says they already knew. Johnny says she did what she had to do, and not a lot of people would do what she did. At this point Ryan shows up and sees Marissa talking to Johnny, he doesnt like it. He thinks Johnny did something to Marissa. Johnny leaves them to talk, and Marissa says he was trying to be nice. She then walks away from Ryan.

Commercial Break

At the pool house, Seth tells Ryan some movie is playing and they need to go see it, it's going to be a real bloodbath. Ryan says he has a lot of work to do. Seth thinks something is going on with him. Ryan tells him the story about misjudging a situation at Marissa's new school, and he embarrassed her. Seth says call her and apologize, and he says home school kids are pathetic.

At Summer's, Summer wonders why Marissa isn't going to the dance. She thinks it is because of Ryan, so she should call Ryan and tell him that she wants to go. Marissa says Ryan looked like he wanted to kill Johnny. Summer says she is at a new school and there is a dance, this is social survival 101. Ryan calls Marissa, so Summer lets them talk in private. Ryan and Marissa both try to apologize, but MArissa claims it was all her fault. Ryan asks if she wants to go to the movies, but she says she has homework to do. She says she'll need a break, so they'll talk later.

Charlotte meets up with Kirsten at the club. They share a hug and tell one another how amazing they look. Charlotte tries to hit Kirsten up with an idea she has, a place like her dad's cabin where women could go in between rehab and the real world. Kirsten likes the idea, and Charlotte says so did some of her investor friends. She asks Kirsten if she wants to invest a few million. Kirsten says she doesn't have that kind of money, her father left nothing behind when he died. Charlotte is stunned and says she just assumed everything was okay after the reading of the will. Kirsten says everything is, nothing is better with Sandy and the kids. Charlotte asks what about the Newport Group as a silent partner. Kirsten says she's selling it, it is riddled with depth. Charlotte says she's avoiding the real issues, she's selling the company to try and avoid them. Charlotte says anyways, she's welcome at the place anytime she wants to, investor or not.

At Julie's place, the men come to basically throw Julie out. She's told to pack her personal things and leave. Julie can't believe this.

Someone shows up at Summer's house. Marissa is out at the pool, and nobody answers the door. Marissa goes to answer, we see Summer's house! It is Casey, Johnny and Chilli. They want her to go to the dance, but she says she has homework. They say she has to go, if she doesn't people will talk. Marissa eventually agrees to go.

At the Cohen's, Seth is headed to a dance, and Ryan is planning to drop in on Marissa. Kirsten is a little out there, and Sandy asks if everything okay? Kirsten asks Sandy if she's hiding by closing down the Newport Group. He says no, she's putting the past behind her. Kirsten realizes they forgot something they need for the sauce, and she runs out to get it.

Ryan and Seth show up at Summer's just as Marissa is about to take off.  He's hurt that she's not studying like she said. She admits she is going to the dance with her friends. She says she really needs these friends as it is better than being alone. Ryan says she is right and she should go. She kisses him and then joins her friends. Summer shows up with Seth, and Ryan tells them to have fun. Summer says she's sorry about the confusion. 

Commercial Break

At the Newport dance, it is a normal dance in the school gym, and Chilli spikes the punch as he said he would. Johnny says now it is officially a school dance. The kids are all looking at and talking about Marissa, and Heather points her out and pretends to shoot her with her hand (mimicking firing a gun). Marissa excuses herself and leaves. The others follow her and they tell her to get in there and show them. Johnny says kids are like dogs, they smell fear. He tells her to go in and act like nobody is looking at her. She goes back in with them.

Seth and Summer arrive at their beach party dance, which is happening. Summer asks if he likes it, and he says it is incredible. He says it's like she brought the ocean to them. Taylor takes the stage and thanks them all for coming to the dance. Taylor of course takes the credit for the dance, which upsets Summer. Summer says she's going to kill her. Taylor says the one person without whom this dance couldn't have happened is Dean Hess. Summer says she's going to kill both of them. Taylor tells them to have fun as this is the end of summer! Taylor gives her a look. 

In some hotel, Charlotte tells her man to relax. He's upset, she spent half a grand going to that rehab center and the one mark she picked was broke. Charlotte says relax, this woman is the princess of orange county and she'll find a way to use her. Charlotte and her man then get down to business.

Kirsten looks at a photo of herself and her dad. Sandy checks on her. She's got a whole lot of old photos she's looking through. Kirsten thinks about how no matter how hard she worked she would never reach her father, who was on the other side of the wall. Sandy says they can keep the company, but she says no, she just needed to say goodbye.

Ryan gets a check up call from Seth. Seth says the dance is good, Summer's taking a cool down lap. Seth just wants to make sure he's okay with this Marissa thing, that he doesn't think he's losing her. He says it won't happen, he won't lose Marissa. Ryan says he knows. Ryan says he has to go now.

Ryan heads to the Newport dance to be with Marissa, but he sees her having a good time with her new friends. He goes to leave, and Seth shows up to stop him from doing this. Ryan says it's okay. Seth says he won't lose her, and he tells Ryan to give him a ride as he ran all the way here and he's really tired.

Back at the other dance, Summer is on the phone with Seth and wondering where he has gone off to. She sees Taylor sneak off somewhere, so she follows her. Summer finds her Taylor totally making out with . . . Dean Hess.

Julie checks into a sleazy motel somewhere, sits on the bed and begins to cry. 

Seth returns to the dance, and Summer gives him the dirt on Taylor. 

Ryan returns home to the pool house and Marissa is there. She says she just wanted to let him now how important it was for her to go, but she missed him the whole time. They kiss, and Marissa says she'll make him a deal. Whatever comes on the radio next will be their song. The first song is hard core hip-hop, and Ryan says definitely them. She changes, and it's a remake of "Forever Young."

Charlotte smokes a cigarette somewhere in her hotel while her man is passed out. Seth and Summer and Ryan and Marissa all dance, and Sandy and Kirsten enjoy a picnic.

On Upcoming Episodes of The OC (which returns November 3rd)
Sandy tells Kirsten one kid dropping out of school, the other kid lying. He thought this would be a boring year.
Julie and Charlotte are together and moving in! Charlotte says no one can know about their arrangement.
Marissa and Johnny are on the beach, it looks like he was surfing.
Marissa tells someone that she'd never ever cheat on Ryan.
Ryan decks some guy on the beach at night.
Ryan gets a job on a boat. 
Sandy asks if he wants to throw away his future? Ryan says he tried it his way and it didn't work. Sandy says he has to keep trying, but Ryan says he doesn't. 


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