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October 29th, 2003 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with the Cohen's sitting around the kitchen table waiting for news on Marissa. Kristen says they arent going to be hearing from the hospital for awhile, so they might as well continue with their lives. Ryan has a meeting with the dean of the school and Sandy has his first day at his new job. SHe offers them all breakfast, but they don't want to eat. She says if they aren't going to eat than they might as well carry on with their days. As they are about to leave the phone rings.

At the hospital, Jimmy sits by his daughters bedside. The Cohens all show up to see how Marissa is doing. Jimmy called them to let them know she was awake. However, when they arrive she is asleep again. Jimmy says she just feel back asleep, but she was awake and aware. He thanks Ryan for finding and saving his daughter. Julie shows up and is furious to see the Cohens, and even angrier to learn Jimmy called them. She says Marissa needs her family now, not visitors. The Cohens leave, and Sandy tells Ryan not to take it personally. Julie asks to speak with Ryan, and she says since he came into Marissas life she has become a wreck. Julie tells Ryan that he almost killed her daughter, in addition to his list of other crimes. Ryan says she can blame him if she wants, but he would never hurt Marissa. Julie says he wont get the chance. She warns him if he ever tries to see Marissa again than she will have him thrown back in juvie where he belongs.

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Kristen takes the boys to school. She has to go see the events committee and she tells Ryan that shell meet him at the Deans office. She tells him not to worry because hell do great. Seth tells Ryan that he loves registration week because there are no other students around to ruin things. 

Ryan sits outside of the office of the dean. He is worried because this school is nothing like his old school. Kristen tells him this is the best prep school around and he will be set for any Ivy league school of his choice. Ryan doesnt know if he is college material, but Kristen says he will be after a year here. Ryan meets up with Dr. Kim, and he goes in to her office to speak with her.

Dr. Kim is not pleased with Ryans records, both scholastic and criminal. Dr. Kim is concerned that Ryan isnt prepared for this schools rigorous curriculum. Kirsten thinks Dr. Kim is more worried about what the other parents would say. Dr. Kim admits that is a problem, and she says that she is worried about whether this school is fit for someone with Ryans background. Ryan says he cant change where hes from, but he can change where he is going. Dr. Kim agrees to give Ryan a chance if he can score high on an aptitude test. She tells him that it will not measure his intelligence or what he has already learned, it will only measure his capability to learn new things. She believes it will tell her whether or not Ryan will be able to make it at their school.

MEanwhile, Seth meets up with Summer on the school lawn, and they discuss Marissa. Seth says when Marissa is feeling better they will all take her out to a movie. Summer says sure. Seth then asks Summer that perhaps before then the two of them can see a movie. Some of Summers friends say high to her, and she ends up telling Seth that this year is all messed up already. Seth gets the picture, they are back in school so it is back to the old rules of her ignoring him.

Sandy goes to work and has his photo taken for his ID. Rachel shows him around and introduces him to his team of workers. She also shows him their state of the art gym. Later he is given his first case, working on a company involved in a toxic spill. Rachel tells him to think of them as rich people who need lawyers just as bad as anyone else.

At the hospital, Marissa is still sleeping. Julie tells Jimmy that they need to talk. Julie wants them to present a united front against the Cohens. Julie says she doesnt want that Ryan anywhere near Marissa. Jimmy says Marissa said it was an accident. Julie says he would take their side, after all he (Jimmy) the one who ruined this family through his illegal activities, and he is the reason she took all those pills. Julie says she obviously cant trust him with their daughter because the one weekend she left Marissa in his care he let her take off to Tijuana. Julie says she is going for soul custody, and if he fights her than he will be lucky to get supervised visitation. Jimmy has no intention of giving up his girls, but Julie tells him that he doesnt have a choice. They leave the room, and Marissa wakes up and grabs a cell phone from her drawer. She was obviously awake and heard everything.

Back at the pool house, Ryan is studying for his test while Seth rants and raves about Summer. Ryan tells him that he needs to study because hes taking this test in two hours. Seth says he gets the picture. The phone rings, and Seth answers it. It is Marissa and she asks for Ryan. Ryan says hell be there, and he takes off for the hospital. Seth asks what about the test? Ryan says hell be there, and if he fails the test than perhaps Dr. Kim was right about him, hes not prep school material.

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Ryan arrives at the hospital to see Marissa. He has brought her some flowers in a small vase, which he says is all they had left at the gift shop. Marissa tells Ryan that she is sorry, and what she did . . . She says she didnt want to kill herself, she just wanted to escape. Ryan says he knows. Julie is returning, they hear her voice in the hall, so Ryan hides in the closet. Julie is glad to see Marissa is awake. She sees the flowers and ask where it came from Marissa says she doesnt know, she says there were there when she woke up. Julie knows they are from Ryan. Marissa tells her mom that it wasnt his fault, but Julie says before he came she was happy. She says she wasnt happy and tried to tell her. Julie doesnt listen and leaves to talk to the security guards. Ryan comes out of the closet and says he needs to go and take his test. Later, Julie returns and tells Marissa that she is sending her to a recovery center in San Diego for troubled youths. Marissa thinks shes being sent to a mental institution. She says she doesnt want to go, but Julie says that is for the doctors to decide. Marissa says she needs to use the bathroom, palms her cell phone, and goes into the bathroom. One she is in there Julie throws the flowers Ryan brought in the trash.

Back at the Cohen's, Kristen wants to check on Ryan and see what he wants for lunch. Seth does everything to keep his mom away from the pool house, including saying he is naked because studying naked is a Chino thing. Jimmy shows up at the door and he needs to talk to Sandy about Julie. She says Sandy is at work. Jimmy tells Kirsten about his legal problems with Julie, and he wants to know if Julie actually has a case against him. Kirsten says shell get Sandys new number. Jimmy wants to wait outside, but Kirsten tells him it is okay for him to come inside. She says she doesnt want it to come between their friendship. HE says what happened was stupid, and he doesn't want to ruin things between them because she and Sandy are his only friends. She basically tells him that it is forgotten. 
Summer knocks on Seths door, and Seth, thinking it his mom, says hes studying naked. She exclaims ew! He realizes it is Summer and invites her in. Summer gets a laugh out of Seths toys, especially his toy horse. Seth asks her why she is here? Summer says Marissa called and is being shipped off to the insane asylum, so she needs Ryans help. Seth says he can help, so Summer asks if he is ready to go up against Julie Cooper? Seth says she's right, they need Ryan.  They go off to get Ryan.

At Sandys work, Rachel is upset with Sandy for booking court dates for 5 of the 7 cases she gave him. He doesnt understand what the problem is, and he thinks these cases are pretty easy. One of the cases is about a dispute between neighbors over planting some hedges. Kristen says these cases dont deserve to go to court and he needs to negotiate out of court settlements instead.

At the school, Seth and Summer break into Dr. Kims office while Ryan is taking his test. Dr. Kim catches them and tells them to get out. They need to borrow Ryan because they need his help with Marissa. Dr. Kim says no way and kicks them out. Ryan says he needs to go now. Dr. Kim asks if it is too hard, but he says no. She thinks the Cohens are pressuring him, but he says they arent. She warns him if he walks away from this test than he walks away from this school. Ryan says he probably didnt do well on the test anyways. He hands it to her and walks out of her office. He meets Summer and Seth outside and tells them Lets go.

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Marissa meets with Dr. Burke. Dr. Burke asks Marissa about her anorexia, but Marissa says she was just stressed and her mom made it out to be something it wasn't. Dr. Burke asks her about her shoplifting experience. She says it was only a lighter and a pack of cigarettes. Dr. Burke asks if she still smokes? Marissa says no. Dr. Burke asks her about her drinking habits, and about her home life. Marissa doesnt say anything. Dr. Burke asks about her boyfriend Luke. Marissa says hes not her boyfriend anymore, and she refuses to talk because she knows she will just use anything she says against her. She thinks her mom would rather ship her off than deal with what is really going on. Dr. Burke asks Marissa to tell her what is really going on with her and her mom. Marissa asks her how much time she has?

Later, Dr. Burke tells Julie and Jimmy that Marissa needs therapy, but the therapy can be done here in New Port or at the institute. Julie wants Marissa to go to the institute. Jimmy says no way, so Julie says she will call her lawyer if she has to. Jimmy says he will call his as well. Julie leaves and tells Dr. Burke that she has discussed it with Marissa father and they will send her to the institution tonight. Julia says she is prepared to drive Marissa there. Julie then goes to see Marissa and tells her that she is going away to the institution, and she says it is for the best.

Meanwhile, Ryan and Seth are in the halls and they are waiting for Summer to show up. Summer arrives in a candy striper outfit, and Seth is stunned. Summer says she told him that she was a candy striper. She says she does it for charity. She gets the boys into the hospital, claiming they are helping her with her rounds.

Ryan sneaks into Marissas room, and Ryan gives her a candy striper uniform to change into. Ryan turns his back while she changes. Meanwhile, in the hall Seth flirts with Summer. He talks to her about Madam Bovary, which she is reading. Summer is reading it because one of her patients loves it and is always discussing it with her. Seth seems impressed that Summer actually comprehends the novel. Suddenly they hear Julie and Dr. Burke coming. Summer goes to run interference with Julie and the doctor while Seth warns Ryan and Marissa that they need to go now. 

As Ryan and Marissa are about to leave, Luke shows up with flowers. He wants to apologize, and he wonders what is going on. Seth shows up to warn them that his mom and doctor are coming. He realizes she is running away, and he agrees not to blow her plan. He tells her to take the stairs. Ryan and Marissa take off.

Sandy and Rachel go out for some after work drinks, and Jimmy and Kirsten find them. She is not pleased to see her husband out with another woman. He asks what they are doing here? She says Jimmy needs some legal advice. She asks what he is doing, research for a lawsuit against a tequila company? Sandy says they dont sue anyone, and Rachel laughs. Kirsten finally meets Rachel. Rachel tells Kirsten how lucky she is to be married to someone as hilarious as Sandy. Jimmy thinks this is too weird, and says hell take care of his legal problem on his own. He leaves, and Kirsten tells Sandy that shell see him at home when he is finished with work.

Jimmy return to his apartment to find Marissa, Ryan, Summer and Seth all waiting there.

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Jimmy asks Marissa what she is doing here? She says she checked out. The others decide to go wait in the car and let them talk. Jimmy cant believe she ran away, but Marissa says she didnt know what to do. Jimmy is stunned to learn Julie was going to take her to San Diego tonight. Marissa says she wants to live with him, but Jimmy doesnt know if that is possible. He says her mom is suing him for custody, and if he does anything wrong he could never see her again. He says he doesnt want to lose her. The phone rings and Jimmy tells Julie that Marissa is here, but he didnt have anything to do with it. Jimmy and Julie argue, and Jimmy says hell keep her here.

Marissa splits, and she meets up with the others. They try and think what to do, and Seth jokes that they could hide her in one of his moms development homes. Seth and Summer leave Ryan and Marissa alone to talk. Ryan tells Marissa if she skips town than he can go with her, but she says her mom would love that. Ryan says if her mom is doing all of this to keep him away from her than he can stay away. Marissa says she doesnt want that. She says she just wishes she could get her mom to listen.

Sandy comes home and finds an upset Kirsten waiting on the couch. Sandy tells her that she has no reason to be upset. He reminds her that she spent the weekend painting Jimmys house and he didnt say anything. He asks why she was with Jimmy, and she explains. They discuss things and both agree that they trust one another to be alone with Jimmy and Rachel. Ryan calls home and talks to Sandy. He asks Sandy for his advice in dealing with Marissa. Sandy tells Ryan not to go to court, settle out of court. 

Julie comes over to the Cohen's, at Sandys request, and she wonders what is going on. Sandy takes her to see Ryan, and she is furious with Ryan, whom she blames for Marissas disappearance. Sandy suggests they all talk this out. Sandy tells Julie that Ryan is not the problem. Julie demands to know where Marissa is because she just ran away from the hospital. Ryan says she ran away from her. Ryan knows Julie is from Riverside, which is not far from Chino, and he understands how New Port is very different from their hometowns and how she would do anything to hold onto what she has here. However, he  tells Julie that what she wants and what her daughter wants are two different things. Julie says Ryan doesnt know what she wants. Ryan says he knows she doesnt want to go to San Diego, and she doesnt want to live with her. Julie says she doesnt know what she is supposed to say to that. Marissa shows up and asks her mom to just say yes. Marissa tells her mom that she wont hurt herself again, and shell even see a therapist, but she wants to stay here and live with dad. Julie is not happy. She says this isnt over, and she says shell let herself out. Julie leaves, and Ryan asks Marissa if she is okay? Marissa hugs Ryan, and he holds her.

Out on the lawn, Seth talks with Summer. Seth asks her if she will really be able to ignore him when they get back to school? She says she can try! Marissa and Kirsten show up, and Summer takes Marissa home to her dad's. Kirsten then decides to talk to Seth about his trip to Tijuana. She pronounces it wrong, and Seth tells his mom that she is so white! Meanwhile, Sandy asks Ryan what happened, or didnt happen, with his test. Ryan says he will be happy going to public school, but Sandy suggests he talk to Dr. Kim. He says he went toe to toe with Julie Cooper, the Dragon Lady, so he can handle Dr. Kim. Sandy says hell have his back.

The next day Sandy tries to talk to Seth about Summer, but he refuses to talk to his dad about her. They are at school and outside of Dr. Kims office. Ryan comes out of Dr. Kims office, and Dr. Kim announces that Ryan passed and did very well. However, she says if Ryan ever pulls another stunt like that again hell need a much better lawyer than Sandy to get him out of trouble. Dr. Kim welcomes him to the school, and she says shell be watching him. The show ends with Sandy, Seth and Ryan walking along the school grounds.

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