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November 2nd, 2006 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens 5 months later from the end of last season.

We see Ryan, he is badly beaten and somewhere, a warehouse like place. He gets a cell phone call and talks to the person, saying hell be right there.

Sandy shows up at a place where Sandy shouldnt be. Its a bar filled with bikers and tattooed people. He knocks on a door, its the same place Ryan is. He tells Ryan they are worried and only want to talk. Ryan sneaks out a window. 

Ryan gets in his jeep and takes off.

Julie is looking a mess and taking all sorts of pills. Her medicine cabinet is full of them.

Kaitlin is putting on some zip up black leather boots. Julie asks her why shes not at school? Kaitlin says because its 10oclock and Saturday. Julie says that is nice, shell be going now. Kaitlin says she's not supposed to be driving at night, should she go with her? Julie says cool boots and walks off.

Ryan knocks on a door somewhere. He meets up with Julie, she says come on in.

Commercial Break

36 hours earlier . . . . 

Seth is on the phone with someone talking about coming up for a weekend. Seth says Ryan made the decision to defer school, which seems to be working out well. He says Ryan has a new place a new job and new friends. . . . We see Ryan is bartending at the bar he was at earlier. . . . Seth says Sandy Cohen is doing what he does best, standing up to the man . . . . Sandys back working at the Public Defenders office. . . . . Seth says his mom has been having Newpsie luncheons and hes been joining them . . . We see Seth laughing with his mom and the Newpsies. Seth says hes bonded with her dad a lot lately, and he sees Kaitlin from time to time . . . We see Seth hanging out with Niel, Kaitlin has befriended Brad and Eric Ward, Lukes twin brothers. Seth says Taylor sent him pictures from Paris. He says he doesnt know what her email said, it was all in French. He says only a few more months and hell be up there at RISD. 

At Summers place at Brown we see that Seth has been leaving a message on her answering machine, which finally cuts him off. Summer was listening to him talk. Che knocks on Summers door, he says they have to get to the quad to protest the caging of the chickens. She deletes Seths message as she heads out.

Seth is working at Centurion Comics. He is insulted when some little girl asks if there is a comic book based on the X-Men movie. She runs off crying. Kirsten shows up to check on Seth. Shes making a care package for Ryan and wants some comic books. Seth says hell take it to Ryan but it will probably go unopened like all the others. Kirsten suggests he invite Ryan over for dinner. Seth says he didnt go to Marissas funeral, he doubts Ryan will come over for a family dinner. 

At the Roberts house, Neil sees rustling in the bushes outside . He looks out, Julie is taking her anger out on a bush with a hedge trimmer. He asks what she is doing? She says she thinks Ernesto has gotten sloppy with the shrubs. He tells her to stop this and talk to him. She thinks they need new landscapers. Neil knows shes dealing with her grief in her own way, but either shes catatonic in bed all day or wrestling with the bushes. He asks her to let him in, let him help. She tells him to get new landscapers while she goes and crafts, she has some placemats to finish. She then walks off. 

Neil offers Kaitlin a ride to school. She tells him that mom ignores her too, she thinks of it as a good thing.

Seth shows up to see Ryan, he has Kirsten's bag of stuff. He knocks on his door, Ryan says hes sleeping. Seth says but hes talking? Ryan opens the door and grabs the bag from him. Seth knows Ryan has the night off, he asks Ryan to come to dinner and let his parents know hes still alive. Ryan says yeah fine.

At Brown, Che and Summer are organizing a rally and protest to save the chickens. Summers phone rings, she answers it. Its Taylor calling and talking in French. Summer asks how Paris is? Taylor says great but she misses her. Che tells Summer they have to go run flyers off. Summer tells Taylor she has to go. Taylor says no problem. We see Taylor is actually in Newport at the diner hiding under a floppy hat and dark glasses.

At the Cohens Kirsten cooks dinner as Seth sets the table. Seth thinks a table set for four feels weird. Sandy warns them not to get their hopes up, it might be a regular night. 

Ryan is walking through a hall way. He enters a room where cage fighting is going on. A man is taking bets, he tells Ryan hes glad hes here. He tells Ryan which guy hes fighting. Ryan picks a bigger guy. The guy arranging it says hes crazy but okay.

Commercial Break

Ryan is a no show for dinner. Sandy is trying to call Ryan. He leaves him a message and asks Ryan to call just so they know hes okay. Kirsten is very worried. Sandy decides to go talk to him. Seth doubts Ryan is in a mood for one of his motivational speeches. Seth offers to go see him.

Kaitlin is at the mall with Eric and Brad Ward. They are smoking pot. The boys are worried but Kiatlin says shes not afraid of lame rent-a-cops. Suddenly they see Dr. Roberts with another woman. The boys say her name is Gloria. It turns out she's the step-monster. 

Seth shows up at the bar to look for Ryan. Nobody has seen him. Seth calls up Summer, but shes not answering. Summer is having some hippie jam with Che and her friends. Seth leaves her another one of his messages. He knows hes supposed to be giving her space. He says call her when she can. Two guys walk buy talking about how the kid from the bar is going to get his ass kicked just like last week. 

Seth wanders into the place where the cage fighting is going on. He sees Ryan getting the crap beat out of him, Ryan sees hes been spotted by Seth. 

Summer returns to her room and gets Seths message. She quickly cuts it off when Che shows up. He asks if everything is okay? She says when she came here everything was a mess at home. Che says it will get worse, Newport will be under water in ten years if the polar ice caps keep melting. She says yeah its just that her friends havent moved on like she has, her friends need her. He says whoever she goes, there she is. He then does some weird thing with touching her forehead. He leaves and Summer listens to the message, Seth fears Ryan is in trouble.

Julie has been pined under a bookshelf. She was trying to rearrange the furniture, not realizing it was a built-in. Neil helps her, Kaitlin soon shows up. Julie asks where Neil's been. He says he had a procedure. 

Ryan is paid for the beating he took, but Ryan tells the guy to keep it. Seth tells Ryan that was all very fight club, but as it turns out at the end of that movie that Edward Norton is insane. Ryan doesnt want Seth telling anyone about this. He says tell them to forget him, hes doing them all a favor staying away. He says he brings trouble. Seth says this isnt his fault, none of it is. Seth wont let Ryan walk away. Ryan tells him not to come anymore and walks off.

Commercial Break

Its breakfast at the Cohens. Kirsten and Sandy want the real story, all Seth said was that he was working, got busy and forgot. They ask how he looked. Seth says hes looked better, but hes looked worse. He says he may have nicked himself shaving. Kirsten says he was bleeding? Seth says he has to go to work and he suggests they give him more time. Seth walks off. Kirsten wonders how much more time until they cant reach him. Sandy says hell check in on Ryan after work.

Seth heads to the mall to work. Summer is there waiting for him. Seth asks why shes here? She says she got his message. He says he didnt mean for her to . . . She says it sounded like an emergency. They kiss, hes glad she's here. They share a hug, its very awkward.

Kaitlin watches Neil working out. She confronts him about his little meeting with Gloria. He says he doesnt know what she thinks she saw, but adult relationships are complex. Kaitlin says she was going to ask her mother to explain, but then she didnt want to bother her. Neil says good idea. Kaitlin says she was also going to ask her mom about these leather boots she saw, they are pretty expensive. She says shes a seven and a half and walks off.

Kirsten pulls up to the Roberts house. Brad and Eric are waiting for Kaitlin outside  and comment on how smoking hot Mrs. Cohen is. Kaitlin comes out, Kirsten asks how Julie is. Kaitlin says recovering from an accident with a wall unit. Julie says she told her it was a built in. Kaitlin tells Kirsten she can go see her mom, it's not like she'll know she's there.

At the mall Neil has apparently bough Kaitlins boots, which are fifteen hundred dollars. Summer only sees the boots in the window, she tells Seth how many pencils that can buy Sudanese school children. She tells Seth how shes taking developing nations as well as environmental studies. She begins talking about how Newport really needs recycling bins in the mall. Seth offers to take Summer home, but she says no. She says shes meeting her dad for dinner and they can meet back here later. She tells Seth to rally up his geek army, she has a plan.

Kirsten knocks on Julies door. She says today isnt a good day. Kirsten knows but hiding in her room wont make it better. Julie gets a call, she says shes glad they call she thought they forgot about her. She asks if she can call them back. Julie goes to see Kirsten, she tells her that everything is fine. She says shes just so very busy and thanks her for coming by. 

Neil and Summer head to a restaurant for dinner. Summer sees Taylor at the bar getting something to go. Summer confronts her. Summer thought Taylor was in France. Taylor says and she was just in Rhode Island, amazing how the world works. Summer asks Taylor if shes meeting her mom? Taylor says no her mom is in Cabo. Taylors mom then walks in. Taylor tells Summer that she never saw her and she runs off.

Julie calls Ryan and asks him to meet her, its important. The show now picks up where it began with Sandy showing up to check on Ryan and Ryan going to meet Julie. Julie gives Ryan a folder. She says she hired a private investigator to find Volchek and now she knows where he is. She says the information is in this file. She says shes not giving it to the cops, shes giving it to him to deal with Volchek how he wants. He says he doesnt want it, he doesnt care about Volchek or any of it. She says that is a lie, she knows him. She says she knows he still cares. Ryan walks out. Later however we see him looking at photos of Marissa and him. He ends up throwing them all out.

Commercial Break

Seth is working on a comic at the store. His friends are sleeping around, Summer is there as well. Seth says if she wants to go home and take a shower she can. She says no she can take a sponge bath in the bathroom. She says she just wants to go get Ryan. He says she hasnt even been home though. She asks what the point is, at this rate all of Newport will be under water in ten years because of the polar ice caps.

Ryan is working at the bar. Summer shows up to see him. He knows she came here to talk. She says she likes what hes done with his face. She says hes going to have to come with her now. He says he cant, he has to work. She says right this is really important stuff. She says she just flew three thousand miles. He says he didnt ask her to. She says Seth did, everyone is worried about him. She says Seth keeps leaving her whiney messages clogging her voice mail up. She tells him to let her do what she does best, give orders. She says do what she says one last time.

Julie is crafting with her glue gun and ends up throwing what shes making. Neil asks if he just saw Kaitlin drive off? She says nothing. He says so the silent treatment, he guesses Kaitlin talked to her. He says he didnt mean for this to happen. He says he just needed someone to talk to. He says at first that is all it was. He thinks Julie isnt even listening to him. She says what? He says nothing. He walks off. 

Summer takes Ryan to the comic book store. Sandy and Kirsten are there. Sandy says he doesnt have to talk all he has to do is watch. They show Ryan a comic book slide show about how Ryan saved all of them. Seth says how he was invisible to all. Kirsten says she was an ice queen with a silver cell phone as the only link to the real world. Sandy says he was a litigator trying to save the whole world but couldnt see his own familys problems. The comic progresses as images flash before Ryan. 

Sandy takes Ryan back to his bar where he lives. Sandy thanks Ryan for letting them take the time to make fools of themselves. He says it meant a lot to Seth and Kirsten, not him though, hes no softy. He tells Ryan that he better go, hes going to be late. Ryan says if for old times sake he wanted to drop by . . . the pool house is probably filled with boxed by now though. Sandy says its how he left it and a little too empty. Ryan says it wouldnt take him long to pack. Sandy says Kirsten has leftovers from last night. Ryan thanks him. Sandy says Ryan will never get over it but he will get used to it, just feel what he needs to even if it hurts. Ryan says he better go give them some notice. Ryan tells Sandy hell see him at home. He gets out of the car.

Seth finally takes Summer home and tells Summer how he couldnt have done this without her. She says especially since it was her idea. He thanks her. They share an awkward silence. She says he should go home and see if Ryan came home. He says okay. He suggests they get breakfast at the diner tomorrow like old times. She says sure. Seth leaves and Summer heads into her old room. She looks over to wear Marissas room was. She shuts the door.

Ryan packs his things up. He sees his old harbor high sweat shirt. There is a knock at the door, its the fight club guy. He tells Ryan he doesnt blame him for leaving. He says the guy from last night wants another round if hes interested. 

Summer is on her way to the airport. She leaves Seth a message and says she hopes Ryan is back when he gets home, she wont be. She says she has to get back to school, she forgot about this protest going on.. She says Thanksgiving isnt that far off, give a hoot and dont pollute. 

Julie and Ryan meet at Marissas grave. She was wondering when hed finally come. She says shes here every day. He asks for the file. She hands it over and asks what changed her his mind? We see via a flashback Ryan fought the guy again and this time kicked his butt. Ryan says he just realized that he has to do this.

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