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November 3rd, 2005 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens in the Cohen kitchen where Kirsten has made a huge breakfast. Ryan and Seth come in looking shocked. They look for cereal and bagels, but Kirsten hid them. Seth says his mom cant mess with a mans time honored traditional breakfast. Kirsten says she thought theyd try something else, and she orders them to sit and eat her food. Sandy walks in saying something smells . . . . and then says fancy as he looks around. She tells him to have a seat. Sandy gets a call from Dr. Kim. Seth wonders what she is calling about. Kirsten says shes probably confirming their reservation for the college fair tonight. Sandy doesnt look happy, and Ryan realizes they dont want him there. Sandy says no, its a public event and Harbor is only hosting. The boys leave, and Sandy tells Kirsten that Dean Hess has attached a note to Ryans transcripts about his pathological behavior. Sandy says if the Dean doesnt take it off then no reputable school will touch a kid like Ryan. 

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At Summers, Marissa and Summer are doing their makeup and fighting over Summers small mirror. Marissa apologizes for being in her face all the time. Summer says she dates Cohen, she doesnt mind. She also says it makes her miss her more since they arent in school together. Summer suggests to Marissa that she come to the college thing tonight, but Marissa decides to pass. She says shes not thinking big picture right now anyway, college isnt on her radar. Summer says shes a senior in high school, how can it not be. She says because shes homeless, broke and going to public school? Julie calls Marissa up to see how its going. Julie has good news, she has an interesting lead from Kirsten on some beachside property. Julie assures Marissa that everything will be fine, she has a plan and theyll have lunch at the club this week. We then see Julie is sunning herself at a dirty motel pool full of leaves.

Seth and Summer spy on Taylor, who is texting someone. Summer thinks shes texting the Dean icky sex things. Summer says they have to stop Taylor. Seth says nothing is going on between the Dean and Taylor, but Summer says she knows what she saw. Seth isnt so sure she saw what she really did. Taylor leaves, and Summer follows her to get proof.

Ryan meets with Marissa at her school for lunch. Marissa introduces Ryan to her friends. Chilli says if Ryan ever gets struck by lightening then hell take care of Marissa. They ask Ryan if he is skipping school, but he says no he is doing the home school thing. Johnny thought that was for hippies and Christians. Marissa says and for people who punch out the Dean. Ryan and Johnny learn they have a bit in common, they went to elementary school near one another. Casey takes Marissa off to get some frozen yogurt, and she makes Chilli come with them. Ryan and Johnny begin to hit it off, and Casey says they need them to become friends as it is better for Marissa.

At Harbor, Summer continues to follow Taylor. Taylor catches onto Summer and tells her the single white female thing is so mid-90s and it always ends badly for the ugly one. Summer tells Taylor she is so full of herself, she has better things than to spy on her. Taylor says she knows it must be hard going from prom queen to the invisible woman, but she is not only sad and pathetic, shes crazy. Summer says shell show her crazy. Taylor tells Summer not to threaten her, if she hasnt noticed shes kind of close with Dean Hess. Summer says shes noticed, the Dean isnt discrete. Taylor asks what that means? Summer says never mind, and she says the Dean could get in trouble for sexual harassment or something. Summer says she say the Dean kissing the volleyball coach this morning. Taylor says she is so lying, but Summer says she wishes as the image is burned into her corneas. Summer says have a super day and walks off.

At the Cohens, Kirsten meets with Julie about buying a condo. Kirsten says it is a good investment, and shell help her with the down payment if shed like. Julie says she has the money, and she agrees to go through a walkthrough. Kirstens doorbell rings, its Charlotte. Kirsten invites her in and then introduces her to Julie. Julie heads out, and Charlotte hopes she didnt scare her friend away. Kirsten says no, she was married to her dad so she doesnt scare easily. Charlotte sees the condo brochure, and Kirsten says its for Julie. Charlotte also learns Julie was left with nothing, and she says that she must be feeling really vulnerable right now. 

At Summers place, Summer continues to try and get Marissa to come to the college night, but Marissa wont. Summer says fine and heads out. 

At Harbors college night, Summer, Seth and Sandy are walking around looking at the colleges. Kirsten and Ryan are behind them. Ryan is a bit nervous, he says its weird being back here. Sandy says he has as much right to be here as anyone. Sandy suggests Ryan start with Berkley. Meanwhile, Summer and Seth are looking at the schools in the northeast, and Summer says Seths bony ass cant take it when it drops below 70. They see Taylor talking with Dean Hess outside, and Summer thinks shes busted them. Summer says they are having a couple fight, but Seth doesnt know. Summer says fine, shell get him proof. Summer runs off after Taylor. 

Sandy, Kirsten and Ryan talk with a college recruiter until Dean Hess walks over to ruin things. Sandy deals with Hess. Hess doesnt want Ryan here. Sandy says he cleared this with Dr. Kim. Sandy says it is a public event. Dean Hess says hes calling security. Sandy says unless he has a court order against his son, keep his hands off Ryan. The Dean says he can stay, but it is a waste of time as none of these schools will touch him. They argue about the letter Dean Hess attached to Ryans file, Sandy thinks the Dean is killing his one shot at a future. The Dean says he did that by himself. Ryan overhears and walks out.

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At the pool house, Seth goes to talk with Ryan. Its the next day, but Ryan isnt around. Seth finds Ryan in the main house, and he was afraid Ryan ran off. Ryan says hes fine, college is never where he was headed. Seth asks where he is going? Ryan says hes going to the library and hes done with school. Ryan says he fired his tutor. Seth says hes dropping out, and then what? Ryan doesnt know yet. Seth says well school is overrated, hes sure hell do fine. Ryan then walks out. 

At Newport Union, Marissa talks with Ryan over the phone. She says he cant drop out, it will only make things worse. The bell rings, so Marissa has to head to class. Johnny asks Marissa whats wrong? Marissa says Ryan is quitting school because he doesnt think he can get into college. Johnny says Ryan is smart, hell be okay. Marissa isnt so sure, his family is really screwed up and he has a chance to be different. Johnny asks if she told him that? Marissa says no and she doesnt know who hell listen to about this.

Julie meets with the woman about the condo walk through. The woman thought Julie was Charlotte, who obviously has an appointment as well. Julie introduces herself and says she let herself in as the door was open. Julie decides to take it, she brought the down payment in cash. The woman says this unit isnt right for her though, this is a four bedroom and they talked about a two bedroom in the garden. Julie thinks that means the basement. Charlotte then shows up, and Charlotte acts shocked that shes running into Julie. Charlotte thinks Julie beat her to the condo. Julie tells Charlotte that the place is all hers. Julie leaves, and Charlotte gets the tour. 

At Harbor, Seth finds Summer at the lounge. Summer has been avoiding Seth all day. He says they have a bigger problem then her Taylor and Dean Hess delusions. Summer knows about Ryan quitting school and shes on it. Shes writing a letter to Taylor begging for her forgiveness. The letter is supposed to be from the Dean. Shes trying to expose the Dean and Taylors affair so they can use it as leverage to get Ryan back in school. 

At the Cohens, Kirsten and Sandy talk, Ryan has fired his tutor and dropping out of school. Sandy says and he thought the day would be boring.

Johnny finds Ryan at the diner looking through the paper. Johnny says Marissa told him the burgers here were good. Ryan thinks Johnny knows what is going on, and Johnny doesnt know him so dont try and give him advice. Johnny says hes not going to talk him into anything. He says hes not going to college, hes entering some surf competitions to get some sponsors. Ryan says its a better plan that hes got, he doesnt even have a job. Johnny says his uncle has a fishing operation and always needs new guys. Johnny offers to take Ryan to see his uncle.

At the Cohens, Seth, Sandy and Kirsten are at the dinner table. Seth wonders where Ryan is, is he joining the foreign legion, a cult? He could be taking part in a mass marriage and drinking kool-aid. Seth says so many sick things. Ryan soon shows up, and Seth says they were about to send out the amber alert. Sandy tells Ryan he cant go off like that, and hes done damage control with his tutor who will come back this weekend to make up the missed time. Ryan says no. He got a job and needs Sandy to give him a release from his guardianship. Sandy doesnt want him to do this. Ryan says he tried it Sandys way and it didnt work. Sandy says keep trying. Ryan says no, he needs to make his own decisions now. Ryan says hes asking them to let him go. Sandy signs it, shocking Seth and Kirsten. 

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Ryan meets his new boss on the boat for his job. The guy says this is hard work, but Ryan says hes worked construction and he can handle this. The man says okay and hell be gone for about three weeks as of tomorrow. Ryan says hell just go tie up some loose ends. 

Sandy talks with Kirsten, hes going to stick with his plan. Kirsten says hes leaving on a boat tomorrow, this is not the time to be stubborn. Sandy says they cant force Ryan to make the right choice. She says but they can keep him from making the wrong one. She says would he let Seth do this? Sandy says they kind of did. She says that was different, it was summer and they knew hed come back. Sandy says in Ryans position he might do the same thing, he left home when he was a kid too. Kirsten says yes to start his life not throw it away. Sandy says Ryan will come around, they just have to let him do it on his own. Marissa shows up, and Kirsten says Ryan should be home soon. Sandy continues to tell Kirsten that they have to support Ryan. She says so what, throw him a going away dinner. Sandy says it isnt a bad idea. Marissa asks where Ryan is going? 

Seth goes to Summers and finds her plagiarizing a poem from The Valley for Taylors letter. Seth informs Summer about Ryan leaving on a boat tomorrow night. Summer says and his dad is just letting him go? Seth says his dad is trying the whole jedi mind trick on Ryan, but Ryan isnt as gullible as he was. Seth says so if Summers plan is going to work they have to speed this up. Seth picked up a new blackberry in Dean Hess name, and they are going to invite Taylor to a room at the Mermaid Hotel for make-up. Summer likes his plan. 

Ryan returns to the pool house and finds Marissa waiting. She says she is a bit early for his going away party. Ryan says he was going to tell her, he just thought she might not understand. Ryan says he has to make a change in his life, but it doesnt have anything to do with them. She says hes leaving on a boat, it affects them. He says this isnt forever, just until. She says until when? Ryan says he needs her to understand. She says consider it understood, and she walks off.

Charlotte talks with her boyfriend about using Julie. Charlotte is sure about this one. Charlotte drops by Julies hotel room to see her. Julie wonders if Charlotte is stalking her. Charlotte says no, but she has good news. Charlotte says she got her address from the realtor. Charlotte says she got the condo, but she put it in Julies name. Charlotte says she bought it for her. Julie is a bit stunned. Charlotte says Kirsten told her about Julies problems. Charlotte says it moved her. Julie says it moved her too, right into this hell hole. She also knows there is no such thing as a free lunch or a free condo. Charlotte says she doesnt want anything from her. Charlotte says all she would need would be the use of the spare room a few times a year when she was in town, and nobody needs to know. Charlotte says this can be their little arrangement. 

Seth talks with Ryan about this hair brain scheme of his to become a fisherman. Ryan says it hasnt got the best response, except from his dad who is throwing him a dinner. Seth says his dad is calling his bluff. Seth asks Ryan if Harbor let him back in, would he change his mind. Ryan says it will never happen. Seth says never say never. Seth says he has a plan. Ryan says he feels a lot better knowing that.

Summer and Marissa arrive at Ryans going away party. Marissa isnt looking forward to it or Ryan leaving. The going away party is quiet. Everyone sits around eating and not talking. Kirsten cooked, and Sandy says it is delicious. Kirsten asks Ryan about the captain of the ship, and Ryan says hes pretty much what youd expect. Marissa says pirate, peg leg, parrot on his shoulder. Summer says she thinks parrots are cute, polly want a cracker and everything. Ryan says the captain is Johnnys uncle, thats how he met him. Marissa says unbelievable. She thinks shes ruining everyones dinner so shes going to go. They insist she stay, but Marissa refuses. She thanks them for dinner and leaves. Seth tells Summer her purse is buzzing. She gets a text message, Taylor took the bait. Ryan races after Marissa to talk. She says what is there to talk about, hes made his decision. Ryan says he doesnt want to leave like this. She says then dont leave. Ryan says nothing, and Marissa walks off.

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Its the next morning. Ryan is packing his bag. Sandy and Kirsten ask if he is going through with this? Sandy says Ryan beat his mind melt, he thought Ryan would change his mind if he gave him space and time. Ryan says there is no other alternative. Kirsten says if he keeps out of trouble he can at least go to community college. Sandy says then he can transfer to a four year school after a few semesters. Ryan says when you come from his family its not so easy. Sandy says they are his family now. Ryan says he may not be an Atwood anymore, but hes not a Cohen either. Ryan says he doesnt know what he is. Kirsten says so hell figure it out lost at sea. Ryan says its no different then being lost at land. Sandy says they cant force him to stay, but this is his home and the door is always open. Ryan says hell see them in a few weeks, and Ryan takes off.

Marissa goes to see Johnny at the beach to talk to him about ruining Ryans life the way he did. Johnny says he thought he was helping Ryan get a job. Marissa says she shouldnt blame him, but now hes leaving. Marissa says they had a big fight about it. Johnny says at least she was honest and told him how she felt. Marissa says she didnt, and she doesnt know where he is. Johnny says he does.

Julie and Charlotte move into their new condo. Charlotte has champagne to celebrate. Julie says isnt she out of rehab? Charlotte says for her of course, shell have water. Julie goes to get glasses, and Charlotte calls her boyfriend and says Julie is in.

At the boat, everyone is boarding for the trip. Marissa shows up to say goodbye to Ryan, and to tell him how she feels. She says hes doing exactly what her dad did, and that makes Ryan just as much of a coward as him. Marissa says running away never helped her dad either. Marissa then walks off. 

Seth and Summer are at the motel on their stakeout. Summer wonders if they are in Julie and Lukes old room. Taylor shows up and knocks on the door. Summer and Seth answer, and Summer says Hey skank! Seth asks if she was expecting someone else? Summer says shes busted, she knows about her and Dean Hess. Taylor doesnt care. Summer says unless she and the Dean want this to go public then they want Ryan un-banned from Harbor. Taylor says tell anyone, no one will believe them. Summer asks Taylor if shes willing to bet, shes got a huge mouth and an even bigger buddy list. Summer suggests they tell Seths dad the truth first. 

At Harbor High, Sandy shows up to meet with the Dean. Sandy knows about Dean Hesss relationship with Taylor. Hess thinks these are wild accusations. Sandy has a camera phone photo sent to him of and a girl at the school dance, though Sandy never shows it to the Dean. Dean Hess says she is an aggressive girl and had a school girl crush, and she forced herself on him. He says it was just a kiss. Sandy says that isnt what the board will think, and it isnt what the girl is saying. Sandy says she told him everything, and she doesnt want this out and he doubts the Dean does either. Dean Hess asks what he wants. Sandy says he wants Ryan back in Harbor with a clean slate. He also suggests Dean Hess find a new job somewhere soon. Sandy then leaves. 

At the diner, Marissa meets with Seth and Summer. Marissa says Ryan left. Summer says but they just pulled off a huge scheme. Seth says so it was all for nothing. Ryan then walks in, he didnt leave after all. Ryan tells Marissa that he doesnt know where his future is, but he knows it is with her and here and not on some boat. Ryan sits down, and Seth has good news. Seth says the good news is Ryan is back at Harbor. They all go take a walk on the beach as the show ends.

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