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November 4th, 2004 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens at the Cohen house, which is being completely remodeled, apparently by a bunch of former male models as none of the construction workers have shirts on. The foreman talks to Sandy, and Sandy wants to know when his house will be done. Archie, the foreman, says a few weeks, 2 months tops. Sandy asks Archie in the meantime could he have his men put on some shirts because his neighbors are starting to refer to his place as the man hole. Archie asks too village people? Sandy says yes. Archie says hell talk to his guys. Kirsten walks by, says hello to Archie, and ignores Sandy. Sandy tells Archie never to get married, and if he does, dont have kids. 

Sandy goes to the kitchen, which is still in tact. He tells Kristen that the house should be done soon, and she continues to ignore him. He says hes very excited to be heading to court for day one of this riveting lawsuit. As he talks about his case, she continues to ignore him. He starts spouting various words, and she asks if he is doing that thing where he speaks in gibberish to see if she is listening? He says awe, so you were listening. Kristen says nope! She says shes too distracted by the date on todays paper. She wonders when Seth will be home as school is about to begin. Sandy asks what she wants him to do, tie him up and stuff him in a trunk? Kirsten says at this point yes! She says she has had enough of his hippy-parenting-psycho-babble! Sandy says sometimes a kid needs space. Kirsten asks if the pacific ocean isnt enough space? Sandy says if they force him to come home, hell run away again. Kirsten says she doesnt care what he wants or what he thinks is fair. Sandy says so she can blame him, and he can blame us. Kirsten says summer is over and school is about to start, so she wants Sandy to bring him home. 

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Marissa and Summer are lounging by the pool at Marissas huge new home. Summer looks at the yard guy, and says break me off a piece of that! Summer then realizes he is totally checking Marissa out. Marissa ignores Summer's comments and says her mom is trying to get her to go to cardio-bar. Marissa say her mom says it is the new tia-bo, so maybe she can learn to kick her ass. Summer says she doesnt need to do anymore cardio. Marissa asks what that means? Summer says she is just looking a little thin. Marissa says I eat! Summer takes a sip of her drink and says she definitely drinks, what is in this, lighter fluid! Marissa says this is Newport Ice Tea. Summer says its 10am, its a little early to be drinking! Marissa asks for who? Summer complains about her uncomfortable bikini and wants to go shopping for a new one. Marissa suggests they go Wednesday, but Summer says she has plans with Zack. She says the more time she spends with Zack the less time she spends thinking about whats-his-face, the guy with the curly hair who ran away on his sailboat like a little bitch. Marissa says his name is Seth, and Summer says she knows she was just pretending she didnt know so she could use lots of descriptive insults to voice her inner pain. Summer says she has plans with Zack, so no Wednesday. However she says this whole dating Zack thing is just a formality, as shell never be close to another boy again. Marissa says she knows what she means.

Theresa drops Ryan off at his job at a construction site in Chino. She says she peeled her oranges for him. He says thanks but it may not be the best way to fit in with these guys. Theresa says maybe tonight they could rent a movie or play pool. Ryan says that sounds good. 

Back at Julie and Calebs house, Julie tells Caleb she has to go pick up Caitlin from junior lifeguards, and hopefully she can save her sister from drowning in self pity. Caleb sees a flower truck in their driveway and he says it has been here every week for the past few weeks. She says it has, they have flowers delivered every week because they are living things and eventually die. Caleb asks her if she hears a clicking on the phone when dialing out? She asks Nixon if he is paranoid? She wonders what is going on with him. He says it is just his blood thinning medication, it makes him act a little wacko. She says yeah, like all summer long. Julie says shell be taking Caitlin to look at new ponies, and he asks what is wrong with China? Julia says China has alopecia and has lost all her hair. Julie says a little girl shouldnt have to love a hairless pony, its not right. He asks if she is charging it on the company card? She asks why? He says they cant claim it as a business expense, it is illegal. She says she knows, shell put it on the black card.

At the Cohens, Kirsten comes home from the store and sees a photo from Christmas on the fridge. She then calls up Lukes house in Portland. Luke answers, and Kirsten asks if Seth is there. Seth takes the phone, and she asks him to come home. He asks if Ryan came back? She says Seth Ezekiel come home! Seth says Portland needs him, and she says so do I. Seth says here is the thing, he hates it there and he is never coming back. He says if they want to move anywhere else then theyll talk. Seth ends up hanging up on his mom! Sandy walks into the kitchen and says he had the same talk with Seth this afternoon, and he is turning out to be an angry young man. She says doesnt he know they didnt want Ryan to leave anymore than he did? Sandy says its not about what he knows, its about what he feels. Kirsten says the house seems so empty. Sandy says and yet so full of shirtless, sweaty men. Sandy jokes he thought shed be in heaven. Jimmy shows up and asks if they are still joining him and Hailey on the boat for dinner? Sandy says Kirsten isnt feeling good. Sandy talks with Jimmy about their problems with Seth and how he wont talk to either of them. Jimmy says maybe hell talk to someone else.

Sandy goes to Chino to visit Ryan, who just got off work. Ryan says it was nice of Kirsten to send the baby clothes, and Sandy says she likes to shop, especially for the unborn. Ryan asks how the remodeling is going? Sandy says a lot like this place, its a disaster. Ryan says as long as it keeps them distracted. Sandy says it really isnt doing the trick anymore. Sandy says Seth is still in Portland and wont come back. Sandy says hes going up there and asks Ryan if hell come with him to help. Ryan says Seth was pretty mad at him, and they havent talked since. Sandy says hes mad at everyone. Sandy gives him a ticket just in case, and not to worry if he doesnt use it. Theresa pulls up, and Sandy waves at her. Theresa doesnt look very pleased to see Sandy. They say goodbye, and Ryan heads to Theresas car.

Commercial Break

Ryan lays in bed, and the clock hits 6:00am. Theresa is next to him, yet oh so far away.. Ryan gets up and takes the garbage out. He sees some kids riding their bikes, and sees a kid who reminds him of himself. Ryan returns to the house and sees Theresa making breakfast, his lunch has already been made and waits for him on the counter. Ryan goes to the bedroom and looks at the airplane ticket. Theresa says breakfast is ready, and then sees him holding the ticket. She asks what it is? He says something from Sandy, he just wanted some help. Ryan says Seth is just very angry with his parents. Theresa knows it is about his leaving, and ryan says yeah. Theresa says he cant imagine what Seth thinks about her. Theresa says he should go to Portland, but Ryan says this is for them to figure out as a family. She asks if he isnt a part of his family? Ryan says not anymore.

Caleb and Sandy meet in a parking garage. Sandy pulls his car up to Calebs. Sandy asks why they are meeting here? Caleb says because his office and their homes might be bugged. Sandy jokes that he could be wearing a wire, wanna frisk him? Caleb says he doesnt have time for his jokes, and Sandy says he doesnt have time for this as he has to be at the O.C. airport in an hour. Caleb realizes he's finally going to get Seth. Caleb says he doesnt get it, Seths best friend leaves, so he runs off with another boy and his gay dad. Caleb says this sounds strange. Sandy says this is from a guy who is one click away from wearing a disguise and a mustache. Caleb says this isnt funny, the DA comes to see him and tells him that hes so close to nailing him, yet nothing has happened all summer. Sandy says they either have nothing, or their building one hell of a case. Sandy says he has a plane to catch.

In Portland, Seth and Luke are working at some boat rental place. Seth is drawing some comic characters, and Luke says one of them looks like Summer. He asks if he has talked to her, but Seth says no. He says she doesnt understand this is all about hurt. Luke says he has some will power because Jane has a killer rack. Two girls show up, one being Jane, and they wonder what happened to the guys last night, why didnt they show up? Luke says Seth got into a fight with his mom. The girls have to get back to work, and Luke tells Seth to close on Jane before the summer is over. Seth and Luke head home and find Sandy waiting there.

Marissa and Jimmy drop by Kirstens, Marissa is driving a nice new red sports car, a gift from her mom. Marissa  calls her getaway car. Jimmy says Hailey is stuck at work, but they are happy to keep her company. Kirsten thanks them and says being in the house alone isnt as wonderful as she thought it would be. Marissa asks if she has talked to Seth? Kirsten says she talked "to" Seth. Kirsten asks Marissa if she talks to Ryan? She says they used to, but they stopped because it was too difficult. Marissa wanders off, and Jimmy tells Kirsten that a kid doesnt have to be in Portland to be distant. Marissa ends up going out to the beach house and sees everything is gone, and the sheets are folded on the bed.

Back in Portland, the gang is having dinner. Carson, Lukes dad, asks Sandy about his restaurant. Sandy says it didnt go so well, and it is a long story. Sandy says there are plenty of good restaurants in Newport. Seth says they are overpriced and over sauced. Sandy asks Luke if he is excited about school? Luke says it means meeting new kids and a no water polo team. Seth says some would call that heaven! Sandy talks about the new gym at Harbor. Sandy and Seth end up getting into a huge argument when Seth asks his dad if hes working for the tourism board. Sandy tells Seth hes a spoiled brat who has had everything handed to him and now hes pulling this on his parents. Seth says this isnt about them, but Sandy says it is because hes killing his mother and she is killing him. Seth says Sandy cant spend his entire life telling him what is wrong with Newport and expect him to go back. Sandy says it is his home, when he is eighteen and has saved enough money he can move far away from the parents he resents and the town he loathes. Seth says they let Ryan go, why not him? Sandy says they invited Ryan into their home, he doesnt get that choice. Seth says they didnt even try and stop him. Sandy says Ryan had to do what he had to do. Seth says well so does he. 

Back in Newport, its the middle of the night and Marissa is on the beach drinking. She ends up calling Ryan, but doesnt say anything when he answers. They just stay on the phone not saying a word to one another. Marissa eventually hangs up, as does Ryan. Theresa is awake, but says nothing. 

Commercial Break

Its a new morning in Portland. Sandy apologizes to Carson about the fight last night at dinner. Carson says Seth is a smart kid. They discuss the kids, and Seth shows up. Carson, Lukes dad, leaves to see what Luke wants. Seth thinks this means round two is coming. Sandy says no, hes going to leave him here where he at least knows he is safe. Seth thanks his dad and says hes sorry to drag him all the way up here. Sandy says he left home when he was Seths age, so hell say to him what he wish his parents said to him. Sandy says they love him and the door is always open. Seth says he has a sailing lesson at ten, but thanks. They then hug. 

Ryan has a bagged pack, and Theresa says they should leave in a half-hour. He says he doesnt work Saturdays. She says she was talking about her doctors appointment. He says he forgot, he was going to go to Portland. She wonders what is going on, he has plane tickets showing up and phone calls in the middle of the night. Ryan says he left Newport to make it easier for everyone, but all he seems to have done is made things more complicated. Theresa says she thought he left Newport to be with her. Ryan says he did, but he has to make things right with Seth. Theresa says it isnt like he abandoned Seth, but Ryan says he kinda did. Ryan says hes only going to Portland, what is she afraid of? Theresa says its just a check-up, and her mom will go with her. Ryan asks if she is sure, and Theresa says yeah. He gives her a kiss on the cheek and says he has to run.

At Marissas place, Julie confronts Marissa, who is lounging by the pool. Julie says she is not even ready  to go. Julie says they were supposed to leave for Cardio-bar fifteen minutes ago. Marissa says sorry, and continues to ignore her mom and listen to a walkman. Julie grounds Marissa , she says she will not spend another moment with her ignoring her and acting like she doesnt exist. Marissa says I wish. Julie asks what she just said? Julie asks why they have to keep doing this? Julie asks Marissa what is bothering her. Marissa asks if she really wants to know, and Julie says yes. Marissa ends up screaming at the top of her lungs throws the pool furniture into the pool and then storms off.

Back in Portland, Sandy is talking to a friend on the phone and says hell talk to Caleb as soon as he gets back. Sandy is about to leave when Ryan shows up. Sandy tells Ryan he took his shot, now it is his turn. 

Back in Newport, Summer shows up at the Cohens with a crate full of Seths stuff. She says her therapist said the best way to get Seth out of her life is to get rid of his possessions, shes here to dump off his crap. Summer begins talking about her therapist, who is into energy and current running through people and is affected by peoples emotions. Summer takes the crate of stuff up to Seths room, where she sees Seths old toy horse. She hopes they can still be friends. She dumps the stuff on his bed and then leaves. 

Back in Portland Seth and Luke return home from their job and this time find Ryan waiting for them. They are surprised to see him, and Seth figures hes here to do his fathers bidding. Seth works the grill, and he and Ryan small talk. Ryan asks about him and Summer, and Seth says shell probably never speak to him. Seth says it is best she moves on as they wont be seeing much of one another. Ryan says hes sorry if this is his fault, but Seth says he did not make him Newport. Seth says he eventually would have left sooner or later. Ryan asks if there is any chance of him going back to Newport? Seth asks Ryan if he is? Ryan says he cant. Seth says well then . . .

Commercial Break

Jimmy meets up with Julie at her place and says shes done well for herself, she got everything she wished for. Julie says be careful what you wish for. Jimmy asks what is wrong with Marissa, and she says besides the fact that she is the spawn of Chucky and Keith Moon? Julie says she witnessed a level four melt down yesterday, there was law furniture in the pool. She says thankfully Caitlin is going to boarding school so she wont have to witness more of this behavior. Julie says Marissa will be seriously screwed up unless they do something to provide her with a normal family. Julie suggests he come over with Hailey for Sunday dinners. Jimmy says hell help the best he can. Julie thanks him and says for the record she is happy for him. He says he doesnt believe her, but hell play along for Marissa. 

At the Cohens, Caleb shows up after finding out out Sandy talked to the DAs office. Sandy says that its about to rain down on them, on all of them. Sandy suggests Caleb get his house in order, and his family.

Back in Portland, the three guys are playing videogames when Ryan gets a phone call. It is Theresa calling, and she says she went to the doctors and they couldnt find a heartbeat. She says she lost the baby. Ryan says hell be back immediately. She says no, this is a sign. She says he isnt happy, and the only reason he stayed was because of the baby. She knows he doesnt want to come home. Ryan tells the news to the other two, and then he goes to his room to be alone. Seth comes up to see him and offer support.

Back in Chino, Theresas mother asks her if she told him? Theresa says yes. Her mother asks if he believed her, and Theresa says she thinks so. Her mother says it is what is best for her, him and the baby.

Back in Portland, Ryan is getting ready to go back home. He says hes homeless once again, but he has a good job so hell figure something out. Seth says hes going to stay here and keep teaching sailing, besides his parents are okay with it. Luke tells Ryan his cab is here. Ryan says this is it, and Seth tells him not to be a stranger. Ryan heads for his cab, and Seth just sits there and jiggles his foot. Seth ends up chasing after Ryan, and Ryan comes back for him. Seth says they dont have to hug or anything, and they decide to return to Newport together. 

Back at the Cohens, Kirsten and Sandy are having dinner and not really doing much talking. Seth and Ryan return, and shes glad to see them. Sandy asks if Ryan is back too, and Ryan says yes. There are hugs all around, and Sandy says nobody leaves the family twice. Ryan heads out to the pool house to drop his stuff off. They talk about being back, and Seth says Summer has dumped everything of his in his room, so Monday should be fun. Seth says he could fire up the grill, but Ryan says he is tired. Ryan does ask Seth how he made it all the way to Portland in his boat? Seth says it was a long journey, and he wont sugar coat the details. Seth begins to tell Ryan that he sailed all the way to Catalina where he ran out of snacks, so he took a bus. Seth says it doesnt make for a very good story for school, so hell work on it.

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