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November 9th, 2006 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with Sandy and Kirsten talking. Ryan hasnt spoken to them or Seth in days, its pretty bad.

Julie and Ryan talk on the phone. They talk about how its never been this bad. She says she knows, shes been banned from their house by Sandy and Kirsten.

Kirsten tells Sandy that she cant believe they are excluding Julie from Thanksgiving.

Seth calls Summer about Thanksgiving, once again he ends up talking to her machine as she just listens in her dorm room. Summer finds photos of her and Marissa, as well as Seths comic book. Seth is talking about how its Thanksgiving; things have to blow over between him and Ryan dont they?

Sandy tells Kirsten things will blow over, its Thanksgiving. All the Cohens and Ryan meet in the kitchen. Its an awkward moment. They are all waiting for coffee. Sandy gets a call and runs off to take it. He asks the person on the phone where they are? Meanwhile Kirsten says enough, it is Thanksgiving and they have to get over what happened and move on. She says they have to work together to make dinner. She gives the boys a shopping list for dinner and she says when they get back they will cook this bird together. She says this includes Sandy. Sandy has to run to the office but he says it will only take an hour tops. Sandy asks Ryan if hell be okay? If he cant put his anger aside then there is no point to this (Thanksgiving I guess). Ryan just wishes Volchek was dead. Sandy returns to his call, we see that hes talking to Volchek.

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Volchek is on the beach, hes back in Newport. Sandy pulls up in his SUV and Volchek gets in the car. Volchek says he had no place else to go. Sandy says he isnt his friend, hes his lawyer and will help him get through this. Sandy says the less he talks the better.

Seth brings Taylor a bagel. Shes been hiding in Seths room and sleeping under his bed. He wonders when shell be out of here. He says Summer is coming out and he wants to get it on in here with her. Taylor understands, their relationship is hanging by a thread. He says he didnt say that. She says she must have dreamt it. Seth asks if something happened with Summer when she went to Brown? Taylor says no shes the same old Summer, she just smells different. Taylor assures Seth that theyll be fine.

Summer calls her dad, she doesnt think she wants to come home. Neil demands she come home as its Thanksgiving. She doesnt think she can support this holiday and the mindless slaughter of turkeys. He asks what is really going on? She says shes not up for it. She hears barking, she asks if that is a dog? It turns out Kaitlin has a dog in her room. She found the dog down at the pier. Neil wants it gone but she refuses to take it back, the dog totally fits in her purse. Neil asks if her mother knows? She says her mom almost sucked him up in the vacuum, the dog is as invisible to Julie as she is. The dog ate Neils shoes, hes furious as they cost 700 dollars. She asks him how the conference went? He walks out, Kaitlin says thought so. Summer realizes her dad needs her, she says shell be home.

Neil tries to talk to Julie. He suggests they go for a walk on the beach. Julie says she has to cook dinner. He thought they were going to the Cohens. She says they arent. He asks why not, but she wont say. She says she needs to go to the market. She heads off. Neil says theyll have to talk eventually. She says after the holidays.

Seth and Ryan are at the store. Ryan and Seth run into Julie at the store. Seth thanks Julie for the travel tip to Mexico, his whole family enjoyed it. Seth jokes they may be getting a time share there. Julie says save it, she got the lecture from his dad already. Julie and Ryan have a conference, she has a new guy working on a location for Volchek.

Kirsten catches Taylor in her kitchen and demands to know what is going on. She thinks something is wrong as shes stealing stuffing. Taylor says she would talk to her but its too private. Kirsten says shell make her a plate of food, Taylor agrees to spill it. 

At the store, Julie tells Ryan he needs to smooth things over with Sandy in order to make sure hes not on his back and doesnt suspect what is going on. Ryan says hell stop by the office on the way home. Julie says one more thing, does he know how to cook a turkey?

Taylor tells Julie she got married while in France. She explains how it was a whirlwind thing and now her husband wont agree to an annulment. She says she came home and has been afraid to tell her mom. Kirsten says her mom might be tough but she loves her. Taylor says that is sweet but totally wrong. Taylor gets Kirsten to talk to her mom for her. Kirsten says shell put her in the right frame of mind but she wont do her dirty work. 

Seth picks Summer up at the airport, he surprises her with roses.

At Sandys office, Sandy is talking with Volchek. He says he will go see the DA and settle on a plea. Volchek asks if hell do time? Sandy says yes he will serve time. Sandy says he turned himself in, that was the right thing to do. Volcheck says running in Mexico felt like prison anyways. Sandy says that is guilt for him. Volchek says he appreciates Sandys help. Sandy just wants him put away so Ryan can start his life again. Sandy makes arrangements to stash him at a hotel until he is turned over.

Ryan shows up to see Sandy. He just misses him, a woman says he just left with a client. Ryan then sees him heading off in a car with Volchek!

Commercial Break

Kirsten is cooking with Taylor. Seth and Summer show up. Ryan asks where Sandy is, Kirsten doesnt know. He runs off and says hell be back soon. Summer shares hugs with everyone. Taylor says she confessed all to Kirsten and has been helping with dinner. Kirsten suggests Seth and Summer take over and theyll go talk to Taylors mom. Seth thinks that is a death wish. Summer tells Seth its been so long since shes been here. He says the upstairs is begging for her. She needs to get to her dads, but he says it will take five minutes.

At the Roberts, Julie is trying to figure out to cook a turkey. Neil wonders why it is they arent going to the Cohens? She wont say. Ryan shows up to see Julie, but Neil answers the door and wont let him see her. Neil suggests they talk after the holiday. Ryan says he doesnt understand what is going on. Neil says he doesnt, he was once excited about his life with Julie and its all disappearing. Neil closes the door on Ryan.

Kirsten and Taylor go to see Veronica. Taylor runs and hides while Kirsten talks with Veronica. Veronica is setting up dinner at the club. Kirsten talks to her about being a mom, how you have to love your kids no matter how badly they disappoint you. Veronica says Kirsten should know given what her kids have done, what with the shootings and Seth burning down the Newport group. Kirsten says she was talking about Taylor. Taylor walks in, Veronica asks what she is doing here? Taylor says they need to talk. Kirsten leaves them alone.

In Summers room Seth watches as Summer does yoga. He cant believe she had no reaction to his tattoo. She says she did, she told him to get it removed. She asks if it hurt. He says he was with his marine buds. He says he cried like a baby. They go to kiss, Summer sees Seths comic book and Marissas character on the cover. She gets upset but wont say why. She says she has to go volunteer at a soup kitchen or something and runs off. Sandy shows up as they are leaving, he never expected Summer to turn out to be the young Sandy Cohen of the bunch.

Sandy talks with Kirsten, he says Volchek came to see him and hes in a hotel room. He thought hed tell Ryan after the holidays. Ryan walks in and already knows. He thinks Sandy is defending Volchek. Sandy says not, hes negotiating his terms of surrender and hell get what he deserves. Kirsten says they would only do what is best for him. Ryan says then leave him alone. Ryan runs out and zooms off in his car.

Commercial Break

Ryan goes questioning Volcheks old buddies to find out where he is. He talks with the girl that Volchek was with earlier that night Marissa died, the one that bailed out of the car. She hasnt heard from him. She suggests Ryan put this behind him, let it go.

Sandy is driving around trying to find Ryan. He talks with Kirsten on the phone, she thinks they should call dinner off. He says no he thinks he knows where he might be.

Taylor shows up at the Cohens in tears. She says her mom called her foolish and irresponsible and threw her out of the house. Kirsten says she can stay here. Taylor says forever? Kirsten says no for one night, theyll find a place for her to stay. Taylor thanks her and then gets to work helping her cook. Seth shows up, Summer has invited some homeless people from the soup kitchen for dinner. Summer says the kitchen claimed they had all the volunteers they needed. Kirsten tells Seth these strangers cant stay. Seth says if they tell them to go Summer will have a breakdown. She says if they stay they have to stay in one place and hes in charge of them. Seth shows them Batelstar Galactica.

Sandy calls Julie about Ryan. Julie hasnt talked to Ryan and learns Volchek is in custody. Julie says so it is really over? Sandy says yes it is. Julie hangs up on Sandy. 

Kaitlin finds Julie in a daze and asks her mom if shes okay. Julie says she doesnt know. Kaitlin asks if she wants to lay down? Julie says no. Kaitlin says shell go find her dog, she tells Neil that mom is having a melt down. Neil asks if shes okay? Julie says yes she has to cook. 

Ryan is looking all over for Volchek. Sandy finds him at a motel and says hes not here. Sandy tells Ryan to come with him and hell take Ryan to Volchek. Ryan eventually goes with Sandy

Seth tries to talk to Summer but she is busy setting up chairs for the homeless.

Neil tries to talk to Julie, but shes ignoring him. She scolds Kaitlin for having her dog and says get it out of shell put it to sleep. Kaitlin decides shes going to the Cohens and takes off with her dog. Neil tries to talk to Julie, he says he loves her but shes acting insane.

Seth confronts Summer and knows this is about Marissa. She is running away. She freaks out and claims shes not and runs off.

Neil tells Julie that he knows this is about Marissa. He wants her to talk and stop running away. Julie says she didnt run away from them, hes the one that had an affair. He says nothing happened, he just needed someone to talk to. She gets in her car and says when she gets back she wants him gone. He says its his house. She says theyll see about that.

Sandy takes Ryan to the hotel where Volchek is. He lets him go in and see Volchek. Volchek knows Ryan has been waiting a long time for this. Ryan slugs him and almost kills him with a broken bottle of booze. Volchek isnt putting up a fight.

Commercial Break

The cops show up to pick up Volchek. They give Ryan his time with him. Ryan hasnt killed him. He tells Volchek he didnt try and help, he didnt even stop. Volchek says he got scared and freaked. Ryan says she died on the side of the road. Volchek says he thinks about it every day, he wishes he could take it back. Ryan asks why he did it. Volchek says he doesnt know. Volchek says he was coming after him, Ryan got the girl and he didnt. He says it was hard for him to handle. HE says he wanted Ryan to pull over, but it got out of control. Ryan says so what it was an accident, a mistake? Volchek says he knows that doesnt change anything. Volchek says if Ryan wants to finish it then he wont fight back. Ryan says he wont do him any favors, he has to live with what he did. Ryan walks out of the hotel room. Volchek follows and is promptly arrested. Sandy tells Ryan hes proud of him. He suggests they head home for dinner. 

Summer shows up at the Roberts house finally. Julie is the only one at the table for dinner. Summer sits down, Julie says they cant go on like this anymore. Summer says no. They hold one anothers hands and cry. 

Everyone has gathered at the Cohens. Seth is worried about Summer. Taylor says Summer has to face what happened on her own before he can help him. Sandy and Ryan show up, Kirsten gives Ryan a hug. Sandy asks who all the people are, Seth says its a long story. Sandy recognizes one of the guys as someone he defended years ago for breaking and entry. One of the guys recognizes Kaitlins dog as his. He says hes been looking everwhere for her. He takes the dog. Taylor tells Kaitlin the lord giveth and the lord taketh. Kaitlin says shes a total freakshow, shes so awesome.

Summer is headed back to school. She calls Seth and leaves a message. She says she needs to deal with this on her own. She says shell call him as soon as she gets her head screwed on and she loves him. Neil is seeing her off. Neil says he thinks she and Seth will do fine. Neil is going to be taking a job in Seattle at a hospital there. He thinks it will be odd that the next time she comes home, he wont be living here. She decides to take a later flight and they head to Chilis for dinner.

Back at the Cohens, Julie shows up. Sandy says it will have to wait, they are having dinner. Julie says she wanted to tell him that shes sorry. He says hes never heard her say that before. She says she doesnt think she ever meant it. He invites her in for dinner. 

Later in the pool house Julie and Ryan end up having a little pow-wow. Julie asks Ryan to talk about Marissa. Ryan talks about the first time he saw her, he thought she was really hot. He says she gave him a smile. 

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