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November 10th, 2005 Episode Of The O.C.

Marissa is plagued with nightmares about the shooting of Trey. She wakes up and gets out of bed. Shes currently bunking with Summer. She heads off and makes a cell phone call to Ryan. Ryan asks if shes okay. She says she had another one of the dreams. She doesnt mean to wake him, shes just scared. He says everything is over now, everything is fine and hell talk to her in the morning. He tells her to go back to bed. Summer wakes up and tells Marissa that shes here for her. Marissa says she wishes Ryan would realizes that is all he has to say to her. Ryan, at his place, turns the light off and goes back to sleep.

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At the Cohens, the family is seeing Ryan off to his first day back at Harbor. Sandy says to make sure nothing goes wrong. Ryan knows, he cant get into trouble and he wont. The kids leave, and Sandy tells Kirsten hes found a buyer for the Newport Group. He says if the meeting goes well hell sign the papers. She says do it. HE asks if shes really okay with walking away from the company her dad built, where she spent fifteen years. She says it took her fifteen years to figure out that she hated it, and she is is ready to let it go.

Summer and Seth talk about Ryan and Marissa. Seth says they havent broken up in weeks. Summer feels one coming. Seth says theyll get back together, it is the cycle they are caught in. Summer says if they break up then Marissa will get swallowed up in Newport Union, its like the Bermuda triangle. She says they need to put in some serious couple time. They meet up with Ryan, who has a lot of catch up work to do. Summer tells him not to study all weekend, she and Marissa are coming for dinner tonight. Ryan thinks he should give Marissa space, it cant be easy for her with him being back at school. They says she doesnt need space and it is only dinner. Taylor shows up to tell them about the lock-in tomorrow night. They say they cant make it. Taylor says its mandatory, it counts as a class and she knows Ryan cant afford to cut. Ryan says theyll be there. Taylor says it will be a blast, they are going to make smores with Bunsen burners. She says bring a sleeping bag and an open mind. She also asks Ryan and Seth to help her set up, she did after all get Ryan back into school. She says shell see them tomorrow at 2. Seth thinks there entire weekend has been shot.

At Newport Union, Johnny and Casey ask Marissa if shes ready for the weekend. They say the swells are coming up, theyll finally get some height. Marissa says she has no idea what that means. They say its surfing talk. Chili says they welcome the swells with a ritual called dawn patrol. She asks if that means they party all night till they surf. Chili says shes not hopeless after all. They convince her to come with them tonight. Casey and Chili head to class, Johnny and Marissa have a free period. Johnny tells Marissa that she looks tired. She says she hasnt been sleeping, shes been having bad dreams. Johnny suggests they hit the vending machines, his treat.

Julie meets up with Charlotte. Julie says the movers showed up with her stuff, the place is almost livable. Charlotte says they should celebrate. She thinks she should throw a party. Julie says shes a little low on the friends these days, they bailed on her when she lost her money. Charlotte says the same thing happened to her when she got out of rehab, the New York women all iced her. Julie asks how she handled it? She says she through a party, a benefit for a charity. She says it was a hit and got her life back on track. Charlotte suggests Julie throw one, they can talk to Kirsten about helping.

At Summers, Summer tells Marissa that the Cohens invited them over for dinner. Marissa says shell have to meet her there, she told Johnny shed hang with him at the beach. Summer says again with the Johnny. Marissa says Casey and Chili will be there too. She tells Marissa to come by tomorrow and check it out. Summer says she would but shell be in prison, there is a lock in at school. Marissa says sounds like a Taylor Townsend event, sometimes she really doesnt miss Harbor.

Marissa meets Johnny at the beach. He says Casey is on her way and Chili is busy wiping out. She says it is so beautiful, it almost makes her wished she surfed. Johnny says it helps him with his sleep, well everything really. She asks if he wants to talk about it, but he says no. He has to go get a shirt from the car as hes cold. She says she needs to call Summer. He asks if she has to go. Marissa says no. 

At the Cohens, Sandy and Kirsten are cooking. Seth wants to order out like normal people. Sandy says they are normal people and normal people cook. Summer shows up, and Sandy asks where Marissa is? Summer says shes busy and cant make it. Ryan asks if shes studying as he can get her to blow off homework. Summer says shes not studying, shes at the beach with Johnny. Seth says Ryan try not to punch Summer. Ryan says shes with her friends and probably just got held up. Ryan doesnt look pleased though he tries to be brave.

At the beach, Johnny and Marissa talk. Johnny gives her a sweatshirt that is a baseball shirt. She says she didnt know he played. Johnny tells Marissa he doesnt anymore, he quit a lot of things when he moved here. He says it was a new town, a chance to start over. She presses him but says he doesnt have to talk. Johnny says he had a fight with his dad three or four years ago and hasnt seen him sense. Marissa asks if he has called him? He says its not that easy, he was a drunk who hurt his mom. He says one night he just snapped. He came home from baseball practice and found his dad beating his mom. Johnny says he lost it, he beat his dad with the bat. Johnny says he doesnt remember any of it really. Johnny says he doesnt know how he could have done that. Marissa says she knows what he means. Marissa tells him how sorry she is. He says she is the first person hes told. Casey shows up and sees Marissa and Johnny getting a little chummy. She doesnt look very happy. 

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Summer wakes Marissa up. Marissa wants to sleep, but Summer says no. She says she waited up all night for her, where was she. Marissa says with Johnny. Summer says yeah, well she had fun explaining that to Ryan and the Cohens. Marissa says shes sorry and she meant to be there. Summer says she wasnt, and now she sees strange articles of clothing belonging to strange men. She says shes seen unfaithful and knows the signs. Marissa says she would never cheat on Ryan. Summer says she had to hear her say it. Summer asks why she blew off Ryan to hang out with this guy. Marissa says he needed to talk. Summer says that is what his girlfriend is for. Marissa says he needed to talk to her. Summer says because he likes her. She says he doesnt like her, they just have stuff in common. Summer doubts that. Marissa says Johnny went through something like she went through, he just gets her. Marissa says besides Johnny has a girlfriend, and she suggests Summer come with them to the beach today. Summer says she can go before the lock-in, but she needs to apologize to Ryan.

At school, Ryan and Seth are working to set up the lock-in. Marissa shows up to apologize. She explains how she was talking to Johnny about personal stuff last night. She knows it sounds bad, but there is nothing going on between them. Ryan says he just wants to make sure shes okay. Marissa says shes still dealing with stuff with Trey. Taylor tells Ryan to get back to work as he's on the clock. Marissa says shell see him later.

Sandy meets with Kurt Williams and Matt Ramsey about talking over the Newport Group. Sandy has a condition of selling it. Matt knows this is about the low income complex down by the water. Sandy is impressed, this guys done his homework. Sandy says he wants to make sure they wont be destroyed, he fought with Caleb for years to save them. Matt agrees that they wont be destroyed. Kurt Williams says he will keep Caleb Nichols legacy in place. Sandy says okay and they have a deal. 

At school, Taylor is showing Seth all the posters she made to keep them psyched. Seth puts them up, and Taylor's mom shows up. She says shes running late and she has Taylor's party favors in the car. Her mom looks around and says her prisoners look like she wants to be here as much as she does. Seth overhears Taylor's mom basically verbally abusing her, telling her that shes locking in these kids so she doesnt have to spend Saturday night alone. Taylor's mom tells her to loosen up and then shell be a popular girl. Taylor says she knows. Her mom then tells her to un-tuck her shirt as her ass is so not made for lowriders. Taylor's mom hands her all the supplies and then speeds off. 

At the beach, Summer goes with Marissa to watch her friends surf. Marissa introduces Summer to them. Two hard core surfing dudes show up, and they tell Johnny that he seems to have found himself a couple of new groupies. Johnny introduces them to Volchek, a guy who thinks he owns the waves. Johnny says hell show them where to get drinks. Volchek grabs Casey and says he thought she was dating Johnny. She says she is. Volcheck says it doesnt look like it. 

At the Cohens, Kirsten talks with Julie and Charlotte about their idea to throw a charity event for underprivileged women to go to rehab. They want Kirsten to help throw it. Kirsten was hoping to wait awhile before jumping back in with the Newpsies. Charlotte talks to Kirsten in private about how this is really about Julie, she needs help getting back into society. Charlotte says no one knows her here and Julies name wont help. Charlotte says Kirsten's name on the invite will bring people in. She asks Kirsten to do this for Julie. Kirsten ends up agreeing to do it, which makes Julie happy.

Back at the beach, they head back to Chili's house. Summer wonders where Johnnys girlfriend went. Chili doesnt know. Johnny takes Marissa to Challis room to put her stuff away. She finds a photo of Chili and Johnny a long time ago, and she laughs. Johnny plays keep away with the photo, and Summer doesnt like what shes seeing. She frowns as the two get way too touch feely.

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Seth calls Summer and asks where she is, this lock-in is mandatory. She doesnt care. She says she needs him and Ryan to get here, its an emergency. Suddenly Taylor takes Seths cell phone. She says no cell phones. HE says the lock-in hasnt even started. She says but hes in the gym, and shes doing him a favor, shes helping him communicate without technology. Seth gives Ryan the partial message, so he takes off. Taylor says if hes not back here by time the doors lock then hes in very serious trouble. He says yeah, hes gotta go.

Back at the party, Chili asks Summer why doesnt she like him. She says shes already dating a dork. He says that gives him inspiration, and he thinks hes wearing her down. Casey eventually shows up. Johnny asks if shes okay. She says shes fine. Marissa says shell go get herself refill. Summer tries to make another call to Seth, but she gets his voice mail. She thinks they need to keep Ryan far away. Suddenly Ryan shows up, and Summer says it was a false alarm and he needs to get back to the lock-in. He asks why she called then. Summer says she was worried about Johnny and Marissa. He says the one hanging with his girlfriend? Marissa shows up and asks why Ryan is here? Summer says he was coming to make sure she got to the lock in. Johnny shows up, says hi to Ryan and then and shows Ryan to where he can get a drink. 

Sandy meets with Matt at the Newport Group. He wants the lowdown on Matts boss. He doesnt think he should trust the guy. Matt says the truth is that Williams will tear down what makes him rich. Sandy thanks him for being honest. Matt says dont sell the company, hang onto it. Matt says hell help him. Sandy says hes no businessman, and Matt doesnt look much older than his son. Matt says hes 26 and graduated from Berkley. He says he got his MBA in one year and spent the last 14 months under Kurt. Sandy says its impressive, but not life experience. Matt says that is where Sandy comes in. Sandy says hell have to think about it, which means he has to ask his wife. 

Julie works with Charlotte on the party. Charlotte gets a call and claims it is from her dad, so she excuses herself. A man comes with the bill, and she says her friend will be treating. Julie looks in Charlottes purse to get her card. She comes across a lot of drivers licensees from various states as well as credit cards in a variety of names. Julie decides to just pay in cash. Julie puts Charlottes purse back before she comes.

At the beach party, Ryan insists hes only here because Summer called. Marissa says not because hes freaked about her and Johnny? He says he wasnt but should he be? He asks what is going on with them? She says she can talk to him about Trey for some reason. HE asks why she cant talk to him. She says she tried the other night and he wanted her to go back to sleep. Ryan says he cant fix this and make it go away. Summer shows up. Ryan says he has to get to the lock-in, so she says see them. Seth calls Ryan on a payphone and tells him to get over here now. Summer apologizes to Ryan and says she is such a Seth for meddling. She begs him to go make things up to Marissa before they leave. Inside, Johnny takes Marissa someplace private to talk. They walk in and find Casey making out with Volchek in Chili's room! Shes half way undressed. She runs out in tears. Volchek says if Johnny gets his sponsorship then he gets his girl, seems fare to him. Ryan and Marissa show up at this point.

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The party is over, its just the gang now. Chili's talking about how they have to kick Volcheks ass. Marissa asks Johnny if hes okay? Summer asks if they can do anything. He says he just needs to be alone right now. HE then walks off. There is a knock at the door, and Marissa goes to get it. Its Casey. She lets her in. Casey says shes not a terrible person, she just knows where the two of them are headed. Casey says Johnny is falling in love with her and he wont sit around and watch it happen. Chili suddenly yells that Johnny is gone. Chili is afraid he went after Volchek.

Julie and Charlotte leave the club, and Julie asks her who in the hell she is. Julie saw all the cards in her purse. Charlotte says she is confused and this is a  little misunderstanding. Julie says there isnt a lie she hasnt told or heard, so give it to her straight. Charlotte says she was never going to hurt her. Julie says she was just going to scam her into throwing this party and then skip town. Charlotte offers to split the money with Julie. Julie says shes no criminal. Charlotte says she hasnt had to be yet, how will she support her family without a man? She says if shes smart shell take matters into her own hands.

Sandy talks with Kirsten about his idea. She thought he hated corporate America. He says he does, but he could do a lot of good. Kirsten says if he wants this then shell support him. She says she knows this could make him happy.

At the lock-in, Taylor is organizing everything. Seth tells her that this is really awesome, but she says kissing her ass wont get her to sign in Summer and Ryan. Seth says they got held up, so just give them some slack. Taylor says if she cuts them slack then she has to cut others slack. She says the doors will lock in twenty minutes and they better be here. She says Seth cant save people, they have to save themselves. Taylor tries to motivate the crowd, but they so arent into it. They begin yelling out at her that she is such a loser. Seth goes to Taylor's rescue, but she says she doesnt need his help. She suggests they turn to the person next to them and tell them something they dont know. A guy yells out Taylor Sucks! Someone then throws something at her. Seth takes the microphone and suggests they all play a game of capture the flag. The guy yells at Seth that hes a geek and gets stuff thrown at him. Taylor asks why hes doing this? He says hes taking the heat off her. She thanks him. He splits them up into teams to get ready to play capture the flag.

Down at the beach, the kids race to stop Johnny from doing something. Johnny shows up to fight with Volchek. Johnny asks how he could do that. Volchek pushes him down and calls him a little whore. Ryan then shows up with the others. Ryan tells Johnny not to get involved. Volchek says get that bitch out of here. Ryan then knocks Volchek out. Ryan tells Volchek to stay away from him, and they leave. 

Sandy meets with Matt and says they are in business together. He wants Matt to take this job seriously, they wont be drinking every night after work, just on the weekends and tonight.

Back at the lock-in, Taylor asks Seth if hes okay. He says hes trapped here without his only two friends, other than that hes okay. Taylor thanks him for what he did. She also says theyll work something out about Summer and Ryan. She asks Seth if she can join him for pizza. He says go ahead. 

Marissa and Summer head off to the school. Ryan stayed with Johnny to keep him from going after Volcheck. Summer arrives at school but the doors are locked. She pounds on them. Taylor shows up and Summer asks her to let her in. A devious Taylor looks at Seth and then tells her she cant hear her and then leaves Summer outside! 

Ryan and Johnny go to the diner for food. Johnny asks where he learned to fight like that. Ryan says Chino is a good training ground, but he never won a fight until he got here.

Marissa and Summer are out walking. Summer thinks Cohen will kill her for missing the lock-in. Marissa says it is her fault, actually she feels like everything is her fault lately. Summer says like Johnny and Casey. Marissa says no, but thanks for saying it. Summer says Johnny likes her, and sooner or later she has to deal with it. Marissa just wishes everything would slow down. They arrive at the diner and see Johnny and Ryan talking. Summer says no such luck, and this shouldnt be a problem for her at all.

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