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November 12th, 2004 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens in the pool house with Seth and Ryan getting ready for school. Seth thinks they can skip school because they missed registration, but Ryan says his mom already called the school about them. Seth says hes supposed to be the bad boy, the outsider. Seth says Ryan is supposed to be leading him to temptation not to home room. Ryan says it is only the first day. Seth is apprehensive about seeing Summer as he hasnt called her. Seth says he hasnt had time to call her, he just got back to town, he has 3 months of back issues of comics to bag, and now he has to go to school. Ryan says he could have called from Portland. Seth says he tried. Seth says he called everyday and just got her voice mail. He says finally she answered one day and said if he called her one more time than her father would have him killed. Ryan says so Summer has no idea your back? Seth says zero, he is dead to her. Ryan says she has probably moved on and gotten over it. Seth says oh, so he meant nothing to her? Ryan says oh boy. Seth says shell either have him killed, or just ignore her. Ryan says shes ignored him for years, he can take it. Seth says that was before he knew what it was like not to be ignored, so why should he go back to that? Ryan says because he left for three months and didnt call her. Seth says he left because of him. Ryan says so this is his fault? Seth says hes not saying that. Ryan suggests he just tell Summer that hes sorry. Seth asks if that is what he said to Marissa? Ryan says he hasnt talked to her yet, and Seth says so hes not the only coward in the room. Ryan says no, hes going to see her at school. Seth says so hes just going to walk up to her in front of the entire student body and say Hey and hope she Heys him back. Ryan says yeah theyre not going to school. 

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Ryan and Seth walk to the kitchen, and we see the rest of the house is still being put back together. Seth says whatever happens at school, the important thing is that the Ryan and Seth team is back in action. Sandy and Kirsten ask if they slept well and are ready for their first day of school, and Seth gives a resounding no twice. Archie is busy stealing the Cohens breakfast, and Seth asks his dad to explain the remodeling thing again? Sandy says he was bored, and Kirsten says his father complained he had no room for all his stuff. The phone rings, and it is a hang-up. Kirsten is late for work and tells the boys that she has called the school and Sandy will take them in case there is any problems with their registering late. Sandy thought Kirsten was taking them, but she says she has a meeting .Sandy says so does he. Seth says they could stay home. The phone rings again, and something is wrong with one of Sandys clients. Sandy asks where the person is. Sandy and Kirsten fight over who will take the kids to school, and Archie the contractor ends up taking the kids to school in his pick-up. Once they get there they see Summer and Marissa. We hear Oh My Gods! out of the foresome. Marissa runs up to Ryan, and Summer walks away. Ryan and Marissa hug, and Seth decides to go talk to Summer. Marissa asks him what hes doing here, and he says he is back. She asks how, what about Theresa? Ryan says its a long story. She says she wants to hear it, so they agree to meet up after school. 

Seth tries to talk to Summer, but she wont talk to him. She does say maybe shell write him a letter so that he can read over and over and he can try and figure out what she was thinking all summer. She keeps walking away, and Seth asks her to wait a minute. Summer tells Seth that she is done waiting for him, and if shed excuse her he has to go meet her boyfriend. She then walks off.

On her boat, Haley gets a call about an amazing job offer. She says she cant be there that soon as she hasnt told Jimmy yet. Jimmy shows up, and Haley says shell call her back. Haley tells Jimmy that Suzy says hi. Jimmy says that Suzy calls too early. Haley says its almost nine. He says woah, and that its time for a mimosa! She asks if hes trying to get her drunk? They talk about how awesome this summer has been, and they kiss one another. Jimmy thinks they should go down to Cavo (sp?) for a month. She says she cant. He asks why not, neither one of them have a job to go to, and he can manage his portfolio online. He says it will be fun as he tries to talk her into the idea.

At school, Ryan meets with his councilor, Miss Fisher, who has put his schedule together based on his schedule from last year. He looks over it, and she asks if anything is missing? He thinks it is fine and hes just happy that hes not working construction. Miss says it isnt too early to start thinking about colleges. Ryan says he cant really afford it, and he wont let the Cohens pay for it. She says he has solid test scores and great GPA, so if he works his ass off when he gets out of here, he can do whatever he wants. She says the question is what does he want. He asks what she means? She asks what does he like, what is he interested in. Ryan says he doesnt know, seriously he doesnt know. She gives him an assignment to write down what he likes and doesnt like about his classes, and then come back tomorrow.

Ryan and Seth meet up for lunch, and Ryan is working on his assignment. He asks Seth if he got an assignment from Miss Fisher. Seth says no, then again he also didnt get a warm embrace when he got to school either. Seth says Summer has a new boyfriend, and Ryan says hes sorry. Seth says hell be okay, he used to be a vital part of the Harbor Sailing Club and now hes started the comic book league. Seth shows Ryan the flyer he drew, and Ryan asks who the guy is. Seth says that is him with powers, the power to be handsome. Ryan thinks this has to do with him being an outcast. Seth says outcasts are in, look at how much money Spiderman 2 raked in. Seth says they can be trailblazers, and he talks Ryan into helping him passing flyers out. 

Durring lunch Summer drives Marissa to pick up her car from her house. Summer says anything to get away from Seth. They talk about the school carnival, and she asks Marissa if she will go for a spin on the ferris wheel with Ryan again? Marissa says she and Ryan are going to talk after school. Summer cant believe Marissa is ready to get back together with Ryan, and she says Ryan and Seth think they can just walk in and out of their lives. They pull up to Marissas place, and shes upset that the yard guy has blocked her car in the driveway again. She honks Summers horn at him, and Marissa tells DJ that hes blocking her car. Summer tells Marissa do not honk at DJ, he is hot! Marissa says hes the yard guy. Summer says he can park his truck in her drive way anytime. Marissa says shell see her back at school. Marissa goes to her room to put on lipstick, and DJ shows up. Marissa asks what hes doing in here. He says he works here. Marissa says she has to go. He tells her to go. They end up sharing a passionate kiss. DJ asks if they can meet after school? She says she cant, and he says its okay. He says maybe hell be here when she gets back. 

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Back at school, Summer meets up with Marissa at the student lounge. Marissa is drinking coffee, which Summer soon learns is spiked. Marissa says its been a weird day. Summer says they are at school. She asks what is going on with her, did something happen with Ryan? Marissa says she doesnt know what to say to him about DJ. Summer says the yard guy, since when? Marissa says all summer. Summer cant believe she didnt tell her. Marissa says she didnt tell anyone, and no one can find out about it. Marissa says this is so hot, but Marissa says it isnt . Summer says he is ripped, but Marissa says hes the yard guy. Marissa doesnt know how to tell Ryan about this. Summer says its simple, Ryan left and suddenly there was a hot hot yard guy in the yard, and he was hot. Summer says she didnt do anything wrong. Marissa says then why does she have to tell him. Summer says she doesnt if it is over with DJ. She suggests they get her some coffee with actual coffee in it.

Sandy meets up with Caleb at a restaurant. He takes Calebs scotch away from him and asks for two coffees. Caleb says the DA has enough evidence to nail him for bribing city officials for building permits. Sandy asks if it is true. Caleb asks why hed need to bribe anyone when he owns the town. Caleb says hes done some not so good things, but he didnt do what they are suggesting. Caleb says what they do have is bank statements showing large sums of money being transferred to the city councils office from the Newport group. Sandy asks how that is possible, and Caleb says he doesnt know. Caleb asks Sandy for his help, but Sandy doesnt know how to help him.

Back at school, Ryan sits with Seth and the first Harbor High Comic Book Leaugue is called to order. Its just the two of them, and Seth asks Ryan to please take the minutes. Ryan says its just them. Seth says yeah, write it down. Seth calls the meeting to order, and begins role call. Ryan cant believe this and he suggests they just do this at home if its just the two of them. Seth says they could but then they wouldnt get their pictures in the yearbook. Ryan says and thats a bad thing? As they argue, another guy shows up for the comic book club. Ryan and Seth are surprised, especially since the guy is on the water polo team. Seth decides to quiz him about what he knows. He asks what Wonder Womans secret identity is, and who his favorite comic super hero is. The guy says it is Superman. They end up really getting into talking about superman, and Seth is impressed. Seth ends up welcoming him to the club. Seth says todays topic is The Hulk and why it is that his pants never rip off when all his other clothes do. After the meeting ends, Seth and Ryan make plans to hang out with this guy another time. The guy runs off, and into Summers arms. It turns out that hes her new boyfriend. Seth says this cant be possible, this guy is him, Summer is dating the WASP version of him! 

Ryan meets up with Marissa and tells her everything that has happened, and how he and Theresa never really were a couple. He asks her if she is dating anyone, and she says no shes not. They end up at Marissas house, and Ryan asks her if shed like to go to the carnival with him. She says okay, but if they can go on the Ferris Wheel. She jokes that her last boyfriend was afraid of heights. He says okay, and kisses Marissa. DJ sees them kissing, and he doesnt looked very happy.

Haley meets up with Kirsten on the boat and tells her about her new career in fashion and sales, which happens to be in Japan. Kirsten asks how Jimmy is doing with that? Haley says he doesnt know. He says Jimmy is making so much money in the market that all he wants to do is sail around. Kirsten says you poor thing! Haley says shes too young for early retirement. Haley says she has a shot to make a future out of this, but right now she feels stuck. Kirsten says shes going to have to tell Jimmy and go.

Sandy brings Caleb back to his (Celebs) house. Caleb is drunk, which upsets Julie. Julie asks what is going on. Caleb says hes going bed so Sandy can take it from here. Sandy tells Julie that the DA has been investigating Caleb and hes going to be indicted. Julie asks how long hes been investigated, since before the wedding? Sandy says nothing, and she cant believe it. She asks if hell go to jail? Sandy says hes being accused of bribing city officials and they have proof. Sandy says he wishes there was something he could do. Julie says no he doesnt, he despises them both. Julie says if Caleb is going down then Kirsten will go with him, so he better do something because it wont just be her kids that lose everything. 

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Ryan helps Kirsten unpack groceries, and they talk about school. Kirsten says she talked to Miss Fisher and she heard she wants him to think about colleges. Sandy and Archie come into the room, and Sandy is unhappy with the slow progress Archie is making. Archie accidentally ordered the wrong I-beam, and he has to wait for a new one to put the wall to the family room back up. Archie never told Sandy, and Sandy feels like hes paying Archie to sit around and eat his families food. Ryan looks at the plans and makes a suggestion on how to fix it using the I-beam he has. Archie asks if he is an architect? Ryan says no, so Archie tells him not to tell him how to do his job. Archie eventually gets fed up with Sandy, and he says he and his men are going and Ryan can finish the job. Kirsten tells Sandy to apologize, but Sandy says no. Sandy tells her to apologize if she wants to, but hes not. Sandy says hes sick to death of putting himself on the line for this family and getting nothing. Sandy then storms out.

Kirsten goes after Sandy, and he says hell call Archie and apologize. Kirsten says no, he should have been honest with them. She says shell get a new contractor in the morning. She also apologizes to Sandy for taking out her anger on him all summer. Sandy says what he said in there wasnt about her. She says thank God because he was scary. She says she has never seen him go off on anyone like that but her dad. She then asks what her dad has done now?

Seth is in his room sulking. Ryan comes to see him and asks if he is okay. Seth says hes just tired. Seth asks how it went with him and Marissa? He says theyre going to the carnival tomorrow, and asks Seth if he wants to come? Seth says and hang out with Summer and Zach, is that how it will really be from now on? Ryan says maybe, who knows. Ryan says they can all be friends, but Seth doesnt think so. Ryan asks what hes going to do then, spend the whole year with Captain Oats? Seth says he has no choice. Ryan tells Seth to call her and be her friend, but Seth says its too late.

On the boat, Haley and Jimmy sit under the stars, and Haley explains how she and her friend Suzy have always planned on starting a fashion line of their own. She says Suzy has made a name for herself at Chanel in Paris, and just sold her first line to a company in Japan, and wants her to come with her and be her sales rep. Jimmy asks if she is asking him to move to Japan? Haley says no, she cant ask him to go to Japan and leave his kids. Haley says being with him has made her realize she wants a life, kids, and a job. She says she has to go to Japan. Jimmy says no she doesnt, hell give her money to start her own line here. Haley says she cant take his money, but he says it will be their money. Jimmy asks her to marry him. He says he has lost enough jobs to know the only important thing in life is the people you have in your life. He asks her to marry him and be in his life.

Summer is on her floor in the lotus flower position listening to her zen medication to a tape. There is a knock at her door, and she says she is doing her homework! There is another knock, and she finally answers it. Its Ryan, and Summer says she thought he was the evil step-monster. Ryan says she let him in, and she seems nice. Summer says she just switched anti-depressants so give it a day. Ryan asks if he can come in, and she asks if Cohen sent him. Ryan says no. Summer invites him in, and Summer asks if he was just in the neighborhood? Ryan says no. He says he owes her an apology because its his fault Seth left. Summer says that is not true, and even if Seth stayed he would have found some Coheny way to break them up. Summer and Ryan sit on the floor, and Ryan says he knows she has a boyfriend. She asks who told him that? He says she told that to Seth, and Summer says yeah to torture him. Summer says she and Zach are just hanging out, she doesnt want a boyfriend again. Ryan tries to convince Summer to give Seth another chance so they can go back to the way they all were. Summer asks how, the two of them left for three months. She says they all moved on. Ryan asks what? Summer says the way they were wasnt so great, and things are the way they are for a reason. He tells her to go talk to Marissa.

At Marissas place, DJ is waiting for Marissa to come home. She tells him that he shouldnt be here, they are about to have dinner. DJ asks who he is. She says he was her boyfriend. DJ asks if they are back together now? She says she is sorry. DJ asks what she was doing with him all summer? She says he is her boyfriend, and DJ says and hes the yard guy. DJ says he knows the way she talks about him around her friends. Marissa says they agreed not to tell anyone. He says because hes the yard guy! She says because he could get fired! DJ says dont worry, he quits and she can tell her mom. Marissa is in tears and says shes not like that. He tells her to stop crying, and he kisses her. Ryan drives up to the house at this point, and he sees them kissing.

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At the pool house Seth and Ryan are talking, its a new day. Ryan says he pulled up and Marissa was full on making out with someone hes never seen before. Seth asks what he did, and Ryan says he drove off. Ryan says she said she wasnt dating anyone. Seth says maybe shes not, maybe they just hook up for sex. Seth says sorry! Seth says he cant believe Ryan talked to Summer for him, now he has to help him get her back. Ryan says she only agreed to be friends, but Seth doesnt believe that. He thinks she wouldnt want to just be friends if she went to the trouble of insisting that Zach wasnt her boyfriend. Seth says she is afraid and has put up walls, but he will bring them down with a grand gesture. He says its time to stand on that coffee cart and declare his love for her. Seth says maybe hell do it at the carnival on the hot dog stands. Ryan asks what he does about Marissa? He then realizes he forgot to finish his assignment for Miss Fisher. Seth says this is good, hes distracted from school by Marissa, and he and Summer are getting back together, by the end of kick off carnival the four of them will be the way they were. 

Caleb has shown up for breakfast as Julie is not talking to him and went to the Montage for a 3000 dollar spa weekend. Kirsten asks if he is here to ask Sandy to bail him out again. He says no, Sandy is the closest thing he has to a friend in this town. He says he is here to apologize, and to remember whatever happens in the courtroom he did for his family. Caleb says he should go, and Sandy asks where to? He says hes going to be interviewing lawyers all day, and tonight hell be shredding documents. Sandy asks him to have dinner for them, he wont cook and if Kristen isnt mad at him than she wont either. He says he doesnt want to be a burden. She says theyll order in.

Ryan meets with Miss Fisher, and he says he really didnt get the assignment done and says hes not much of a writer. She comes across some sketches Ryan made of the Cohens new family room, and she gets an idea. She wants to put him into some advance math and science classes in order for him to become an architect. She asks if that isnt what he wants to be?

Kirsten heads to work at the Newport group, and Jimmy shows up. Jimmy tells Kirsten that Haley left for Japan. Jimmy says he is happy for her because this is what she always wanted. Kirsten asks what he wants. He says he doesnt know, he thought he wanted to live his life with her. Kirsten says he can do whatever he wants with his life, but she wont let him waste it. She says Haley made her move, what is his?

Ryan and Seth arrive at the carnival. Seth says hes headed off to find the hot dog stand. Ryan meets up with Marissa. She says she was going to tell him, but he says no she wasnt, she lied to him. She says she didnt lie, and what was she supposed to do wait for him? She says he wasnt coming back. Marissa says his name is DJ, and he works for her parents so they had to keep it a secret. She says they arent seeing each other anymore though. Ryan says that is because of him. He says for now they should be just friends. Marissa says they were never just friends. Ryan says that was the problem, and he says see ya! He then walks off. 

Summer and Zach are at the carnival together kissing on one another. Zach goes to get her some funnel cake and snickers, along with some bottle water. Meanwhile, Seth climbs up on the hot dog stand, and she asks what he is doing? Seth says she knows he likes to stand on counter tops in public places. She tells him not to do this. He says he loves her, and Zach shows up and says what? Summer tells Zach that Seth is crazy, he reads comic books. Zach says so does he. Seth tells Zach he hopes this doesnt affect the club, and he asks Summer to hear him out. She says back off, and Zach tells Seth to respect her wishes. Zack and Summer get into his car and prepare to leave. Seth ends up jumping in front of their car as their driving away, and gets out and Summer smacks him and says he could have gotten hurt. She asks him what he wants from her, and he says he just wants her. She says no he doesnt. She says he chose Anna over her, and he left her three months ago to go sailing. She says he only wants her when he cant have her, he likes the chase and thats all. She says he can have it because she is going home. She gets back in Zachs car and they drive off. Ryan says they should go home.

Ryan and Seth go home and they find Sandy, Caleb and Kirsten eating Chinese, and Seth fills them in on everything that happens. He says Ryan broke up with Marissa again, Summer broke up with him again, and Zach will probably talk to neither of them again. The doorbell rings, and Ryan gets it. It is the cops, and they have come to arrest Caleb! Caleb wonders what took them so long. Caleb is arrested, and Kirsten says she is so sorry. He says she has nothing to apologize for. Caleb is cuffed and Sandy says he is his lawyer, and he tells Caleb not to say anything. Sandy leaves to head to the station. 

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