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November 12th, 2003 Episode Of The O.C.

The show opens with Marissa and Ryan making out at the pool house. Ryan goes to go put his hand up her shirt, but she stops him. Marissa realizes it is late and says she needs to get home. He tells her to call her dad and say shell be late. She says shes already late and it is a school night. He says she can stay next door, but Marissa says than shed have to talk to her mom. He cant believe she hasnt talked to her mom. Marissa says Julie has been trying to talk to her, but shes ignoring her for now. Ryan suggests they spend a whole night together this weekend. She is shocked, but he says he just meant go on a real date. She says okay, and suggests Saturday night. As they continue to kiss, Kristen walks in. She apologizes and says she didnt know he had company. Marissa says she was just leaving, and she takes off. Kristen looks at Ryan and says this never happened with Seth!

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The next morning Kristen talks to Sandy in the Cohen kitchen. She asks him to please talk to Ryan about sex. Sandy says he probably knows about sex. She says she means sex in the house. Sandy says hey, someone should be having sex in the house. Kristen says she isnt the one coming home after midnight every night. They have a friendly and cute little argument about how this case is ruining their romantic time together. Sandy agrees to come home early tonight and they can have a hot date. She warns him if he isnt home on time she will start without him. The boys come into the kitchen, and Ryan apologizes for last night. Seth wants to know what happened, but nobody tells him.

At school, Seth continues to question Ryan about what his mom caught him and Marissa doing. Ryan says they werent doing anything. He says they havent even had their first date yet. Seth asks him if he has . . . . before, and Ryan says yes. Seth asks him how it was? Ryan asks which time and with which girl? Seth is stunned and asks how many girls their have been. Ryan says nothing, and Sex says he needs to sit down. Later, Seth is stunned and says Ryan was losing his virginity while he was playing Magic the Gathering. Ryan tells Seth that he still plays Magic. Meanwhile, Marissa is talking with Summer about having sex with, and she says she and Ryan are still getting to know each other. She says they still havent even had their first date. Summer laughs and says where Ryan is from they probably dont have first dates! The girls meet up with the guys, and Seth and Summer leave to allow Ryan and Marissa talk. Before they go, Seth says Ryan was just telling him what he was planning for their date, and he says it will be the best date ever. Marissa says best date ever huh? and she gives him a kiss.

At the office, Sandy is working with Rachel preparing their case against Calebs company. When Sandy says he cant stay late tonight because he has a hot date with his wife tonight, Rachel says he is cheating on her with his wife! She ends up pulling a gilt trip on him by saying they do have that conference with the litigator and Caleb tomorrow. Sandy says fine, hell cancel. Sandy says besides, their date will be better if it waits till after this is over.

Kirsten walks into her fathers office only to find Julie there. Julie says her father has saved the childrens hospital benefit by allowing her to throw it on his yacht. Julie explains the originally place she was going to host the event fell through. Kisten says she didnt know Julie was in charge of the event. Julie says she decided it was time to put herself back out there. Julie gives Caleb a kiss and says she owes him big time. She walks out, and Kirsten is stunned. She says he is now the official sponsor of the Julie Cooper comeback tour. Kirsten tells her dad that she can have that working dinner with him tonight. Caleb knows this means Sandy canceled, and he tries to tell Kirsten that perhaps Sandy and Rachel are cheating behind her back. She says she trust Sandy. Caleb tells her that the only man a woman should trust is her father.

Back at school, the kids are at lunch. Ryan is nervous now that Seth has turned his first date with Marissa into a huge deal. Anna is with them, and they try and help him figure out what to do with Marissa. Seth says he asked Summer, but all Summer told him is what she likes to do. Ryan admits hes never been on a date, he normally just hangs out with girls and gets down to business. Seth and Anna end up taking off, and when Seth brings up Summer, Anna asks him to stop talking about Summer for five minutes because they always talk about her. Seth says he didnt know he talked about her that much, but she lets him know that he does. A disappointed Anna says she wants desert and takes off.

Marissa comes home from school only to find her mom waiting for her. Jimmy is home as well, and they decide to talk to Marissa. Julie tells Marissa about the childrens hospital benefit party, and she asks them both to come. Julie says Jimmy has already said yes, but Marissa says no way. Julie says this is a way to show everyone that they still belong and that the Coopers are back. Marissa asks why she cares what other people think? Jimmy says he is the last person to say anything nice about Julie, but she has been pouring her heart out to him. Jimmy asks Marissa to give Julie a chance to talk to her. Julie apologizes to Marissa for the way she handled things at the hospital. She says everything she cared for was falling apart, and she blamed everyone but herself. She says she wants them to feel like a family again, and she knows it will take time. Julie asks Marissa for her help. She extends her hand, and Marissa takes it.

At the pool house, Ryan is working on his laptop when Marissa shows up. She says she knows he had Saturday night planned, but something came up. He says, sarcastically, that sucks. She says they are going to be spending the night on a yacht at a party her mom is planning. Ryan says her mom hates him. She says she doesnt know him. Marissa says her mom really seems to have changed. She says if her parents got back together than things could get better for her. He thinks he should stay away from the party, but she says it is time like these when a girl needs her boyfriend the most. Ryan is stunned by the word and says hes never been a boyfriend. She asks you have had girlfriend before? Ryan says no. He goes to say hes had girls . . . but ends up stopping himself. 

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In the Cohen kitchen the next morning Seth is talking to the maid about how he knows he sometimes talk about Summer, but he doesnt do it that much. The maid just makes a face at him. Ryan shows up, and Seth says Anna thinks he talks about Summer too much. Seth asks him if he thinks he talks about Summer too much. Ryan asks if he wants him to lie? He says he cant be that guy because he hates that guy. He says no wonder Summer has no interest in him. Ryan lets him know hes doing it again.

Sandy apparently got in at 2am, and Kirsten is a bit irritated by that. Kirsten asks if Rachels boyfriend is understanding about her late night hours? He says she doesnt have one. Kirsten says go figure, and that sometimes people who dont like their life make work their life. Sandy says that is not a night thing to say. He says if things go well today than he might be home early. Ryan shows up, and Kirsten asks Sandy if they have had the talk? Sandy jokes no, and that he prefers to lead by example.

At school, Seth is talking to Ryan about the party. Ryan tells him that Marissa referred to him as her boyfriend last night. Seth jokes that he thought he didnt do boyfriends. Seth wonders who he can take to the party. He begins talking about asking Summer, but stops himself from talking about Summer. They see Anna, and Ryan suggests he takes a friend. He goes to talk over to the lockers to Anna, and he promises not to talk to her about Summer from now on. He asks her about how she feels about snobby socialite parties? She says she hates them. He says he does to, so invites her to a New Port Charity event and to hang out with him. She asks if Summer will be there? He says I dont know, and is so who cares. He says if anything does happen between him and Summer, she wont hear about it from him. She smiles and agrees to go with him.

Sandy and Rachel go to their meeting with Kirsten and Caleb to discuss the lawsuit over the area of wildlife land known as The Heights, which Caleb has purchased for development. Sandy and Rachel, actually just Rachel, tells him that the land is protected and will eventually be taken by the state through eminent domain, and he will be offered very little for it. They say the organization they represent is willing to make Caleb an offer for the land now so that he actually makes a profit and things dont have to get messy. Rachel hands him a slip of paper with the offer on it, which he basically laughs at and says this meeting is adjourned. He tells them that they really should have come up with a better plan considering all their late night working dates. When Rachel fires back, Caleb asks why she is doing all the talking? Sandy final opens his mouth and tells Caleb that will poison anything as long as he profits, including his daughters marriage. Caleb tells Sandy that he has been living off his profits for years! Sandy warns Caleb not to let his silence fool him, he will take him down when he gets him on the stand in court. Sandy walks off, and Caleb tells Kirsten that he thinks he hit a nerve! 

At Marissas place, Marissa and Ryan are in Marissas old room looking through her clothes. She is looking for something to wear to the party tonight. Ryan is worried about what might happen at this event, considering his track record at them. He jokes that a fight could break out. Marissa says hell be fine. Julie shows up, and she is civil to Ryan. Julie tells Marissa that she can stay here tonight if she wants. She thanks her mom but says no. Julie says they should get to the ship and help set things up, and she asks Marissa to go check and make sure things are ready downstairs. Once Marissa leaves, Julie apologizes to Ryan. She says she knows they havent seen eye to eye, but she knows he cares about Marissa and has been there for her when she hasnt. She says she hopes this party will be a chance for them to start fresh. He agrees, and she thanks him and gives him a hug. Marissa returns, and Julie says they should all get to the boat.

Back at school, Anna and Seth are getting ready to leave, they both stayed late because they had club functions. Summer shows up, she stayed late because she had detention. Summer and Anna trade insults, most of which are about Summers intelligence and most go over her head. Summer ends up asking Anna is she is making fun of the way she talks? Anna tells her yes she is! Summer then asks Seth to meet her after history tomorrow, but Seth says he cant. He tells her about going to the charity function and how he is going with Anna. Summer says she forgot about that, and she claims is going to. Summer ends up pointing at a guy named Chip, who she says she is going with. She then runs over to Chip and tells him that he has to go with her to a thing tomorrow.

At the Cohens, Sandy asks Kirsten what was with her today at the meeting? They argue about the meeting, and how they never talk anymore about anything non-work related. Sandy says maybe she should give Jimmy a call and talk to him. Furious, Kristen walks out of the kitchen. Sandy looks over at Ryan and tells him never to get married! He also tells Ryan that they have to have a talk about his relationship at some point.

Ryan heads outside and ends up seeing Julie Cooper kissing Caleb on the steps of her house. They head inside, and Julie realizes Ryan saw them. .She doesnt look pleased!

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Its the day of the big charity function. Ryan is all dressed up in a suit, and Marissa comes by the pool house. She says she knows this isnt the date he had planned, but she appreciates him going with her. She says her mom is a different person, and she says maybe if everything goes right tonight . . . .Marissa is basically hoping her parents will get back together.

Anna arrives at the Cohens to pick up Seth, and she is wearing perfume which Seth thinks smells like woodchips! He quickly says Or Rosewood . . . Anna, who has never been to Seths place, comments that this is where the magic happens. He says if she is referring to the card game, than yes. The quickly discuss Magic the Gathering decks they have recently purchased. Marissa and Ryan show up, and Marissa and Anna take off to the ladies room. Kirsten shows up, she is ready for the party as well, and she asks if they are ready to head out. Seth says the girls are peeing. Kirsten tells Seth not to say pee. They ask where Sandy is, and she says dont ask.

Sandy and Rachel are at work planning on what to do now since Caleb wont sell the land. Rachel is on the floor eating Thai food, and Sandy is sitting on a desk far on the other side of the room. She tells him to join her because they need to refuel in order to think. He finally gets down on the floor and says he could use some dumplings. 

Meanwhile, everyone heads to the ship, and Julie is still acting a bit nervous about what Ryan knows. A press guy says hed like to get a photo of the Cooper family. Julie asks Ryan to join them, but he says no because this is a family thing.

Anna is wearing disco ball earrings, and Seth tells her they are hypnotizing. She says they are making her dizzy, so she takes them off. They go up to see Caleb, and Seth introduces Anna as his date, but quickly corrects and says that she is his friend. Anna says it is nice to meet him. She says Seth described him as scary, but she doesnt think so. Meanwhile, Summer and her airhead of a date Chip show up, and Summer is obviously very jealous of Seth and Anna. Chip seems to be preoccupied with only one thing, getting himself some free beer.

Later, Julie approaches Ryan and thanks him for not saying anything to Marissa about her and Caleb. Ryan says Marissa is excited about her parents getting back together. He says he doesnt like lying to Marissa, even if she does. Julie says this is none of his business, so he should stay out of it.

Summer continues to watch Seth and Anna, and she bitches to Marissa about what he could possibly see in someone from Pittsburg. She says Anna is a scammer and is only after Seth because he is Calebs grandson. Marissa calls her out on her jealousy and says You like Seth Cohen! Summer says she does not! Marissa says that is too bad because he likes her! 

Marissa finds Ryan, and she says her parents are getting along great, and she hopes if her dad gets a job soon theyll be neighbors again. Ryan hates lying to her, and finally tells her that her parents wont be getting back together. She is hurt, and she says just because his parents got divorced doesnt make him an expert on the subject. He tells her that he saw her mom with Caleb in front of their house, they are seeing one another. Marissa is devastated and runs off. 

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At Sandys work, he and Rachel are still working on a way to get the state to fit buying the Heights into their budget in order to save it. They soon end up reminiscing about college days. She remembers how her father used to think they were a thing in college. She then asks him if Caleb was accusing them of having an affair? Sand says he most certainly did. Rachel wonders where he got that idea. She says they work together, eat their meals together, and they talk on the phone when they arent together. She makes her way across the floor , actually she crawls, up to Sandy and it looks like she is about to kiss him until Sandy shoots her down. Sandy says he has somewhere to be, and he takes off.

Back at the boat, the party has rolled well into the night. Seth and Anna are poking fun at the other guests bad boob jobs and awkward kids going through puberty. Anna says there are not people like this in Pittsburg. Seth thinks she must hate New Port, but she smiles at him and says it is growing on her. She looks like she wants to kiss him, but he doesnt kiss her. He offers to get her a drink and takes off. Meanwhile, Summer ditches her date, because hes wasted, and she leaves to get a drink. She runs into Seth , pulls him aside, and gives him a kiss! When she realizes what she is doing she says Oh God, I do like Seth Cohen! He is shocked by what she said. She says she wasnt talking to him, and he better not repeat what he just heard to anyone at school!

Julie takes the stage at the event and she thanks everyone for coming. She says through their contributions they have raised almost 200 thousand dollars for the new childrens wing at the hospital. Marissa is furious with her mom, and Ryan suggests they get out of here. She says no way is her mom getting away with this. Julie thanks Caleb and brings him up to receive applause. She then asks Marissa to come on stage too, and she asks Caitlin to pull the winning raffle ticket for the romantic getaway. Marissa ends up grabbing the microphone and asks everyone to give Caleb and her wonderful mother another round of applause. She says if anyone deserves a romantic getaway it is Julie and Caleb. Marissa reveals to everyone that they have been keeping their relationship a secret, but now the secret is out. She congratulates them, says they truly are the perfect couple, and she walks off. Jimmy is furious and tells Julie that he is done with her and that she is Calebs problem now. He walks off, and Caitlin pulls the winning ticket, and Sandy and Kirsten win the trip. Meanwhile, Julie finds Marissa outside and tries to talk to her. Julie says she wants them to be a family again, she wants her to move back home. Marissa asks Julie what about dad? She says she will always love her father, but they have no future together after what he did. Marissa says neither do they than!

On the way off the yacht, Seth learns from Anna about Caleb and Julie. They leave the boat, and he sees Summer with her date as they are leaving.

Kirsten is furious with her father for using personal things about her marriage against both her and Sandy for his own gain, yet he doesnt have the guts to tell her about his private life. HE asks if she can blame him? She tells him outside the office they have noting more to say to one another. She wishes him luck with his new girlfriend because he will need it! Sandy finally arrives at the party, only to learn from Kirsten that they are leaving.

Ryan ask Marissa if he wants her to take her back to her dads, but she says she is ready for their first date to begin right now.

Back at the Cohens, Sandy jokes that Julie could be her step mom. She says not funny! Kirsten says they won the raffle, and he says he might be able to get away. He asks what she is doing now, and she says him! The clothes come off and Sandy and Kirsten make love. 

Back at the pool house, Ryan and Marissa are making out, and Ryan asks Marissa to spend the night. He says they dont have to do anything, they can just sleep. Marissa asks if Sandy and Kirsten are cool with that> Ryan says they havent had the talk yet. Ryan asks if she snores? She doesnt know and says shes never slept with anyone. He says him neither; hes usually climbing out the window of a car or leaving an apartment. Ryan turns off the light to go to bed, when Marissa kisses him again. She says shes suddenly not so tired anymore. It is implied that they too make love.

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